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1980's Nostalgia General CaesarDude 01/05/2020 (Sun) 21:20:39 No.274
Alright, I decided to expand the scope of this board a little more and include a containment thread for 80's nostalgia. I mainly created this board to serve as both a successor to the old /y2k/ board, which was my favorite board on 8chan, and also expand the scope to include 90's nostalgia too, but after checking on this board, I noticed someone mentioning 80's nostalgia and I decided I would do something about it. I personally don't care that much for 80's pop culture aside from the music and some of the old edgy anime, but 80's nostalgia did become a thing in the 2000's and I can see why others like the whole 80's style, so I'll allow it as long as it's mainly kept to this thread.
I was born a few years after the '80s ended but ironically feel more fondness (and downright nostalgia) for a lot of '80s stuff than I do most '90s or 2000s pop culture. Missing files >>1410
>>279 Never seen Contact. Some of these shows had great openers! My favorites probably include Miami Vice, Magnum PI, Knight Rider, and Airwolf. Hell, they were all cool. Missing file >>1411
Missing file >>1412
>>279 probably because of reruns. there was something cozy about late night shows after bedtime which were almost all reruns.
>>380 What's with all the fucking LINES?
>>374 I still need to check those shows out. I watched the Miami Vice pilot a long time ago but never got deep into it. I like that car, by the way. I know a lot of people think that style is corny, but I really like the silhouette. >>381 It helps that I had a sheltered childhood, had older siblings, lived in a small town in "flyover country," and didn't have cable until the early 2000s. I spent more time watching PBS than any other channel because there wasn't much to watch, and that largely showed re-runs of 80s stuff, like Slim Goodbody. I can even think of one show that dated back to the end of the '70s. Link related is a guy I vaguely remember from my early childhood in the '90s, although I didn't find out who he was until recently. Sometimes I'd get access to stuff recorded off cable TV or from the library or video rental place, and a good amount of the time that would also be older stuff. Missing file >>1413
>>385 they're neat. >>386 top comfy right there. Nice foxbody mustang, too. Missing file >>1414
What do you guys think of the Memphis Group style? Missing file >>1415
>>401 I like it but I wouldn't actually want to live in that style. I prefer more relaxed, clean, "professional" looks. That being said I like this bright style on small pieces, or even applied to websites and small electronics. stuff like that.
>>401 it's making me anxious, bright color are supposed to signify danger, what brain demange retard can live in that. you unironically need to have a brain demange to like it, it remind me of the study that weakening a specific zone in the brain with strong magnet make you less racist. ie make your fight and flight response sedated.
>>402 >I like it but I wouldn't actually want to live in that style. Agreed. Not only would it get old pretty fast, but it would be hard to mix and match with anything else without looking like crap. >>403 People tend to find bright colors appealing as long as they aren't too over the top. The Memphis style is a pretty polarizing example of that though. Missing file >>1416
>>405 i'm only giving my opinion but i really don't like the fact that it look completely removed from nature. only city dweeler can dig that.
>>405 almost pseudo intellectual tier kind of people, not a critiue just my feeling
>>405 here's an example of a similar design style I like. (the yellow ones). and then some examples of what I prefer and what I believe to be something that's better for every day. Clean and perhaps understated. Missing files >>1417
>>406 I know what you mean. Can you even imagine a room decorated in that aesthetic that looks good with a lived-in look? It's hard to imagine unless you start toning it down. >>408 The latter two picture might not have the bizarre charm of the first example, but the less busy looks definitely have appeal of their own. Missing files >>1418
>>409 now those I like for sure. A splash of color is nice but at some point it feels extremely unnatural and uncomfortable. might as well make this a /comfy/ thread right? I do like pastels though, those can be nice too. they can be more generous and still not be garish. and of course houseplants are very nice too. Missing files >>1419
>>414 Those look like places you could really live in. Greenery can do a lot to brighten up even dreary environments. For as much crap as certain forms of modern architecture get, I think they'd do a lot better with some plant livening things up. Missing files >>1420
>>415 *plant life livening
>>415 I love that car interior, I have the same image saved. I'm planning to get a few houseplants for my room as well, having some greenery in contrast to my stereo stuff and beige computer things is appealing to me. Missing files >>1421
>>418 I really like that middle one. The green and reddish colors on the display make for a nice contrast. Missing files >>1422
>>419 oh, yeah. the 300zx is top tier '80s design. the middle picture reminds me of San Francisco, probably because of the suspension bridge. Specifically, the Computer Chronicles video series. In their office/studio I remember you could see the TransAmerica pyramid behind them. (The "Pontiac" building as some called it). Oh, and Full House. I never thought that show was funny at all but still it was comfy to sit and watch. Too bad SF has gone down the shitter, almost literally. Missing files >>1423
>>420 Full House was pretty bland and dorky, but I liked it when I was younger. It's easy to look back fondly on it compared to a more modern sitcom. Its lack of self-awareness just comes across as charming, and I still wouldn't mind having it on in the background if I were doing something else. The way it's portrayed in movies and TV from that era, '80s California looked like paradise. Missing files >>1424
Bumping with some retro futuristic stock music. Jazz anon if you're still here please repost the /mu/tism from before the board got nuked. Missing files >>1535
>>444 nice. Kind of reminds me of the music they played on Computer Chronicles. Anyone else like J-Pop? https://invidio.us/watch?v=BjbM8Y5M678
>>444 That took a toll on me, don't really want to write it again but here's the webms. I am extra mad because i always backup long posts if the upload gets screwed but i didn't with those. Long story short for anyone who gets curious, this guy Eumir Deodato was one of the top guns in the Crossover Jazz sub-genre, which is a very cheesy, garishly arranged off-shot of the multiple experiments done to Jazz since the late 60's. It usually fuses jazz, classical/chamber music, latin rhythms, 60's pop, back then the newfangled funk and bossa nova. Its biggest "gimmick" was the modernized/butchered re-arrangement of classical pieces into funk or disco, with Deodato becoming its poster child with Also Sprach Zarathustra. It became a precursor of Smooth Jazz (the starting conversation that brought these webms, along with /mu/ disabling uploading) and also Disco music, both due to thematic inspiration and many of its artists (Creed Taylor Inc.) functioning as on-demand session musicians for New York bands, which was the hot spot for Disco and aspiring youngsters with saxophones. Entering the 80's the genre died down a lot and many of its purveyors transitioned into Smooth Jazz or Jazz Rock, the latter probably the most popular form of Fusion, the grand encompassing name for everything that uses Jazz as a template for a bigger hot pot. Deodato himself stopped most of his activity around that era and became a prolific producer, but not without experimenting with some 80's new wave at the end, already being established as a crucial figure and one of the most recognizable performers ever to grace a Rhodes electric piano, and i mean that, you can easily spot the man in many songs without checking any names. Here's 4 songs for 4 eras, his archetypical 80's Miami Beach jazz song Bus Stop, the peak crossover song Knights of Fantasy, the latin jazz fusion classic Super Strut and also Crabwalk, a ritual song for me, scratches all the right sonic pleasures for me even the visual ones with the art work, although not too hot on those bossa nova flutes. Speaking of cover image, all these rock their respective eras' art work, even a little ahead of their time in the case of Knights. Missing files >>1536
>>449 That's funny, the webms uploaded immediately, that only happens to me when other instances are still alive in the same board or site. Probably means the files/posts are still on the server, somewhere. So here's Bob James, like i said back then the only BJ girls liked, and this guy is the only dude i can imagine being near Deodato keyboards level in the Crossover genre, although he went on to be a more recognizable name due to not quitting and transitioning successfully into Smooth Jazz, being a trademark in both genres. That does take perseverance, he even delved into very early New Age/Ambient and was also an early fixture in Free Jazz, a very flexible artist for sure. Spawning the same years and number of hits as Deodato, the comparisons are quick to happen but his style is different, more subdued if anything but he has some chops that are pretty decent, not appearing here for the sake of putting more Smooth-esque songs but he has some songs with out-of-tune old pianos that work wonders. What does appear here is New York Samba, a perfectly stereotypical 90's Smooth Jazz song, the kind of what you would've expected in an elevator on a yuppie executive building back then, it really doesn't get more mid-90's than this in terms of jazz. Hypnotique is a classic, although written by Rod Temperton aka the guy who wrote Michael Jackson's Thriller and fellow Quincy Jones studio slave along with BJ, that dude sure did know how to compose catchy stuff. Angela became one of the archetypical smooth jazz songs, even featuring as the main theme of a primetime TV show (Taxi) and made BJ know where the money was going next, something good old Eumir didn't catch (he did predict, along with Herbie Hancock, that synths were going to get big). Finally is Nautilus, not much to say, one of the quintessential Crossover Jazz songs along with Deodato's Also Sprach Zarathustra and George Benson's Breezin. Also sampled to hell and back, along with appearing in many works, hence why it is on-topic because it appears in GTA San Andreas, along with Super Strut appearing in Vice City :^) There we go, pretty darn cheesy but even men need some grilled cheese once in a while. Missing files >>1537
>>449 Very nice write-up, thank you anon. This is honestly my first time hearing about Crossover Jazz, granted I'm no jazz aficionado but I can really see myself listening to a genre like this. Knights of Fantasy (my favorite of the four) hits a huge sweet spot for me with the disco elements. If this was reworked into a vocal track it could have easily been a smash hit in the mainstream, on par with Sade's work for example. Not too keen on Crabwalk though... >Speaking of cover image, all these rock their respective eras' art work, even a little ahead of their time in the case of Knights. I'm honestly surprised that cover came out in 79, its design is peak 80s like something I wouldn't see before 1982 at the earliest. I guess that's a sign of an artist being a pioneer in his field. Also I can see where Floral Shoppe gets its influence >>450 >like i said back then the only BJ girls liked Hah. I'm intrigued the most with Hypnotique, and how its first quarter has a very dark feeling, I wouldn't have taken it for jazz at all. The rest of the track sounds much closer to the genre, and feels like something Dracula would play if he hosted a party. It feels just a little bit disjointed but otherwise works. Angela is probably my most favorite in the bunch, largely thanks to the synths and the "electronic" feel they produce which has grown on me immensely. I'd say ahead of its time too as I consider this an essential "80s sound". >Super Strut appearing in Vice City :^) Shit, did it? I never noticed. All the more reason to love that game.
>>455 >I can really see myself listening to a genre like this >Knights of Fantasy >Angela I was thinking those would be the only ones you would like because the others are more eclectic in their fusing, those 2 instead are the most "pure" examples. Still glad you liked the others, i tried to mishmash the songs to give the idea it was a wild sub-genre. >Not too keen on Crabwalk though... Yeah i realize it's very polarizing in the context, funny story once i found that record in a flea market, i don't buy vinyls but i love the cover art plus nostalgia and just grabbed it to hang on a wall someday, talked to the guy selling them who listened to Deo, also talked to a couple of uncles, to some jazz playing friends and read comments on the internet: Crabwalk is easily one of his most polarizing tracks, and i said polarizing because those who hear his albums hate it but those who don't hear Crossover (or despise it) actually like it. For me it's the eternal unchanging cowbell, up-n-going strings, echoing trumpets and very dreamy keyboards, makes you feel in a timeless limbo with nothing going on. Sounds like hell if it didn't hear or look celestial (endless flat surface, giant blue sky with clouds near ground level, surreal subjects and scale), i can go on and on but i will stop here, already pestered anons with this in the /vgm/ thread. >I'm honestly surprised that cover came out in 79 Before the damn dolphin came about there were some posts about interior design from 80's and 90's, one of the styles in the former was the remade version of art deco with nouveau plastered here and there, so you had highly geometric/orthogonal ornament, stone & steel monochrome materials (marble and black stainless steel with checkered patterns) along with some cubism for colors and noveau with greek and roman busts out of nowhere, a big gulp of everything 20's and 30's. But this reborn started to happen by the mid-70's already, in very expensive executive buildings in the big cities, New York most notably aka freemason clients who wanted freemason symbolism and well, Deo was in the middle of it, so it's expected some artists had their designs made by people in the known. Or just some sick jokesters, his 1980's album cover still gets banter because of the Al Pacino movie from the same year and same name at international level. >Shit, did it? Technically speaking, as far as i know, Deodato appears 3 times in Vice City. In Radio Espantoso he has Super Strut and also Latin Flute, both similar and from the same album 2; the other song is one he either produced along the band or was just a session man in the electric piano, an utter classic although more leaning into the Jazz Funk sub-genre, Summer Madness from Kool & The Gang. Yeah, because session musicians only get to be known when they brag about the songs or when they are very obviously recognized by their styles the full catalogue is not well known, but Eumir did list most of it in his old website. The most bizarre case is him arranging and composing some bits for Björk, not half bad at all in terms of context because that finnish girl is one crazy chick with her music. And talking about jazz session players, it was common at times that musicians were buddies, lived very near each other, played in the same studios and shared compositions and tricks, going to the point sometimes that many albums, even with different artists, labels and genre classifications, had the very same people playing the same style of songs they usually do. Here we have 2 examples, Mr. Magic by great saxo player and one of the celebrated 3 Nappy Niggers in Jazz, Grover Washington Jr. aka The Black Saxophone. The song is known to be the earliest example of Smooth Jazz but actually it was composed by Bob James, he even plays the keys here, and if you hear it well it's just a normal Crossover Jazz piece but promoted later on as a different sub-genre because Crossover had become known as "music for white people" which is a lie as it was popular everywhere except among american blacks even the cover art is something you wouldn't have laying around casually in your living room. Then you have Brighton by the Sea, a very cool piece by Bob James that is actually written by Grover, who plays several solos in it. The album and song are still Crossover, and even the bassist and drummer are the same guys that appear in Mr. Magic; Aaamd then you have the cover art which is innocuous as it gets, it might hold some true that the marketing was directed to other people instead of the risque and rowdy cover art that usually appears in funk and soul albums. Incestuous industry that made many studio execs angry but i'm pretty amused by it, after all some of those marketing tricks worked wonders and established entire scenes, in the case of Smooth it simply used all the tricks Crossover did well into the 80's while in the late 70's Crossover used more kinky scenes (Knights of Fantasy is an example) to no avail. Missing files >>1538
>>457 Muscises is that you?
>>401 I wish I understood it. I can't tell if all the lines, etc, are placed randomly or if there's some complicated graphic design theory that would go over my head deciding where everything is located.
>>468 I wish, what happened to that lad? been a spell since i've seen one of his posts.
>>522 This intrigues me too. There are always some common elements (zigzags, circles, triangles, vibrant colors...etc) but the composition always seems random, like you can't get a clear method for it.
Moosic by Men At Work. Missing files >>1539
Mewsic by Modern Talking. Missing files >>1540
Musik by Tears for Fears Missing files >>1541
>>530 >>531 I forgot how cheesy these bands were, even more so than I remember of 80s music. >>532 Great picks, aged well too. But you forgot Everybody Wants to Rule the World... Unforgivable! Even though I like Gary Jules' version more, T4F's Mad World still gets me in a groovy mood, despite the disturbing undertones. The bells/chimes (?) at the end of the song make it for me, I wish they built up more on that part. Here's some 80s gothic rock, which I started getting into lately. Missing files >>1542
I've been listening to the Company B debut lately. There are some great '80s dance tracks on there. >>535 I thought I was the only guy on here who liked Asylum Party. The Nephilim is a really good album too. Missing files >>1523
>>537 >There are some great '80s dance tracks on there. Indeed. I only heard Fascinated before but the others are nice too, especially Perfect Lover. I did a quick search for this band and found... >Company B is an American Latin freestyle trio This is surprising, because I'm more used to this kind of sound coming from european bands. How come you got to upload MP3s?
>>539 >This is surprising, because I'm more used to this kind of sound coming from european bands. The sound reminds me of the Stock-Aitken-Waterman style of Hi-NRG but without the bouncy octave bass lines and more of an emphasis on those vamp-y ostinato figures that remain static over the more dynamic parts of the songs. I don't know what to call them, but they pull me right in. It reminds me a lot of early house music. Matt Furniss used to draw from early house in his old video game soundtracks, and that was some of the first music I thought of when I first heard "Fascination." >How come you got to upload MP3s? I don't know. It's always worked for me. Missing files >>1524
>>537 >Company B Didn't expect to see Company B being posted here, good taste anon. Have some random 80s dance music vinyl rips of mine you might like, uploaded the full releases in FLAC format here: https://anonfile.com/Nfg5b2qdo7/Evelyn_Champagne_King_-_Flirt_E1-46968_7z https://anonfile.com/L7e4b3q3o5/Bobbi_Humphrey_-_No_Way_884_897-1_7z https://anonfile.com/Lah8b8q8o4/Stephanie_Mills_-_Stephanie_Mills_MCA-5669_7z Missing files >>1543
>>543 Thanks, I'll have to give them a listen.
>>543 Good taste and FLACs? You're the best anon. >♪ if you see him on the street, you better be discreet, if you don't you just might get beat up ♫ Wow... Missing file >>1544
Contributing Missing files >>1545
Sorry for not having participated sooner, here's 2 "rarities" Haven't really looked into the trivia behind the songs or the event, if anything i found them by checking some songs by another of my fave keys, Jan Hammer. I suppose the album is a bunch of songs made for a movie called A Night in Heaven, which i think is a romantic-dance flick. I bet the first song here has a very particular story because it clearly predates the hit single from a year later. Couldn't find the soundtrack hence why no links, seems this one is confined in vinyl obscurity. Missing files >>1546
>did somebody say Deodato? Found a mixtape, all genres 70s to 10s with song names (only when browsing from the desktop, or at least does not work on my cellphone). Mixcloud reportedly pays the PRO so it's free-as-in-spotify https://www.mixcloud.com/do7ob/the-future-it-aint-what-it-used-to-be/ Noice threads you have here. But remember, only cars with DOHC and carburetors are really alive.
>>444 >>448 Casiopea seems like that kind of thing. Missing files >>1547
>>565 I discovered these guys a while back after reading that the Outrun soundtrack was inspired by their music. The recording quality and playing are so good that the tracks are easy to mistake for studio recordings.
>>565 >Casiopea my man. ever heard of the Katsumi Horii Project? really good stuff. -dammit. I only have .flac files and they're not supported. I'll just post the cover and you can track it down on soulseek or find it on the Web and listen. Missing file >>1548
>>622 https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=1GufnqHbZc0 1980s jap fusion jazz in general is pretty great.
>>622 Just convert the flac files to ogg and post em, you can delete the ogg copies after.
>>633 oh hell looks like my post never went through. here are a few songs from this artist that I like. Missing files >>1549
>>691 Fucking ace music anon. How about sharing those FLACs?
>>703 haven't been on in a week or so. My internet is pretty slow, and right now I am actually backing up 50GB of files to a free online storage I have (got it as a student). And don't worry, it's all encrypted. But my internet speeds are pretty much a few times faster than dialup so I'll see if I can share at least one of the .flac files. If you don't already, try using Soulseek to get your music. Clients for Windows and Linux work on all my systems, it's pretty much my first stop to get music.
>>703 Yes I keep getting a "connection failed" error when I try to upload the files. I guess they are too large, perhaps. But definitely check for them on soulseek, for example when you run soulseek in the search box, type "katsumi horii project" and the results will show up. You can double click on a folder and it will download the whole album. That's what I do. It takes very long but it works.
>>710 >>711 Thanks for the tip anon, used slsk for a couple days now and it's got a pretty nice library. >I guess they are too large You could upload them on a different website and link here, like anonfile.com
>>712 >anonfile.com I've actually never used it. Let's see if it works. https://anonfiles.com/D4u3qaJ5o0/01_SKY_CRUISIN_flac glad you like soulseek. it's really great. I also like to visit www.jpop80ss.blogspot.com since that Web site has the most comprehensive selection of jpop I have personally seen.
>>727 Link works nicely, thanks anon! I had to save the file from the audio preview as the download button wasn't working but it's all good. I'll make sure to check out that jpop blog.
>>728 yeah hope you find something you like! I don't have much money right now so I can't afford to buy many jpop tapes, CDs, or records. So downloading them works for me quite well. Sometimes if I can find someone selling domestically then it's not a bad price, but when I bought a tape from japan it was relatively expensive, maybe like 20 dollars when I can get tapes here for a dollar or something. But the tape I got was in great condition and it's got cool stuff inside, it has a folded sheet with some information, a mini-calendar for '85 that I don't think I'll ever use because I don't want to ruin its value, and a couple photographs of the artist, Akina Nakamori. Pretty nice little collector's package, I guess. Don't know if you'd want to, but if you ever do want to buy things from Japan, use yahoo auctions. I used a service, www.buyee.jp which is a middleman and will receive something in Japan and ship it to you wherever you are, it's nice.
>>744 I feel you. Pirating/downloading has always been my thing though, because my country rarely imports CDs and only very recently did it have music streaming services... That being said, I still cherish my collection of tapes and CDs, and occasionally go through their booklets and relive what I felt when I first bought them (often when traveling). I suggest you make use of that 1985 calendar, what's the point in "keeping" its value if you don't plan on reselling it? I hope you're not one of those discogs types haha
>>761 Yes I've been downloading my music for years now. I started with those youtube converter sites when I was a bit younger, then I got into torrents and rutracker, but soulseek has been my best source for a while now. My music library is over 200GB now, I've got a lot of stuff. Even if I have the money, buying music digitally feels strange. But I generally have no issues buying tapes, CDs, and records as long as they're not too expensive. Sorry to hear your country doesn't really import CDs. I live in the United States and where I am, I have (or had) easy access to used CDs and stuff like that at thrift stores or the library. I've bought tapes off local classifieds before and of course online. I haven't bought many records, but I have a ton of them that I found in a box on the curb, someone was getting rid of them. Maybe a hundred of them or more. >I suggest you make use of that 1985 calendar, what's the point in "keeping" its value if you don't plan on reselling it? I hope you're not one of those discogs types haha I don't know, it's so small that it's kind of pointless anyway. I have a full-sized calendar taped to my wall at my desk anyway, and I do use that, and when I go out I have a notebook. I also sometimes either take with me my Palm PDA, or a '90s Casio digital organizer. So a small little calendar the size of a cassette isn't too useful. Even if it were, I would feel like I'm defiling it. If I scribbled on it then it's like this thing has been sitting since '85 pristine in Japan and then some guy just writes his bullshit on it. Plus when I die whoever gets it should have it in good condition. I'm definitely not one of those types though, haha. I bring the tape with me and listen to it, but really the little calendar is on the back side of a photograph of the artist, and it seems more like an afterthought.
I saved a bunch of images that might have been in this thread earlier and can post them if anyone wants them.
>>986 >I saved a bunch of images that might have been in this thread earlier and can post them if anyone wants them. Interesting look. BTW If you see him, you might let the BO know I saw his request from before and uploaded the entire archive earlier today Anon. https://alogs.theguntretort.com/retro/res/803.html#990
>>986 Good chunk got reposted here a while ago >>>/comfy/2967 If anyone wants to pick their favorites or discuss them
>>991 Yeah, that was me. I don't think it would hurt to post some of them here again either.
Open file (358.09 KB 1920x1080 britbong nostalgia.jpeg)
Open file (82.23 KB 550x845 california girls.jpg)
Open file (69.46 KB 1024x675 80sguycorvette.jpeg)
Open file (60.86 KB 500x683 1515632974.jpg)
I'll contribute.
Open file (328.91 KB 1456x1941 1542522220.jpg)
Open file (129.05 KB 1108x1503 x93wxnhxvnc11.jpg)
Open file (73.05 KB 500x739 1467499847670.jpg)
Open file (239.85 KB 809x1080 7888917.jpg)
>>1000 They don't make buns like those down at the bakery.
>>279 Missing files
>>374 Missing file
Open file (65.87 KB 850x600 outrunlogos.jpg)
>>380 Missing file
>>401 Missing file
Open file (42.24 KB 620x417 Memphis-chair.jpg)
>>405 Missing file
Open file (825.11 KB 4032x3024 ukyp7zb8spq01.jpg)
Open file (90.56 KB 1024x683 1521579382492.jpg)
>>408 Missing files
>>409 Missing files
>>415 Missing files
Open file (155.19 KB 500x633 1474828789927.jpg)
Open file (368.79 KB 1280x960 300zinterior.jpg)
Open file (269.95 KB 1200x774 SubaruXTSteeringWheel.jpg)
>>418 Missing files
>>419 Missing files
Open file (2.38 MB 1600x2700 1496515074615.jpg)
Open file (81.32 KB 1334x1061 34560kdy44d11.jpg)
>>420 Missing files
Open file (324.47 KB 843x1211 Space_Harrier.jpg)
Open file (607.21 KB 619x800 1513435070361.png)
Open file (4.18 MB 480x270 u097UB.gif)
>>427 Missing files
Open file (117.89 KB 980x653 GettyImages-782211441.jpg)
>you will never be a glam metal god ruling the Sunset Strip and having an unlimited supply of women throwing themselves at your feet Why even live?
why are most fils missing ?
>>1483 Board was migrated from another site, ALog, who had a botched renovation work that lost the image files from a lot of boards.
Open file (125.55 KB 400x274 1425664332831.jpg)
Open file (73.99 KB 368x524 famicom.jpg)
Open file (79.96 KB 600x600 1510499924-1.jpg)
>>1424 Holy shit I love that tape deck. I wish we still had cassette and VHS players around instead of flash memory shit.
>>1495 The old formats might have been inconvenient, but they were so much cooler than the stuff we have nowadays. Now that the initial luster of watching movies in HD has worn off for me, I miss the simplicity of watching a VHS tape on a CRT TV.
>>532 Missing files
Open file (5.34 MB 457x454 A4 Stop It.ogg)
Open file (8.54 MB 1472x1484 B4 Under Pressure.ogg)
>>543 Missing files
Open file (460.47 KB 257x200 jon_dancing_1.gif)
>>548 Missing file
>>565 Missing files
Open file (138.91 KB 600x600 folder.jpg)
>>622 Missing file
Might as well post some more music.
I like the Parade Ground sound in spite of the goofy vocals holding them back. I don't like them as much as Asylum Party, who I discovered at the same time, but I still don't think they get as much attention as they deserve considering they don't even have a Wikipedia page.
You like Win? I found Freaky Trigger, their second and final album, a disappointing followup but think their debut album is unjustly overlooked. The band was able to make it into the UK charts but never achieved commercial success worldwide. For me their greatest song is “You’ve Got the Power,” an infectious pop number that was featured in a big McEwan’s beer ad at the time. The album has been out of print for a long time from what I can tell, but it looks like there's a reissue on vinyl and CD coming out early next year.
Open file (17.73 MB 458x460 Shampoo Tears.webm)

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