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Windows Media Player Skins Fellow Time Traveler 11/14/2019 (Thu) 06:00:53 No.187
Started collecting these recently. I've uploaded everything I've got (160+ skins) to the Internet Archive.
Most skins were retrieved from Microsoft and The Skins Factory through the Wayback Machine, although some were obtained through other means. Enjoy.
Even if I'll never find any use for these, I appreciate your efforts as a fellow archivist. Thank you anon.
>>187 Just updated the skins collection. Screenshots of every single skin have been added and I uploaded a few default skins that were missed when I first put the collection together. Missing files >>1359
These are gorgeous, thank you!
goot catch. i can remember some of these, especially the green head theme. does this kind of customization even exist anymore in software?
>>254 >does this kind of customization even exist anymore in software? No, not really. Unless you count old software that still runs today like Winamp classic.
>>187 A lot of these are from Windows ME right? I wish people still used these.
>>254 No, you nazi bigot pedo psycho, only Client Side Decorations and Web Interface are allowed.
Another 8 skins have been added to the collection, mostly promotional skins for movies and games. Missing files >>1360
>>343 Thank you so much anon, really happy to see all these skins archived.
I never knew there were so many of these.
>>343 >that HL2 skin Goddamn that takes me back. I still think it looks baller. Missing file >>1361
This is probably a dumb question, but are these compatible with foobar?
>>382 I'm afraid not, which is a shame really since foobar is my favorite. Just run a VM with Windows XP or something and install the skins in it.
OP here. It's been a while but I recently created a Neocities site for my WMP skins collection. Should be a lot easier to navigate than the archive.org link. https://wmpskinsarchive.neocities.org Missing post | No.986 | 03/27/2021 03:25:28
Open file (105.12 KB 562x416 New Super Mario Bros.png)
>>1357 The official New Super Mario Bros skin has been added after an anon on /g/ reminded me of its existence. Missing post | No.987 | 03/27/2021 06:42:47
Open file (79.34 KB 321x267 anemone.png)
Open file (74.23 KB 342x394 Headspace.png)
Open file (33.78 KB 319x239 MSN.png)
Open file (21.07 KB 287x286 Optik.png)
Open file (58.36 KB 345x213 XBOX.png)
>>216 Missing files
Open file (100.79 KB 317x238 Batman Begins.png)
Open file (62.78 KB 516x464 Gorillaz.png)
Open file (121.02 KB 320x299 Half-Life_2.png)
Open file (167.07 KB 430x304 Halloween.png)
Open file (189.38 KB 344x420 The_Last_Samurai.png)
>>343 Missing files

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