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TV Shows of the 1990's and 2000's Fellow Time Traveler 12/20/2019 (Fri) 17:21:28 No.241
Which ones are your favorites? Pic related
The Shield was based as fuck back in the early 2000's.
Obligatory Monday Night Wars mention.
These ones come to mind. The X-Files is on my backlog somewhere. I never got around to watching it but remember how big it was at the time.
>>244 Get the F back.
>>290 >>244 I come from the future to show you what WWF became.
>>244 >>290 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGKlwhQQR8o I watched wrestling almost religiously from 1995 - 2005. Every single day I wish the "F" would come back. We need some fucking attitude in wrestling. I still attempt to get back into it once and a while every few years but I just can't stick with it. I might watch the royal rumble but I just don't know. >>291 LOL! Pretty much this.
>>294 Agreed. I think the Attitude Era was awesome, but it was also one of those "perfect storm" moments where its success had a lot to do with both the culture of the time and the fact that WWF was up against WCW (and ECW to a lesser extent) Honestly, the lack of serious competition is the main reason why WWE went to shit. Hopefully AEW will light a fire under Vince's ass and we can see a better era for wrestling.
>>295 I'm behind a few weeks with AEW. So I'm not sure what's been currently going on. But it was losing traction and actually losing against NXT. So it's not looking good unless things have changed. But yeah, the "Monday Night Wars" as well as ECW as exactly the reasoning behind the major pushes being done during the time. Plus just the culture being vastly different. People weren't "triggered" and offended over every little thing during the time. People knew how to enjoy something and life wasn't so politicized. I can tell you though since AEW came out WWE has been "more edgy" in terms of more recent years. Still nothing great but a small improvement I guess is better than none at all. The sad reality remains though, we will never see another attitude era.
>>291 >waiter, there is a fly in my shit and vomit salad
>>299 LOL! When's the last time you watched wrestling?
love(d) this shit to death
Open file (467.59 KB 852x490 the-simpsons-jeb.png)
I just got the first nine seasons of The Simpsons on DVD. Feels good, man. I'm looking forward to re-watching some episodes. I remember even really liking the first season and its roughness from the other times I've seen it, while most people seem to think it's pretty inferior to the following seasons. It might not be as funny as those ones, but the plots I find really memorable. I also love how loose and rough around the edges the animation is. It's just too bad the dead horse of a show didn't stop getting beaten a long time ago. They should have treated it with some dignity and respect and let it rest in peace.
>>867 >most people seem to think it's pretty inferior to the following seasons Maybe back then, but nowadays with nostalgiafagging at an all time high and simpsonswave being the latest trend, people are appreciating the old seasons more and more.
>>868 Despite that, most people don't seem to consider the first season part of the "Golden Age." I'm not sure I would either, but I do consider it the most charming and personally nostalgic (although I only started watching the show close to two decades after it started airing). What I have noticed is that there seems to be a renewed interest in the Mike Scully seasons, likely due to how much the show has continued to decline since he stopped as the showrunner. I've heard it said that the memes and quotes the show almost always come from the peak years of the show, but even the post-classic Scully era spawned a few, like the "damned Scots" speech and the "stupid sexy Flanders" scene. Even the full-on zombie years had some of its own though, so that might not be saying much.
>>867 I find the first season to be the best in terms of substance. >>868 It's not out of nostalgia, it's unanimously held that in the 8th-10th seasons it went to shit.
>>870 >I find the first season to be the best in terms of substance. I definitely appreciate how grounded in reality it feels in comparison to a lot of the later stuff. The same goes for Beavis and Butt-head as a show compared to how outlandish the plot of the movie was. It completely lost that slice-of-life feeling of two idiot teenagers trying to stave off boredom that made me love it so much. That's not to say either of those were bad, but I don't think I like the more outlandish style as much. >It's not out of nostalgia, it's unanimously held that in the 8th-10th seasons it went to shit. I've seen some people say that "Behind the Laughter" should have been the last episode. From what I remember of watching those later seasons back in high school, I found them funny enough but far more cartoonish in nature. Some of it felt like they were trying too hard to ride the coattails of shows like Family Guy and South Park though, as opposed to the balance between realism and cartoon humor that "Golden Age" Simpsons had. But even in the classic Simpsons seasons cracks would occasionally show. "Deep Space Homer" is a fondly remembered episode from way back in season five, but the basic premise feels a lot like a forerunner of the over-the-top zaniness the Simpsons would later get up to. "Lisa the Vegetarian" was season seven, and that featured one of the poorly integrated celebrity appearances the show would later become known for. To get Paul and Linda McCartney on board, the show had to agree to keep Lisa as a vegetarian from then on. They should have just stopped sucking up to the McCartneys and told them to take a hike,
Open file (891.46 KB 892x490 dethfashion.png)
Puréed essence of the mid-2000s.
>>1137 That was one of the only Adult Swim shows I ever got into, around the same time I was just getting into metal. I'll always remember the "food library" bit. I might have to revisit the show sometime.

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