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Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe Fellow Time Traveler 05/02/2021 (Sun) 19:06:06 No.1176
Hey check out the Y2K Community over at Agora Road https://forum.agoraroad.com/
Stop spamming your shit here faggot
>>1180 In his defense, it could be relevant to some people's interests.
>>1176 Man, I was about to register on the site but it's got a (((captcha))) (at least it's not google captcha), it's got gay zoomer faceberg, google, and fucking twitter buttons (definitely not retro bro), it's got a bunch of amazon and google scripts on the page, it needs a date of birth to register... why do you need to know that? I know you could just put in fake info but it's a bit of a hassle. If I'm somewhere for retro aesthetics I certainly don't want to see a god damn shitter logo, dude.
>>1320 Assuming OP is the same guy who posted it over at /comfy/, he said that you can post anonymously there.
>>1324 Well, that'd definitely make a big difference! I'll give it a second look. Thanks for the tip (if it's true).
>>1320 >>1324 It's a bot that's been shilling on IBs, plebbit, and social media websites. The "forum" advertised is caked in JS cancer and social trackers, why the jannies haven't cleaned this shit up is beyond me.
>>1344 Too bad. We could do with some more comfy sites.
>>1344 That sucks. He's made a similar post but with a different description and image, so I figured it was a real person. I figured it was a decent site because of that.
>>1409 >>1320 Hello, I need the captcha due to bots spamming up the site and the ads are to upkeep the forum. Also the date of birth thing idk about that. Its just the default registration fields that the software has.
Open file (6.79 KB 473x454 1344283825466.png)
>>1452 So it's your site? Does that mean there's no bot involved?
>>1452 >hello i'm a shill not a bot Go back to reddit

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