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do you drink alcohol to cope? Robot 01/09/2020 (Thu) 00:05:50 No. 2434
I fucking do. It's interesting, I recognize that in a perfect world I shouldn't even touch this stuff but we all know we live in hell, or the preamble to hell. Alcohol is the only thing that somewhat puts me in a good mood, it's sad it has become this way but it's the only way. In some form I comfort myself that drinking grain/fruit based spirits gets me closer to the true nature of man that most artifices that bind together normies nowadays (technology, manufactured pop culture and so on). In a perfect world I wouldn't drink alcohol, in a perfect world it would be a satanic potion but in a hellish world it's actually an angelic balm for the ills that plague our spirit. Maybe that's why most of them are callled spirits? anyways I wish most of this stuff was cheaper.
It's not worth it after like the first year, or whenever you build up a high tolerance.
Occasionally drinking is fine, but don't drown your troubles with it, it only makes it all so much worse and there's better things to do with your time, or at least better drugs that won't absolutely fucking destroy your liver, like mushrooms.
depends on the person, I knew people who couldn't drink alcohol because it made them sad as fuck. But I think it depends, on the person and on the drink, little have we studied on the effects of different alcoholic beverage on the spirit and mood of the individual. For example Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniels, we all know they taste like trash, but why are so popular? it's because it puts people in a good mood, in a way that a bushmills or a glenfiddich doesn't. Science hasn't explored fully this phenomena.

But you're partially right, when you build a tolerance you need more and more, and it stops being economically viable. Maybe I should switch to cheap wines
I used to. It changes from being fun to being a burden. If you drink daily, then by middle age it will have taken its toll on you. You will look worse, feel worse, and think slower than people who manage to cope on their own. For some people, it's worth it. For most people, it's not worth it, but it's too late by the time they realize what's going on.
>Do you drink normalcattle poison
No, why the fuck would I?
>it depends on the person
The only thing that depends on the individual is how long it takes before they stop feeling "happy" when drunk and it no longer staves off the misery of modern life.
It will happen, and you won't like it at all when it does.
However it's your life and I'm looking forward to pointing and saying I was right and that I hope you get better when you're making "I can't stop drinking" threads in a couple of years.
No. I almost never drink honestly. Alcohol is cancer.
I've tasted alcohol a few times many years ago, but it really doesn't taste good. My understanding is that most people don't like the taste of alcohol in the beginning, but as they drink more of it, they get used to it. A question then arises: Why drink in the beginning, if it doesn't taste good? The answer in most cases seems to be that normal people do it for social validation. Therefore alcohol usage can be seen as a decent way to spot niggercattle without many false positives.
(407.63 KB 2262x1278 endless possibilities.jpg)
I used to love alcohol. It still makes me super happy, gets rid of anxiety and at the beginning I didn't get any hangovers or negative effects.
After binge drinking enough it's kind of ruined for me though. Although I try to keep my tolerance low it seems to build back much faster than it used to in the beginning and nowadays I get bad hangovers where I have anxiety all day and feel like all joy is sucked out of me. The hangovers aren't bad compared to the withdrawals though.
I haven't ever gotten bad withdrawals but even the mild shaking, anxiety, crushing depression and remembering every time I've failed at something and not being able to get it out of my mind is horrible. Oh and funnily enough alcohol is one of the only drugs which withdrawals can actually kill you. I don't think I was anywhere near the point it would have killed me since that happens thanks to seizures in bad withdrawals but it sure as hell gave me a fuck ton of anxiety.
Not that I was able to sleep very well while withdrawing but even when I was I had super vivid nightmares which were realistic enough that it was hard to distinguish from reality. Alcohol also ages you very fast and although I personally only drank heavily for about a year the difference is noticeable.
Nowadays I only drink once a week when I go buy my food for the week. I try to only have few drinks when doing that so I don't have to deal with the hangover but the problem is that after having the first drink I'm quite likely to keep going until I'm near blackout drunk.
>Why drink in the beginning
Aside from the normalfaggotry for the psychoactive effects and because it's seen as something that adults do so most people at least want to try it when they turn old enough.
There are some alcoholic beverages which taste good for the beginner too although this is very individual. Personally I enjoyed rum colas and long drinks even when I was just beginning to drink.
Alcohol is very normalfag tier drug overall though.
The first time I drank it I downed a couple of shots to see why the popular niggercattle at school were doing it. I liked how it made me feel after it finally hit me, and it was all downhill from there, though I never socialized while drinking or even felt more comfortable around people, it just made me even more stand offish.
Glad I quit regardless, you start to constantly feel like fucking garbage after a year or so of drinking all the time. At least that's how it was for me.
what about non-alcoholic bitter drinks? there's no social validation to be had with those and they taste bad at the beginning. Classifying all acquired tastes as being niggercattle stuff is misleading. Your weird fetishes are acquired taste too.
I would add, normalfags don't like alcohol as much as you think they do, they use it for social gatherings and party but they're unable to drink anything that isn't mixed with soda or sweet wines. People of my generation simply can't taste a neat whisky or dry wine. Normalfags like being drunk but they don't enjoy alcohol.
I used to drink a little bit socially back between being 18-23. But not too long after turning 23 my health started to decline a bit and I couldn't drink alcohol anymore. I got to the point where my body wouldn't even properly process it. So I'd try to drink and couldn't get drunk but only sick. I might get a very light buzz after drinking a six-pack and some liquor. But I'd get really sick before I'd ever feel the effects of being drunk. Then I come to find out I had all sorts of issues ranging from the way my body processes iron, sugar, and calcium. So, I ended up just smoking weed once and a while when it's acceptable or I'm able to.
Who gives a shit you faggot cunt? Drink or not drink, no one gives a fuck dude, just shut the fuck up and kill your liver for all i care.
I drank a lot as a kid (7-11 years old). My parents did nothing at best and were amused and gave me more to drink at worst. Don't really remember why I decided to never drink ever again since then, probably because the need to puke and the hangovers were too much for me, or because I simply did not like alcohol very much.
Nowadays, while I am sticking to a healthy diet, exercise regularly and go out, I still have headaches and urges to vomit anyway. If I started consuming alcohol now I'd fucking die.
>I drank a lot as a kid (7-11 years old)
eastern european?
>My parents did nothing at best and were amused and gave me more to drink at worst
Haha what a fucking nigger family, im so sorry you have to stuck with them. My parents would kick me in the teeth if i drank during teens.
>eastern european?
Yes. Widespread underage alcohol use isn't exclusive to Slav countries. What gave me away?

They weren't exactly all bad, but if I were to present a prime example of people who did not leave their offspring unattended, but did parenting as wrong as possible, I'd choose my family.

They still offer me alcohol whenever they have it on hand and they see me, their "offers" range from bluntly asking me "want some?", telling me "anon, just lick it to taste it" or subtly threatening me with their disapproval if I happen to refuse.
Every time when I refuse (my refusals are a simple, neutral "no"), they laugh it off and try a different approach, or, if they fail (or fail again), they insult me and go back to their business of self-intoxication, start acting overdramatic and offended or do the behaviour routine of
>silly me, I TOTALLY forgot again that you were a non-drinker, I will force an awkward "whoops" out of myself and loudly whisper "sorry, I'll be quiet" while pretending to be afraid of your anger outburst that you have yet to show me after all these years
It's like they think that I have some sort of alcohol addiction just like they do, but, as I
supposedly suffer from the overly long withdrawal that, presumably, has been lasting since my childhood, I try to hide it while actively showing them my superiority (even though I avoid interacting with them as much as possible).
Or, being the normalniggers they are, they simply enjoy treating a social outcast like shit while feeling good about being a part of a social circle.

Haven't thought about it before, but I guess that those are just one of the countless forms of alcoholism instillation via peer pressure.
Alcohol always made me think of normalfag niggercattle, I knew some people who were drinking and weren't normalfags, but they always simply drank very little alcohol, and usually drank shit like wine that taste good, for no other reason than the taste alone.

Alcohol is one of the things that normalfags disgustingly abuse to interact with each other as they are not capable of geniuent social interactions. Have you ever actually been forced to a normalfag party for one reason or another? The reason why they suck dick is because they are literally built around nothing else than alcohol. If you don't drink, there is literally nothing to do because all of the activities that the normalcatle take part in during such parties are humiliating at best. You are expected to just dumb yourself down to bear with it, and normalfag """friendships""" are based off of relations made in this state.

There are social events that aren't normalfags, most of /tg/ stuff is based around that. But it you ever play board games with a bunch of people in a place that has alcohol, if they aren't complete niggercattle they will generally not drink much or not drink at all.
Because there is something to do together, and geniuent social interaction is based on doing things that actually allow you to know a different person. You have to actually show a bit of your geniuent self during a game, especially if you're playing RPGs, because other players will expect some work from you, and normalfags that can't put in a little work or brain into what they're doing can be outed more easily. If you want to know if someone is a shitty person, start playing games with them, especially ones that require some involvement from them. If they can't be arsed to put some work into it when you are doing that, despite promising to do so, they are either lying about wanting to play with you for one reason or another, or simply don't give a shit about you and your time.

Normalfags can't be arsed to put in any effort into what they're doing, and don't actually care about their relationships with others, so they avoid doing anything that might out them as what they are subconsciously, abusing alcohol instead so that everyone is dumbed down during their interactions.
>eastern european?
I was going to guess Canadian.
>Widespread underage alcohol use isn't exclusive to Slav countries. What gave me away?
The 7 - 11 part, most of the time kids in other parts of the planet don't start getting into drinking until like 13.
I'm another slav and I was drinking from age 5 till puberty. Usually strong beers and wine. A lot of kids I knew had a strong taste for alcohol when they were little and some of them grew out of it. Kids like only weaker and sweet stuff and I never saw a kid get drunk. Supposedly kids have completely different metabolism and rapidly neutralize smaller quantities of alcohol. I also saw people trying to discourage their little kids from drinking by giving them pure vodka, that's always guaranteed to taste like shit.
absolute degenerates, what a shithole. I hope your shitty race gets wiped out soon.
Slavic people are not a race you nigger, it's a language group.
You know, I think a lot of slavs really shouldn't reproduce. A lot of kids are born with mild FAS that might not be so obvious in their facial structure but it sure has done its thing internally. Lots of people seem to have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism too. When I asked my mother about the wider family, she said that you could tell who would turn into a lifelong drunkard when they were little. It was the way they yearned for another drink and emptied the glass with that kind of animal greed. Some kids get addicted right away, others are mostly indifferent but accept any opportunity to drink because they want to suck up to the grown ups.
It's a distinct group of ethnicities, slavs do look different than scandinavians, anglos, meds and other westerners.
I wonder what caused slavs to go downhill in this way. It couldn't be something like communism ruining them culturally right? I wonder if how the west uses alcohol as escapism or a distraction will eventually become like the slavs. Are there studies on the effects of heavy drinking on preteen kids?
In my country the alcoholics historically began to appear because of the jews. They owned watering holes in every damn village or town and they offered booze in credit. They had a monopoly on moonshine and were supported by the foreign authorities. They obviously didn't give a shit about anything as long as the jews payed them part of the money they made.
But in Russia, for example, booze is more cultural, it symbolizes manliness. If you don't drink booze, you are less of a man.
Is alcohol supposed to taste good after the thousandth time you chug that piss down your throat? Because it tastes like shit no matter how i look at it, and it baffles me that the fucking thing is so popular that it took my relatives' lives and the millions of people on the planet. Is the social pressure alcohol possesses that powerful it makes people chug disgusting poison down their throats and rationalize that for manlihood and social credit? Fucking hell, the jews are so goddamn smart.
Liquor isn't the only kind of alcohol, there are wines and beers which can taste pretty good. Liquor (which also comes in a variety of flavors) is also better to be sipped on, not downed in huge quantities like normalcattle do, and you can catch a nice buzz for a night from just a glass.
It also depends on if you have self-control, which is something kikes have actively done everything in their power to eliminate and applies to more than just alcohol.
Having an occasional drink is fine, people have been consuming alcohol for thousands of years, but every time things go to shit more people start to lose self-control and alcoholism spikes.
Kikes are just opportunistic and aren't actually all that smart and are ultimately incapable of keeping a civilization going for any length of time after their golem turn on them.
Just stop drinking the cheap stuff
This isn't only alcohol. People eat a lot of disgusting shit like extremely stinky moldy cheese, rancid aged meat, fermented meat/fish and many such things purely for social signalling. It might have something to do with prehistoric tribal rites of passage. Do something disgusting to show that you can overcome adversity. Instead of facing some real and meaningful adversity they opt to poison themselves or mutilate their bodies with scars, piercings and tattoos.
Beer and wine are not a good idea. Yeast produces enormous amounts of estrogen and in case of regular beer hops add even more of it. It's why beer gives you bitch tits and abdominal fat. Or in case of roasties who usually drink wine it makes them hyperestrogenic, which ages them and drives them insane/hysteric faster.
Hence why you don't drink gigantic quantities of any of them, leading back to my point about self-control.
A glass of wine or a beer every so often isn't going to turn you into a bitchtit tranny.
>self control
>A glass of wine or a beer every so often is fine
Dude, its jew poison, why even sip a drop in the first place?
Alcohol wasn't invented by kikes, and a glass of wine or a beer has relaxing effects.
This is the part where you fly off the handle and repeatedly accuse me of being a normalfag or a kike shill trying to push alcoholism isn't it?
Alcohol must be banned and people who drink it must be tortured to death.
I hope you dont mean cheeses like blue cheese. I wanted to get into the world of cheeses one day, my only experience has been those blocks of cheese that dont taste that nice
ok Mohammed
That's literally the case in muslim countries and they still have problems with alcoholism.
Rulecucks should be banned, and people who ban things for others should be tortured to death :^)
Poison shill thread, kill yourself you worthless degenerates. In the perfect world infedels like you should keep their perversion to themselves rather than justifying it to others. If you hate life so much you can just kill yourself, nigger boy.
Do something about it crybaby.
>Do something about it crybaby.
Huh? I aint gonna do shit, you shit for brain drunkard. You can kill yourself all you want, your suffering is my pleasure.
Yes you are so above this and enjoying this that you couldn't contain your desire to sperg out.
If you really thought that why are you being a crybaby on an imageboard?
Clearly it bothers you. If only there was something you could do about it.
I don't "cope" at the end of every month, it's just something I do.
Yeah whatever happened to just doing shit for the hell of it?
It seems like every action anyone takes anymore has to be justified or psychoanalyzed down to the smallest detail.
>all this coping
Absolutely seething. Acumhole cucks are so desperate they simply cannot handle being called out for what they really are. Imagine being so mentally weak that you have to retard yourself out of reality.
I don't drink actually I think it's pretty degenerate, though I don't think it's the most niggerry thing you can do I just wanted to point out that that was not nearly as clever as I'm sure you thought it was.
Its very original dude, i mean just search google for the word dude. Im a fucking genius dude.
>normalfag thinks we should give a shit he's offended some of us drink
>tries to cow us into submission with middle school tier posts
Gee, for a robot you sure are concerned about herding people. Almost like you're cattle and you fear any deviation from what you consider moral. Almost like the kind of fag that isolates people and makes them hate society in the first place.
Almost like you're a certain control freak redditor that has been shitting the site up.
(66.18 KB 630x630 1759154_1.jpg)
>robots talking about drinking and whether or not you should do it
>puritan teetotaler comes in and starts shitting himself
>accuses anyone else of being retarded
You may not be a drunk, but you're just as stupid as one to be honest.
I've heard theres foods that go well with wine. I only know of cheese wines and meat wines, but if i ever pursue cooking autism then maybe I'll try it. Maybe alcohol is just another nuance of culinary?
Red wine is an excellent marinade for chicken breasts. Meat and fish in general taste good with alcohol.
Man im sorry but i just cannot tolerate you niggerfaggots. If only you drunkard can keep your degeneracy to yourself, but where i live, it is very common practice for the mass to force people to drink till one passes out. If you dont do that shit, they will get passive agressive very fast. Most people who dont drink would just give up and drink because they dont want to offend others. Annoying as hell, i wish you dead. If anything, i am all alone having to deal with these idiots that keep getting on my cock. My experience doesnt allow me to think highly of you at all. Alcohol tastes like shit, is literal poison, and normalniggers use it to fuck with me. You retards really need to kill yourselves though, because alcohol is THE thing normalniggers use to socialize and corner others. Dont fucking call me normalniggers, when you yourselves are the living embodiment of it.
>puritan teetotaler comes in and starts shitting himself
>implying being a puritan is a bad thing at all.
>don't you dare do anything I consider abnormal
>don't you dare call me a normalfag for trying to make you conform to a norm either
lol I'm going to keep enjoying the occasional beer and I'm going to keep posting here and there's nothing you can do about it normalnigger.
Oh I get it now, you catched some banter from literal cattle and instead of being secure in your own choice of what to do you now overcompensate by sperging to literal strangers on a siberian brewing enthusiast forum.

>implying being a puritan is a bad thing at all.
They have done tremendous damage to the acceptance of the faith by forgetting that the personal journey and transformation one has to go through in more protestant circles and the values and boundaries that come with it are to be kept strictly personal, instead they took it upon themselves to right other peoples wrongs and by that totally sidestep the fucking lessons and gains of an entirely selfimposed personal journey.
I cope with weed and its shit, alcohol never did it for me.

>I expect everyone to share my worldview and try to shame them if they dont
>Thinking your personal experiences somehow enable you to do this wild generalization based off of 4 random fucks you know
>Calling others normalfags
No further comment.
Are you a nigger?
Im cadaver white but k
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