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(112.46 KB 550x440 black-and-white-bun-14-jul.jpg)
/bun/ - Rabbit and Bunny Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 20:08:01 No. 395
Bunnies or things related with bunnies
(747.60 KB 1288x966 light-brown-bun.jpg)
(3.17 MB 1288x966 189464084681409.png)
(471.43 KB 640x360 plankhole-bunnies-1.mp4)
(7.94 MB 1280x720 plankhole-bunnies-2.mp4)
(408.47 KB 640x360 plankhole-bunnies-3.mp4)
(317.37 KB 640x360 plankhole-bunnies-4.mp4)
(166.84 KB 1200x900 bunner.jpg)
(31.90 KB 682x682 1549327917738.jpg)
that is one big-ass rodent tbh
(3.86 MB 1536x1152 the-bunny-place.png)
(43.70 KB 500x332 1561681187266.jpg)
(74.00 KB 481x481 1562673872073.jpg)
(326.09 KB 500x385 1562848958127.png)
(1.06 MB 2560x1440 1562853163329.jpg)
(116.57 KB 800x800 1562854492423.jpg)
(3.21 MB 1288x966 Bunny-near-moon-hill.png)
(2.15 MB 1050x842 1791657106017.png)
Has anyone ate a rabbit? I heard it used to be a staple food before chickens got industrialized. I wouldn't mind trying some. A rabbit farm sounds more comfy than a chicken farm too
I prefer to befriend them, not eat them
Some people consider them a nuisance, they are rodents after all so they can chew up plants and stuff pretty quick
They are good for fertilizing the soil, they naturally shorten grass so no need for lawnmowing and they're fluffy and cute
Wild rabbits are delicious. I grew up in the country and hunting rabbits was a normal part of that.
That's barbaric, but such is nature, some animals are predatory towards other animals
Now the tables have turned
Go get them police bun!
Ehh, in my experience vegans are batshit insane. If God didn't want us to eat animals He wouldn't have made them with meat.
We used to have a pet rabbit when I was a little kid, he was grey so naturally we named him Thumper. I think my dad found him in the garden and somehow managed to capture him, so we just kept him as a pet. My parents gave him a little rabbit hutch, provided food, water, etc, but he was still a wild cunt who liked to kick, bite, and scratch anyone that went near him, so I never got to hold him or play with him or anything. We went on holiday one year and gave him to our neighbours to look after (they had lots of pets, so we assumed he was in good hands), but by the time we came back he was dead. Not sure of the cause, could've been neglect, could've been old age, I don't think we ever knew how old he was so it could well have been that.

RIP Thumper, you cranky old bastard.
Well some people take issue with eating of certain animals, like ones used as pets, like dogs, cats, bunnies..
Doesn't necessarily mean they don't eat any meat
I guess some bunnies can actually defend themselves like that, don't know if they get rabies, I've never seen one get violent before, usually they just run away
(3.75 MB 1536x1152 winterbunny.png)
(4.40 MB 1536x1152 winterbun-1.png)
(167.48 KB 809x727 1530123461560.jpg)
Buns r cute
(11.59 MB 2576x1932 16feb-buns.png)
Open file (417.23 KB 1600x1200 rabbit1.jpeg)
Open file (211.43 KB 1024x538 rabbit3.jpeg)
Open file (90.06 KB 1200x800 rabbit4.jpeg)
Open file (130.48 KB 1024x679 rabbit6.jpeg)
Open file (71.67 KB 600x451 Sleeping-bunny.jpg)
Open file (156.73 KB 1024x1024 1585005413979.jpg)
Open file (95.20 KB 540x538 16326468446396.jpg)
Open file (6.54 MB 444x484 1601962967221.gif)
Open file (157.35 KB 928x698 1584865805977.jpg)
Open file (59.35 KB 667x443 bunniekiss.jpg)
Open file (236.81 KB 800x450 bunfactory.gif)

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