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/lit/ thread Robot 01/18/2020 (Sat) 22:08:53 No. 4063
I didn't see any literature cafeteria going on or maybe i am too blind (if that's the case, you can smite this thread BO).
So here we go.

Lately, i've been more interested in social matters and how certain things we have today came to existence. So I am currently trying to find a decent book on the origin of language.
My next book will probably be "The collapse of complexe societies" (Joseph A. Tainter) and "Sex and culture" (Joseph Daniel Unwin).
Next, I plan to hop into the history of philosophy from ancient greeks to modern age.

I am curious what other bots are reading or plan to read and why. Ofc if you got any recommendations for anons' replies, shoot.
Trying to get into lucid dreaming again, that is why i am reading some literature about that shit. The last book I read was 'Man and his becoming according to Vedanta' by Guenon. I like traditionalist philosophers in general.
As for fiction or anything you read for sheer pleasure, I can't read anything modern and most of the literature written during the last two centuries, with few exceptions, just can't. Modern literature is so fucking nigger tier i cannot even read most of the titles without puking.
At the moment I'm reading "The Day of the Triffids" (John Wyndham). It has quiet an interesting take to the post apocalypse where the whole human population are clueless participants to their own mutual destruction by farming alien plants. The version I have however has an introduction by an acedemic claiming that somehow the novel reflects the teachings of the Frankfurt school so there's that.

I might consider reading "Infinite Jest" (David Foster Wallace) sometime soon since it explores the decadent american culture.
I know the feeling, I am not keen on modern fiction too. The last fictions i read were Frankenstein and Lovecraft's one, those i liked.
Nowadays i mainly focus on academic litterature if i am knowledgeable on the subject discussed, or I read some science popularization essays until i grasp the concept.

Thanks for the the "Infinite Jest" recommendation, i enjoy downfall themed books for some reason.
There is something fascinating about the collapse (how did it happen ? why did it happen ? Could it have been prevented ? How ? What can we learn from it ?)

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