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/bonsai/ - Bonsai Tree's Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 13:21:27 No.114
All styles welcome!
Needs more comfy bonsai's
Open file (561.17 KB 1280x1707 1455753329666.jpg)
The chicago botanic garden has a really nice bonsai display, I should take some pictures next time I'm there.
Open file (456.35 KB 1836x2586 13556245446845.jpg)
Art of torturing trees.
>>801 Art of stylizing mini trees (generally potted ones) People get haircuts and cut their nails and stylize themselves with surgeries, tattoos and piercings, sure you can see it as torture but many would disagree.
Open file (4.32 MB 3222x3057 DSCF7931.jpg)
>>801 Trees just grow, they don't care or even notice if you chop bits off them or make them grow in a certain direction with wire, etc. And these are so very beautiful trees indeed.
>>809 >And these are so very beautiful trees indeed. That they are. This is a nice board-thread tbh. You know some Bonsais have been nurtured for literally hundreds of years?
Open file (1.50 MB 3072x2304 DSCF1917.jpg)
I read a book on niwaki, which is the japanese art of tree shaping Bonsai is like niwaki except the trees are mostly potted and miniature in Bonsai, otherwise its pretty similar
Open file (108.70 KB 640x806 194813693764.JPG)

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