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Depressing Images Robot 10/13/2019 (Sun) 15:11:49 No. 399
There was a good thread for them going on 8/r9k/, wish I had saved more of them.
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(12.33 KB 186x170 Candace_Newmaker.jpg)
>first pic
Just read the transcript of her murder. The quacks who murdered her only got 16 years in prison. One of which only served 7 years before being released on parole.Aren't psychologists such a gift to our society?
Have psychologists given us anything other than sex addicted trannies, pedophiles, and serial killers?
(244.57 KB 940x653 1524471287257.jpg)
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(45.47 KB 565x565 1529221412230.jpg)
(157.96 KB 959x1341 1554547354404.png)
(78.40 KB 600x448 1482829978994.jpg)
Tldr? Was it incompetence or jew experimenting?
(439.66 KB 800x583 we're enemies now.png)
>4th pic
The pic doesn't lie, but I have to point it out.
It's quite ridiculous the situation she ended up dealing with, so my best bet is that the doctors just wanted to try that out as an experiment.
Too odd.
The Wikipedia article makes me sick because it continually refers to what happened to Candace as "treatment." In reality, she was tortured to death. The "treatment" was called rebirthing. 4 adults wrapped her tightly inside a blanket and sat on her for over an hour, until she suffocated in a pool of her own vomit and excrement. While they were torturing her, the "psychologists" mocked her relentlessly and told her to
die. Let's examine a short excerpt from the transcript, shall we?
>16:08 -- Can you let me have some oxygen? You mean, like you want me to die for real?
>Ponder: Uh huh.
>Die right now and go to heaven?
>Ponder: Go ahead and die right now. For real. For real.
>OK, I'm dead.
>Watkins: It's not always easy to live. You have to be really strong to live a life, a human life.
>17:07 -- (Labored breathing) Get off. I'm sick. Get off. Where am I supposed to come out? Where? But how can I get there?
Watkins: Just go ahead and die. It's easier . . .It takes a lot of courage to be born.
>18:26 -- You said you would give me oxygen.
>Watkins: You gotta fight for it.
>19:50 -- (Candace vomits) OK, I'm throwing up. I just threw up. (Vomiting) I gotta poop. I gotta poop.
>21:24 -- Uh, I'm going in my pants.
>Ponder: Go ahead.
>Watkins: Stay in there with the poop and vomit.
>23:22 -- Help! I can't breathe. I can't breathe. It's hot. I can't breathe.
>Newmaker: I'm so excited to have this baby. . I'm waiting for you, to love you and hold you. . .
>Ponder: Scream, Candace.

I am not going to seek out the video, because I have absolutely no interest in watching it. I might desensitized to some serious gore but fuck that. I'm not a psychopath.

You might be asking
>Why was this girl even in therapy to begin with?
Well she was taken away from her parents and separated from her brother. Then she was placed in the foster care of a single mother. So naturally, the single mother does a terrible job and Candace starts having behavior problems at home. To fix this, the mom goes to a psychologist who recommends she take Candace to these unlicensed psychopaths, and for the low-low cost of $7,000, they suffocate her and now she doesn't have problems any more.

Psychology is not a serious science, don't listen to therapists, and for the love of God don't let them near children.

Wikipedia article:

Transcript of the video:

A news article about her life and death, and the mother:
>Jeane tried everything for Candace — doctors, counselors, drugs.
Yeah, they tried everything except a proper family.
Though the 4th picture does capture my feeling in certain periods of my life, this is pure normalfaggot suffering. If you cannot handle loneliness, you are not a man in the first place, rather some weak bitch addicted to attention whoring. Generations of men daydreaming and begging for females’ approval, like some domesticated dog wailing its tail for food. It is disgusting and pathetic.
I saw psychologists as a glorified pill dispenser, or a pencil pusher whos only skills are reading a multiple choice paper, but this, this is just fetishistic.
What kind of ego or power trip does one have to have to think this is the route to take with a child?
Good job, these great doctors just cured the world of a potential whore destroying our culture. Cant believe you faggots are defending a woman.
(145.51 KB 371x474 59160799_p0.jpg)
God damn I hate this. Even reading this would traumatize a child. She'd better have reincarnated into the best afterlife ever because no one deserves that shit.

Go away
The 8/r9k/ i know was more hostile than this, what's with you peace loving faggots?
The shootings being the reason for deplatforming 8chan has made everyone less viciously mad, since it kinda shows what happens if we don't contain ourselves.
Are you kidding me? Assuming we don't make the same mistake as to not explicitly list out places to take refute in, why should anyone lower their power level? There are always alternatives, and the more obscure we get, the better it is for us.
>our culture
Yeah, the culture of niggers and mudslimes would produce a faggot like you. Go larp somewhere else.
Those poor women, why didnt anyone protect them?? They dont deserve such fate in the hands of those evil men :((
Connell Watkins and Julie Ponder (the "therapists") are also women. It's women all the way down.
Go the fuck away
Why are you so concerned for this little girl anon? You sure as hell don't have a vagina, and one of the reasons why you are so miserable is because of women. So why in the goddamn would you have so much sympathy for this bumfuck that you would never meet or have any kind of connection? You are the one who needs to fuck off, sissy.

(user has been warned for this post)
Edited last time by mugabe on 10/15/2019 (Tue) 16:19:06.
>kids are women
You know it doesnt mean shit to ban me, right?
(231.64 KB 887x900 rip.jpg)
This post ( >>449 ) was for this post ( >>448 )
Girls mature faster than boys and also stagnate very soon as well. When you were still catching bugs and playing catch with your faggot friends, completely oblivious to the world around,they have already dreamt about cocks and used you stupid retards for schoolwork. They know from a very young age that just existing is enough to get what they want as a woman. But you wouldn't know it, would you? Because you are too busy being all chivalrous to these poor, innocent souls.
>8 year olds have already been dreaming about cock 24/7
Moishe, drop the kikery
I'm not him but I'm going to be honest I did once see a 7 year old girl grind on a young boy on a playground once when I was in highschool.
I don't know about whenever that little girl was killed but children are increasingly becoming corrupted by an early introduction to modern social media and all the bullshit that comes with that. Not trying to say these children are as awful whores but this corruption of youthful innocence is very real and its only getting worse.
Most of behavior like this is generally conditioned. To blame anyone for acting like a degenerate retard these days is kind of retarded. Almost every single man and woman below the age of 30 had their childhood severely influenced by the internet and by internet pornography, and in more recent years pornography and sexuality has seeped deep into general media meaning even if by some grace of god a child managed to avoid internet porn they're still being conditioned by general media.

The problem with the "i hate women they are evil" mindset is that you imply they have some sort of intellectual agency to decide to be morally aligned in any capacity. Like children women just aren't capable of things like that, and that's not to necessarily disparage women, it's just how it is. We want to protect children because they don't and can't know any better, and we want to protect women for the same reason.

Getting mad at most people for what is very obviously heavily conditioned behavior that was essentially completely unavoidable seems very silly. That's not to say you should enable or tolerate them, but at the very least direct that hatred towards the people conditioning it in the first place. Most people are too retarded to be capable of true malice. It would be like getting mad at a mad dog. Just put it down and deal with the retarded nigger breeding them down the road. It's not worth your time and effort to start ranting about how puppies are all just smaller mad dogs.
>oy vey, (((psychiatrists))) murdering White kids is totally a good thing!
Go lynch yourself, nigger.
>Have infinite things to do in a finite amount of time
The classic we should hate women for being naturally degenerate and easy to manipulate, but can we hate something that has practically no agency and follows what society tells her to do debate.
I think its important to consider both. Discontentment for womens sinful and gullible nature meams you're aware of it, as well as making one aware of how it can be manipulated. Men can create rules and a culture based around limiting the degeneracy of the woman, as well as subversion aimed at them, ideally. I think its a little silly to just say "its natural for a woman to do X so we should accept how they are and focus that hatred elsewhere". Makes it sound like the women get a free pass, and society only has to change. I think theres nothing wrong with showing hate to the natural state and inclinations of women, its like hating sin or jews or disease. All naturally exist and naturally do what they do, but we find ways to try and eliminate ( :^] ) such things from our lives, due to our understanding of how bad they are. We cant eliminate women (yet), but hating their existance can lead to ways to making them less gross
I think it's important to draw a distinction between hating influenced behavior or hating the fact that someone is easily influenced. Most people are easily influenced or can generally be conditioned into just about any behavior, men or women. Obviously women are naturally more childish and lack the drive and agency of men so they're more prone to it, but we can see men almost as easily being conditioned into cross-dressing and other very radical behavior given the right push into the right directions.

Hating a child for being easily influenced is simply irrational. It's not worth investing all of that emotional energy. I didn't say you need to accept what they've been influenced to do. But if what they've been influenced to do so deeply upsets you, that maybe you should address the root cause.

I'll admit I probably have mild autism so it's a lot easier for me to separate myself from emotional ties to women and perceive things this way. I've never really concerned myself with women or desiring their attention/intimacy. So maybe I think more robots should make autism their superpower and stop being such whiny faggots.
not unless you go to heaven or hell
>Thought a chance at instant death was barbaric
>Opted to just let the mouse slowly fucking starve to death while immobile
>Surprised when the animal opted to lose limbs instead
That poor, naive retard.
Let me guess, that jap roastie probably only got a slap on the wrist?
I read all of Watkins' lines in Jim's voice.
(12.46 KB 349x471 628x471.jpg)
(55.54 KB 482x600 PLANE-CRASH.jpg)
(17.15 KB 400x277 tampa172bldgcrash-0102n.jpg)
Excerpt from the wikipedia article

On January 5, 2002, Charles J. Bishop, a high-school student of East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States, stole a Cessna 172 light aircraft and crashed it into the side of the Bank of America Tower in downtown Tampa, Florida. The impact killed the teenager and damaged an office room, but there were no other injuries.

Bishop had been inspired by the September 11 attacks; he had left a suicide note crediting Osama bin Laden for the attacks and praising it as a justified response to actions against the Palestinians and Iraqis and said he (Bishop) was acting on behalf of Al Qaeda, from whom he'd turned down help. As officials could find no other evidence of any connections, terrorism as a motive was ruled out, and they suggested that the crash was an apparent suicide.

TL;DR This happened a year after 9/11. The kid was a massive al qaeda larper and decided to take other people's lives with him. Although he failed miserably at that. Just like the faggots who take an example from brandon tarrant
At least this kid actually had the right idea and picked a worthwhile target, even if his reasons were sandnigger tier.
The Tarrant copycats keep picking low level noses and randos on the street instead of taking the time to snigger out politicians or bankers to actually strike the fear of god into the people who torment everyone else.
Why the hell is that filtered?
I'm autistic
I think theres some philosophy there. Why god would send someone to hell even if they were conditioned by society, e.t.c, to be sinful kinda question.
I think their acceptance to their conditioning ans spreading it socially is warrant enough to hate them. once manipulated, they become "self replicating". They spread the degeneracy themselves, perpetuating the culture. By hating them you may not get to the root of the problem, but it can help stop influence through ones peers. It wont shelter them from social media, but i feel social media becomes less valuable if you dont have real life peers telling you to join them online
Does that imply that subreddit or whatever was made in 2019?
It implies the subreddit. The 2019 part may mean that the user transitioned to neetdom in 2019 or that he's still a neet in 2019. Frankly I think it's the latter.
(140.41 KB 1600x900 8yr tr.png)
(219.69 KB 718x952 fat weeb in diner.jpg)
(99.91 KB 711x864 please wish me.jpg)
(272.96 KB 800x541 ghost net whale dark.jpg)
(21.49 KB 480x314 ghost net hammerhead.jpg)
Long story short, you need to leave.
/r9k/ USED to be peaceful. It was a place for robots to spend joy together. That angry shitflinging you loved so much is what degenerated the board into shit.
The shutdown of 8chan revealed what you should have always been able to intuit, that most robots are failed normalfags. There's no adherence to higher principle, they bend the knee as soon as the possibility of being cut of from their internet friends is brought up, social normalfaggots. Plus, the actual interesting anons have gone back to their hobbies while the internet friend addicts have come to dominate. Also doesn't help that /a/ was one of the few bunkers so they were able to set the initial discourse. I wonder if those guys are still talking about cocks even now as we speak.

Please, you wouldn't be kvetching if you weren't worried he wasn't larping and that you might have to move again. You're presumably a white male, no amount of apologizing will make people like you, have some fucking dignity.

This is the only counterargument worth a damn.
The other robot was praising a group of quack pyschologists for "defending western culture" by torturing a little girl to death. He's saying edgy shit so he can posture about how much he cares for "our culture" when we all know he won't actually do shit to stand up for the "culture" he holds so dear. He's just pretending to be a pillar of western civilization, i.e., larping.
although if the madlad actually did something about it, then that might be pretty cool

>no amount of apologizing will make people like you
I never apologized for anything and I don't give a shit if you faggots like me or don't like me.
>I don't give a shit if you faggots like me or don't like me.
Are you sure about that?
no pls give me (you)s
Is this where you try to "win" the internet argument by saying him replying to you at all means he cares deeply about what a total stranger thinks about his opinion while also implying he's totally shaken to the core, instead of just dealing with the fact someone disagrees with you and you were unable to make them conform to your stance on the issue?
>try to "win"
No, there is no winning, because no one will ever give a fuck about what others think and no one will change their mind. Arguing any further is pointless. Just like in real life, if I feel like I can’t convince someone on trivial shit, I just ease up and shut up and the other guy will do the same. Plus I love you, so I don’t want to hurt your feelings or waste your time.
I can tell you with confidence that they are still talking about cock right now.
Damn I was expecting you to post a bunch of smug anime reaction images.
I have enough anyway.
>no one will ever give a fuck about what others think
I don't think that's entirely true. I've had conversations with anons that change the way I think about certain things or inform my opinions about certain topics without any needless vitriol. The problems arise when two or more anons come into a discussion with the intention of making the other person see things exactly the same way they do. It's the important distinction between having a "debate" and exchanging ideas. ("debate" in quotation marks because it's usually more like shitflinging) The latter is generally more productive, and both parties can benefit from understanding each other better.

>plus I love you
woah anon cool it with the gay shit
y-you too
I guess this should work
Every time I see pictures of qboomers I get really sad.
Braying retard cattle from the day they were born all the way up until death's door, what a horrible way to live.
(835.37 KB 250x150 what pic.gif)
I'm absolutely fucking speechless.
And people thought that the influx of the younger generation and phoneposters would be the end of imageboards. No one expected the boomers
(7.06 KB 162x220 all gone.PNG)
(322.32 KB 1855x642 scale of no return.jpg)
I don't think this image fits the thread, but I did it once based on that graph.


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