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Open file (458.31 KB 1280x877 gameboy.jpg)
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1990s & 2000s Ads Fellow Time Traveler 07/25/2021 (Sun) 14:35:43 No.1845 [Reply]
Post cool /retro/ ads and TV commercials
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Open file (614.92 KB 2923x2043 1650829005517.jpg)
Open file (205.60 KB 882x610 1650830895852.jpg)
Open file (57.51 KB 640x480 1650829601972.jpg)
Sex sells
Open file (101.30 KB 640x490 1650827227567.jpg)
Open file (41.03 KB 450x606 1650831069062.jpg)
Open file (2.75 MB 3456x4608 1650831264688.jpg)
Open file (259.65 KB 1606x2046 1650833930153.jpg)
Open file (460.90 KB 1024x768 1650873434713.png)
>>2311 high test times
Nothing will ever beat this commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLTh4uVJduI
Here's a 1991 ad for Space Crusade (a Warhammer 40k spinoff game). Link version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ERmUzs1O5E

Operating systems Fellow Time Traveler 11/29/2021 (Mon) 17:06:33 No.2102 [Reply]
What is your favorite operating system? Do you prefer MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, or something else? FreeDOS? Some flavor of Linux?
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>>2120 >>2121 Heck Pulse is optional (mostly anyway but there are wrappers IIRC) and Devaun exists if you really don't like Systemd. As for that last one only 2 members in the head Officers group have female names (https://www.debian.org/intro/organization) but no idea what their situation is. According to https://contributors.debian.org it's mostly dudes also.
>>2103 If you like the classic windows look and fell, I'd probably just use Linux+XFCE+Chicago95 theme. With DOSBox and Wine, you could probably use many of the older applications too, while having access to newer opensource applications.
>>2103 >If there were a way to use it in the modern age without being gimped to hell and back I'd still use it. There are ways to extend it's functionality. This website has a collection of files that you can install to extend it's capabilities to even be able to possibly install some XP applications. https://i430vx.net/files/Win2k/>>2103
>>2120 >Systemd Install Devuan >pulseaudio Replace it with something else >the tranny takeover How does this affect Debian?
My favorite OS is XP though I wish MS had gone with the Whistler look. I'm also fond of Vista as I feel it was the last time they tried to be ambitious. Haiku/BeOS is the best looking though I've never used it.

Open file (76.15 KB 630x659 cockpit.jpg)
/Y2KFG/ - Y2K Furry General Fellow Time Traveler 04/21/2021 (Wed) 23:31:56 No.1088 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for artwork and content of anthropomorphic animals characters (or "furries") from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Sources are encouraged. Resources: https://yerf.metafur.org/ http://us.vclart.net/vcl/ https://confurence.com/
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>>2351 That poor dog...
>>2351 Did you really have to bump the thread just to post that?
>>2357 yes.
>>1088 >>1089 >>1093 >>1094 So what happened to furries? I know fetish porn has been a thing with them since forever, but old drawings like this have far more personality than the shit that gets posted now. Is it my biased nostalgia for the 90s/00s art styles, or did they just try harder than the modern furfags on patreon?
>>2375 >Is it my biased nostalgia for the 90s/00s art styles, or did they just try harder than the modern furfags on patreon? Some of column A, some of column B. Also survivor bias, furries learning from furries, and reification. Remember that this thread's examples are often from the upper end of the furry artists who practiced at the time, who came from backgrounds with actual training in animation, illustration, and art. There was much more content floating around by completely untalented, uneducated, unpracticed furry artists (some of which is also ITT), but because it was shit nobody bothers remembering it. You can browse some corners of the VCL (http://us.vclart.net/vcl/) to see what I mean, although it seems to be having a database problem at the moment. >>1203 explains the furries learning from furries and reification bit: >Anyone learning to draw anthro characters won't be learning from Warner Brothers cels, Disney stills, or mascots - they'll be learning directly from the furry fandom's considerable body of work. That in turn will influence their developing style, baking less innocent elements into their final works. If you filtered out all the dross from this era, you'd probably some a few artists working with furries who're creating interesting art at an effort level more like some of the stuff above. Also, maybe one or two of the Patreon leeches might end up developing into something interesting, like how Tracy Butler went from generic 1990s-uguu to drawing Lackadaisy.

Open file (173.21 KB 1200x816 unnamed.jpg)
Open file (894.50 KB 800x1000 lighter.png)
Open file (65.90 KB 600x750 emo-boys-and-girls.jpg)
Subcultures and fashion of the 90s & 2000s Fellow Time Traveler 08/11/2021 (Wed) 09:36:23 No.1892 [Reply]
What subculture were you a part of, Fellow Time Travelers? 90s bros, did you go to rave parties? 2000s kids, did you get some of that easy emo pussy?
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>>2250 I see. I kinda used to be like that but for anime. Which is why I stopped calling myself an otaku, I stopped going to anime parties (last time I did the mistake to go to one I cringed so hard I wanted to kill everywhere there) etc.
I kind of belonged to the "emo" subculture, but where I'm from, it really didn't propagate that much into a full-blown subculture. It was mostly listening to the same emo bands, eggy kids cutting wrists, but not cutting deep enough to bleed, just enough to scar, but not the fashion part of it. At least I didn't. Only did half the hairstyle, with the bangs and all. Transitioned to punk and metal before emo went cool. Then I became the angsty kid who liked to sulk and wish death to everyone. I watched gore just for the hell of it... but deep inside, I still had that emo side in me, lol. I listened to emo music and be sad and sappy and shit when alone, it felt like a guilty pleasure. To sum, I guess I was the hippy, who disliked having other people in my immediate vicinity like what I wanted.
>>2253 I get what you mean. I couldn't stand weebs back in the 2000s and was never really a fan of anime. I remember watching some of the usual stuff targeted toward kids like Pokemon, Digimon, Card Captors, Zoids, and Hamtaro but gradually grew to despise anime before I was finished with elementary school or before I knew how annoying weebs were. It wasn't until I was an adult that I started giving it a chance, and now I can at least appreciate '80s Miyazaki flicks or movies like Vampire Hunter D.
>>1979 >mallcore like metallica Dude Metallica is metal. Stuff after And Justice For All was just radio rock.
>>2253 >anime parties Anime parties were a thing?

4-bit CG Fellow Time Traveler 10/22/2019 (Tue) 00:26:56 No.152 [Reply]
Does anyone here collect 4-bit/16 color CG or perhaps even make it yourself? If you don't know what I'm talking about think PC-98 or see pic related. Missing files >>1801
Edited last time by GOAT on 07/21/2021 (Wed) 14:19:10.
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Open file (42.06 KB 640x400 1427123118415.png)
Open file (81.83 KB 522x496 dat shading.png)
I've had these saved for a long time but don't have the sauce.
Open file (26.22 KB 504x288 1651108814825.png)
Open file (54.86 KB 636x299 1651127302279.gif)
Open file (168.38 KB 640x400 1651183533193.gif)
Open file (2.66 MB 512x320 1651146911057.webm)
Open file (2.49 MB 1754x2949 1651181862578.png)
Open file (383.27 KB 640x864 1651183648402.jpg)
Open file (2.08 MB 1024x2351 1651183772107.png)
Open file (1.87 MB 1024x1489 1651214606577.png)
>>2335 And how soulless remakes destroy this beauty. BRUTAL NSFW DO NOT OPEN
Open file (49.53 KB 480x360 1354155377592.jpg)
>>2336 Plebeian novelty worshipers will defend this.

Open file (265.99 KB 1902x2476 pre-goolag YouTube.png)
Pre-Goolag YouTube Fellow Time Traveler 10/03/2020 (Sat) 17:51:14 No.848 [Reply] [Last]
YouTube was once also part of the old innocent, creative and fun internet when at worst people would make a video in the hopes of it getting viral. But that slowly changed thanks to the Goolag purchase which kept ruining YouTube at small steps and turning it into Cable TV 2.0 and Spotify 2.0 : >forcing people to move to Goolag account to keep their channels and their videos >complying with copyrightniggers as part of the mutual ass-kissing with the government >giving monetary incentives to "content creators" , aka self-important e-celeb faggots, which drawn greedy normalfag scum and later on were removed which in turn force these greedy normalfags to beg for Patreon gibs and get sponsorships to advertise even more shit on youtube >adding ads in the middle of the fucking video as if it was cable tv >letting big cable tv channels having accounts on youtube >removing full albums and songs from non-corporate music channels and reupload them as separate songs by a fucking bots >increasing censorship and removing comments and videos >disorganizing the comments section into a complete messy shitshow >usless redesigning of the site over and over again >changing the 5 star video valuation system to extra faggy like and dislike Let's reminisce of YouTube better days, whether it was a specific channel or video and so on...
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Open file (27.81 KB 828x753 jawed.png)
I have nothing to add really.
>>2088 This isn't the first time Jawed has spoken out, he did something similar when Google+ was made mandatory back in 2013.
>>2087 Go right ahead then, you can use VidLii or any of the PeerTube instances, or just good old webm postan. As long as you stay anonymous. >>2088 "Creators" still won't leave the platform or give other platforms a chance, they'll stick with the sinking ship till the very end instead of finding alternatives while they still can.
Speaking of Youtube alternatives does anon have any favorite Peertube instances they watch/upload to? The instance search kind of sucks and mostly comes up with instances for other languages even when you select English.
>>2296 >does anon have any favorite Peertube instances they watch/upload to? Unfortunately no and no. All the instances I've been on either have jewtube re-uploads or full foreign films/series, so nothing to see really. The lack of an algorithm doesn't help also. When I wanna upload videos or live stream I go to whatever instance has open registrations at the time.

Web 1.0 and Web 1.5 Nostalgia General Fellow Time Traveler 09/09/2019 (Mon) 01:52:13 No.24 [Reply] [Last]
So, what are some of your favorite memories of the old internet? Can be websites, memes, events or any other aspect of the days of Web 1.0 and 1.5 For a quick reference, here's what I would define as Web 1.0 and Web 1.5 >Web 1.0: Usenet, Geocities and Angelfire, AOL (1991-2001) >Web 1.5: Early YouTube, ED, 4chan in its "wild west" days, MySpace, YTMND, Newgrounds and the peak years of dA and Fanfiction.net (2001-2008) You also had cross-generation stuff like GameFAQs and IMDB which are still around today, although sadly IMDB's infamous message boards are gone
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>>1710 >Check Soulseek anyway. I've gotten shows from there. I once got a movie I could not find anywhere else, and I also got a book I couldn't find anywhere else online, too. I share music, music videos, TV shows, movies, and books. I read something about it being inefficient and taking up downloading slots from people downloading music. Maybe I should just try it anyway. I downloaded some fairly niche shows I could put up that seem like they'd be getting harder to find. I haven't even watched them yet, but maybe someone will appreciate them. >Slide film has a very narrow exposure latitude, whereas negative film has a relatively wide one. You can under or overexpose negative film a lot and it'll be fine. For expired negative film generally you might overexpose it one stop per decade it's been expired, but slide film with its narrow exposure window means you have to get the exposure pretty much dead on and if it's expired it's going to make that job a lot harder. And I would think that slide film degrades faster as well, but I'm not too sure. There was absolutely no image on the developed film itself. I'm out of the photography game, but if I ever get back into it I'd like to give slide film another try. I've always been a dilettante, so who knows how it would turn out.
I stumbled upon this website (has pornographic material) https://www.phun.org/ The copyright at the bottom says 2004 for which the website looks period correct. It feels odd landing on a website like that nowadays, it works fine without javascript and looks like it was designed to be viewed on a computer screen. The colour scheme also reminds me of the time, a lot of websites had non-white or black backgrounds and just seemed more interesting.
>>2268 Love it. Those oldskool, hobbyist-driven, pre-"everything is now a wordpress blog" CMS sites were always my favorite. I posted >>1281 and >>1286 earlier up the thread, and god do I miss the "3-column layout, awesome graphic design, news/updates in the middle, links on the sides, dedicated forum, and obligatory weekly poll" era. Even though they all had basically the same layout and features, they were so easy to navigate, had so much individual charm, and nearly all had thriving communities behind them. I'll never understand why people gave up on that entire format for what they did.
>>2268 The content doesn't really interest me, but I really like the fact that I site like this is still being updated. >>2269 Definitely. At some point simple, intuitive website design became considered passe.
>>2280 >The content doesn't really interest me, but I really like the fact that I site like this is still being updated. At first I debated whether to post it or not, but decided to for that reason. There's already an over saturation of that content, but figured some would appreciate the design/layout. Ironically, I found the website through an image search not looking for adult content. The webmaster also posts memes on there, lol.

Open file (148.94 KB 960x714 Monkeys.jpg)
Y2K Resurgence Fellow Time Traveler 02/21/2022 (Mon) 23:48:13 No.2221 [Reply]
I can feel it in the air, it's going to come back. I can already see rumblings of it. >big(ish) name jewtubers uploading remixes/parodies of eurodance songs >more and more people discovering the Y2K/Metalheart aesthetic and making their own versions of it >gen z realizing that nu-vidya fucking sucks dick and going back to 5th and 6th gen consoles for fun games and seeing artystyles/music that actually stand out instead of minimalism and nigbonics rap obviously however as we all know they're going to fucking butcher it like they did with 80s shit (dude neon pink and purple and synths and lasers lmao), so enjoy it while you can. once they fuck it up for the next ten years they'll move onto their next artstyle to destroy like the locusts they are. we're too small and non-influential to enact pic related, so your two options are >do nothing (what you'll probably do) >make art/music/games that actually pay homage to that time period instead of butchering it (what you should do) i am working on the latter, learning how to maek gaym in the process and hopefully get something put out in the next couple of years. what about you? how are you preparing for the resurgence?
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>>2221 >I can feel it in the air, it's going to come back. I can already see rumblings of it. I am starting to notice this more lately, and it makes me unhappy.
>>2256 Wondering how can some fight this off.
>>2257 Is such a thing even possible?
Open file (3.42 MB 1876x1850 baneposting irl.png)
>>2239 >the same way 90s nostalgia did Has there been a lot of 90s nostalgia? I know people miss good old video games, but I haven't seen any of the broader 90s cultural touchstones like: - trenchcoats and sunglasses - katanas and pistols - SUPER SRS BSNS - black leather everywhere Perhaps "school shooter chic" is only cool to me, but I seem to recall an absolute tonne of dudes with trenchcoats and twin pistols in fiction after The Matrix released. >>2242 >a style that reminded me of y2k but I'm not 100% sure what its called It kind of reminds me of skater/extreme sports fashion, which was popular during the early 00s. Ripped/torn clothing to indicate that you're cool mixed with designer jackets and other expensive things to indicate that you're wealthy. >>2258 I genuinely believe in meme magic/the collective unconscious of the human race, so I think it could be done if we had enough esoteric wise men to act as fonts of human psyche, but I think this board is far too small for that, sadly.
>>2260 >Has there been a lot of 90s nostalgia? I know people miss good old video games, but I haven't seen any of the broader 90s cultural touchstones I feel the same way. The faux-'90s shit has been a lot more toned down than the nu-'80s equivalents, and yet I've been seeing people mentioning how big stuff from the '90s has been for years now. I have noticed some of the fashion coming back lately, like curtain cuts and baggier fits, but it doesn't seem anywhere near as saturated as the '80s-inspired stuff has been. Maybe it's taking its time, since the '80s thing has been ongoing since the 2000s and ended up really exploding in the 2010s. >I genuinely believe in meme magic/the collective unconscious of the human race, so I think it could be done if we had enough esoteric wise men to act as fonts of human psyche, but I think this board is far too small for that, sadly. I actually agree, now that you mention that possibility.

Can we have a thread for flash games? Fellow Time Traveler 01/11/2020 (Sat) 03:46:02 No.301 [Reply]
Flash was pretty cool and it's gonna die this year so let's have a thread about flash games and just stuff that's made in flash in general.
21 posts and 18 images omitted.
>>422 Missing files
Open file (133.16 KB wahagame.swf)
>>520 Missing file
>>301 Thankfully archive.org has some flash files saved. Like Newgrounds, they use the Ruffle Flash emulator so we don't need to install anything to view them. (Archived flash websites seem to be broken though.) https://archive.org/details/flashyloops_superwaha https://archive.org/details/4chan-4evar >>312 Thanks, I've been looking for this again for years. >>314 newfag
Bonus.com was really great. The quality of the games on there was surprisingly high. Would love to play them again. Shockwave had a bunch of perfectly ported arcade games and a bunch of multiplayer drawing games. Miniclip, Neopets, Habbo, Disney, Killfrog, Transcience, Stickdeath.
>>2228 >Bonus.com Holy shit... that may be something I've been trying to remember the name of for years. Would you please describe the games from there, that you remember?

Movies & TV Shows of the 1990's and 2000's Fellow Time Traveler 12/20/2019 (Fri) 17:21:28 No.241 [Reply] [Last]
Which ones are your favorites? Pic related
Edited last time by GOAT on 05/17/2021 (Mon) 06:01:17.
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>>1798 Cause he's tubular.
Open file (2.21 MB 1500x2214 73386.jpg)
>sci-fi >traditional 2D animation mixed with CGI >nu-metal soundtrack Titan A.E. the epitome of Y2K
>>2016 (CY+1) Been meaning to watch it. It's strange how that poster looks like a game/movie poster from the late 2000s, but it's actually from the beginning of the decade.
>>2033 It was a good movie. Not nearly as cringe as what would come out starting at the end of the decade. Really tried to remain grounded but also blatantly incorporated the dropships from mechwarrior as "terraforming ships" It deserved to be a cult classic since it also had the most alien depiction of aliens I've ever seen in visual fiction. Board owner. WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO TYPE TWO FUCKING CAPTCHKAS!? "YOU NEED TO PASS A BLOCK TO MAKE THIS POST!"
Open file (50.98 KB 400x500 sandra prinsloo.jpg)
I need lesser-known /retro/ Christmas kino. Not interested in shit everyone's seen like Home Alone. Preferably with "wholesome" elements (and curse the reddit faggots who've tainted that word)

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