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Open file (25.48 KB 966x797 heatwave BBS.png)
BBSes Fellow Time Traveler 04/28/2021 (Wed) 20:30:22 No.1160
So I've been thinking about "pre-social media" social media, e.g. telnet BBSes and such. It would be cool to have an official /retro/ BBS, although I know nothing about setting it up. I guess we can discuss such things here. (Also, pic related is telnet://heatwave.ddns.net:9640)
>>1160 >It would be cool to have an official /retro/ BBS Wouldn't that just be a regular textboard, except it's displayed in the terminal/command line?
>>1167 no, the connection is completely different telnet is a direct connection which opens a tcp shell on the server, with http you dont create a shell you send requests and the server sends responses (ie. html pages that are rendered client side) also nice non standard character set >>1167
>>1177 Might want to see if your client or terminal can decode CP437, I imagine that's what conventional BBSes from back in the day used.
>>1160 I made a quick emulator out of curiosity , not a real bbs but just the site parsed into the console, just a lazy proof of concept played around with trying to get images to render as ascii art but it all looked like shit, also no posting because captcha is a jpeg, I was going to make it download it and open it outside the terminal with system calls, but thats gay and unaesthetic so I didnt bother, gotta be tty bro link [ https://www64.zippyshare.com/v/aLVfWgyv/file.html ] also works for windows niggers
>>1212 >inb4 press 'h' for instructions
>>1212 >pre-compiled, binary blob. No thanks, fucking glownigger. Who do you think we are? Post the source and we can take things from there, kthxbye.
Open file (36.67 KB 420x249 bbs_list.png)
>>1160 >>1160 saw somebody posting some other BBS systems on cuckchan's /g/. No idea if they're very active but thought I'd add to the list. Also, it's not truly retro, but you could always checkout out Analog City. It's a message board somebody implemented in shell that is available over SSH. ssh lowlife@ password: hightech
>>2848 There is really a rabbit hole to dig regarding the BBS world. I wish I was a grown man during this time to live this first steps of the man on the wired. Here is a documentary about the BBS era from Jason Scott http://textfiles.com/jason/. http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/ https://archive.org/details/bbsdocumentary/BBSDocumentaryDisc1.cdr
Open file (14.56 KB 512x378 /tmp/phpjJeqT7)
Wish I saved more Japanese BBS ads before that one uploader nuked their account. It was a very active scene that produced a lot of art and music, but not much of it has been publicly preserved compared to the works of the European and American BBS scene. Also find it kinda interesting that telnet BBSes are still very active in Taiwan, however its culture seems to more resemble 2ch than traditional BBSes.

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