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Computer of Death: a Greek cult '80s sci-fi movie a la Tron Fellow Time Traveler 11/15/2023 (Wed) 03:28:53 No.3472
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lwkyajAsPg https://vetusomaru.dreamwidth.org/6953.html An '80s Greek cult sci-fi movie with video games theme you will probably like if you're into b-movies. English translation subs also available at the video.
Why don't we make this a 90s and early 00s cult horror movie thread? Lawnmower Man looks like another good example.
Open file (89.35 KB 1280x720 Lawnmower Man SEGA CD.jpg)
Open file (206.53 KB 960x720 Lawnmower Man SNES.jpg)
>>3506 >Lawnmower Man I remember me and a friend used to watch that movie pretty often. Had the Super Nintendo and Sega CD games as well.
>>3533 What did they play like? Were they any good?
>>3506 Because there is already one for movies in general. It's a slow board, we don't need new threads for every topic, this should have been posted in that thread too.
>>3536 >Were they any good? I wouldn't call these great games by any means. The strangeness of these games were an appeal to me during that time. I've never played the Sega Genesis version, so I can't speak on that one. The Sega CD version was definitely the more difficult and required memorizing a lot as you played over and over. At least for me as I died a lot before eventually beating it. The Super Nintendo version I played first and it was given to me by a friend who didn't like it which I wasn't even aware at that time it was even based on a movie. Took it to another friend's house that weekend. His dad would also take us to go a rental store whenever I'd sleepover on the weekends where we both could usually pick a movie or game each. I was looking around and saw it on a shelf and kind of lost my shit. Asked my friend if he was cool with me getting it since I brought the game for us to play. We sat and watched it, first time watching it I thought it was weird, but me being me that was the appeal of it. He was kind of similar in a way so it instantly became one of those "strange" movies we'd watch from time to time with each other. His dad would often make copies of movies we'd want to watch more than once so he didn't have to pay for us to rent it again or pay full price for the tapes. I probably still have that VHS copy in an old box at my parents house. Kind of randomly had the thought about looking into if it had a laserdisc release. I've been getting into watching laserdisc rips and wishing I had the money to get into collecting a couple as a hobby. As far as gameplay goes the Super Nintendo version went from being a platformer kind of run n' gun type of game that shifted from being in the real world setting to a first person whenever you're in the virtual world flying through the levels and even went about being similar to a rail shooter. The Sega CD version has a lot of obscure 3D stuff going on, trying to solve puzzles, flying throughout the virtual world, again the shooter elements here as well as being focused more about the virtual world as it's ultilizing more 3D elements being on a CD format and trying to push the Sega CD. It also has FMV. They both have pretty cool soundtracks. I easily prefer the Sega CD's soundtrack over the Super Nintendo's. You could easily emulate them and try them out. I might do the same for the Sega Genesis version since I never have played it before. Here's two videos of the playthrough's for the Super Nintendo and Sega CD. I use invidious or mpv for YouTube videos but I'll provide the YouTube links here for you if you're interested. The Lawnmower Man (SNES) Playthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKZxhsZjI20 The Lawnmower Man (Sega CD) Playthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-1VW2E5rg0

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