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(176.11 KB 715x465 a32.png)
Robot 10/21/2019 (Mon) 12:05:48 No. 525
I believe I'm the fittest robot in this little cafeteria. I can do
>54 normal push up
>20 finger push up(the one which you bend the fingers, not the claw one. That one is very difficult)
>12 push up with over 20 kg on my back
>8 one hand push up
>4 knuckle one hand push up
>5 pistol squat
Will continue to post more personal record in the future. Anyway, i want to make this thread to kind of brag about my little accomplishment, and also to make a little competition for us to join in. We should post videos of ourselves doing exercises and challenge each others. Good for the body, good for the mind, distract us a bit from our lives. Is it cool?
Just a quick note for anyone attempting the finger push up first time, be very careful. Have common sense or you will enter snap city. I dare some faggot to do it once and his shit almost got bend the wrong way. Spread the whole thing evenly, that way when you may fail, your whole hand slap ground, not just the thumb. Dont try too hard, Slam your knees down if you fail suddenly.
(567.51 KB 910x823 1548721037055.jpg)
>We should post videos of ourselves doing exercises
To compete of course, how else would you prove to people that you are better than them? You can anonymize yourself wearing a face mask for example.
I feel like this is some kind of elaborate homo erotic ruse.
No this is not /fit/, there is no other board I hate more than those fucking pieces of shit. Just a little fun that’s all, no homo at all. I hope that you cover yourself properly if you gonna post some video. I don’t understand how you can think of exercising as gay. You don’t have to post videos, but I hope everyone here is honest when posting their pr.
>wanting to see masked white men exercising
Not implying that theres not any other races here, but it sounds like someone wants footage of the white supremacists doing nazi exercising on their new darkweb site
A deep♂white♂fantasy perhaps
>I can do this push up and that push-up
Sounds like a boring routine.
I just do 150 standard push-ups, 60 squats, and 75 sit-ups daily.
>We should post videos of ourselves doing exercises and challenge each others.
> Just a little fun that’s all, no homo at all.
Youhave a fetish. We get it anon.
Said the guy who only does basic exercise over and over again.
>muh man fetish
Not everyone is a closet faggot like you bitch
Think about it though, anon. You appeared out of nowhere and asked a bunch of guys to film themselves exercising. I bet that, in real life, if another guy walked up to you and asked to film you exercising "just for comparison", you'd think he was a fag. That's why your post came across as gay. Especially given that you didn't post a video yourself, which makes it seem extra disingenuous.

OP being a literal fag aside, should we turn this into an exercise thread? I've discussed those topics before with robots and its always been interesting.
I think it would be a good idea, lately I've been told to get into cutting, but I don't know what that means.
To "cut" in fitness terminology means to lose weight, generally fat but also sometimes water weight. It is the opposite of "bulking" which is putting on weight, most of which is ideally muscle.
>In real life
In real life, you could just compete with the guy on the spot so of course asking for video is just redundant. You don’t have to post videos, posting pr is good enough if you are honest, the video however make your claims factual.
>didn’t post a video yourself
Give me some time
> I've discussed those topics before with robots and its always been interesting.
And who do you think those persons are? Its mostly just me you talking to, faggot.
Fuck that shit, just train hard and eat right and you will get what you want. Do not starve yourself with fasting or any of that gay shit.
is finding that thick girl hot gay?
Well she has the anatomy of a man so it could be
(25.93 KB 379x386 1571921998245.png)
>tfw the airforce physical exam asks you to train 90°s push ups instead of 45°s pushups
They really want to break your body huh
What the fuck is a 90°s push up?
flaring elbows
Check out Iron Loo, a noble figure to inspire you to better yourself everyday. The life of a robot is lonely and cannot be fulfilled unless he burns himself out at something.
I just attempted that and it hurts
(91.09 KB 640x480 NeoTokyo3.jpg)
Train everyday, always try to add more weight/make the exercises more difficult, rest days will only make you weaker. If I started training after a few days of rest, I would always have painful fatigue that would render me useless for a few days afterward. Another thing is to remember to incorporate high reps training as well or you will also have fatigue.
I want to go outside to walk and maybe lift things in the woods, but i dont like leaving the house when my grandma is home. She always tells my mom about what i did each day and i dont want to be pestered about why i went outside.
On the chances i do go outside, is walking useful for gains, or at least burning calories? And what would be the safest way to lift up random logs in the woods
Is "I went walking in the forest for some exercise." not a good enough reason? Walking in the forest is good for cardio and being around nature vs being around the shitheads of society that reject you is also good for your mental health. Certainly better than Jew pills. I can attest that I enjoy being out in the forest vs being in the city. You might be different, though.probably not
I do enjoy it. The whitewashed green leaves on a bright day is really comf and reminds me of younger days or dreams. I just dont like talking to them about my goings on. If I ever leave the house when grandma is around she'll look through the window to see where i was going, If i was walking away, or going to the bus stop, and she'll tell my mom. Its nothing too serious, and i can dismiss them usually, but i dont want them always helicoptering me
You should go out into the woods more often then and make it double as exercise and training your family to not be on edge every time you leave the house.
The "fuck you mom and dad" phase usually takes care of it but some parents are resistant
When i walk a lot my thigh-hip joint feels sore and i get stretchmarks. Is this normal or because of my skinnyfat nature
OP here, just want to let you know that I made the mistake of fasting and losing so much weight. After watching IronL00, i finally understand how much of an idiot I am. Now I’m weak as hell and have to waste time building my weight up again. I dont want to be weak anymore, and being a skinny bitch wont get you anywhere. Do not try to lose weight, instead eating like there is no tomorrow and train hard.
Now that you're skinny, what is your plan to get gains? Tell me because i am skinnyfat and have a hard time lifting moderate things and get tired easily
I swallow a dozen eggs per day + drinking milk. Main meals stay the same because I'm on a budget.
>get tired easily
Its all in your head man, love the pain and you will get better. Always push for more reps, more weight, please do not make the mistake as to get comfortable and stagnate. Dont take rest days.
>plan to get gains
Aside from what I’ve mentioned above, I don’t go to the gym. I however have a backpack full of bricks to play with all by myself. If Im at my peak, I will add a water bottle or two until I can stuff in there more bricks. However I do wish I had better equipment but it really is not a viable option right now. I only do basic exercises with it: Curl, push-up, plank, squat.
(98.30 KB 1080x942 1466677149714.jpg)
I'm in a similar situation. I used to be really into lifting (/fit/ was my main board for a long time) until last year I gave it up due to muh depression. Now I'm weak and skinny as hell and I kind of regret it. However I'm not going to bulk up again, instead I'm going to try circuit training because according to a study I found you can increase strength and muscle mass even at a slight caloric deficit with it. Although you obviously won't get as strong as you would by lifting heavy and bulking, it seems to be the best kind of training for overall fitness and time savings.
I once managed 200 pushups in one sitting. My arms were sore for weeks though, but I did it. My triceps is as hard as bone. Man if only I wasn't socially retarded I'd have been Chad or something near Chad, a Brad maybe
sauce on pic related? need for scientific reasons.
Any advice on gaining muscle/weight with a high metabolism? I pretty much eat whatever I want apart from trying to avoid soy, but never gain or lose weight. I don't exercise much other than about 5 pull-ups most days.
>gain muscle
Exercise + protein filled foods will help. Eggs, meat, milk, that stuff helps
>gain weight
Just eat constantly. I wish I needed to gain weight.
Oh and if you want to get fat, nothing better than eating carb filled foods all the time, since they don't satiate hunger.
You know what I hate? If i want to get better at a particular exercise, I have to just do it to get better. Say if I practice punching and curling, it will contribute fucking nothing to how many pull up I can do. Another example would be no matter how much weight I can squat with, I won't change how much I can do pistol squat. Or if i train my guts out with 30 kg bag push up, it helps nothing with how many regular push up I can do. Very annoying.>:(
Train with a bunch of high school boys today in my hometown park and it makes me think of certain things. Firstly, they still fell for the separate muscle each day meme. Secondly they train like fucking pussy and it seems like none of them even bothered training till failure. However they were able to do some very circus-y shit like doing a barrel roll on the bar or whatever thats called and the gay planche that they were to hold for 20 seconds or so. Anyway not impressed. However what pisses me off is that they are better than me at doing pull up and I dont have a fucking bar nowhere to train consistently. Any tips to set a bar in a small apartment?
Whats a comfy way to prepare eggs? I dont like thw yolk of a hard boiled egg, and just scrambling it is ok but doesnt have much taste
(1.57 MB 2481x6600 1570375850847-0.jpg)
>5 min warm up
>dynamic stretches
>no more than 1 rep
>blah blah blah
>a billion exercise
>gay shit
Im not a fucking retard that needs to to be told what to do by whoever the idiot that made it. Ill stick with the basis thank you.
I think its because different kinds of exercises are supposed to train different muscles right? I dont know anything about exercising, but a squat might push and pull the muscles one way, and a pistol squat will pull and push them in another way
What to do on rest days?
Dont have rest day.
I cant even try my best, i cant even try my best. Im scared of pain. Im worthless.
That's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy I think. You're not able to do something therefore you believe it's impossible, therefore attempting to do it grows harder.
You should try from the smallest steps and then grow forward
Honestly its hard to just not think about things. Im being forced to get a drivers license and i hate the observation and perception you need to have. Im always checking if im in lane and worrying what the car nearest to me is gonna do, which i then forget about the nearby stoplight. How can normals just bob and weave through traffic while still being incompetent and inconsiderate when moving carts around in a busy shopping mall I'll never know
Placebo shouldn't exist, it just makes it harder for the people at rock bottom, why does it exist
There's no need to fear for mistakes, they're just an example of "learning by experience". If it helps you any better, I'd suggest first driving where no one drives. If you live in a populated city, try to go to locations far enough that are almost bordering the rural area, but still deep enough that is populated.
I guess im too much of a wimp. Fearful, timid robot mocked by his mother for younger family members (cousins) getting their license before him.
Do you have any advice on how to not drift away at the wheel? Whenever im in a car, my perception washes away and i get to enjoy the sensation of moving and seeing things pass by. Issue is i cant do this at the wheel but my mind wants to. Maybe my perception is too low now to drive safely, not that mother would accept that answer. I dont like left turns because the instructor says you have to be able to see the cars being far away, and if your vision is blocked from seeing down the road (trucks in the way, the road bends, on a hill), then you're not supposed to go. This makes every other driver behind you mad. would this also make the licensing instructor dock points when i do the test? Considering that the rest of the traffic doesnt approve. And why would there be a seperate culture between drivers and what the driving test requires? That just makes everyone hate new drivers, makes you lose marks on the test for following common traffic culture, and makes people disregard what the instructor says its right.
>learning to drive
That is hell. dad tried to teach me to drive and ended up scaring me out of it for good. Besides the fact that my perception is shit (i am basically unable to tell how close I am to anything so Im perpetually scared of hitting something), but my dad would yell at me for it. I would be really close to something and unable to tell or I would start driving on the bumps in middle of the road so he would start yelling at me. Its basically traumatized me from ever being able to drive. I wish I could drive since being reliant on others for rides is hell but learning to drive is even worse. Dont know how you find the will to drive
Mom forces me. Yells at me too. Makes me wish i was driving with the instructor since at least hes calmer and has a brake pedal. If it wasnt for her i wouldn't step in the drivers seat. Im getting a little used to it, and adjusting the seat so i can sit higher really helps with perception, but im still freaked out by cars and buses switching lanes and driving in close traffic. Maybe its not for the timid. Id personally want a motorbike because it least then i can see the ground and my sides, but i hear motorbikes are worse for insurance.
Don't really know if this belongs in this thread but I had some back problems from all the sitting around and what really helped me was sleeping on the back, strechet out without a pillow, so that your head is even. The first two days I couldn't sleep properly and got sore but after that it gradualy got better. Thought that some robots might share the same problem
Ive got a slight neck crook, and its starting to feel more comfortable when i keep my back bent when walking around, like some old person. I should probably do this
54 push-ups in a row or? I can do 40 something in a row, but I have done over 200 in sets. Definitely have done more than 8 one hand push-ups, but I haven't done the rest.
You know I was kinda thinking of this shit more and Ive come to realize me driving is probably dangerous. I often get sudden bouts of anger where I just want to hit or break something or depression where I think "if I had a gun right now id kill myself." Yesterday I had one of those in the car and realized if I were driving I very well might just choose to swerve the car into the railing or another car. Honestly probably a good thing that Im too scared to drive.
The problem with that is that suicide by driving is a very hard thing to pull off, not from mentality but the physics of things. You'd have to
>drive in a speed that would eject you fast enough to propel you when the car stops after the crash
>hit a structure with your head while your body ragdolls all over the air
>not get your legs stuck on the car (that happened to me when I mildly crashed the car)
>have the airbags not working
It's just too cumbersome and you'll end up destroying your body for a more miserable existence.
Try driving a little each day, no one starts a professional
>women can drive
>you're too autistic to drive
That would he a pretty bad feel. Is it possible to train ones perception? Thats my biggest issue i feel
You just need to grow some balls nigger. Stop playing the victim and start practise driving.
(644.28 KB 880x658 bald.png)
I've been exercising for 6 months now and I still look like the fat blob with three rolls I was before.
Am I doing something wrong?
No, exercise will barely change the way you look for the majority of people. It takes years to build up any really noticeable muscle base, and even then if you haven't dieted down it'll be hard to know it's there. If you don't want to look fat then stop eating food. Diet is 98% of how you look. Don't fall for all the bullshit you see where body builders always have toned abs and all that crazy shit, almost every single picture you see of these people they're hopped up on one drug or another, or they only look that way 1 week out of the entire year. Keep lifting heavy shit anon, ignore vanity and do it so you can crush the skulls of normalniggers who fuck with you.
Being sardined between a bunch of normals while they're in metal boxes that limit perception isn't that easy to get over
(311.70 KB 760x901 1574883388394-1.png)
My fear consumes me and eats me up. I cant do anything but scream for help. I am hopeless and helpless in the face of pain and suffering. My fear makes me freeze and cry like a bitch. I am not a man.
Just punch fear in the cock and do pushup.


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