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Welcome to our bunker board Anon. Our main board is at: /robowaifu/ Please go there to talk with us.

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Welcome to /robowaifu/ Anonymous 04/29/2020 (Wed) 10:51:48 No.1 [Reply]
Why Robowaifu? Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution. History shows there are cultural and political solutions to this problem, but we believe that technology is the best way forward at present – specifically the technology of robotics. We are technologists, dreamers, hobbyists, geeks and robots looking forward to a day when any man can build the ideal companion he desires in his own home. However, not content to wait for the future; we are bringing that day forward. We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists, designers, and writers using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us! NOTES & FRIENDS > Notes: -This is our bunker board. -This is generally a SFW board, given our engineering focus primarily. On-topic NSFW content is OK, but please spoiler it. > Friends: -/clang/ - currently at https://8kun.top/clang - toaster-love NSFW. Metal clanging noises in the night. -/monster/ - currently at https://smuglo.li/monster/ - bizarre NSFW. Respect the robot. -/tech/ - currently at https://alogs.theguntretort.com/tech/ - installing Gentoo Anon? They'll fix you up. -/britfeel/ - currently at >>>/britfeel/ - some good lads. Go share a pint! -/server/ - currently at >>>/server/ - multi-board board. Eclectic thing of beauty. -/f/ - currently at >>>/f/4 - doing flashtech old-school. -/kind/ - currently at https://kind.moe/kind/ - be excellent to each other.

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robowaifu/meta Robowaifu Technician 05/13/2020 (Wed) 03:25:43 No.4 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for off-topic and general discussions. BOARD CONCERN TOPICS GO HERE Update: For the record it was just announced that Anoncafe has backup domains now in addition to https://anon.cafe there are also : https://anoncafe.org https://anoncafe.co so bookmark those too. also Here's AlogsSpace's onion address for us : http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/robowaifu/catalog.html
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Why am I banned from the main board?
>>132 We probably shouldn't use an onion based website if we want to attract new technicians. Most people do not have a favorable view of Tor.
Alogs is down again
It says that alogs.space is configured incorrectly

/comfy/ bunker thread Chobitsu Board owner 05/13/2020 (Wed) 03:11:00 No.2 [Reply]
Have a seat Anon, make yourself at home. Care for a beer or coffee? note: please direct discussion about julay, bunkering, etc. over to the /meta thread please. >>4 let's just keep this thread /comfy/ and continue our ongoing conversations.
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>>43 Anything that is not Heineken.
Has anyone drawn up a design document on how the software for a robowaifu should look like yet?
>>93 This is not the main site, though thenother one ismdown. This here is the bunker. Home: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/ What do you mean by design document? We are all working on our own, while exchanging ideas. I think it's clear that the system will consist out of different programs, which deal with each other and the base will quite likely a system with some pre-scripted responses like e.g. AIML. Other parts will consist of neural networks, graph databases, code, physics engine, .... and these parts have to be connected to each other. These parts then should also be able to create responses ahead and store them.
>>93 probably the closest thing fleshed-out a bit thus far is the IPCnet' ss15.1 >>96 https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/res/3001.html#3001
Any idea if Video Laser Scan will ever get cheap enough to use for our robowaifus lads? This would revolutionize both her visual capabilities, and the situational awareness she would possess. https://dimeye.com/vls-by-dimeye/

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