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Music of the 1990's and 2000's Fellow Time Traveler 09/08/2019 (Sun) 01:14:23 No.14
>These guys think they're bad because they walk slow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRiH3jNE7OY
>>1406 You might like Airbase. These are some of his 2000s songs. >Airbase - Tangerine https://yewtu.be/watch?v=RsrSm-cjVrQ >Airbase feat Floria Ambra - Denial https://yewtu.be/watch?v=95-ftDriIQc >Airbase - Dreamer (2002, closer to 90s trance if you prefer that) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=7PoSVdSIOW0 There's also Kebu. He's not specifically a trance artist (or a classic artist) but he plays most of his songs on analog synth so they have an older style to them. I've played some of his songs with my parents and they reminded them of New Order.
>>1447 Different anon. Those songs bring back the feels. Thanks. Anyone happen to know the artist name of a melodic chillout/relaxing song titled Grandfather or something like that? I heard it on a trance/psytrance/chillout stream years ago and loved it, but didn't note details at the time. It doesn't have shamanistic or vocal elements from what I remember. It's not by Tyurgen Kam or Antequera.
In the last year or so I started to feel nostalgic towards all the pop music I used to hate and couldn't stand...did it happen to anyone else?
>>1622 Yes. Turns out when media gets worse and we get new shit, the lesser shit doesn't seem so bad anymore. (I used to use Foxes - Youth as an example of an actually good recent pop song, but then I realized it's 9 years old now and not so "recent" anymore.) I still hate rap though, that hasn't changed.
>>1622 >In the last year or so I started to feel nostalgic towards all the pop music I used to hate and couldn't stand...did it happen to anyone else? I got over a lot of my genre-related hangups a long time ago. I'd actually be open to giving early-2000s pop a chance at this point. Right now I'm going through a bunch of hair metal albums and seeing what good stuff I can find. As much as I love the style of it, I'm not impressed by the songwriting from the bands I've been checking out. It seems like it was really spotty in terms of quality, which shouldn't be that surprising given how oriented it was toward singles and hit songs. But other roughly contemporary genres with a commercial focus, like New Wave and synthpop, didn't seem to have that problem. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I missed out on much back in high school by only listening to some of the bigger bands. >>1625 >I still hate rap though, that hasn't changed. Rap for me is a genre that has some good songs, but they're few and far between. Even then I really only like the instrumental aspect of it, and trip hop and downtempo can beat rap at its own game.
>>1630 >Rap for me is a genre that has some good songs, but they're few and far between. Pretty much how I feel. There's a couple rap songs I like, a couple I don't mind, the rest I can't stand.
>>1636 It boggles my mind how anyone who likes music can have it as their favorite genre.
Open file (343.21 KB 620x460 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32 Missing file
Open file (42.16 KB 283x213 Sailor_moon_melvin.jpg)
>>33 Missing file
Open file (614.09 KB 572x562 EBfTSHvU4AAKjR1.png)
>>151 Missing file
Open file (102.93 KB 1024x768 Gorrilaz.jpg)
Open file (81.05 KB 1280x720 Dare.jpg)
Open file (173.08 KB 1000x1000 Placebo.jpg)
Open file (965.82 KB 1000x1000 without you i'm nothing.jpg)
>>164 Missing files
Open file (75.11 KB 451x640 expo 2000.jpg)
Open file (450.51 KB 1920x1440 expo 2000 in 2000.jpg)
Open file (148.02 KB 1024x683 kraftwerk expo 2000.jpg)
>>191 Missing files
Open file (8.83 KB 316x316 MtvsAmpAlbum1.jpeg)
>>203 Missing files
Open file (63.46 KB 500x498 MI0001875561.jpg)
Open file (41.83 KB 500x511 MI0000142007.jpg)
Open file (55.10 KB 400x400 46231cf1.jpg)
>>353 Missing files
Open file (37.10 KB 466x421 71QYez3bUKL._SX466_.jpg)
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Open file (155.81 KB 599x571 bowie earthling.jpg)
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>>617 Missing file
>>1497 > Anyone happen to know the artist name of a melodic chillout/relaxing song titled Grandfather or something like that? Found it: Grandfather by Joey Fehrenbach, from his Don't Wake Me album. 2010, not 90s or aughts.
>>1406 >>1447 >>1456 >carte blanche >hydrophonix >sandstorm real shit. the synths of this time period were mental >BT - Smartbomb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcchxjsw29g >Silverblue - Step Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XiMyd-TUUE >DDR - Groove 2001 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDjR168LQtc >Overseer - Supermoves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzKzPLL6upU just off the top of my head. sounds like the theme to a cyber warfare divison and always, always, ALWAYS leaves you energized. I've been trying to find more music in this style but it's left me sprawled out across 5 different genres, does anyone know an easier way to find music in this vein?
>>2299 >sprawled out across 5 different genres That's because they are different genres, they simply share elements (and synthesizers) but even then not all the time... Electronic music is a rabbit hole of (sub)genres, especially in the scope of the 1990s which had heavy experimentation as well as rapid development and "cross-pollination" of music genres. If you wanna do some exploration go on Discogs and search up a record you like, then get lost in the "Recommendations" section at the bottom of the page. The general/umbrella genres for the posted tracks so far: >BT - Smartbomb >DDR - Groove 2001 >Overseer - Supermoves Breakbeat/Breaks. >Silverblue - Step Back >Veracocha - Carte Blanche >Cybernaut - Hydrophonix >Darude - Sandstorm Trance.
Open file (10.76 MB 640x360 Wormsong.mp4)
What instruments/keyboards/soundfonts are the most common used throughout Y2K music? So far all I've been able to find actual names for are Moog synths and SuperSaws. What other synths are there?
>>2342 I think I read that Bjorn Lynne has used a Kurzweil sampler in the past, but I'm not sure for what music specifically. You really can't go wrong with a Roland JV-1080, which was a synth that was all over the place from the mid '90s into the early 2000s. They can sound pretty corny, but sometimes that's just what you want. They're also capable of making really nice pad sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uus94l_wVP8 Here's a demo of a patch set some guy made that shows its more futuristic side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIoYylo7nS4 They should still be pretty cheap too, although even digital vintage synthesizers aren't as cheap as they used to be.
pretty cool underground nu/alternative metal channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/stardmg/playlists
I hated emos and everything emo back then, but I love it now.
>>2429 I hated it then and still don't like it. That song's okay though. It has a pleasantly glammy feeling to it.
>>2419 MONO is unlike most other post rock bands, being much more noisy, metal influenced. Those heavy guitar layers and harmonic melodies really evoke this melancholy early 2000s feel in me. Idk Maybe it's just me
>>2436 I don't like this noise and "post (doom) metal" or whatever shit that evolved out of it though
Open file (2.91 MB 463x320 1659948630394393.webm)
Can anyone identify the missing songs in webm related? 1: Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady 2: Captain Jack - Left right, right left !! 3: ? 4: 2 Unlimited - No Limit 5: A Touch of Class - Around the World 6: Limahl - Never Ending Story 7: ? 8: Ace of Base - All That She Wants
>>2501 Snow - Informer Roxette - Sleeping In My Car
>>2502 Danke
Open file (78.58 KB 600x543 R-214701-1236718923.jpg)
Hey, I found this album recently and it has been resonating with me a lot. It perfectly encompasses my sense of alienation and purposelessness from being trapped in this digital void where I can only endlessly observe cultural products of bygone eras, but not experience it myself. Where the physical manifestation of everything is missing and it all feels like it doesn't have any meaning anymore. It sounds like walking among a computer graveyard where those computers of old are still endlessly processing. Those sounds often encompass me on nightwalks through empty commercial areas. https://youtube.com/watch?v=YFLhE7VmJuw
Open file (125.67 KB 600x600 kroungrine.jpg)
Open file (342.60 KB 600x600 soup.jpg)
Open file (90.33 KB 600x600 fyuti.jpg)
>>2929 Listening now, this is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing. If you want more IDM music like this, check Bola's work. He's been making albums very similar to this one since the 90s... My top 3 albums of his are: 1. Kroungrine (2007) 2. Soup (1998) "bowl o' soup" get it? 3. Fyuti (2002) YT playlist links: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mRrQDfXGH3AC0DSPrAi6L7lriar7MWhhI https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mmUArlCazNyBCdLwq5fRHcjHGMGV7zM5A https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kBElnUffadz9UneGehpUrkGJ8BDCQa5DE
>>2930 Hello Anon, sorry for the delay. I just listened to all the albums in a row and wrote down some of my thoughts: Kroungrine - quite multifaceted. It has some melancholic qualities similar to formless and certainly has an overall dark sound to it. Favourite track: "Urenforpuren" Has this repetitive rythm and then this melancholic melody kicks in... Fyuti. First song sounds kinda cosmic. Very futuristic sound. At other times it sounds kinda jazzy. I guess this could be considered very y2kesque Soup. Has some pretty nice repetitive beats and uplifting melodious elements. Favourite track: Forcasa3. Just hopelessly catchy melody and rhythm that is repeated to death, but you never get tired of it. I think overall it's my favourite album of the bunch. Though all of these albums are pretty multifaceted. Just listening to them now this is the overall mood I got from them. In the end they are hard to put into a single category. I'll definetely listen to them again. Thanks a lot for these awesome recommendations. Also quite interesting, reading this biography gridlock founder Mike Wells wrote about his project where he lists all the computers he used and how the albums came to be. Interesting he comes from a metal background, which I also enjoy a lot. Especially 90s death and doom metal stuff. Really sad that he passed away of (((sudden death syndrome))) just recently. I definetely need to listen to his other stuff. For some reason I've only listened to formless till now. I'm always kinda hesitant listening to new stuff and rather listen to the same albums till death. https://web.archive.org/web/20060511111416/http://www.5-25.com/gridlock/retrospective.html
This track is awesome. Is there more melancholic IDM like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GweF0tZdy-A&pp=ygUMdXJlbmZvcnB1cmVu
>>2929 I'm not opposed to electronic music but I listened to the first two and a half tracks and I was surprised at how "rusty" and disharmonious it was; the first track actually startled me with how unpleasant it sounded at times and made me jump in my seat. I've listened to music that was full of odd time signatures and other unusual things, but this was a different league. Is the rest of the album like this or is it more ambient? I never thought of myself as soft, but I just find it hard to listen to stuff like that. What about this album made you enjoy it so much? I'm very curious.
>let's dance to some iconic y2k-era techno bops! https://youtu.be/pGWLTPsOSr0 >or maybe you can listen to a hip-hop ballad from the year 2008: https://youtu.be/_57aeilOy1c >or this hard-hitting 2007 song about a detective: https://youtu.be/ILkvYvc6t5s

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