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Open file (16.10 KB 242x173 1245283216184.jpg)
/hover/ - Hovercraft & Advanced Tech Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 12:30:32 No.4
Means for thrust, lift and things related
Open file (423.52 KB 1639x767 1564749816984104051.png)
Open file (34.51 KB 205x184 tinydrones.png)
I wonder how small of a multicopter one could actually make today with what's available
cool link anon thanks.
Open file (671.23 KB 250x250 Acoustic-3D-display.gif)
Kinda neat. I hope they can get all the bugs ironed out and then copycats reverse-engineer it quickly and give us all cheap 3D displays.
I read a story once in which an alien space craft was powered by a vacuum (as in difference potential between air and vacuum or something to do with vacuum turning turbines)
Open file (1.37 MB 1920x1080 14331566445851.png)
So what the heck are odd nuclear spin values? Anyone? I'm not sure yet either..
Cross posting for posterity & memetic momentum for this tech https://16chan.xyz/library/res/212.html https://archive.is/vmzIo P.S. https://sci-hub.se/
>>1005 A lot of good links there, which /hover/ has already covered (if not here then on old 8chan or 8kun) Thanks for the links anyway Recent explorations by /hover/ have indicated that cold electricity may be electron hole current, which is what Seike's endless amplifier can be useful for. An electron hole is a positive charged empty space (similar to a capacitor with air as the dielectric potentially) since its bigger than a charged "particle" its "colder" and works "more slowly" but can be used for a variety of interesting things, like circuits which cool down when active instead of heating up (supposedly) and for mass negating effects (as the electron hole being positive might work similarly to a positron which is an antimatter particle) There's a theory; imagine that the center of the earth has a bunch of antimatter at the very center.. Regular matter is attracted to it but will annihilate on contact with antimatter, but in this instance may have formed a perfectly spherical "shield" around the antimatter in the center, so that the matter can't collapse any further because of the compacted shield of matter. Thus, all the matter on earth might be attracted towards that antimatter in the center, but cannot get there. Alternatively there might be something like a massive electron hole kind of current in some material at the center of the earth which creates the same effect as there being an anti matter there (even if there might not be any actual anti matter) Positive and Negative attract, right? But its just a theory. Another theory suggests its a field recursion which has created a point of infinite collapse, IE a singularity at the earth's center Either way antimatter or antimatter like effects seem to play into the gravitational dynamic, like with causing some recursive fields more easily, but its difficult to prove as antimatter annihilates easily on contact with any regular matter and electron hole current has either been suppressed as a study or just not studied much outside of bipolar junction transistors
>>1006 Some of the theories don't quite make sense, like if antimatter and matter attract one another and you use antimatter on a matter earth wouldn't it just get attracted to the ground? The recursion thing makes more sense, but in what way does that even work? There may still be some leaps in logic According to asian writings and derivatives, there are two types of chi, one of them being commonly known by most and the other completely as of yet unexplored by any science of the west. Supposedly the other chi can suppress and negate extreme impacts and extreme heat and what the masters and mountain men say about this other chi force is "that the earth itself is it, but it is nowhere to be found on earth" Its the great absorber, which supposedly also explains gravity
>>1007 >like if antimatter and matter attract one another I think you're mixing up magnetism and matter/antimatter somehow Anon. BTW, at the very beginning of the universe matter/antimatter were almost precisely in the same quantities -- and instantly annihilated each other! The fact we live in a matter universe thereafter is a result of a very tiny imbalance in the quantities in favor of matter. Also, BTW, the universe's primary repository of anti-matter today is right here on Earth inside particle accelerators.
>>1008 The thing is we don't know enough about antimatter as of yet, thats why there's wild theories about antimatter Some theories say it has a reversed time compared to regular matter and some allude to anti gravity properties of antimatter, which is currently being studied Magnetism isn't the only thing which attracts/repels, electricity also works that way (like with "static" charges) So if you have two positive charges they'll repel, like the hairs on top of ones head when touching the top sphere of a van de graaff So when you have an electron and a positron, ofcourse one would conclude that they attract one another based on the "static" electrical charges mentioned prior to this which is actually just the electric field forces
>>1006 >Recent explorations by /hover/ [postulations]... I personally am more inclined along the (Walter) Russellian electro-magnetic octaves of matter densification and where upon insufficient aetheir density the elements become unstable and return crystallized or held energy back to a lesser state atomic decay). Only systems with a coherent field, which acknowledges the electro-potential gradient that flows thought the galaxy in the form of aetheric/astral currents and physical Birkeland currents -- the lattermost is quantum probabilisticly biasing the material forms and flows, be it simple plasma from the void-maw of dark energy or crude earth chemistry can achieve balance with entropy. The secret of stillness, the inward drawing, imploding, magnetic and specifically how it angles into itself, the proportion of the movement along the axis of the spiral about the torrid vs the sharpness of the angel perpendicular to the horizontal movement, this is determined in matter by aetheric currents, which are in turn directed by astral currents as the scaffolding of creation reaches beyond matter, time, and through the quantum singularity. In more alchemical terms, the animating/motive force (fire/electricity also breath, prana, vril) must be received in balance by the element of flow, cooling, and form giving (water/magnetism and primal matter or mater, mother). By the dynamic balance between this gases and more concrete matter is formed around the primal yang and yin. Furthermore they are directed and held in relative Cartesian space by the ambient fields (or not). Thusly by creating a potential field with a strong difference in charge (voltage) one can increase the rate of (al)chemical processing in a given space, with mindfulness this can result in exponential quantum potency of psychic power or if done technologically you get Biefield-Brown thrusters in crude form biasing the whole of the "gravity" field or with more finesse the electromagnetic molecular field engineering of Mehran Keshe and the tri-phase diagram defying elements (solid mercury at room temp & pressure, etc) or the EM fields that only repel or attract specific isotopes of elements and then hold them in 3D space via an EM cymatic effect exerted upon more stable matter by the lesser condensed forms of energy as it spirals.
Open file (644.52 KB 1024x1374 Element-Octaves.jpg)
Open file (17.45 KB 480x360 hqdefault (5).jpg)
Open file (23.39 KB 480x360 hqdefault (6).jpg)
Open file (39.74 KB 480x360 hqdefault (7).jpg)
Open file (78.52 KB 517x496 gravity6.jpg)
>>1017 Some of what you mention may have merit, but I think Mehran Keshe may be a fraud. I did actual experiments like with those "bottle reactors" and never got anything out of it. I had a totally open mind while working on those experiments but was forced to conclude that Keshe's claims are dubious or that my setup was lacking something. Anyone can spout a bunch of unprovable things and claim them as true. I think a better approach is to do as Boyd Bushman said and "Follow the data". If you're getting something practical out, like in the case of the electrostatic lifters, or litting lightbulbs with cold electricity, then you got some result which can be worked with. If the result doesn't give anything useful (like with my attempts at reproducing Keshe's designs) then its pretty useless. In my view the aether is right on the border between the physical and non physical. How does one work with such a thing? Even working with hydrogen is pretty difficult. The cone spiral shapes are prominent also in Otis Carr's design (which is also kinda difficult to prove because it needs a lot of materials to make and the controlling of said craft had to rely on the operator instead of physical controls) a pretty alien design. A new field of explorative merit is emerging, called psychotronics. I admit that maybe some of Keshe's and others devices may have such qualities as to only allow certain users to get effects out. But in those instances it can become difficult to work with. Like John Hutchison alluded to becoming "a part of the circuit" would then be required. Most scientists don't do that consciously.
herro? according to new research, it may now be possible to construct the alcubierre warp drive using currently-known physics. the press release for it is here: https://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/3240.html?id=6192 >what are alcubierre warp drives? these type of ftl drives move the space around them in order to achieve ftl speeds. some long-standing problems for the warp drive were that it would have needed the existence of exotic matter/energy and tons of conventional energy to work, but this might not be necessary anymore. more info here: https://www.andersoninstitute.com/alcubierre-warp-drive.html
>>1094 I think I read about something like that, but it wasn't "alcubierre" warp drive, just warp drive which be less than light speed (which is still a good achievement if made) But this article you linked does seem to be about faster than light travel, its good that someone else considers it possible because travelling at sub light speeds may generally make it take very long to get anywhere in our outer space neighbourhood.
Open file (78.29 KB 805x489 penny-sized-drone.jpg)
https://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/drones/pennysized-ionocraft-flies-with-no-moving-parts Electrostatic lifters are using more than one effect, they can be made pretty small sized like this penny sized one.
Open file (569.17 KB 538x577 14431387461065.png)
Basic lifter structure
Is "The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology" by Nick Cook real or is it fake?
>>1369 I've read that book cover to cover and as far as I can tell, its real. I've seen no evidence to the contrary. Also it goes into some things which make sense. Podkletnov and Schauberger are in that book. Also, it states that the German airforce was not involved with saucer or esoteric craft projects, but those esoteric projects were black budget and possibly handled by the SS or other organizations.
Open file (2.12 MB 1288x966 lifter-structure-1.png)
The lifter structure with aluminum foil and thin copper wire
Open file (453.47 KB 561x466 lifter-test.png)
Getting too much arching, wires might have to be further apart or maybe it needs more insulation between wires and foil.. Might have to change the structure
>>1369 Read it as well. Seems completely legit on a technical level and save for the fact that the author cucks out on the holohoax and included a lot appeal to emotional drivel, it is a good book in the field of which not so many are even decent, IMHO. I personally also enjoyed a lot, Paul A. LaViolette's the Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion http://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=BA345F515C9F3B845E30C9BDDF5B3FB6
Open file (709.51 KB 543x740 lifter-structure-2.png)
Here's a new lifter structure assembled from black straws, this time it has longer spacing for the top so the wire can go higher more easily The straws are lightweight but still have some weight, it remains to be seen if they can be lifted by the high voltage once the aluminium and copper are in place
Here it is fully assembled with aluminium foil and copper wire Another failure on first attempt to get this one moving This is a lot more difficult than I thought it was gonna be I haven't been sure about structure materials, it could be this arrangement is too heavy for the lift produced, may have to put this on a scale I'm also proceeding with caution because high voltage like this can be dangerous I wish I had help with figuring this stuff out, at least I have a proper power supply now
>>1482 I want one!
>>1557 >>1560 Why are you posting unknown links like this fren? Who knows what they could be, no thanks.
>>1564 They're not unknown, they're youtube links and one can hit [Embed] on the right side of them to see what they contain You're free to ignore or hide them

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