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Open file (2.16 MB 1600x1200 1455539413984.jpg)
/fringe/ - Esoteric thread Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 20:52:56 No.78
Practices, spells, symbolism, etc
>>870 The Age of Aquarius is upon us, and it doesn't want us to miss it.
>>873 I read some articles stating that, thanks for highlighting it Apparently the grand conjunction will take place in the sign of Aquarius, but previous hundreds of years it has only taken place in earth signs
Is it sensible to work on several manifestations at once, or should someone focus exclusively on one thing? Also, does anyone have any success with biokinesis-related manifestations?
Open file (105.88 KB 768x769 pkr4pezgS21touo3wo1.jpg)
>>877 Depends what you think you're capable of and what you're going for I've worked on many manifestations at a time, a lot of it is still work in progress Didn't remember seeing that "biokinesis" definition before, but in a way I've been working with that, altering ones body in a way most wouldn't consider to be viable. I was actually born with blue eyes but really felt like having green eyes, then it happened to change in the direction of that color when I moved to another place, so I'm living proof that's possible.
>>878 Right now I'm debating doing several aspects of my physical appearance but didn't know if it would be less effective to do more than one at once. One of them is more of a priority than others right now, so I thought it would be better to focus on that for as long as necessary. I don't see why I shouldn't be capable of obtaining these things if the universe is mental in nature. Right now I've begun daily meditation/visualization practice and have started to change my mental image of myself while looking for confirmations that I've changed already.
Open file (119.76 KB 500x689 makcigFVw71rutna40l.jpg)
>>879 Well, the "subconcious" as they call it is also a deciding thing here, its not just the daytime thinking mind, but the other mind too. There are different levels of mental and that may be part of what makes things difficult to change sometimes. There's an echo thing like mentioned before, which means if you're looking for signs of the changes a lot, you might just keep encountering and enhancing this echo. That isn't to say that you cannot see changes occur, its just that LOOKING for them means you are applying the principle in a way that gives you the echo. Its should be more like ["I'm in the process of changing to become more like this"] As in a definite STATEMENT, not a "Maybe I'm changing that way now? No. Maybe now? No. Maybe now? No." Get it? Have a clear goal, make it what you're progressing toward, observe but avoid the pitfall. The treasure tidbits are in various posts on this thread and in similar postings and sites elsewhere. Look into "Magic of Believing", "Secret science behind miracles" and similar books if you're interested in reading further.
>>880 > That isn't to say that you cannot see changes occur, its just that LOOKING for them means you are applying the principle in a way that gives you the echo. Its should be more like ["I'm in the process of changing to become more like this"] As in a definite STATEMENT, not a "Maybe I'm changing that way now? No. Maybe now? No. Maybe now? No." Get it? Yeah, what I do is notice how much I've changed so far, regardless of whether or not I actually have. I feel like it doesn't matter how much I've actually changed so far as long as I've convinced myself that I have and keep it up. It's all about getting myself in the right state of mind and staying there as much as I can. It feels like an endurance thing to me. >Look into "Magic of Believing", "Secret science behind miracles" and similar books if you're interested in reading further. Okay, I've a good chunk of The Magic of Believing so far. I'll have to look into the other one. What I don't get is that Claude Bristol seems to say that there has to be action required for manifestations to work (at least for most people). Are the actions ultimately just rituals to get the more skeptical part of your mind to let its guard down?
Open file (336.00 KB 996x1401 1604003572072.jpg)
>>881 It makes sense to take physical action towards goals in physical reality. There have been a lot of writings on this, some don't know any better while others might be attempting to muddy the way for others reading into it. So there's a bunch of puzzle pieces towards the way to make this creative manifestation thing work, some of the pieces might work better for you and some might work better for others, it depends on mindset, beliefs and such. Some beliefs are very ingrained to the point that one might not consider them much, and yet they are there. Changing beliefs like that can be like unraveling a complicated knot. It all varies, this is just to give an idea of what it might be like.
Anyone has a ritual for enchanting jewelry with gravity magic? Or just any form of enchanting- I'm not having any luck looking online. I'm doing calisthenics and I don't want to rely on clunky weights to make myself heavier. I guess I'd need to transfer a spell to a sigil and then the sigil to the ring? I know it's a heavy- pun intended- loaded question but I trust you guys more than random blogs online.
Open file (59.13 KB 610x224 force-in-capacitors.png)
>>883 I've read that some have been able to radically increase or lower their weight with energy work (Qi or Chi training) Like you might have read about the Shaolin monks or other mountain men that can make themselves really heavy and unmovable and also make themselves levitate? I bet you could find good books on that somewhere. Sigils might not be the best route, usually when you activate a sigil its like a lasting effect, right? You might have to have some way to toggle or turn the weight on and off. When it comes to gravitics, /hover/ has most of the solutions, if you look deep enough.
dumb question, how do i listen to my heart?
>>885 Depends on context. Its most likely either a "do what you feel is right" or listening to the actual heart pulse to monitor health. There are various instruments for the latter, but its more likely that the context is that of the former
Open file (674.85 KB 1280x480 Librarian.png)
>>78 >>360 >/fringe/ breakaway community, an off the grid magician paradise, a place to appreciate good nature energy, magic and relative seclusion with greenery and amphibians with the flowing waters of life I love you anons. I love /fringe/ and our humble little wisdom school. Long live the reflecting pool of timeless mysteries! So many, many blessings to you seekers! May Thoth's favor find ye of spiritual yearning.
Anyone has good books on the Akashic Records?
>>885 Trusting your gut, what's referred to as when trusting your gut is trusting your inner voice. For some people who have been damaged in some ways however they may have no inner voice at all, but they will likely have a gut feeling, and in such people with abuse or mental problems it may be inaccurate and hypersensitive. Judgments which involve emotions in particular are more accurate when the intuitive system is at work in combined with situations that require analysis, they compliment each-other. But the real /x/ factor in this topic pops up when examples of people in near-death-events telling how they felt their inner voice talking to them, to do specific things, making them do super fast judgement calls in dangerous situations or events that otherwise, if they not had not followed this intuition it they would have been dead.
What's the ideal manifestation meditation regimen? I know more time is usually better, but is a half hour a day fine? Is it a problem if I can't visualize properly, or should I be trying to clear my mind anyway?
Open file (159.02 KB 764x744 greenpill.png)
I came across this screenshot a few days ago. For example, The Kybalion is ok—it explains a few things that will be familiar to the Initiate. I've also been reading The Science of Breath—only good things to say about it. Is New Ageism really workable?
>>895 The aliens will attack anyone, in all forms of Unconventional Warfare and psychic attack, and they will cause pain, there is no immune state or defenses or escape, they have full administrative access. Any pre-conceived notions of what they are why they don't wipe us out, is a global telepathic imposition perpetrated by them, they keep a tight lid on whether or not they exist or do anything, and the only way to do that is to disguise as humans. Sounds unbelievable? You suspend disbelief for digital graphics in movies. What do you think 9 million years of advancement in every field of science, and pseudoscience, gets? Mastery of all techniques. The 40+ species authority supercedes all human authorities and can trespass upon all human rights, because this experiment, of us in a micro-managed DNA zoo, is their salvation and their ability for total control is a fail safe for their operation here. Theyre not about letting it run itself. To that which lives long, pain is worse than death. I am a targeted individual of the arcturian aliens, I know others that are targeted individuals of different species of aliens. Kill them. They kill us.
Open file (5.83 KB 199x200 Compass_Card.gif)
>>895 It just depends what you're into or what your belief systems are >>897 I would caution against such thought >I am a targeted individual of the arcturian aliens I think you mean Archons? (Anunnaki) Arcturians are pretty noble in my experience, they've had a lot more time to mature Not all "aliens" are bad and the bad might just be a matter of perspective Mastery of "all techniques" should also entail a more refined approach in terms of interaction, meaning that advanced enough beings would see the folly of savagery or hostile action toward less developed beings but yeah it may also have to do with perspective If you wanna read about the archons there's a bunch of material on them; https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_archons.htm
Open file (496.17 KB 1920x817 karl_simon_-_teacher.jpg)
>>898 I don't want a comfortable belief system—I only look for Truth. I'm still new to all of this, but I've been looking into Hermeticism, Gnosticism (Christian Hermeticism), and I'm wondering if I should add some New Age (modern day Hermetic equivalent) but don't know if it's worth it.
>>900 What I don't like about the New Age stuff is how credulous the people tend to be and how rife the community is with hucksters. I like the positivity of it, but it also seems to veer too much in the direction of being inauthentically saccharine and touchy-feely (although to be honest, I don't like the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" stuff either). I'm definitely not averse to learning from people labeled as "New Age" (like Robert Monroe), but I also believe in taking everything you read with a heavy grain of salt. That definitely includes this post, as I'm certainly no expert on anything.
>>901 >I don't like New Age stuff because they're faggots. >Hardasses are faggots too. >I can still learn things from New Age gurus while being aware of their subversive faggotry. I've simplied it for you. You're welcome. Next time, simplify your own statements by yourself because that makes better magic and better life in general.
>>902 >I can still learn things from New Age gurus while being aware of their subversive faggotry. I never said people like Bob Monroe were "subversive." There's a huge difference between someone like him and a blatant scam artist like Sylvia Browne, yet both carry the "New Age" label. >Next time, simplify your own statements by yourself because that makes better magic and better life in general. You mean make nebulous statements? Simplifying things is great, but it's not very meaningful to just say "new agers r fags lol" without explaining what my objections are.
Open file (32.76 KB 740x468 truth.jpg)
>>900 Here's your Truth https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia3/ciencia_consciousawakening55.htm >>901 From the reality creation manifestation view, overly sceptic mindset will also self reinforce that what is made into the sceptic's reality of most things being bunk, flawed or false info. There's an interesting notion in that two different viewers can see the same thing but each get a completely different image, both of which are true (from a certain point of view) Some things are false, but its just that it helps to be open minded and to go with preference in discovering one's own truth (at least that's the way I see it)
>>906 >From the reality creation manifestation view, overly sceptic mindset will also self reinforce that what is made into the sceptic's reality of most things being bunk, flawed or false info. You definitely have a point. I do my best to not fall into either extreme, although it can be a tough balancing act for me.
>>906 Third line in the article >However, I must emphasize that even though the total combined information from all of these websites is unimaginably vast, this does not mean that all of it is entirely truthful. >source: trust me bro Oh, yeah, nice truth.
Excuse me gentlemen, but do any of you happen to have access to one of the old libraries?Most of them seem to have been wiped out, and I only managed to save the neophyte books and some others.
Open file (144.34 KB 696x883 1444158596852.jpg)
>>909 If you're looking for truth online, you'll have to filter it out anyway, because translations vary. The pic in that post reads "Truth" which is as close as you can get. Its inherently truth that you are having this experience, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now. What kind of truth would you be looking for? If you look for truth and go through the links you will find material on Hermeticism, Gnosticism and New Age material which the ones who wrote it know to have truth to it, but you have to be open minded to find your truth as they might have seen it from different perspectives I'll link some; https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_thot.htm https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/mistic/gnostic01.htm https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia3/ciencia_conscioushumanenergy531.htm
any good sigil tutorial books? or just tutorials online maybe?
>>916 Look them up http://b-ok.org/ I have yet to read much into them
Open file (62.95 KB 600x1147 jsczx6ndww501.jpg)
>>948 >The magician concentrates on the breathing rhythm of his intended female victim >when the breaths have been harmonized for about three minutes, he suddenly contracts his anus >Sorcerers have been known to induce uncontrollable orgasms by this means
>>969 Sometimes while reading, one may find weird parts like that, there was also that part about the witches and broomsticks, but this is getting into a bit of a gray area for this board so it might be better to leave it at that At some point I read that patients were healed by a small group of practitioners who stood around the patient and chanted something like "Saa" over and over and then the patient was miraculously healed also from the breathings and positive energy of the practitioners Certain buildings have that sort of "vibe" to them that spending time in them may alter the physical condition of the body Here are some interesting writings; http://www.fractalfield.com/alchemyoffusion/
>>970 Who do you think has better sex magic, Aleister Crowley or Julius Evola?
>>971 Not sure Crowley was very cryptic and I haven't read much about Julius Evola
Open file (137.85 KB 500x704 1606330810022.jpg)
>>971 Depends, you are you striving to be an archjew or archaryan? Why would you wanna be anything else but noble and a timeless man within the bounds (but not bonds) of time? Overindulgence in sense pleasures are for unrestrained undisciplined plebs.
>>1019 >Depends, you are you striving to be an archjew or archaryan? Okay, /fringe/, how many of you fags actually believe this aryan/jew dichotomy shit? Quick role-call. I find the people who believe the divine white man spirit narrative to be utter fucking morons, I haven't met many intelligent nat-socs and fascists even on this site.
>>1034 There are both biological and spiritual dimensions to this issue, but it's very real.
>>1035 I can see the Saturn v Sol undertones. I find it ironic that most of the fags who wave this shit around don the Black Sun as their insignia & are very bitter, weak and fragile. I think it doesn't end at just Jews vs Whites. The spirit molds the vessel it embodies, and it's not limited to arbitrarily selected races. I firmly believe a soy drinking starbucks-liberal with 100% nordic ancestry is and can not be considered to be on the side of Sol, while I can see a man circumcised at birth and raised by an orthodox jewish family be on Sol's side against Saturn. The entire premise of deciding the alignment of individuals based on their phenotype and physical vessel is against the Sun's meaning.
Open file (85.69 KB 532x612 Pyramid.png)
>>1019 >>1034 >>1037 The great Pyramid's features align with many features of the Earth. The pyramids measures and details correspond to historic events and astronomical bodies. It is an "altar unto the lord", holy proportions set in stone. In A.D.33, the date marked by the end of the First Ascending Passage, Jesus announced to the Jews then inhabiting Palestine,"Your house is left unto you desolate." The Jews were thus cast off from Divine favour, in the meantime at anyrate, because of unfaithfulness. This indicates that Divine direction to the end in view continued, and must therefore have been switched from the Jews to another people. Druidism never opposed Christianity and eventually voluntarily merged with it. The old Druid religion taught the truth of the one great supreme God. The Ancient Britons of the British Isles were the first race to recognise Christ and became the pioneer nation in missionary work. Christ is a title meaning messiah - "the anointed one" which basically means "the savior having holy worth of god". The great Pyramid points not only to the birthplace of Christ with its features, but also to the islands of the north west, Britain and beyond, all the way to Ultima Thule
Open file (826.00 B 120x160 post.gif)
>>1034 It's not Aryan/Jews but Sol/Saturn. (1) pure aryans don't exist anymore; (2) jews aren't at the top of the societal food chain—woe to those who believe so. But, the points made above dot disprove the jews' involvement.
>>1040 >(1) pure aryans don't exist anymore; What do you mean?
>>1034 >I find the people who believe the divine white man spirit narrative to be utter fucking morons I agree with white nationalists on a lot of things, but it's absolutely retarded to believe whites are members of some kind of god-like race. I don't see whites as being inherently great but everyone else tending to be even less competent. >>1041 I'm not sure if it's what he means, but in terms of population genetics pure proto-Indo-Europeans aren't really around anymore.
>>853 I don't think getting rid of negative thoughts is even necessary. From what I've read, it's the subconscious mind that you should be looking to change rather than the conscious mind.
I recently discovered a interesting book on self hypnosis: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/22814 >>1125 >>853 > got rid of the few negative thoughts I had generally, you should try to understand why you have these thoughts. try meditating. but if you are using suggestions or affirmations, then you definitely don't want to use any negative words. don't say "I don't want to be unhealthy", instead say that you want to be healthy. >>855 > How do I start start meditating and energy work (such as qigong) also, try lucid dreaming and astral projection. keep a diary. get a Rider-Waite tarot deck and try divination. the reason why you should get a Rider-Waite deck is that the symbolism is both correct and easy to read. you can find some resources on tarot at https://www.sacred-texts.com/tarot/ other forms of divination are also worth looking into. perhaps also get a pendulum (with a pendulum you might try dowsing as well). it might be worthwhile to look into remote viewing (a form of clairvoyance) and CIA's stargate project: https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/category/the-fringe/remote-viewing/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_Project#Civilian_personnel some of the remote viewing stuff got published in IEEE Spectrum and Nature. >>893 >>885 > "do what you feel is right" > a gut feeling this. you might feel that the truth just kind of "clicks" >>892 > Akashic Records Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce (the book mainly deals with astral projection) >>420 > chi > qigong the Astral Dynamics book also has a few energy work exercises. >>894 > but is a half hour a day fine? for me 30 mins is bit too little. I have trouble keeping a regular schedule but when I meditate, I try to meditate for 30-60mins. but since you are doing it for manifestation, I would definitely meditate on it daily. > Is it a problem if I can't visualize properly, the Astral Dynamics book has a couple of tips on visualization. basically, you should use as many senses as possible (not just sight). also when you visualize, you don't necessarily see it in your mind's eye. > should I be trying to clear my mind anyway? an meditation session begins with relaxation and clearing your mind. after that, you should start focusing on whatever you are meditating on. >>971 >Aleister Crowley I would be careful when reading his works. I think he might lie and speak half-truths on purpose in his books.
Open file (497.46 KB 500x475 1401830066493.gif)
I'm dumping some reading on the afterlife/non-physical realms of reality. This one seems to be a pretty good overview, albeit one that uses a fictional story as a means of explaining existence on the other side: https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=341A494DD70150726612EEB41C4113B2 Jurgen Ziewe's books are possibly the most interesting I've ever read on the subject: https://tuxdoc.com/download/multidimenssional-man-jurgen-ziewe-5_pdf http://www.tomkin.us/books/ZieweJurgen_MultiDimensions.pdf https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=8F99E1E264046610225C84F197889C8D This book might feel a bit creaky given that more straightforward and "scientific" explorations of the topic have come along since then, but I've found Chapter XIV to be very reassuring: http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1909lifebeyonddeath.pdf >>1136 Thanks for the meditation advice. >I would be careful when reading his works. I think he might lie and speak half-truths on purpose in his books. Not him, but I wouldn't put it past Crowley. While I admire the way he swam against the tide in the way he lived his life, he seems to have been a pretty nasty guy.
>>1136 I've been reading up about meditation, there is also guided meditation and many forms of it, like videos and maybe even text.
Open file (132.55 KB 525x525 1394649082542.jpg)
>>1161 I've been using this lately as background music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcU6w1Pr5gc The problem with most meditation music for me is that there are usually obvious chord changes and progressions, whereas that music is more subtle and low key.
Open file (733.46 KB 2940x2328 towerbuster.jpg)
>>829 >>1144 I've been reading about Orgone and Orgonite Orgone is a term given to life energy Orgonite is a material for gathering and using life energy, which is generally made from metal shavings suspended in resin, sometimes with crystals added I found this video which seems interesting; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjybPYOWMck
>>1176 I don't know anything about how effective they are, but some of them sure look nice.

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