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(230.85 KB 800x1310 IMG_20190902_132819.png)
Women hate thread Robot 09/13/2019 (Fri) 17:41:34 No. 13
Let's get one going.
(6.96 MB 320x240 women are equal to men.webm)
I'll contribute with the few I have.
(336.88 KB 1529x2048 BEHOLD A MAN.jpg)
OP's pic is so retarded I can't get angry. I'm just incredibly confused.
Same shit happens to me with QBoomers. Anons are supposedly pissed off by them, but I think their hysteria and messiah complex is both hilarious and cute.
Qoomers are definitely cute. I can't say the same about the vermin in OP's pic. I can kind of say it about the second pic, though, maybe. Retarded whores failing at shit is kind of cute in it's own way, I guess? Even if it's not cute, it is hilarious.
(47.21 KB 816x346 track down celibate men.png)
>virgins should be tracked down and jailed for life
If they want to kickstart a revolution this is one of the few things that may do it. At least one ot ouf five men are virgins in the UK, I doubt it's any different in other parts of the world.
Don't be fooled by their lack of intellect anon. They are evil murderous cunts who would have you killed at the drop of a hat if they only could.
Kenji was a fucking prophet.
abortmalefetus hasn't seen Mars Needs Moms apparently.
(239.42 KB 647x1080 arguments with holes.jpg)
A classic.
honestly i kinda agree with ops pic. imagine what the world would be like if the ratio was 9 women to one man.
(233.07 KB 777x777 1568666223139.jpg)
Same, not gonna lie. Those dumb roast beefs don't realize that if men really were only 10% of the population they would essentially live like Gods. Amazing.
(3.69 MB 964x636 women are victims.webm)
(58.50 KB 517x517 1567806575530.png)
>using lebbit
why they swarm the other guy, ill never know
(836.26 KB 667x827 goodbye patriarchy.png)
It's truly over.
There was an image from womanhate threads of old. All women are feminists, they just dont complain like feminists usually do. They benefit from the system, the ideas that stroke their egos, while calling themselves "trad" or conservative. The woman has no conviction of her own, she will follow whatever makes her feel good. Being a "conservative gun loving gal" because its where she grew up and thats what attracts the men there. Telling herself that her mind is weak and gullible and that its improper for a lady to speak opinions over men's, or that she should probably have kids before shes 25+, or she shouldn't run about dating (because dating is just marriage without the responsibility) os something women wont do unless its to larp as a submissive or something
"Empowerment" is just bait that women always fall for. Voting "empowered" women, probation empowered women, cigarettes empowered women, burning bras empowered women working as a office or cashier cog empowered women. Wouldn't being more powerful and important feel sooooooo goooood? People will pay attention to you more.
Try to get a woman in this day and age to rebuke something that isnt homosexuality/sexual degeneracy. If they cant say "no you can't do that, thats not a womans place/not ladylike" then they're a parasite, latching onto whatever society is dominant
(290.48 KB 1387x899 1554042542820.jpg)
Reminder that paternity fraud is higher that you think.
(25.04 KB 326x326 Vomit_Chan.jpg)
Why are we talking about women at all? this is not anon.cafe/incels/ fuck off
The same reason why /pol/ had nigger hate threads.
Incels have ruined talking about women, as they do it in a love-hate way, where they value the woman but hate that she doesnt value them. Woman hate threads have always been r9k, not to orbit them in an envious way, but as pure disgust and hate. A display of the subhuman trial god has laid out for us
To put a slight christian perspective (because there were a few christian bots back on 8chan) how many preachers/pastors/priests or what have you go over what the bible says about women? Of solomon and David's repentance to god through their hatred of succubi? Or how in psalms or corinthians (cant remember) it talks about the ideal woman, who stays silent and submissive to her husband? How many Christian woman do you see talk about that? How many people look at mary as the ideal woman (god chose her to preggo) and then look for what made her the ideal woman (catholics like to venerate mary right)? They dont, because thats how women are. They will always lean towards degeneracy and egoism, for that pleasures them, it is society, and mans, burden to set social boundaries to make sure women dont go to far to gain power and attraction through "tee hee girl here"
Pictures because i forgot to
I do agree that incels have ruined talking about women but there is no point in discussing them at all. It just loops back in on itself with the end result being hate. Dead end. There were also very few women hate threads on 8ch r9k and it was good like that
Yah, there was only one for the longest time. I guess this will be it for traditions sake
I should have added that it would be good to not have this be a major thread, as you said. I think its good that the ftddtot is getting the most attention
Yea I also forgot to add that. We should keep the women hating in the ftddtot
what the fuck is going on here?
I think its ok it has its own thread, might even be better. Leave the ftddtot and the rest of the board to talking about feels and the finer aspects of robotics (being comfy and talking to eachother about experiences and stuff), and have the womanhate thread be the reminder that nothing is worth existing near women for (except mommy). Understanding women should just be one part of the robot, unlike the incel, where everything is about the woman
Im very sure all those men would be ok with slapping a disrespectful woman, or wife. but when they see a woman being slapped they go white knight mode. Animals, but at least they try to learn things like math and programming
(94.98 KB 600x690 when men dress women.jpg)
(407.78 KB 1267x1980 female bridge.jpg)
AvE did a video on this iirc, forget what he deduced was the problem
Context? I have no idea what that is tbh.
Women are sent to build a bridge, bridge ends up collapsing and killing people.
i just skimmed through this, so a tension rod snapped, causing the whole thing to go splat (and it fell real fast and sharp). i think this means they didnt calculate their loads properly, or tensioned the rod too much, probably the latter as the former is just maths.
>we gotta make it extra secure ladies! tighten it as far as it can go
(166.90 KB 833x795 life of a 5 10 slut.png)
It'd actually be completely fucking terrible. Men are the only people historically who have done a single damn thing of merit. All of the great buildings and structures, all of the best world leaders, civilization, culture and society as we know it today, the spread of ideas, medicine and cures, technology, phones and the internet, innovation, wonders of the world, everything. Men. All of it.

Right now each man is roughly picking up the slack for about 1 woman. Imagine a world where every man is picking up the slack for like 9 shrieking, retarded, leeching whores.

Sounds like a fucking dystopia to me, and none of the women would even be thankful for their extremely overworked men doing everything because they are fucking morally bankrupt.
It took a man to invent obstetric forceps which have saved the lives of millions of women and children. Female midwives just did the same shit over and over for thousands of years and let each other die.
Forceps were only needed as a result of complications stemming from giving birth flat on the back. Before modern obstetrics women used to deliver squatting or kneeling and often leaning slightly forward. Just like shitting is faster, healthier and more comfortable in that position. That's why all the birth-at-home midwives are returning to old methods, it's a faster delivery method that causes less health issues to the babies. Forceps also might be immediately lifesaving but they tend to cause long-term damage. It's just more merciful to let the baby die than grow up to be a broken piece of shit with neural issues and/or facial deformities. Of all examples you could have picked, you went with obstetrics which is a kiked pseudoscience invented to increase medkike mafia profits and produce a chronically diseased population.

When it comes to obstetrics or just birth and neonate handling in general, the biggest impact on mother and child survivability came from the use of soap and basic hygiene habits. And for centuries the male surgeons and obstetricians used shit dirty tools that they never cleaned after their patients. Hell, often they didn't even bother to wash their hands after handling one woman before they moved on to the next. I recommend Jürgen Thorwald's "Das Jahrhundert der Chirurgen" (The Century of the Surgeon). I'm not saying that women could have taken obstetrics to the space age if it wasn't for men holding them back, they haven't contributed shit either. But it's that one discipline where men haven't been particularly helpful either.
>Of all examples you could have picked, you went with obstetrics which is a kiked pseudoscience invented to increase medkike mafia profits and produce a chronically diseased population.
I said obstetric forceps, not obstetrics as a fucking field. Also, how fucking hard are you using the forceps to cause neurological damage? That's negligence, not an intrisic effect of using forceps. Facial deformities (if used incorrectly) or your life? Come the fuck on.

>soap and basic hygiene
Ah, Germ theory, men as well. So yes, men have been particularly helpful, given that, as you say, that improved hygiene has the greatest effect on infant mortality.
I mean, facial deformities would probably cause someone to kill themselves down the line.
Injuries are much more common than doctors would like to admit but they turned themselves into infallible figures of authority who win majority of lawsuits in this jewish system. I brought up obstetrics at large because the history of early obstetrics (ca. mid-19th century) is very relevant to the reasons why forceps were invented in the first place. It's a completely unnecessary tool that has little to do with true problem solving. To solve a problem you go to its source, in this case it's dangerously slow deliveries on the back. If you don't create more problems in the first place, you don't have to come up with bruteforce treatments to solve them.

I don't disagree with you about the germ theory or the invention of soap. As far as pediatrics and obstetrics go, all of it was spearheaded by men who often had come up with utterly moronic and inhumane treatments, and a small handful of honest practitioners who actually did improve immediate survivability or long-term health of both mothers and children. Even when it comes to deliberate malpractice, men did their research and knew exactly what to do in order to create future patients with chronic diseases, while women are very rarely aware that some of their behaviors might be causing lifelong damage to their children.

Chronic nerve pains are a more common result and can drive people insane but not that many opt to kill themselves. Overwhelming majority of people (robots included) will just go on living and endure most kinds of pain or social ostracism. Dead robots don't come and post here after all.
You know, i think i might have a birth deformity. Right ribcage has a bump on it at the bottom, and when i had to do a heart ultrasound, the doctor said that my ribs are closer than normal. I assume someone tried to pull me out using my ribcage. Could bumps and dips on the skull also be caused by this? Now i wonder if my birth itself caused some of my robotics
You would have to ask your mother. Babies don't have to be yanked and squeezed to develop deformities. Some of them are caused by nutritional deficiencies, plain poisoning (like alcohol, drugs, heavy metals, carbon monoxide) and possibly lingering hormonal influence of the mother. Some kids just fall over when they're learning to walk and are unlucky enough to hit a corner with their heads, that can leave a dent. My mother has a dent over her ear from 7th month of pregnancy, grandma was climbing a chair and slipped, hitting some sharp edge with her belly. Mom had a stroke and was knocked unconscious for nearly a month. That one hit resulted in a dead auditory nerve and minor palsy (limited mobility in one wrist and thumb). Stuff like that is why I'm deeply resentful about how roasties trivialize pregnancy and don't bother preparing themselves for childbirth.
Nature would have the baby suffer and die early/not breed due to social failure. Such a a form of natural selection doesnt harm the mother, so why would she care? Indulging in their brain orgasms is all nature demands of them, and all they will do.
(65.84 KB 671x599 western women.jpg)
(410.35 KB 531x922 polyamorouspig.png)
Having 4 dads or 4 uncles would be awesome if they weren't all taco-digging soyboys. Can't help but hate the beta enablers more in this situation.
Wtf are those things?
>Can't help but hate the beta enablers more in this situation.
Me too. Only the pig in the center disgusts me more than the soy creatures that venerate it.
I'll never understand soyboy retards like these. How much self hate do they have? Or is it that they are blinded by lust and any hole will do?
>How much self hate do they have? Or is it that they are blinded by lust and any hole will do?
It's always heaping quantities of both.
Nobody who has even the tiniest shred of love for themselves would willingly have anything to do with a cuckold relationship, and nobody who thinks with anything but their dick would willingly stick it to that horrifying disease filled meatsack.
Having multiple decent male role models in your life as a young man would have its benefits, but having 4 men all pretending that they are the Father is going to be confusing and disorienting for any child. Not to mention that there's clearly a lot of soy in that household, meaning any kid they get is going to be exposed to some terminal cancer.

Mom will probably be out finding new dudes to fuck while the 4 faggots do all the housework and pay the bills. The 4 faggots will be ill-equipped to raise a kid, seeing as they clearly never had a strong father figure of any kind. They never learned how to be men of any kind, so they'll make for shitty fathers, which will drive a wedge between all of them. They're all young, so it's fairly likely that one or more of them will just ditch the whole arrangement when they realize what a hell they're in.
I just thought about this, but how would this situation even play out legally? I mean, who would be recognized by law to be the father of the child? Does the law anticipate this kind of retardation?
I think at least one of them needs to go down on the birth certificate as the father, otherwise none of them do, and that makes claiming fatherhood or even guardianship much more tricky. There's some laws for commonlaw marriage and domestic partnerships, but nothing for "polyamorous" shit, because it's moronic.
The biggest cuck signs the alimony ticket.
He will of course be proud to further destroy his life.
I'm willing to bet that none of those guys is actually the father.


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