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robowaifu/meta Robowaifu Technician 05/13/2020 (Wed) 03:25:43 No.4
This thread is for off-topic and general discussions. BOARD CONCERN TOPICS GO HERE Update: For the record it was just announced that Anoncafe has backup domains now in addition to https://anon.cafe there are also : https://anoncafe.org https://anoncafe.co so bookmark those too. also Here's AlogsSpace's onion address for us : http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/robowaifu/catalog.html
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/29/2023 (Sun) 09:19:04.
So, I wonder what this is all about then? >
>>5 That's a domain parking page.
>>6 As I figured. So, does this mean Robi has been deplatformed?
Open file (1.14 MB 2560x1440 k9ejEF.jpg)
Is Julay kill? Did anyone archive /robowaifu/ before it went down?
>>9 Sorry about that Anon. Yes, I constantly kept the board's archive updated, day and night, using the software BUMP, I wrote months ago. I have everything. >t. Chobitsu
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/13/2020 (Wed) 04:20:11.
>>7 >#julayworld: Domain got taken down. Use https://spqrchan.xyz/ for the time being. It was still up for a bit on https://spqrchan.xyz but now that's down too. It seems like someone was butthurt about Julay taking down loli and porn so they spammed loli on it and reported it.
>>12 I say it's just a bit too conveniently-coordinated this time. Most blatant manipulation to remove a site I've ever seen, actually. 'Friends' in high places? Meh, w/e. I'm sure Robi has the chops to bring the site back up under the new location he was already planning for in a couple of months from now. Fortunately enough for us, we're on the list. Sadly many boards didn't scramble fast enough and may be left stranded for a while. Thankfully, Robi giving everyone advance notice has in fact triggered a significant response of new sites and boards are joining left and right. The webring is still up. So fundamentally, we're pretty much in far better shape than when the false-flag with 8ch occurred 9 months ago.
BTW, the general assembly point for other communities is on /shelter/, in case you happen to be looking for your other mates Anon. >>>/shelter/5
I'm still alive, btw what the hell happened?
>>16 Welcome back, Anon. So the /shelter/ thread is spreading lies and damn lies, maybe with some truth. For me, I've already voiced my opinion on the matter ITT. >>13 All I know for sure is that we need to be praying for Robi r/n.
I can't seem to access fatchan. How many sites got taken down?
>>12 >so they spammed loli on it and reported it The lolispam was days ago, and Robi announced loli was still allowed when he finally woke up (although he later banned tot). HangingFlesh (the global vol) was deleting it en masse "by mistake" because he thought loli was globally banned and thought /delicious/ was behind a Tor wal/ (which it hadn't been for weeks). What happened after that is some pedofaggot (allegedly from 9chan/10chan) started spamming actual CP in response to "rulecucking", which he did in several waves. I would guess it was most likely him or some other faggot related to the boards he browses that sent complaints to the domain registrar, as they were all watching and cheering about "cuckime"fags being BTFO, but who knows.
Open file (7.15 MB 640x360 fatchan wo kudasai.mp4)
>>19 >fatchan I'm sorry to inform you lateanon, but it got Esther'd two weeks ago: https://archive.is/25CT7
Open file (269.18 KB 975x1143 goodbye_fatchan.png)
>>19 Fatchan was deplatformed and Tom shuttered the place, what a month ago now? Sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you Anon. :/ > I unironically consider the entire thing a coordinated effort to 'defang' IBs just in time to attempt to steal the win from President Donald Trump. It will fail again :^)
Open file (55.45 KB 495x510 Boards - Brave_097.png)
See you lads back on julay/robowaifu. >unsurprisingly, looks like /v/ met an 'untimely' demise.
>>23 The attempts to defang imageboards and anonymity online have been going since at least 2008 with Chanology and the Sarah Palin email hack, and shit like /v/'s Gamergate, /r9k/'s "beta uprising", and /pol/ with their influence during the 2016 election and vaguely-associated shootings have only made them want to destroy these places more. And they've been doing a pretty good job of it, if consider the state of 4chan (or rather, 4channel) and 8chan (or rather, 8kun) today. Many 4chan boards being hotbeds of tranny, BBC, and sissy porn, /b/ being nothing but instagram and facebook sluts, /pol/ and /pol/-like boards becoming hangouts for delusional boomers obsessed with a letter of the alphabet, 8kun globally banning loli; it's all part of the same gameplan, which is to neuter and destroy imageboards and everything they once represented. >>25 Must have only just happened, it was up as of about 20 minutes ago.
>>26 So should we even keep using julay? There is going to be a lot of drama around this event and now julay has a big target on its back.
Down again
Open file (3.20 MB 426x240 context.webm)
Open file (5.90 MB 640x360 memetic warfare.webm)
>>26 It's not well known but many years ago DeviantArt received a large sum of money and was ran straight into the ground soon after due to pressure from undisclosed 'investors'. After receiving the money the site rankings were turned upside down and instead of having beautiful artwork by professional artists at the top that took painstaking effort, it was replaced with Sonic diaper shit and kids reposting other people's work 'to give new users a fair chance of getting their art seen.' They kept pushing the talking point that this change would help the site grow but not even the 13 year olds were believing it. Professional artists were completely livid about this and the staff remained silent on their criticism so they left the site in droves to CGHub, which ultimately destroyed DeviantArt financially since they were the ones mostly paying for premium memberships. DeviantArt had to lay off almost all of its staff members and the lack of moderation destroyed the community inside and out. They ended up reducing the amount of features on the site and doubling the cost of premium memberships to make ends meet but nobody was buying it anymore. A company out of Tel-Aviv (Wix) had to buy it out to 'save it', and they introduced a completely new layout with even less features that not one user left enjoyed using and finally crashed the site with no survivors. People meme about DeviantArt being a shithole now but it was once a flagship of free speech and work ethic, with pros mentoring beginners who were willing to work hard and succeed, and a lot of the internet memes 4chan popularized were actually created by drawfags there. Most of the top artists on the site use to be center-right politically but over the years they kept forcing fudgepackers and rainbow flags into people's feeds and brainwashing kids on how great it is to be a tranny. They have their tentacles in everything and the Hegelian dialectic they use to achieve their goals is absolutely diabolical because people don't even realize their reactions to the problems they create are exactly how they want them to react. They create a problem and then the 'solution' to synthesize the consequence they want. In this case they want imageboards to self-censor themselves against the attacks to become neutered gated communities that nobody outside them wants to participate in except their own slowly dying cesspool. In the case of CGHub, it was owned by Ryan Duncan of Full Spectrum Digital LLC, who ended up stealing artists' money that were paying memberships ($2000 annually) to support the new site. He shut it down without warning and ran with the money without refunding many of the artists, putting out PR they were to placate people and string them along to avoid a class action lawsuit. If you search the archives on 4chan artists were still complaining they weren't receiving refunds and that CGHub continued to charge them after the shut down. I'm not sure what his connections were but you can tell a tree by its fruits.
>>26 >4channel kek, i had no idea they had changed names, i'm literally that free from it now. mind filling in the details anon, what happened? 8chan->8ch->8kun i know, but not the 4channel thingy.
>>31 Thanks Anon, that's probably the best description of the communist society-degeneration process (along with your videos) I think I've seen yet. NOW, HOW CAN I GO SPREAD THIS OSSUM THOUGHT-GERM!? :^) But seriously, thanks. I very glad your part of this community tbh.
>>32 I'm not that aware of the details myself, but I can copypaste some things from wiki.bibanon.org/4chan/History: 2018 >November 16 - The 4chan Twitter account makes a cryptic tweet: "A test will run." >November 17 - D-Day hits 4chan: An announcement is made sitewide, approximately nineteen hours after the tweet: "Attention: All work safe boards are soon going to be on the 4channel.org domain. For now, all boards are accessible through either domain. Make sure to update your script blockers and whitelist the new domain." The whole of 4chan loses its collective shit. /qa/ receives a flood of shitposting related to the news, resulting in a massive spike in activity that temporarily makes /qa/ the fifth fastest board on the site. Hiro answers questions in a /qa/ thread, indicating that the move was due to 4chan.org being on a blacklist from advertising, and that having a domain to host the worksafe boards would bring about advertising once more. The "delete /pol/" oldfag renew their tirade by threatening to report /pol/posting on 4channel.org to advertisers in order to get the new domain blacklisted. swaglord stickies a petition on [s4s] demanding that they move to 4channel and become a blue board >November 23 - The split is completed. All SFW boards automatically redirect to 4channel and the board list at the top only shows SFW boards. 2019 >January 28 - A new script (https://powerad.ai/customScripts/4channel.js) was added to 4channel, documented first on /sp/ (https://archive.4plebs.org/sp/thread/90551436/#90552099). It apparently tracks what you view and click on with more precision and attempts to connect what you do with your real world person via google and amazon data. 2020 >April 6 - 4channel gets new ads. The ads in question are promoting a YouTube series called "The Non-Family", a presumably-unintentionally creepy South Park knockoff that only has one episode. Since these ads were links to a YouTube video and not the usual sketchy porn site, everyone without an adblocker on 4channel watches The Non-Family and it quickly becomes a meme on /tv/.
>>34 I see, thanks Anon. Glad I'm free of the place tbh. The only community I'm even interested in there now holds court in /trash/, and I haven't talked to them in probably a year or more.
>>34 ty for posting this. also, remember when hiro added AdBlock breaking JS that did was heavily ( (obfuscated) )? https://gitlab.com/N3X15/argon-dissection
>>31 Capped
Is it happening? Can't reach Julay. Youtube is still working: https://youtu.be/kX5VtedW3HM[Embed] - Wow, just wow, btw.
Open file (315.56 KB 500x281 lime_happy.gif)
>>4 >>45 I thought my internet went down before I remembered about the shutdown XD
>>45 >>49 Heh, I guess I missed the fun. My guess is Robi is working on migrating everything behind the scenes, (and apparently to a new server co-lo, so that means all those gigabytes transferred over the wire).
Open file (2.33 MB 2520x1781 1513481226910-3.jpg)
Julay is Ded. Long live GarfieldsPipe.world >*snif*
>>52 Not for long, perhaps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>>53 Heh, I wonder what the new place will be called? :^)
Anyone know of a place that will host a 1.3GB sized file anonymously over Tor? I have the full julay.world/robowaifu archive 7z file ready to post. It includes everything from the very first #1 post 11months ago, to the #4699 final post made this morning.
>>55 I2P allows torrents.
>>56 Hmm. OK I'll consider it if I can't find a proper anonymous file hoster. Thanks.
>>56 >>55 Update: I didn't realize Anonfiles allowed 20GB in size. Uploading now, but it will probably take a couple of days with my current hotspot bandwidth. Be patient.
I'm going to buy a Sidewinder Genius or maybe a Sidewinder X1, the first is smaller (midsize) but 80 Euros cheaper. I think this might be enough, since I'll assemble stuff anyways. What to do with more space, except vases? I mean, 30x30x40cm is a lot. Any opinions? Good vid on volume: https://youtu.be/5Mm4-TbUefA >>61 Thank you.
>>62 >30x30x40cm is a lot Nice. You should be able to comfortably fit a full-sized robowaifu head shell in that volume right? I'd start there. >Thank you. Y/w. BTW, if you're the Anon who built BUMP yesterday, did you catch my response to you this morning about the patch?
>>65 I'm still planning to go for the smaller one. You just gave a good example. The heads will need to be assembled, not printed in one part. Some for the bones, like thigh and rest of the legs.
>>66 >The heads will need to be assembled, not printed in one part. Some for the bones, like thigh and rest of the legs. Good point. Any tools you're using to model the shells, or are you going to use a pre-made model?
>>67 I'll need to use existing models and adapt the ideas to what I want... https://youtu.be/55LQRkCuxjs https://youtu.be/Slx7SbR60Uw https://www.youtube.com/c/willettfx
>>70 Fair enough. Always a good way to move forward quickly. Maybe you can even tweak things a bit to your liking at some point. I hope you'll post pics of your prints/progress here for us Anon.
>>65 Don't forgot that typically using the whole print area is not a good idea. As you go further away from centre, the print quality will get worse. Also the print time is gonna be looooooong, so likelihood of a failure is higher.
>>80 You mean printing on the edge, away from the center, takes longer?
>>4 Aand julay.world is gone
>>84 >>56 >>84 FULL JULAY.WORLD-ERA /ROBOWAIFU/ ARCHIVE https://anonfiles.com/hbId58K1o7/robowaifu_7z >as archived by BUMP v0.2d on 200803
>>85 Many thanks. How big is the file? Will probably download it on my HD, not tablet.
>>86 >>55 >1.3GB
Not sure why no one announced that the new site is online?!? Here: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/
I'm currently getting 502 Bad Gateway, I hope this won't last!
>>94 Yeah, same for me as well. I came here to check on things
It's back, it was only gone temporarily.
Down again! Hope it will be back soon... https://youtu.be/VD6sgTo6NOY
>>98 Back again...
>>94 >>98 I think it's something to do with with the database system Lynxchan uses. This kind of thing happened much more regularly 8 or 9 months ago iirc. Nothing to worry about fundamentally, I'd say.
>>85 I never thought about feeling sympathy towards an anon except for now
>>102 Kek. Why's that, Anon?
By the way, the gun retort is down (for me, at least). Things look bleak
>>104 Same, I need my daily dose of robowaifus.
>>104 >>105 Robi will be awake soon, I think. Anything I can help with?
Open file (262.00 KB 950x1200 meido.jpg)
>>106 Make anime catgirl meidos a reality.
>>107 Haha, that's the dream. We're working on it! Course it will go faster if you join in and help, Anon. :^)
>>104 Did it just get shoah'd again?
>>109 The odds it's been shoad'd is pretty slim. The nginx server seems to be responding, just throwing the typical 502 that the faggot Stephen Lynx seems to have included as a special 'feature' in his code. actually it was a given with his choice to use MongoloidDB. Robi's probably asleep atm.
>>112 good, it feels like we're always on the hunt
Open file (394.53 KB 1731x2095 robowaifu.jpg)
>>112 502chan is down again. When will get our own server?
>>114 It's not something I can personally manage. If there was someone knowledgeable and skillful enough to keep the thing afloat and protect the users, then it would be a good idea. We could also conceivably host other, at-least-somewhat-related boards like /tech/ or /loomis/ type boards as well as just /robowaifu/ ofc. The potential Site Owner should be able to scripting so that we could reconstruct our entire board from the daily BUMP board archives being kept. We'd have to have some kind of global moderation plan in place to protect against false-flag takedown CP raids by glowniggers and other types of goons as well.
>>115 >so that we could reconstruct our entire board from the daily BUMP board archives being kept. I suppose I should qualify that. While Lynxchan has some good features, Stephen Lynx himself can be problematic. And ofc, the thing is subject to some kind of weakness that's (apparently) easily-exploited by bad actors. Hard to imagine that Robi would be mismanaging things in such a way that the site would keep going down. It's probably some type of small-scale attack by a low-tier hater IMO. All that to say, I think we'd be better off not using Lynxchan on the new site if it ever materializes. Maybe Robi's Final Frontier will be accomplished, or one of the older type IB codebases?
>>116 Actually I should also add that I rather liked Tom's JSChan software, and he had worked out codetag language color highlighting, which would be a very good thing to have at /robowaifu/.
>>114 We have a bunker-bunker secured now Anon. https://trashchan.xyz/robowaifu/
>>118 great > aldo I am new to everything when it comes to robotwaifus What would you recommend me taking out the lurkear I'm sorry, my shitty English is that I'm speaking through a translator
>>119 Well, first go to our main board. https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/ this is our backup reserve board. We'll try to help you more there Anon.
https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/ is down. what do we do now?
>>121 >what do we do now? Exactly what you did Anon. Eventually we'll all get the message and rally here if AlogSpace ever goes down for good. Don't forget we have a bunker-bunker as well. Finally, if even those two options don't work, don't give up. Eventually we'll regroup somewhere, just keep looking. Also, we tend to be the #1 hit for the term 'robowaifu' after a board is up for us for a while.
2nd day in a row Julay2 is down atm w/ a 502. I wonder if MongoDB keeps going down (a 502 is, afaict, always caused by MongoDB failing) b/c of storage space issues? I think deleted posts file's may be cluttering up the place and may need to be purged.
>>122 Will alogs come back again? Maybe we should mirror the posts there to a different chan?
>>124 What happened to alogs? We should definitely backup the threads here.
>>4 The alogs doesn't even have the owner overseeing it and it's being flooded with trolls. Has he forgotten about it? What is happening exactly?
Open file (313.15 KB 1200x1200 1606119024610.jpg)
>>121 it's ober
Why does this bunker even exist? No one uses it and Chobitsu never responds to anyone.
how long has alogs been down now?
>>31 Unfortunately it seems the same thing has happened with robowaifu since Chobitsu disappeared.
Why am I banned from the main board?
>>132 We probably shouldn't use an onion based website if we want to attract new technicians. Most people do not have a favorable view of Tor.
Alogs is down again
It says that alogs.space is configured incorrectly

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