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Vidya thread Robot 10/13/2019 (Sun) 21:50:59 No. 424
So what have you been playing lately, anon?
I finished Duke Nukem 3d, found it quite endearing but I also got surprised how atmospheric and kinda frightening the game could be, with slimes jumping on you in dark corners in alien-like environments as the distorted sounds of early recording audio play.
I started playing Doom after it, it's not the same atmosphere, but it keeps you at your toes and the Spectres still can startle when you least expect them. The game is short, so I'll probably check out Doom II and Final Doom after it.
If anyone wants to drop suggestions or just talk about what they've been playing, don't mind posting it here.
Started Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter on Serious a week ago. Currently on Moon Mountains. Shit's brutal. Wish me good luck.
I fucking hate kleers with a passion
(57.63 KB 1024x1024 FQURFH2J98RI24Z.LARGE.jpg)
(107.03 KB 960x954 1543260890344.jpg)
Postal 4 got announced
I hope the devs don't screw up and the game still contains the dark aesthetic that Postal 2 had, this looks too much like Dead Rising 2
(1.02 MB 1920x1080 fury of the storm.png)
(66.20 KB 645x640 guitar hero dog.jpg)
I'm kinda fascinated how big Guitar Hero has been growing lately. First with the surge of Clone Hero, and now apparently people are even making customs of DJ Hero, which seemed it was left on the ground.
I honestly can't wait for the Rhythm vidya revival that will happen the next decade.
How about playing a real guitar instead?
That costs money
Can anyone recommend a dinosaur game to sate my prehistoric autism?
I've already played the Dino Crisis games third one was retarded, but I'm drawing a blank as far as any others I'd like to play.
Not exactly a pure ancient dinosaur game, but, Turok 1 and 2. Turok 2 is the better game, but Turok 1 has more dinos.
(1.03 MB 881x622 dino city.png)
I keep forgetting how much Silent Hill 2 made me feel. At least this moment, I can still remember it.
I tried to get quake to work on quakespasm once, but the sound wouldn't work. I tried looking into doom sourceports but i dont know the differences between each. Ended up snagging some streloks doom files from the ar/k/, but couldn't get it to stop playing some brutal doom level
(3.41 MB 1300x6971 1514094816594-1.png)
(1.67 MB 1543x6892 1503778360511.png)
Theres these guides for doom and quake on cuckchan. Also quake 3 has multiplayer games based off of it, all free. Of course you can just pirate quake 3 and play its multiplayer as well.
http://www.quakejs.com/ browser quake 3 if you want
Theres also quake 2 coop or die but that requires friends
(19.42 KB 500x493 benis.png)
Decided to install dolphin again since I made the jump to linux and wanted to try how it worked there and holy shit the difference is huge.
1080 was playable and had no(t much) audio stutter, the same wiht F-Zero GX Except sand zone, and buildings in Killer 7 don't jitter in a frenzy.
I also decided to go back at Killer 7 after dropping it for a while, it has been a while since a game got me hooked for five-six straight hours.
Im not sure if I'm smart enough for linux but i was also thinking about dolphin recently. Apparently theres ways to set up online play, and not just for melee.
It's ridiculous how a change in the API improved performance dare I say tenfold. Now if only this was also used in PCSX2, that could probably help with the massive slowdowns.
>Im not sure if I'm smart enough for linux
Neither I, but so far, so good
Linux isn't about being intelligent, it's about caring about stupid autistic shit. Very few things in life are truly dictated by something as silly as IQ.
>Apparently theres ways to set up online play, and not just for melee.
You can play literally any dolphin game online with the netplay client. It's a pretty good time if you have friends to try it out with. But it equalizes the ping so if you have one laggy fuck everyone is very laggy.
have you heard of this?
i had it bookmarked a while ago and i think it might help with online play or performance in general


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