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Open file (163.37 KB 1203x800 y2k_half_life.jpg)
Migration Fellow Time Traveler 01/12/2024 (Fri) 06:11:19 No.3664
Announcement here: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/16466.html Meta thread here: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/16467.html In short, anon.cafe is shutting down for reasons that are currently unexplained but allegedly not due to interference by feds and bad actors. Some people had discussed migration in the board's first thread, but I think a topic this serious deserves its own. Come March 15th, this board will no longer exist.
The way I see it, there are a few things that need to be done: 1) Get an archive of the board as it currently is. Ideally this would be a locally browsable webpage, but perhaps it could be preserved online some other way as read-only. 2) Vet the most compelling alternatives and consider migrating there. 3) Seriously consider starting our own image board, just for /retro/ to ensure we aren't dependent on the good graces of others. On a personal note, I've seen some suspiciously worded posts on other image boards which very calmly and rationally suggest that 8chan.moe is a great alternative whose sole opponents are schizos from places you don't like, inventing crimes to ascribe to the 8moe management. I don't want to color discussion too much so I won't provide more detail unless it becomes relevant, but do be vigilant about the usual power-tripping fags.
Posts from the other thread: >>3657 >>3658 >>3659 >>3660 >>3661 >>3662 >>3663
Open file (449.65 KB 3306x1638 Screenshot.png)
>>3664 I think Wapchan could be a good option if FIgamin gets the software set up he's talking about. /retro/ would fit in nicely with the theme of the site. I don't know enough about the positives and negatives of all the possible options available right now though. It sucks this is even happening.
Man this sucks. Worst case scenario we could just go back to the previous board, but I would rather go somewhere else. I think we should wait till February to make a decision, let's see where everyone else is heading and then pick our next home. Ideally a drama free one, so no 8ch. >>3668 Having a separate retro board on a retro themed website makes no sense to me.
Open file (204.53 KB 1080x720 Feel awful, look good.jpg)
>>3668 >It sucks this is even happening. I agree. But people are more aware of the hazards of image board maintenance these days than they were when 8chan imploded. The development of JSchan alone means that anyone who seriously wants to have an image board doesn't need to be tied to 15-year-old features and data models anymore, which is a Godsend. The alternatives I've seen so far are: >Wapchan (unknown) >Trashchan (unknown) >zzzchan (known) >smuglo.li (known) >prolikewoah (known but impractical) I can write more about some of these from firsthand experience since I'm an image board loser but it's way too late for me right now. >captcha wrong or expired; flood detected Stephen Lynx is a quadruple nigger.
Open file (114.55 KB 1562x477 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3670 I found this testimonial about trashchan, which seems to be in good faith.
>>3664 Please join in the community discussion on this /retro/. >>>/shelter/4994 It will work out fine, just stay calm. Archives are made of /retro/ and other boards, there are several sites that have potential to move to (including two new ones to provide board requests today: trashchan & wapchan). It'll be OK, but please talk things out with everyone on shelter.
>>3671 Seems like the best suggestion so far, I will request a bunker there just in case.
>>3669 To be fair, there's no general 90s/00s retro board on wapchan currently. It's either specific retro boards for anime or non retro boards. The sites theme as a whole is retro but there's still room for /retro/ to fill a niche there .
My one problem with Wapchan is that it doesn't seem to be very stable. I often get errors when trying to load a page. It's possible Figamin knows how to fix the problem though.
>google wapchan >official twitter account >admin shilled it on multiple subreddits >not even on the webring Yeah fuck right off. As far as I'm concerned this is just another attempt to lure more people there.
>>3677 I was going to say that having a Twitter account isn't necessarily in and of itself a bad thing, since Twitter (sadly) is the modern internet in a lot of ways and there are very few platforms where you can post something semi-anonymously and have it seen by a large number of people. This is especially true for an image board admin, who could benefit from having a place to announce things in case the site goes down. Figamin himself didn't initially appear to be a total fag, but: >he has a youtube channel >he uploads video reviews of old anime >https://iv.nboeck.de/watch?v=VCZzoCn3FNw >"i'm not part of [the] lgbt community myself but i've tried to do my best with this video" >"i think having stories of non-heteronormative characters who don't constantly deal with struggle and end positively is important for helping people who don't fit into these categories to find someone to relate to" Okay, yeah. Scratch wapchan.
Open file (88.81 KB 936x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3678 Meant to attach this.
>>3670 Here's the follow-up I mentioned. This is what I know about our options from personal experience: >zzzchan Originally started as a successor to fatchan, which itself was a hasty bunker made for /v/ after old 8chan imploded due to mismanagement and/or federal agents. Run by Sturgeon and uses JSchan, a modern image board software. It's a mostly good site, with probably the most usable /v/ board of any webring site (as in, it generates actual OC and contains good faith discussions about the hobby) and a few smaller boards like /tech/ and /vhs/ that are significantly slower but not totally overrun by retards. There were a few growing pains, mostly due to Sturgeon having never done anything like this before, but in hindsight the site has been quite stable and hasn't imploded over the years. It has been my main website for the last several years and I have come to like it a lot. I don't think getting a board there would be difficult. However, I would be remiss not to mention that the site seems to be a popular target for derision among the rest of the webring - the admins are too harsh, the traffic isn't fast enough, they kicked my dog, etc. Some of this is true, but much of it is an exaggeration of the kinds of shit any anonymous image board. It doesn't help that zzz/v/, the de facto face of the website, has genuinely been the target of a handful of dedicated schizos/shitposters who want the site to fail. The most famous of these is Eden, the former BO of prolikwoah/geimu/ who spent at least one and a half years shitting up game night threads, singling out people who were trying to contribute to the draw threads, and otherwise killing the vibes (and apparently he may have been a janny on 8moe/v/ at one point? unsure; hadn't heard about it until yesterday). There are less obvious ones too, like the guy who bumps months-old threads with single-sentence posts for no reason, and probably a couple I'm forgetting. I imagine most of them are /b/tards who want a new playground to cover in their own puke. Luckily the smaller boards do not seem to have this problem, though being in proximity to it does mean they get the occasional faggot blowing through. I don't think this is actually in excess of the usual image board autism. >smuglo.li The /a/ bunker which has been used since /a/'s retarded word filter banhammer bot HoiHoi caused so much traffic on old 8chan that it made the entire site unusably slow for months on end (HoiHoi is actually optional, and you can simply disable it in board config settings). Uses Vichan, which is the "standard" image board software you probably all recognize from 4chan and old 8chan. Run by the meidos, a cabal of very competent but holier-than-thou admins who have an eternal unspoken Rule 0 that allows them to delete anything, anytime, for any reason. You will get your good faith posts deleted, you will appeal the ban, and you will be told to fuck off. The actual /a/ board used to lord its "high quality posting" over the rest of the webring, until it was discovered and popularized that the kohi thread ("coffee" house, or general and semi-off-topic) was housing a significant population of genuine homosexuals who enjoyed posting pictures of their anime girl cosplay and dildo collections. They now have their own board and /a/ is significantly slower as a result. Overall, it's /a/. Slow, lots of rules, and too obsessed with current seasonal anime, but mostly devoid of shitposters other than the specific type of shitposting they condone. I know that /tg/ settled there with a disabled HoiHoi and have generally done well for themselves, though they never quite recovered from the user drain and are now a quite slow board. But there are a handful of dedicated graybeards posting updates on their own campaigns and personal projects, and some very long threads devoted to particular systems or on-board campaigns. smuglo.li has a few other small boards which I think have done decently for themselves, but I haven't visited them so I can't claim I'm informed. >prolikewoah The /animu/ bunker. A complete hive of shitposters with zero moderation other than the bare minimum to remove CP; there used to be moderation but allegedly the website admin got his dox found out/hacked by a few shitposters who have threatened to release them. Achieved brief infamy when the site's /2hu/ (Touhou) board colonized julay/v/ and turned it into a loli board. More lax than /a/ but way less stable and reliable, and the stomping ground of more than a few schizos who enjoy naming each other and derailing everything that isn't a dedicated general. The only good thing on the entire board is the kemono thread, but even that has seen a huge upswing in homosexuality in the last six months. As with /a/, there are smaller communities on the site but I haven't ever visited them.
That was longer than I expected. Pardon me. >my thoughts Despite zzzchan and smuglo.li having proven themselves to be stable, I think it would be in the best interests of this board to be elsewhere. From past experience (and if the thread on /shelter/ is any kind of barometer) there will be at least a few months of shilling, derailing, attempted well poisoning, and various other tactics meant to ruin everyone's day as the power-tripping fags among the webring's less reputable sites and boards compete to drain users away from their homes. Being on a more popular board will increase the signal to noise ratio immensely, and if a turbo autist or /b/tard happens to find us then we could be stuck with him for quite a while before he gets bored.
Open file (5.90 MB 196x224 bunny_dance.mp4)
zzzchan anon here. I would like to see you anons migrate to the website if you'd like no pressure
>>3681 Personally I would rather not move to zzzchan, unfortunately the markchan retards and the /fascist/ board make it an easy target for future attacks and unnecessary dramas.
>>3677 Settle down. I was just weighing it as a potential option because of its thematic similarity to /retro/ and the fact that Figamin was generous enough to host /kind/ on the site after they had no place to go and is willing to host other boards. From what I know I'm leaning toward Trashchan though. >>3678 >>3679 >Okay, yeah. Scratch wapchan. I wasn't aware of those things. That's too bad. I don't think I've never seen anything like that over there.
Whatever you do, please do not go to "8chan" moe. It'd greatly frustrate me to see another board which deserves way better be absorbed into that cesspit and inflate the egos of the revolting people who run it. Literally anywhere would do, but going there would be a fate worse than death.
>>3685 If the Webring collectively is a seedy town (or set of towns) with a rough and tumble bar or two but some swell character, .moe is the wrong side of the tracks. There a couple of legacy boards there to tempt, but they're not worth the rest. /tg/ is the old school bar with a few young'uns and more grey regulars who can tell a tale.
>>3669 A good half of this board is retro tech though. Wapchan's tech board is dead in comparison so it'd be complementary. >>3677 I would come to this board more often if it wasn't on the webring. A board I used was much better when it wasn't part of the webring after the 8ch exodus. Dreamchan had an official Twitter and was a great board from before 8ch went down.
>>3687 >Dreamchan I visited that site once and bookmarked it for later, but by the time I tried to take another look at it it was gone. It sucks it went down.
>>3684 >I wasn't aware of those things. That's too bad. I don't think I've never seen anything like that over there. Honestly, it probably "doesn't matter" in that the site admin seems like a pretty typical guy who's fallen for the typical psyops and social conditioning. But if he were forced to choose between the spirit of the site and trans representation I think it is clear what would win in the end. Does anyone actually know anything about trashchan?
>>3687 >I would come to this board more often if it wasn't on the webring I'm not sure I understand why it would make a difference to your desire to visit and post.
Looks like we have the trashchan admin's approval and he is willing to migrate our threads over there. >>3687 The only thing that would've made sense to me is proper merger if we can't find a new place, but that's not gonna happen now. >>3685 Don't worry about that.
>>3665 >On a personal note, I've seen some suspiciously worded posts on other image boards which very calmly and rationally suggest that 8chan.moe is a great alternative whose sole opponents are schizos from places you don't like, inventing crimes to ascribe to the 8moe management. That's the worst part about it. My intentions with giving pros and cons to migrating to 8chan compared to other boards are genuine and come from the desire to see communities still thrive even in the event of a loss of an imageboard, but it's impossible to have any kind of conversation about it because some people just cannot let go of drama. I mean, don't get me wrong, Mark is the consistently worst board owner (for multiple reasons) that I've ever seen and the site itself has plenty of other issues, but it's impossible to have genuine discourse when you cannot tell whether there's sock puppeting involved or people are genuinely that vitriolic about the whole ordeal. Anyhow, I hope /retro/ finds a suitable home soon.
>>3692 That's good. Hopefully the rest of the boards will follow. And what happens to you? Do you remain Fearless Leader?
Open file (440.21 KB 735x808 ClipboardImage.png)
Just don't move us to blacked.moe or smuglo.li. I hope /retro/ finds a nice home. Man, I never used the webring much after 8chan went down. I followed /animu/ because that was my main board back then and then browsed a few boards like this one once a month or less. 8chan was my only solace when I was a teenager who dropped out of school nearly 10 years ago. I miss it. Time flies.
>>3677 >>3678 >the board is bad because the admin doesn't hate gay people Why are you fags like this?
>>3700 It's not about not hating gay people. All that alphabet soup shit that entails reducing your entire life and personality to your sexual preferences is complete cancer. And all the "trans" garbage that's lumped in there is just putting mental illness on a pedestal and trying to normalize self-mutilation. It's a complete NPC mentality. I don't even dislike Wapchan or anything.
>>3700 No strawman here, anon. Progressive buy-in may be a slow poison, but it remains a threat regardless. It has been proven to erode the sufferers faculties until some drastic action is committed to assure more zealous sufferers watching. It is no bad thing to pity a homosexual, either for being defiled or gaslit into it, but that's not the problem.
>>3700 I don't give a fuck about that, I'm not moving to some attention whore's board who is desperately trying to recruit more people to his shitty site from reddit and other shitholes and it's clearly you so you can fuck right back. Look at the fucking /shelter/ thread, trashchan is the only place not begging for more posters and that's why it's the only correct choice.
>>3703 I think Trashchan would appreciate more posters, but I'll bet that there's some altruism in the offer too. Speaking as a primarily Smug man, I'd like to keep the cafe's userbase on the Webring at least.
Huge update: our files will be properly restored on trashchan!
>>3705 Awesome! Despite the unfortunate situation it's great to see that ultimately anons are pulling together to keep things going.
Open file (499.17 KB 498x286 1416374879509.gif)
>>3705 That kicks ass.
>>3705 Noice. Shall I resume posting .hack and/or other mango stuff once the transition has been completed?
>>3705 This is such great news! Looking forward to the migration. Not a fan of the theme though, hope it can be replaced with one that looks like actual retro websites, or at least one of the Yotsuba themes.
>>3709 I believe that's traditionally just a set of CSS settings.
>>3701 >>3702 >>3703 Sometimes I forget this board is a discount /pol/.
Open file (159.41 KB 1200x1000 1437782926998.jpg)
>>3711 >muh /pol/ What does anything I said have to do with /pol/? You didn't even bother to argue against a single thing I've written. Any non-straight person worth respecting doesn't want to turn themselves into a pawn for powerful interest groups who don't have society's best interests in mind, and any straight person who supports the LGBTWTFBBQ+ subculture/political bloc is naive at best.
>>3711 This board has a no politics rule. We are not moving to your shithole bro, you can stop crying now.
>>3705 >the migration will IMPROVE the history of the board Truly a cleansing forest fire we have here, huh? >>3711 You will never be a woman.
>>3715 >>the migration will IMPROVE the history of the board You couldn't get this kind of result using a pre-canned thing like the changer software. Only the admin at trashchan doing custom scripting could give you this kind of outcome. Nice.
>>3711 Most boards are discount /pol/.
>>3717 Does that phrase even mean anything at this point?
>>3718 Not sure, but I'm impressed this board decided to burn it's bridgrs with another retro board over nothing.
>>3719 >over nothing Yes, let's act like shilling your ib on reddit is a good thing. Next you're gonna ask why aren't we allowing the agoraspam.
>>3719 >this board decided >over nothing You aren't from around here.
>>3719 Who's burning bridges? I prefer /retro/ but post on both boards.
>>3719 I am favorable towards Wapchan, but there weren't exactly any bridges in the first place.
>>3680 I didn't like zzzchan but had a good time on smug /tg/. Never touched smug /a/ though. I'm not really a fan of excessive and unseizing waifu posting.
Anyone even remotely suggesting we move to 8moe or zzz should be disregarded. Both are the absolute bottom of the barrel options for sites to relocate to.
Open file (39.31 KB 480x362 efc.jpg)
>board about to die >PPH suddenly skyrockets
>>3737 You don't know what you have until you're going to lose it, anon.
>>3729 Well, that's handy, because Trashchan is taking us in. I still fail to see how zzz is on par for badness with the fed pedophile ghetto.
>>3700 Because reasons. Mentally ill belong in a madhouse.
>>3763 Do they know your posting here?
UPDATE >found 2 more /y2k/ banners If anyone has any /y2k/ OCs saved please post them surely someone saved /y2k/-chan right? >found all missing OP pics and a few posts we lost during the dolphinfucker incident, which means all files will be fully restored And with that we are ready to migrate to trashchan if everyone is okay with it. Of course we are not in a hurry so let me know if we should wait till the last few days or do it right away in case they pull the plug ahead of schedule.
Open file (192.87 KB 990x738 1697086814314061.jpg)
>>3788 >Of course we are not in a hurry so let me know if we should wait till the last few days or do it right away in case they pull the plug ahead of schedule. I'm just a concerned friend and board-enjoyer, so keep that in mind. But IMO you definitely should not wait until the last second on things. A: It seems you're moving to Trashchan, and everything is now solved there for quick & easy migrations of any anon.cafe to there. B: Sh*te happens. :^) At the least I'd say pull the trigger now, then you can hang around here to the last second if you choose to, with some peace of mind. That's all, good luck /retro/ ! Very glad you're choosing to go forward. Cheers. :)
>>3788 /comfy/ BO here to tell you Trashchan is definitively a nice place and may fit the /retro/ spirit. Also the admin is a very nice fella always ready to help and for sure he's caring about the chan.
>>3788 >And with that we are ready to migrate to trashchan if everyone is okay with it. Either option is fine by me.
>>3788 I personally prefer migrating as soon as possible, and using any remaining time for notifying and redirecting anons. It will take a while for the news to reach everyone who uses /retro/ as some anons only drop by every once in a while, so let's have a migrated board ready for them when they do drop by.
>>3788 I think moving now is a good idea, if anons keep posting here that just creates more work and less time right? Also, like you said the cafe could shut down at any moment, since we don't know the exact reason it's closing something might happen before March regardless of the admin's intentions.
>>3788 Push the button, anon. I'll post the first chapter of The Big O manga to the relevant thread to celebrate and keep the ball rolling once the move is made.
>>3700 It's not THAT, it's the fact that he'd even say some retarded word salad shit like that. "i think having stories of non-heteronormative characters who don't constantly deal with struggle and end positively is important for helping people who don't fit into these categories to find someone to relate to" Seriously? It's brainrot and even without going into politics it just feels very 21st century which is really annoying to me, I like coming here as a nice refuge and I don't need the new admin to be someone who spouts modern political buzzwords. Even if he's an OK guy it seems like a poisoned seed.
>>3793 I do too, I don't really know much about trashchan but if that's where we're going, it's better to do it now and get that set up to give us a smooth 2 month transition period. By the time anon.cafe goes offline, ideally, we wouldn't even notice it.
>>3796 >it just feels very 21st century The word heteronormative was coined in 1991 apparently.
Open file (2.98 MB 500x280 tron.gif)

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