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90s/2000s Cars and Rice Fellow Time Traveler 10/18/2019 (Fri) 05:13:25 No.145
1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Irish Redneck Out Cruisin' Growing up in bumfuck Appalachia, you saw a lot of these on the road back in the 90's and 2000's Missing file >>1329
There's somebody around here that DDs a third gen IROC-Z
long live Max Power Missing file >>1330
Missing file >>1572
Glorious factory rice comign through Missing file >>1333
Open file (29.62 KB 620x331 IROC2.jpg)
>>147 Missing file
Open file (17.21 KB 225x300 serveimage.jpg)
>>174 Missing file
>>270 Missing file
Open file (18.73 KB 500x301 riced eclipse.jpg)
Into this house we're born ...
Open file (2.63 MB 2421x1668 IMG_0002_smol.jpg)
>>147 Hey, I have a story. Why not share it here, right? So, back in the 00's I see a Scooter's video for The Logical Song. It has this cool black Mercedes. Not sure what happened - perhaps, I've simply missed the name blurb, but I remember I couldn't find that song again for years. I remember I've eventually heard it once again somewhere around 2007 or so and actually had to come up and ask what is the name of the song that plays... And that's how I found out it is Scooter's version of The Logical Song. Even then I couldn't find nothing about the car for years. I believe, someone on IMCDB mentioned that the car was in Chrom & Flammen, but it still took some time monitoring those second-hand magazines to stumble upon the right issue. And then even getting one was a story. I've finally found one in 2022 and the guy who sold it declined my first attempt to get it, since I am from Russia, and we've managed to become bad guys at that point. I've asked my friend from US to order it for me onto my US-middleman address, and the dude cancelled the order because of the russian name in it. Said something about russians circumventing sanctions or something... That was summer 2022. Luckily, nobody bought the magazine until I found another guy to get it for me. I've finally got it in April 2023. Hey, if anyone would like the scans in the original quality - let me know. I'll keep this tab open for some time.
>>3420 That's quite the story anon, congrats on the cool ride! >Hey, if anyone would like the scans in the original quality - let me know. Yeah, go for it.
>>3421 Here goes: https://dropmefiles.com/4Rshj Might be a bit of an overkill, but I just scan my mags in 600 dpi and let it rest there. I try to share them around on ocassion, when I see some interest sparkling. Have a number of old magazines at this point - it's a shame so few people are as crazy about old custom cars as I am... The link has the full article about Mercedes and some extra scans from the same issue of Chrom & Flammen that I've found interesting. By the way, that Mercedes appeared in silver in the Scooter video. Seem it's been repainted somewhere between 90's and early zeroes... Definitely the same car though. There aren't any others like that. And that supercharger is a fully working piece as well, not a pro street bogus stuff.
>>3423 Thanks. Your scan collection would be a good fit for a place like archive.org, lots of old mags and stuff on there. >And that supercharger is a fully working piece as well, not a pro street bogus stuff. Rad.
>>3425 Yea, I might do just that one day - scan all my magazines and upload them on the archive. It just takes too much time, which I do not have at the moment, unfortunately - the job takes most of my free time these days. Still, I'm trying my best. So far my priority are books related to Ancient Egypt though - I've been scanning and uploading them on LibGen. Still has two more books left. Either, magazines are on the backlog so far, but I'm really hoping I will get some time to spend with them. Some of the articles are just fascinating.
i always thought that 90s muscle cars were really ugly, like none of the designs seem to make sense. they're an awkward in-between of sleek and bulky, like it's trying to be both but failing at it. for a good 20 years (90s through the 00s) muscle cars just weren't that good imo, the 2010s is when they started making them sleek again and gave them a coherent design.
>>3443 Get him outta here. Don't-don't give him his jacket
>>3444 Oh shit anon that '97 Camaro just gave me Gran Turismo 2 flashbacks, crazy they managed to put 600+ cars in a PSX game.
Open file (21.68 KB 400x400 hero.jpg)
>>3445 The 90s is this etherial thing that's hard to explain to a zoomer why it was good. The cars were visually and mechanically clean designs and weren't sharp angles or busy looking. The racing was between several manufacturers and were any-horse races. They were often just the stock cars with the bolted-in safety cages (cept the BTCC had their engines lowered and bull bars hid under the bumpers). The liveries were equally clean and iconic. The cars didn't have to weigh anything particularly. Passionate people led the companies before later cynicism took over (see the differences between Golf Mk3 advertising vs the Mk4's). I truly love them and the people who get not just excited by but in love with the post-era cars I just find bewildering. You can get 500 HP from a 1.2L now... but my love is for the time when base econocars could be made to sing and didn't cost 30+ grand.
>>3444 The '90s ones look so much better it's not even funny. I don't know anything about cars, but I really took '90s cars for granted at the time. Back then, I thought they looked generic compared to older cars and didn't have any appreciation for them. I still prefer the way older vehicles looked, but nowadays I have an appreciation for the look that I didn't have then.
>>3450 Middle of the nineties circa Gran Turismo 1 is the aesthetic peak for me. MR2 > MR-S Supra > Altezza Starlet > Yaris There's loads of theories for why cars are ugly nowadays; computer aided design, regulations, buying habits, loss of talent... Mainly I blame the loss of talent that lets things like a reliance on CAD in the design stages through the door. The American cars of the era are nice but mechanically a lot less refined at the time. They've got leaf spring rears, wider tolerances, they're made the old way underneath the skins basically. The first corvette to have "real suspension" marked the change to modern practices.
>>3443 Man. Man! In the 2010's they've lost everything that made them muscle. Every single one of them, except for the Challenger - it is the only one that still looks like a proper muscle car. Muscle car never supposed to look "sleek again" - the only american cars that were able to put sleek into a muscle are Corvette and Viper, and even then some people would rightfully argue that 90's 'Vette and Viper are not muscle, and even then 2010's 'Vette and Viper are a far cry from their previous iterations and definitely not muscle - they've want all the way into "your typical euro super-dupercar" zone. >>3445 Need For Speed High Stakes for me. I've actually replayed it not so long ago. >>3446 I wonder if there's an Impala with a classic supercharger out there somewhere. I like it when they put old school looking setups on modern cars. >>3450 Aye, back in the days I've took all those cars for granted. Who could've know... Nowadays it is so exciting to see a 90's car on the road. It already look like a timeless classic.

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