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Fellow Time Traveler 04/15/2020 (Wed) 02:12:08 No.536
Aesthetics thread Missing files >>1594
Edited last time by GOAT on 06/29/2021 (Tue) 13:42:48.
Open file (61.21 KB 1280x800 ktdmksfl4fo81.png)
Open file (57.76 KB 800x600 c3vqzo674mq81.jpg)
Open file (96.52 KB 1920x1398 muisl3pmsto81.png)
Open file (238.96 KB 1920x1200 flowg9zks0q81.png)
Open file (179.65 KB 1600x1200 hzpzv6l6ymn81.png)
Open file (141.93 KB 1280x960 8iz2szh8wtn81.png)
Open file (819.15 KB 1600x1200 09mscr8z68o81.png)
Open file (31.14 KB 512x410 15kvccdeazl81.jpg)
Open file (43.59 KB 641x372 z7k1qgfmcdn81.jpg)
Open file (411.39 KB 577x429 du0l50no5um81.png)
Open file (73.97 KB 832x604 tivxkvwa5ie81.jpg)
Open file (6.10 KB 640x400 6iui4djqq1h81.png)
Open file (48.49 KB 480x640 e52dhqhnsfh81.jpg)
Open file (53.20 KB 350x263 6d2lt49ltgc81.jpg)
Open file (67.45 KB 600x600 5c518zy9k1e81.jpg)
Open file (46.27 KB 800x600 2rdm1ux4nge81.jpg)
Open file (724.18 KB 2048x1536 azicn3ytfis81.png)
Open file (190.60 KB 1280x960 cefzgvd7ers81.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 1920x1080 6pcckxj1faa81.png)
I find the metal texture interesting on the one with the orange background.
Open file (1.68 MB 1000x750 alps9ufuqfk81.png)
Open file (432.17 KB 1600x1200 z1yemvx9o7q81.png)
Open file (820.03 KB 1920x1440 m6glc2e9o7q81.png)
Open file (536.38 KB 1600x1200 s29efupgwlr81.png)
Open file (181.68 KB 1280x960 r55oil3gwlr81.png)
Open file (293.68 KB 1920x1080 enVXX.jpg)
Some aesthetics I found with a font on github
hello there, i'm new on the messageboard :) we are currently working on some metalheart visuals with a friend of mine, and i would have been curious to have some feedback on it. please feel free to give any tips or critics.
>>2410 Nice work, I especially like #2 and #4 as they're the most authentic looking. #1 is a little too modern, #3 is nice but I'm not sure if it counts as metalheart. >we Who?
>>2410 I like the second one, and I normally don't like the metalheart look.
>>2411 thank you! i appreciate the feedback a lot. and yeah, we use the "metalheart" term but there's actually a shit-ton of various references we're working with so, yeah, probably goes further the borders of metalheart. as for the >who? , it's Mike Sunday, graphic designer and creative director from Toronto, CA. nice lad!
>>2410 While none of them are bad art, they don't really remind me of the original metalheart. The original metalheart usually has overtones of metalic colors, and undertones of one of the different colors of tempered steel. Blue, cyan, and purple are common. Pic 1 - looks to photogenic, doesn't have the CGI render look of the 00s Pic 2 - color scheme looks too retrowave and the palmtrees give it an organic feel, whereas metalart has a very synthetic, space, futurist look to it. Pic 3 - has a hand sketched look to it, not the high contrast CGI render look Pic 4 - looks the closest but looks washed out All of them seem to lack the grids, text, and every-other-line blinds effects. Hard edges are also lacking
>>2427 Super useful post. I've been looking fore something like this for a while.
Open file (242.17 KB 1838x815 scrolling example.jpg)
I found this in a bad place so you don't have to: https://www.are.na/evan-collins-1522646491 >Catalogue and attempts at categorizing 80/90/00's visual art styles
>>2493 Pretty cool. Thanks for posting.
>>2493 excellent, thanks anon
/pro/ crossover.
>>2493 Awesome!
Open file (479.81 KB 1440x900 1 (17).jpg)
So how did you discover you were fully into the Y2K aesthetic? Does it just remind you of better times? Does something about it just click with something in your head? Do you think it's just cool to look at?
>>2524 All 3 I think. The nostalgia aspect is very powerful, Y2K reminds me of the excitement/optimism I used to have for tech, before absolutely everything became about mining your data and attention.
>>2524 I'm not fully into the Y2K aesthetic. I just like retro and vintage stuff in general, mostly how it looks.
>>2524 I miss the computer and video game culture of the '90s that continued into the early 2000s. I don't find too much to be excited about nowadays in regard to any of the more typical media out there or the direction technology has been going. You could extrapolate that sentiment of mine to society overall. I feel completely out of step with the current year. I guess I even felt that way in the past. I've been into "retro" stuff for as long as I can remember. I also generally don't like CGI, but there's something special to me about the relatively crude look of it that much of it used to have. >>2529 Same. I'm more into the '80s and early '90s, but even then I just like old stuff as a whole. Different eras appeal to me in different ways.
Open file (675.26 KB 3600x600 80s Collage.jpg)
>>2524 I don't particularly like it more than anything else (I'm more of a general "retro" fan like others here), but it makes for a nice change from all the godawful crap the past decade brought us. It's also a nice change from the faux-80s synthwave/retrowave/asswave "aesthetic" that's taken off in recent years, which seems to look less and less like anything that actually existed in the 80s as time goes on.
Open file (183.13 KB 1000x658 strange_days1.jpg)
>>2524 I’m old, this was my teenage years.
There's a VN called Aurora Memoria, which is basically a massive love letter to the Y2K aesthetic from it's presentation ,aesthetics, and soundtrack. Highly recommend taking a look at it. https://priztats.itch.io/aurora-memoria-2093
>>2535 I do like some memewave, but I do find the "aesthetic" crap annoying and played out compared to the real McCoy. So much of that stuff relies on cherrypicked and flanderized aspects of '80s culture. There seems to be such a narrow range of artistic influences, and I don't really like the lack of subtlety. Sure, a lot of actual '80s media was brash and in your face, but it wasn't the cartoon caricature of neon lights, sports cars, video game imagery, and explosions either. On top of that, a lot of it feels too digital too. Even back in the '80s when digital technology was a popular selling point in product marketing, things still felt way less artificial due to analog technology remaining in wide use. I'm not necessarily knocking the people who make it and want to take things in their own direction, but it really doesn't do much for me a lot of the time. I also get the impression that a lot of listeners are more into what are ultimately derivative styles while not having much interest in what the music is supposed to be drawing from.
>>2547 >an inspired new take on a medium colloquially referred to as the 'dating-sim'. The blurb's pretty pretentiously written, which turns me off a bit. Is the game as self-impressed as its description?
>>2550 play it for five minutes and find out
>>2551 This isn't that kind of situation. I'll probably give it a miss.
>>2547 >2015 Wrong thread >>768 >VN Hard pass
Open file (16.03 MB 4032x3024 6uw2mmlogui91.png)
Open file (15.91 MB 4023x3017 dbl8umlogui91.png)
Open file (125.71 KB 280x168 94auowggzxo91.gif)
Open file (474.57 KB 320x200 nwx2lrhfzxo91.gif)
Open file (161.60 KB 1280x884 fuq33ftbuwr91.jpg)
Open file (197.32 KB 600x607 lqp29dd368n91.jpg)
Open file (1.73 MB 1185x1379 default-male_body.png)
Open file (837.52 KB 1280x1892 y2k-Vinci.jpg)
sorry for multipost
>>2621 I like this one. It makes me miss the days when people were still excited about computer technology's potential and weren't taking it for granted.
Open file (579.29 KB 1347x1749 n3ifcl2qrpn91.jpg)
Open file (783.66 KB 736x568 f53hCwQ.png)
Open file (4.26 MB 5120x4020 pigsVCPI_4x.jpg)
I ran a bunch of Metalheart wallpapers that BadMovieNight shared with me through an AI upscaler, they turned out pretty well. They're here if you want them. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9to7s78pt4pp5fa/Metalheart_Upscaled.zip/file
Open file (369.46 KB 694x431 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (196.15 KB 512x342 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (223.18 KB 544x333 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (146.15 KB 512x342 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2624 Heh, you can relive that excitement today Anon! It's still quite alive & well if you just pick a hard enough problemspace. :^) >t. /robowaifu/
>>2719 I hope someone's there to catch that table.
I found a site detailing the names of fonts used during the 1990s: https://fontsinuse.com/tags/400/1990s?page=1 Thought it might be useful for some Anons.
>>2752 I recognize so many of these... I've seen some of them imitated on google fonts.
On https://int10h.org/ plenty of cool retro fonts and nice demos.

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