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Welcome to our bunker board Anon. Our main board is at: /robowaifu/ Please go there to talk with us.

/comfy/ bunker thread Chobitsu Board owner 05/13/2020 (Wed) 03:11:00 No.2
Have a seat Anon, make yourself at home. Care for a beer or coffee? note: please direct discussion about julay, bunkering, etc. over to the /meta thread please. >>4 let's just keep this thread /comfy/ and continue our ongoing conversations.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/13/2020 (Wed) 05:03:20.
So, Anon was saying in the waifu CNC thread that if you have your own foundry, you could make your own brass/aluminum alloy stocks. The question I had was; what kind of up-front setup costs would be involved in the micro-foundry to smelt these alloys? Could anyone possibly produce small runs of this stuff for machining that would be cheaper than you can just buy the alloy itself?
>>3 You need a steel bucket, a pipe, and fireclay. The fire clay you need will need to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 C and your foundry will use charcoal.
>>15 OK, now we're talking. We need to keep things as simple and 'primitive' as is feasible for each discipline if we're going to successfully see this in the hands of Anons everywhere. If we can literally meet metallurgy needs in so straightforward a fashion then that's one off the list, so to speak. I'm assuming the fireclay is both fairly accessible and form-able by Anon? Also, 1'300C is pretty effin high. Just charcoal is sufficient for that?
>>17 Charcoal will do it and you can find bags of fire clay on amazon for like $50.
I should add that it needs to be real wood charcoal. Not the briquettes; they have limestone added to them so they won't get too hot.
>To Iggy re code upload: >>4049 Alright, thanks I'll have a look at it. Have a good one, see you again soon I suppose.
Open file (187.42 KB 720x677 IMG_20200623_164325.JPG)
>>37 See my timing is perfect (horrible) - post code, server crashes. Anyway forgot to mention you should put a breakpoint after mcar.terminate(), and that it should train in like 20-30 timesteps (without any extrinsic reward UwU). Next is the ALE (atari sim) which is going to show just how crazy deep those simple 200 lines of code go. Is there like a gitlab group for /robowaifu/ devs? IRC is annoying, boards are proving faulty, Idk. Pic unrelated.
Open file (40.36 KB 500x500 french worry.png)
>Care for a beer or coffee? Hon, I'll take a beer.
>>38 >Is there like a gitlab group for /robowaifu/ devs? not to my knowledge. set up one if you'd like and i'll make a link to it on the welcome page. kek, why did you post a pic of that thot here? >>39 Light or dark? I'll be having a stout. >
Open file (342.15 KB 1619x1012 21a58fe182b2c905.jpg)
>>40 I'll take a light beer.
>>41 Heh, what brand do you like Anon?
No beer for me, if so at some time, then a dark and sweet one. Grimebergen Double Malt, or so.
Plum wine for me, thanks.
If you are bored while Julay is offline, put some hair into your doll. https://youtu.be/kBD2T2fXUG8
>>46 >Grimebergen Double Malt Sounds amazing. I'll see if I can get that in Burgerland Anon, thanks. >>47 Interesting. I'd like to try it. >>48 >doll Pfft. Plebeians. Plebeians everywhere. I bet sourcing good-quality, long hair is expensive. BTW, there is an actual /doll/ here on Anoncafe Anon (though it's not that kind of doll heh). >>>/doll/
Open file (15.87 KB 500x250 36-Buffybot.jpg)
>>51 I know about the balljoint doll board, thanks. My Robowaifu is supposed to look quite human.
>>51 >>58 BJD (Ball-Jointed Dolls) are nice. Portable, but manoeuvrable and nice hug/lie together with. Shame the board is pretty dead though. Do any anons have other substitutes while designing/making their robowaifus?
>>58 >>59 I like /doll/. Some of the newer materials feel pretty nice as I understand it. I assume they are a good bit more expensive than the more typical harder plastic. Apart from the material properties, I actually rather like the BJD look. I wouldn't mind if some of my robowaifu's joints looked that way tbh.
Open file (46.13 KB 400x600 Jotti29.jpg)
>>59 There is the inventors thread in dollforum (NSFW): https://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=6 and a ton of techvids on Youtube. However, it's time to pick something and build and develop it. Otherwise we won't get anywhere. Btw, Reddit and Twitter might be bad for politics but there are are lot of ML/AI or 3D printing guys.
>>63 >However, it's time to pick something and build and develop it Hmm. Why this time specifically Anon? >Otherwise we won't get anywhere. Actually, we will. I'm personally 'getting somewhere' with my software training 6 days a week. I expect others are doing so as well in their own ways. But you seem particularly motivated personally, always a good sign. So, I'd say just take the reins and move forward with your specific ambition here. /robowaifu/ is and has always been a cat-herding forum tbh kinda like that famous Japanese island. Open up a few cans of food for us and we will probably follow you. Gambatte Anon! :^) www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHLLDOyZepY
>>64 Yeah, I meant getting somewhere with building Robowaifus, not just using it as a motivation for learning anything which might be related to it. Which other time should I pick? I don't get the question. The sooner we're getting ahead, the better.
>>68 >not just using it as a motivation for learning anything which might be related to it. On the contrary, effective software engineering is critical to creating functional robowaifus, and certainly a much more complex problem than just fabricating a robowaifu's shell, say. No software + electronics and all you have is a mannequin. That's fine ofc, but robowaifus are going to be so much more than just a doll. >The sooner we're getting ahead, the better. Absolutely agreed. Please proceed with a thread outlining your project proposal. If it's a good effort-post OP, I'll transfer it back over to the active board once it's running again.
All I tried to communicate in >>63 was, that there are a lot of places to look into interesting stuff or learn something which is somehow related to robowaifus, but everyone (myself included) should better pick one or a few things and work on it, instead just watching videos on Youtube or daydreaming.
>>72 Couldn't agree more Anon. Time to step out on your own. Start laying out your project for us, we'll get it if you do a good job. Several of us will probably follow and begin pushing forward with it if it's a good idea.
>>74 I didn't claim to have my own detailed project plan. The "planning" happens in the threads by looking into existing tech or ideas how things should be, discussing these and then anyone can try to improve something. I'm getting my printer soon, and will most likely focus on the spine and skull first. Hopefully also building something doll-like soon, which can move around in the bed or on the couch a little bit. Adding arm and hand gestures might be next. Then I'd like to see conversations going to be possible, but most likely by connecting to a separate PC via Wifi.
>>75 >and will most likely focus on the spine and skull first. Excellent idea. The human vertebrae are both small enough and shaped such that standard 3D printers should be able to print them with few issues. If you have the little 'Lucky Cat' gcode model that I've seen come with lots of printers as an example print, then study it while it's printing. Specifically, examine in detail the double-wall construction technique of the cat's shell. This results in a shell that's both remarkably light and strong both at the same time. I could see that this exact same approach to modeling/printing the spine's vertebrae and even the skull's shell could result likewise in both very light and very strong structures from even basic printers. Good luck Anon, look forward to seeing what you do with these ideas! :^)
>>77 >in regard of light structures: Very important to us, probably crucial in fact. Thanks for all the great video links you post here on /robowaifu/ Anon, it really helps out.
I wonder if this can help us with good approaches to printing robowaifu faces? https://www.cnckitchen.com/blog/how-to-3d-print-face-shields-faster
>>60 There is something really pretty about seeing the joints, got more into them after seeing BJDs!
>>79 Yes, sounds interesting, maybe if one wants to try out a lot of prototypes and cut down on printing time. However, assuming you even want to make the face out of plastics, details might matter. The more details, the more difficult sanding will be. Don't know if other smoothing methods would work better here. Printing complex faces might generally be difficult. In the Dollforum they discussed 3d printed molds for heads, but this is probably the same for faces: The best way seems to be, to print them as the first mold, sand them reasonably, use them as a mold for monster clay, remove the errors comming from the printed mold in the clay, work out the details on the clay, the use that one for silicone or whatever. Yes, it's complicated.
>>3 Do you know about microwave aluminum melting?
>>87 Not sure. I've seen it spark and things when somebody accidentally'd teh foil-wrapper in a microwave. Otherwise not much. Tell us about how it would work in that context Anon? BTW, doesn't this kills the oven?
>>89 No, it doesn't kill the oven, but should be a old oven. Also rather outside, just in case something goes wrong. You don't want Aluminum on your kitchen floor. Not sure why no one announced that the new site is online?!? Here: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/ Not sure why no one announced that the new site is online?!? Here: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/
>>43 Anything that is not Heineken.
Has anyone drawn up a design document on how the software for a robowaifu should look like yet?
>>93 This is not the main site, though thenother one ismdown. This here is the bunker. Home: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/ What do you mean by design document? We are all working on our own, while exchanging ideas. I think it's clear that the system will consist out of different programs, which deal with each other and the base will quite likely a system with some pre-scripted responses like e.g. AIML. Other parts will consist of neural networks, graph databases, code, physics engine, .... and these parts have to be connected to each other. These parts then should also be able to create responses ahead and store them.
>>93 probably the closest thing fleshed-out a bit thus far is the IPCnet' ss15.1 >>96 https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/res/3001.html#3001
Any idea if Video Laser Scan will ever get cheap enough to use for our robowaifus lads? This would revolutionize both her visual capabilities, and the situational awareness she would possess. https://dimeye.com/vls-by-dimeye/
Hey, the board is 502 for quite some time. Is it a ddos attack? Of so, then I guess it's because I was promoting the board and artificial girlfriends or waifus on Reddit. Or is it these 4chan anons because of the rentry?
>>142 >Or is it these 4chan anons because of the rentry? Interesting. Which rentry is that, Anon?

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