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Open file (377.62 KB 556x872 103765103_p0.jpg)
Fellow Time Traveler 11/19/2023 (Sun) 16:59:48 No.3492
does anyone here knows any good forums or sites for downloading official soundtracks and artbooks of retro video games? unfortunately some old good ones like SnesOrama and FFShrine have been shut down long time ago for copyright reasons.
>>3492 I had no clue FFShrine shut down. I used to get music from there when I was looking for video game rips. I wish I could help, but I mainly just go to Zophar's Domain for that now. If I'm looking for an official soundtrack release specifically, I'll try Soulseek. I just got the arcade Street Fighter II soundtrack off there.
>>3492 >>3494 When did FFShrine get shut down? I remember going on there quite often as a teenager.
>>3494 >I had no clue FFShrine shut down It got shut down years ago >>3495 >When did FFShrine get shut down? Same reason many other great forums like that got shut down: "Copyrights violations" However I just discovered yesterday that there's a backup: https://ffshrine.org/

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