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/retro/-Where the 90's and 2000's Live On CaesarDude 09/06/2019 (Fri) 23:05:29 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Alright, this is meant to be a successor to /y2k/ on the old 8chan, however I have expanded it to include both the 1990's and the 2000's and NSFW content is allowed, provided it's actually related to the purpose of this board and doesn't violate any of the site's core rules.
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>>2155 I feel you there

Open file (265.99 KB 1902x2476 pre-goolag YouTube.png)
Pre-Goolag YouTube Fellow Time Traveler 10/03/2020 (Sat) 17:51:14 No.848 [Reply] [Last]
YouTube was once also part of the old innocent, creative and fun internet when at worst people would make a video in the hopes of it getting viral. But that slowly changed thanks to the Goolag purchase which kept ruining YouTube at small steps and turning it into Cable TV 2.0 and Spotify 2.0 : >forcing people to move to Goolag account to keep their channels and their videos >complying with copyrightniggers as part of the mutual ass-kissing with the government >giving monetary incentives to "content creators" , aka self-important e-celeb faggots, which drawn greedy normalfag scum and later on were removed which in turn force these greedy normalfags to beg for Patreon gibs and get sponsorships to advertise even more shit on youtube >adding ads in the middle of the fucking video as if it was cable tv >letting big cable tv channels having accounts on youtube >removing full albums and songs from non-corporate music channels and reupload them as separate songs by a fucking bots >increasing censorship and removing comments and videos >disorganizing the comments section into a complete messy shitshow >usless redesigning of the site over and over again >changing the 5 star video valuation system to extra faggy like and dislike Let's reminisce of YouTube better days, whether it was a specific channel or video and so on...
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Speaking of Youtube alternatives does anon have any favorite Peertube instances they watch/upload to? The instance search kind of sucks and mostly comes up with instances for other languages even when you select English.
>>2296 >does anon have any favorite Peertube instances they watch/upload to? Unfortunately no and no. All the instances I've been on either have jewtube re-uploads or full foreign films/series, so nothing to see really. The lack of an algorithm doesn't help also. When I wanna upload videos or live stream I go to whatever instance has open registrations at the time.
>>2302 that sucks
>>848 I remember when I used to think Smosh and Fred were obnoxious faggots, but now I'd rather have that shit than the current trash on the platform. At least it was just teenagers screwing around vs Youtube pushing political agendas and corporate bullshit.
>>2603 I remember rage threads on /v/ around 2010 or so and how a lot of the stuff posted was just teenagers/autists having fun being stupid. Vids like Foam Adventure though one of the girls is a tranny now, or that one anime con clip with the girl yelling NYAAAA, or that video with two nerds doing a Kingdom Hearts larp. Back then this had us fuming. But now I just feel nothing. Sometimes it's even nostalgic in a way, reminding me of the times when autists were more innocent and didn't get themselves involved in political shit.

Open file (76.15 KB 630x659 cockpit.jpg)
/Y2KFG/ - Y2K Furry General Fellow Time Traveler 04/21/2021 (Wed) 23:31:56 No.1088 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for artwork and content of anthropomorphic animals characters (or "furries") from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Sources are encouraged. Resources: https://yerf.metafur.org/ http://us.vclart.net/vcl/ https://confurence.com/
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>>2561 >ye >ya I see that furries still try to maintain typing quirks as part of a quest to roleplay everywhere, all the time.
>>2565 >i found a channel with a meaningless username and no content after i was told exactly where to look for it Do you want a medal for being autistic?
>>2566 yes please daddy give me the chunky monkey
>>2559 >Even if someone wanted to reject modern furry culture, where the fuck would he go? How would he find any kind of alternative? Your best bet would be to visit old furry forums or BBS's that still exist and browse those. Otherwise create a new community with strict rules on what is or isn't allowed.

Open file (77.96 KB 800x655 1521577129072.jpg)
Computers Thread Fellow Time Traveler 08/21/2020 (Fri) 04:41:24 No.803 [Reply] [Last]
Looks like none of the images in the catalog work. Let's get a fresh thread in here, focused on computers! I don't have pictures at the moment to share, but I got lucky today and picked up a nice big beige computer case. I'm assembling a new personal computer from parts that I got deals on, found in the junk heap, or that I was given by friends. So, I guess it's not really a /retro/ computer, but it will be in a /retro/ case, and I plan to get an adapter which will let me use a 3.5" floppy disk drive in there. The adapter plugs into the floppy pins, and presents a USB interface to the motherboard. That adapter is under $10 USD. In fact, I've seen an adapter card that will do the same but for 5.25" floppy disk drives. So, when I have more money, I should be able to have not only a 3.5" FDD, but a 5.25" FDD in my system, running alongside new solid state drives, Blu-Ray disc drives, and of course a few regular hard drives. It should be pretty fun. Again, no pictures yet but I will share with you guys when I can. For now I'll just post one from my collection. What have you guys been up to?
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>>2597 Interesting, I was a bit affraid the lack of softwares (some anon told me there are not as much as in Void Linux) but the default repository is well supplied. At least enough to fulfill my needs for this old laptop. I started to read some docs about programming for Haiku and I think if there was more dev at work, it would be a serious OS competing Linux disros. Also, I may not be accustomed to it but the window management is not very instinctive. I tried to tweak it to dark mode but I'm not totally satisfied with some details, after a read on the forum, I think I will try to build my own theme from source. Hehe, more things to play with ;)
Open file (114.04 KB 1024x768 screenshot-b36968c.png)
>>2599 As I read things here and there, just stumble on Serenity OS : ''A graphical Unix-like operating system for desktop computers! SerenityOS is a love letter to '90s user interfaces with a custom Unix-like core. It flatters with sincerity by stealing beautiful ideas from various other systems. Roughly speaking, the goal is a marriage between the aesthetic of late-1990s productivity software and the power-user accessibility of late-2000s *nix.'' Does any of you use or know it ?
>>2600 >Does any of you use or know it ? I build it from time to time to try it out. The UI used to have some charm, like the little arrows on the scroll bars, etc. but with recent changes it's nothing more than an unstable Windows 2000 clone. The "Unix-like core" or base OS isn't very interesting and most would be better served by a Linux or BSD. I don't understand why they're rolling a custom kernel for this.
>>2601 >I build it from time to time Could you upload an ISO? I want to try this.
>>2602 It builds onto disk image and auto runs itself in QEMU. No ISO.

Open file (264.87 KB 1600x1200 win98install.png)
Open file (619.52 KB 2000x2152 1499369920054.jpg)
living life as /retro/ as possible Fellow Time Traveler 09/22/2021 (Wed) 03:47:35 No.1985 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone else here /retro/maxxing? I've realized there is no point in denying myself happiness and gigacoziness and I may as well go all in on my retro obsessions even if it's a bit weird. I could list a bunch of things I'm doing but I'll start with just a couple here >film photography I have never bought a digital camera and I have stopped being a NEET lately. I have a small comfy job so I have some money and I buy rolls of film on occasion and I carry a late '90s point and shoot camera with me almost everywhere I go. It's fun and super comfy. I also started developing black and white film myself, at home. >computer I have set up my windows machine to look like windows 98 (not completely accurate but I've changed over the icons and use a classic theme, etc. And on my linux machine I have set it up to look like some versions of UNIX from the late 80s to early 90s. And for my browser I use Pale Moon and I have it set to look like Netscape. >music I go to the record store sometimes and browse around and I have a collection of tapes, CDs, and records which I listen to. I have a lot of fun fixing cassette decks too.

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>>2589 Same here. But I'm not a total hermit anyway. I just try to go out and do stuff like a person who still has their humanity.
>>2589 I wish I could live in a retro society. Not necessarily in the sense of getting rid of all the technological advances of the past decades, but at least being more judicious about accepting new technologies while also keeping everything more in line aesthetically with how it they used to be. If only we lived in a pan-enclavist society where such a thing would be possible.
Open file (16.81 KB 720x342 IMG_20220927_220342.jpg)
>modem stops working >turn on mobile data >sim card is almost two decades old and 3g doesn't work anymore >pic related How to retromax involuntary aka I don't want to go back anymore
>>2604 it's hell, my phone has to use 3G for calls because the manufacturer won't release the firmware for VoLTE outside of their proprietary bloat android image. it gets texts, calls, and voicemails days after they were sent, if at all. making calls sometimes gives no dial tone until after several attempts.
>>2604 >>2605 I feel your pain, I have been living this way for the past year.

Open file (172.88 KB 671x442 kingpinwebsite.png)
Fellow Time Traveler 09/13/2022 (Tue) 17:40:19 No.2564 [Reply]
Has any of you, Zoomers born in 1997, seen twin towers or witnessed 9/11, even if you were 3 or 4 back then?
Born in [end of the 80's], somewhere in Europe. Just came back from school, turning on the TV to watch cartoons. >looped images of plane hitting WTC with >a second plane appears. >witnessed this live. >no cartoons for you kid. Not today. I was a kid but I knew shits will be fucked up a little bit more at this moment.
>>2567 I'm also from Europe but born in [beginning of the 90s], and that was pretty much my experience too. Goddamn planes ruining my after school TV.
>>2567 >>2568 I'm a Clapistani born in the early '90s, and I remember hearing about the attacks when I got to school in the morning and not realizing how big of a deal it actually was. I thought terrorist attacks were a fairly regular thing due to a certain computer game I played. It sounds harsh, but with all due respect to the people who died I didn't care then and don't care now.
I don't think it was even until I was 10 that I even knew what 9/11 was or what the twin towers were. I had heard it mentioned but for some reason when I heard "twin towers" for some reason i thought it was just a couple of stone pillars out in the desert for no reason so i didn't get why it was so big. then i saw a documentary on it on nickelodeon of all places for the first time, so that was the first time i really understood what happened.
I was about 10 when it happened. I remember my parents showing me stuff about it and we talked about it in school. I remember being sad but not fully realizing what happened. Years later I'd stop caring and just laugh at 9/11 memes. If anything, it's amazing in hindsight that in 2002/2003 we glorified going to war with Iraq and the other rushed responses to it. (ie the Patriot Act) My little brother was 8 when we declared war and he brought home some Scholastic news magazine that usually had educational stuff glorifying the patriots going to defend our freedom in Iraq. Wish we kept that just to show how poorly it aged. I hate the fixation on 9/11 and "Never Forget". Yeah, it sucks people died, but you can't spend 20+ years grieving and letting politicians pass shitty laws to take advantage of the fear. I'm more curious if the older generations spent this much time grieving over Pearl Harbor. 9/11 needs to be treated the same at this point. Both were a depressing moments in history, but like Pearl Harbor in the present, 9/11 needs to be accepted that it happened without bogging down our daily lives in remembrance. As far as Zoomers, none of the older ones I've talked to remember anything pre-9/11. At best their first memories were right around when it happened or of their griefance/confusion. Unfortunately it defined the later half of my childhood, but I still remember everything just being "normal" or less afraid before then. I even remember picking up family from the airport right outside their terminal before security revamped and only let passengers past security with minimal exemptions. (escorting the disabled, children flying alone, etc) I've even been in the cockpit of the plane and talked to pilots a few times. (I forget if the plane was flying or landed, but regardless good luck doing that now.) I don't know if Zoomers can even comprehend doing anything like that anymore due to the increase of security and surveillance that they grew up under.

Y2K was 20 years ago Fellow Time Traveler 12/31/2019 (Tue) 17:16:06 No.258 [Reply]
With a new decade upon us and the 2000's being officially "retro" in the eyes of mainstream pop culture, I'm wondering what 2000's nostalgia will be like in the 2020's? 80's nostalgia got big in the 2000's and is still going strong with all that weird "vaporwave" art that appeared in the early 2010's and stuff like Stranger Things in the late 2010's. More relevant to this board, 1990's nostalgia first became a big thing this decade but it was more prominent on the internet than TV or movies. Now we're seeing 2000's nostalgia start to take root in the very late 2010's. I've noticed a lot of Zoomers posting 2000's nostalgia compilations on YouTube in 2018-2019 and it kind of reminds me of the first big wave of 90's nostalgia that got big online in 2010-2012 or so. Hell, /retro/ itself is simply a newer version of /y2k/ over on the old board, but expanded to also include the 90's. I'm wondering if we'll see more 2000's nostalgia and whether or not the media will start pandering to it. Pic unrelated
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>>2578 I don't see any way of escaping the tentacles of poz. I think the U.S. will be relatively well off in the event of a total collapse if you're in the right area for it.
>>2579 If it's mostly the US that is causing the collapse then yes, probably.
>>2575 Wokism is going to get worse. Look up ESG. It's a social credit score for businesses. A sizeable amount of investment and loans will start using it.
>>2577 The violent third world rural village my wife is from has gone from ultra conservative to all the village teenagers going ultra woke. This started as they got access to cheap smartphones and stuff like tiktok became popular. It has become really noticeable since 2020.
Open file (36.87 KB 428x448 1369709765551.jpg)
>>2588 Jesus, how horrifying.

Open file (139.69 KB 1008x746 kforbid_preview.jpg)
Hellrising Fellow Time Traveler 07/05/2021 (Mon) 12:41:08 No.1639 [Reply]
Gonna post about a horror game ive been playing on and off for the last 15 years if that interests anybody http://www.hellrising.com/index.php Attached is a screenshot of the game. It's perfect for people with time on their hands at work or dont have a strong pc for gaming etc. You basically play as either a human, vampire or zombie in the quarantined city of serling and fight it out. It has both elements of PVP and npc enemies.  You can form up groups which sort of function like guilds, which allow  the use of group storage. they also recently (well sort of recently) added base buildings items and crafting (Example: you can fence off a building, any undead have to break the fencing in order to access the buildings. there are different types of fencing and walls you can make via crafting, along with other stuff) If you do decide to play, my advice for anyone is stop by a fire department and pick up a walkie talkie it allows you to talk to the rest of the game and your first skill I suggest buying is the hiding one so you don't get killed as often. Oh one last thing, here is a map of the game. its easy to get lost without it https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/hellrising/images/0/00/Serling.png
>>1639 uh... is it one of those infinite survival games without save feature?
>>1639 This seem vaguely familiar. I think I may of played this about 15 years ago, lol.
>>1639 Is it still up or does my network sucks ? I have [code]Error in connecting to mySQL database No such file or directory[/code] error when vivisint hellrising.com.
>>2563 Working when I just tried it.
>>2570 Seems working now but can't access because work firewall. Will try it at home. Thanks.

Webring Fellow Time Traveler 11/21/2019 (Thu) 14:09:58 No.193 [Reply]
Hey there! I have aided some buddies of mine in creating a retro webring in the hopes of inspiring others to make some of their own. Feel free to check it out

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Open file (402.28 KB 1000x667 hannibal.jpg)
>>825 Baste.
>>818 I recognize 4 out of 5 of these. Gotta step my game up.
Open file (482.14 KB 636x474 Rupin.PNG)
>>243 Missing file
Open file (25.23 KB 640x572 ѝ20.jpg)
>>375 Missing file
>>243 same, its the jews though

Fellow Time Traveler 04/15/2020 (Wed) 02:12:08 No.536 [Reply] [Last]
Aesthetics thread Missing files >>1594
Edited last time by GOAT on 06/29/2021 (Tue) 13:42:48.
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>>2535 I do like some memewave, but I do find the "aesthetic" crap annoying and played out compared to the real McCoy. So much of that stuff relies on cherrypicked and flanderized aspects of '80s culture. There seems to be such a narrow range of artistic influences, and I don't really like the lack of subtlety. Sure, a lot of actual '80s media was brash and in your face, but it wasn't the cartoon caricature of neon lights, sports cars, video game imagery, and explosions either. On top of that, a lot of it feels too digital too. Even back in the '80s when digital technology was a popular selling point in product marketing, things still felt way less artificial due to analog technology remaining in wide use. I'm not necessarily knocking the people who make it and want to take things in their own direction, but it really doesn't do much for me a lot of the time. I also get the impression that a lot of listeners are more into what are ultimately derivative styles while not having much interest in what the music is supposed to be drawing from.
>>2547 >an inspired new take on a medium colloquially referred to as the 'dating-sim'. The blurb's pretty pretentiously written, which turns me off a bit. Is the game as self-impressed as its description?
>>2550 play it for five minutes and find out
>>2551 This isn't that kind of situation. I'll probably give it a miss.
>>2547 >2015 Wrong thread >>768 >VN Hard pass

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