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Oldtaku General Fellow Time Traveler 09/07/2019 (Sat) 20:44:59 No.9
>ITT: Weeb shit from the Clinton and Bush years
Ive been having an itch for high fantasy anime around this era. I watched Slayers, Some of Slayers Next (Continuing soon), Slayers the Motion Picture, and Record of Lodoss War OVAs. I've never watched any of them before I did, but they have such a warm and mystical feeling to them.
>>112 >Record of Lodoss War Speaking of which, the torrent I found had a complete recreation of the DVD menus for the tv series, which I thought was charming. Missing files >>1567
Lodoss War is one of the classics
Any obscure recommendations? Have some not at all obscure picks from my screenshots folder. I think I have watched most of the popular stuff at this point, I need the high hanging fruit. Missing files >>1568
>>560 Serial Experiments Lain maybe? I am yet to watch it but I heard very good things about it. Missing file >>1569
>>561 >>563 I've watched both. Iria Zeiram might not be, but SEL has got to be among the lowest hanging fruits of all. Here's 3 minutes of footage I crammed into 18MB the other day while testing AV1 video. Missing file >>1637
>>561 It's weird and hard to follow. But they mention Ted Nelson in one episode.
>>561 Lain fags want to believe its obscure.
Check out 天使のたまご.
>>879 I don't really know Anon, but it seems like a good approach to being content in whatever state you find yourself in.
>>880 She's not actually handing out a maxim, she's saying that the point in time she lives in is the happiest time. That anime is one of those pieces of 80s media that tries so hard to be the 80s that it feels uncanny. I feel a weird power behind that "now is the happiest time" line, as a /retro/fag watching it 34 years later and someone who absolutely despises the current state of anime. If you'll take a spoiler: This "happiest time" conversation is a minor part of the plot and a message that is repeated through the anime. The anime is set in the decade of 2080, a cyberpunk version of the 1980s. Later we learn that a computer rules over part of humanity from the shadows, and that the entire world is fake, people are living in a city-sized spaceship full of refugees from a war that is many centuries old and they have forgotten the war entirely. This computer controls the ship, and it deduced that 2080 was the happiest point in time for humanity and set things up so they're perpetually living the world of 2080, it has been many hundreds of years since the real 2080. I forgot the exact year, I think it was 2086.
LaserDisc/VHS only anime? I watch BDs because BDs are just better, but there are plenty of shows that were only ever released on LD or tapes. There are also DVDs sourced from tapes and LDs. There is plenty of material worth a watch that has only ever been released in these older mediums. >Majo Demo Steady The only torrents are sourced from VHS. Very nice sudden girlfriend anime. >Greed The best release is a LD dumped with the Domesday Replicator by a fansub group called Orphan. Fantasy anime. I'd also call this "philosophical anime" to an extent. It's pretty unique so there's not much to compare it to, it's also really good. >Circuit Angel Some sort of early 2000s Need For Speed plot except in the form of a VHS-only anime. It's not a very good anime, but I think it's worth a watch. >Nayuta Only on VHS. Extremely unique and extremely good anime, this time it's somewhat of a shoujo. >Maris The Choujo Seems to be VHS-only. Anime adaptation of a Rumiko Takahashi one-shot. Typical Rumiko anime.
Open file (1.25 MB 1600x2170 035 - Iczer-1.jpg)
Open file (681.79 KB 1600x2170 067 - Doll.jpg)
Open file (628.42 KB 1600x2170 060 - Doll.jpg)
Open file (635.43 KB 1600x2170 087 - Dangaio.jpg)
Open file (672.29 KB 1600x2170 023 - Iczer-3.jpg)
Toshihiro Hirano art
>>115 Missing files
Open file (126.77 KB 768x576 Sailor Moon.jpg)
Open file (232.50 KB 1280x960 Urusei Yatsura.jpg)
Open file (128.93 KB 1440x1080 Secret of Blue Water.jpg)
Open file (64.38 KB 716x524 Cleopatra DC.jpg)
Open file (93.28 KB 702x524 Legend of Lemnear.jpg)
>>560 Missing files
Open file (209.09 KB 230x332 ClipboardImage.png)
>>561 Missing file
>>115 Speaking of which has anyone played the Deedlitvania game? It's really fun.
Edited last time by GOAT on 01/17/2024 (Wed) 00:31:05.
Open file (18.15 MB 956x720 work at it.webm)
>>564 Missing file
Open file (425.98 KB 640x480 deedlit_cutest.png)
Open file (432.95 KB 640x480 deedlit_age.png)
Open file (655.28 KB 461x573 Deedlit (O . O).PNG)
Open file (300.56 KB 640x480 deedlit_smug.png)
>>1576 I had been meaning to play that, but I haven't quite gotten around to buying it. I know the studio's pedigree is solid and the engine is good, but I just have some other things on my plate. Deedlit's really pretty.
Open file (469.35 KB 300x513 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (409.76 KB 424x427 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (152.67 KB 225x319 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (126.96 KB 225x306 ClipboardImage.png)
Cybernetics Guardian, MD Geist, Apocalypse Zero and Golgo 13 are some of the more memorable ones I have watched.
>>564 The training music beginning at 1:10 sounds like Vangelis - Chariots of Fire!
Edited last time by GOAT on 01/17/2024 (Wed) 00:31:43.
https://myanimelist.net/anime/39020/Flying_Luna_Clipper Torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1317261 I sincerely hope you all enjoy this as thoroughly as I did.
Open file (1.27 MB 1212x900 ClipboardImage.png)
first time being here!!! any recommendation for 90s-00s anime><~?
Open file (1.12 MB 1024x768 IMG_0004.jpeg)
>>3243 Depends. What kind of genres do you like? There’s no need to fill out the name field, by the way. We’re all anon here.
Been thinking about devouring my way through the .hack anime and/manga. Is it worth the plunge?
>>3513 ...Actually, would anyone object to me posting at least want one chapter of the manga?
>>9 .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu Chapter 1, START! How about that old artstyle?
>>3528 Did I do that? Woops. Anyway, short start. NOT.
>>3529 Scrub wants to fight the clay doll.
Gotta say, while the initial setup isn't the most gripping, it is different enough. Almost an anti-Kirito start. That might make it a better fit for the Shonen genre than SAO's pseudo-isekai. Worth it to keep going (besides, the designs and artwork are a nice change).
>>3527 >>3528 >>3529 >>3530 >>3531 Thanks for posting these Anon. I've been meaning to get into .Hack. Is this Manga a good place to start?
>>3544 I don't know, because .hack was never one of my big interests back in the day. All I remember is that this manga ended well. Perhaps giving it a second go in the present will open up the whole thing for me. Shall I continue with it?
I recently read Blitz Tactics Najica. It's the way more sapphic version of Agent Aika. I liked the set up and mid chapters, but the conclusion felt very rushed. Also has anyone noticed how bad preservation of old manga scanlations is? The translation and page resolution of Najica on the "usual" sites like MD was so bad that I opted to simply buyfag the original ADV localized physicals and read it that way.
>>3531 Wagons ho. Enter Balmung. >>3544 ...I did a little homework, and the answer is in fact no. Explains why I was so confused when I read it back in middle/high school. But, it might help put a great many questions in your head which can be answered by the show (.hack/SIGN) and the games.
>>3550 Hat boy's macguffin does something useful.
>>3551 This really is a tiny chapter.
>>3552 Let's go. Turns out it's not tiny, they just put two pages in one.
>>3606 Chapter end.
Open file (93.96 KB 606x443 arguing.JPG)
Open file (85.86 KB 657x426 rally_cute_gun.JPG)
Open file (50.71 KB 606x238 rally_savour_recoil.JPG)
I thought this had been brought up earlier, but Gunsmith Cats is the epitome of 90s manga and anime. The style, the subject matter (babes, guns, hard boiled crime), the action and violence all make it iconic. It even got an OVA which covered one of the more compelling and straightforward stories, which was really cool. God I wish I could find me a woman like Rally Vincent.
Open file (56.14 KB 295x544 bean_point.JPG)
Open file (33.30 KB 223x376 rally_so_happy.JPG)
Open file (26.83 KB 227x274 rally_o.O.JPG)
>>3635 One thing I find odd is how the anime seems known only to anime enthusiasts despite it being popular enough in America to warrant several volumes published through Dark Horse's manga branch (Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition). I found these on BakaBT and they've been a great way to read the series; the translation is faithful to the source material while still being suitable for the subject matter; Chicago gangsters will swear as you'd expect, and call women "broads." Dark Horse even had the guts to publish it with the proper right-to-left orientation. The other way that the series was published in America was as Gunsmith Cats Burst, which is a bizarre collection of individual chapters that have nothing to do with each other, heavily localized butchered to read like an American comic book. The orientation is flipped and the characters constantly speak with odd accents or dialects that don't make any sense. What series do you guys associate with the style of the 90s? Any that seem to have slipped from public consciousness?
>>3635 .hackanon here. How would you feel about bringing out more Gunsmith Cats (or another oldie) whileI contine with .hack?
>>3643 I don't know what any of that means or entails. I can give you the files I've torrented if you're looking for those to stream or something.
>>3655 It means posting chapters in clusters of pictures like >>3605 did. Pretty straightforward, really.8
Open file (220.66 KB 460x599 AnimeCon 1991.png)
>>9 Missing file
>>9 I had entirely forgotten that Harlock was that old. Was the first one good too?
Edited last time by GOAT on 01/17/2024 (Wed) 05:56:10.
Open file (14.60 MB 640x480 Mime sorrow.webm)
>>3764 The story is full of asspulls, but it's a cool adventure, it's unique, Harlock is likeable, and the Matsumoto women are nice.

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