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(10.50 KB 189x193 gay emoticon.png)
Welcome back robot Anonymous Board owner 09/11/2019 (Wed) 14:54:18 No. 1
So while we wait for 8chan to come back up, we'll have to make/do with what we have

>1. Obey 8chan's anon.cafe's global rules.
>2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.
>3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.
>4. Refrain from posting low quality threads. Spam, roll threads, obvious bait, normalfag/cyborg shit, etc. will be deleted.
>5. Posts made with the intention of derailing a rule abiding thread will be deleted.
>6. Check the catalog for similar topics before posting a new thread. Repetitive threads will be deleted.
>7. Keep blogposts in the FTDDTOT thread unless they're interesting enough to stand on their own and generate real discussion. We have to see if there is enough traffic in the bunker for a FTDDTOT first
>8. Keep meta discussion and feedback in the sticky. This is for convenience more than anything.
>9. Namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging is prohibited unless necessary for a specific thread. This also applies to moderator capcodes, which shouldn't be used outside of meta discussions. As long as there isn't enough traffic to warrant this no biggie.
>10. As the bunker is set for SFW We are a NSFW board now, lewd and goreposting is allowed but if you're going to mass dump spoiler it.
>11. No instigating violence, ie: "You'll never do anything" posts or similar.
Kindly report any posts that seem to violate these rules.

Contact info: kilmister@hitler.rocks
Edited last time by mugabe on 09/22/2019 (Sun) 03:32:25.
>Now with less eunuchs
What are we gonna do when 8chan comes back up? Boards, and especially boards that share a name with 4chan boards will probably be raped by newfags who saw 8chan mentioned on tv.
(45.63 KB 500x555 1548794482987-0.jpg)
If Tyrone still ends up being in charge, which I have my doubts due to him showing disinterest, we could ask him to force posts to a character limit or place a wordfilter.
Otherwise just the usual, screech at the retards in hope they go away. And if there's no alternative /v9k/ could be ressurected.
I just hope fellow robots make it through.
Use /a/'s automod. It's extremely effective at preventing undesirables from posting. The list of banned words would probably have to be modified to fit /r9k/, though.
Wouldn't that destroy the board due to the automaid making request 24/7? Heard this is what happened with Infinity Next™.
I like this idea.
There definitely was some problem with the automaid but pretty sure it was fixed since it never got removed from /a/ and is functional on smug right now.
(694.56 KB 478x638 roastie begone.png)
Well I just asked /a/, the automaid apparently was developed for vichan, this board using lynxchan makes it non-compatible. Some anons said that there is a port being made but I wouldn't put much hopes on it.
Don't think we will have too much problems with rapefugees here on anon.cafe but when 8chan comes back we should definitely use it there.
No, fuck off. There is zero need for /a/'s shitty automod bot. Tyrone did a fine job before and as long as this BO doesn't do worse than we'll be fine.
I will absolutely not post if the tr/a/nny bot is setup here, on principle.
I'm really liking the board theme.
>now with less eunuchs
i missed you lads, thought i lost you. although im a bit worried about sharing a small chan with /girltalk/
Do you guys know if anyone went to endchan? i remember /8exodus/ mentioning that there was an r9k bunker there
i dont think we need an automod. manual moderation worked fine and there wasnt really any derailing due to touristposting.
>i missed you lads, thought i lost you. although im a bit worried about sharing a small chan with /girltalk/
What gives, the only thing they can do is take screencaps and laugh on their boards.
Can't say that I missed (You).
Whats the more accurate term then. fotuba based imageboard?
And im pretty sure this is a lynxchan instance
Imageboard is the term of this year of the Lord. Pretty sure that calling them "chans" has become taboo due to most of the entry-level internet calling them like that.
/girltalk/ is completely dead.
End of an era huh
Dude, was there really any reason to make this post? It doesn't contribute anything to the thread, it's just a buzz.
If your post brings nothing to the table, then save it for yourself
NO U!!!!
(12.60 KB 320x240 no u desu.jpg)
My "No U" is bigger, is on impact font, and has Suiseiseki on it.
Your argument is invalid.
(14.01 KB 284x282 spigot.gif)
Due to the increase of traffic I turned the board to NSFW. Gore and lewds 2d preferably are now allowed, but kindly spoiler it if you're going to mass dump
I kind of agree with you.
Good to see that we aren't relegated to being stuck on 4gag.
(115.12 KB 326x322 Void.png)
Those retards on 8ch r9k that said not to fear monger are legit brain goo fucking dogs. We should have all had a place to go but now we are all split up in bunkers. fucking sucks it's just not the same as 8ch r9k
(1.07 MB 356x321 1567497649451.gif)
I think we should filter the word "incel".
Agree, should be something like "lobster" or "crawdad".
(128.59 KB 544x816 1568017756125.jpg)
What about "male feminist" or "cuckold"?
I thought about it, but incel was frequently used to insult failed normalfags around, so I think that would disrupt the message anons want to send very frequently
I agree. The term has become too mainstream and is exclusively negative nowadays.
It should be filtered to something like "chad" or "alpha male" to piss the people who use it as an insult off.
Not a bad idea
i feel like that would be too similar to wizchans corruption censoring. truewiz was it called?
I fucking hate that term so much. I don't recall it ever being used before that arab shooter. Then all of a sudden everyone started using it overnight. We had virgin and it was a common insult but now it's been so overused it's almost lost all meaning.
> I don't recall it ever being used before that arab shooter
You mean Alek? Because he wasn't a shooter, and Omar Mateen wasn't an incel anyways.
Yes alek minassian. It was as if overnight everyone started using the term and going after virgins harder than ever.
(301.44 KB 1536x2048 dumb Americans incels.jpg)
Incel is the lefty version of cuck at this point. We should filter it already
Ironically Alek wasn't even "incel". He was obviously LARPing hard
"incel" was a feminist invention from the beginning. If you are insulting other men as "incel" you are a leftist feminist pawn.
Alek ruined everything. At this point I'm convinced he is a fed. No beta would actually announce the beta uprising on fucking facebook of all things.
Yeah but kids now need a buzzword insult they can throw out when I have nothing meaningful to say. It's especially funny when a tranny of all things calls you one. It's too fucking ironic.
The facekike post is what gives it away. It reads like something you'd find on twitter parodying cuckchan's /r9k/ types.
(1.97 MB 1500x1000 incels10.png)
(691.97 KB 1550x757 incels-are-not-terrorists.png)
>So while we wait for 8chan to come back up
kripplechan tweeted 8ch is perma dead.
the world is our imageboard now.
shitpost everything

ignore this nigger
it has been going round other boards (/massive faggot/) making the same posts on julay world

>>266 >>287
>"incel" was a feminist invention
(((incel))) was an (((invention)))
>not turning the lying definition around and shooting the kike back in the face with truth
you want to be left alone to grumble in peace, they want you dead
learn the difference.
>kripplechan tweeted 8ch is perma dead.
What? The last thing i heard about 8ch is that they were doing tests in a new domain.
(156.96 KB 617x772 Selection_343.png)
(85.49 KB 625x595 Selection_342.png)
>believing anything the cripple says
(1.99 MB 308x214 laughingspacedthumbsup.gif)
>>believing anything the cripple says
>being too nigger to read it wasn't kikewheels that said it
(232.04 KB 510x662 1566826256444.gif)
>Q Research Notables
Fucking Qboomers man
(30.03 KB 519x171 glowchan.png)
So apparently 8chan is coming back. All the replies to Ron's post are Qboomers. Make that what you will.
This is Ron's nth tweet about being in the FINAL PHASE® and coming back SOON™. I won't believe it until I see it.
>6 Oct 2019
(207.84 KB 500x700 1511987521979.png)
t. cripplekike
I'd rather trust the ones that already own the website and had been dealing with it for the last years than some virtue-signaling faggot who sold and doesn't want his name smeared by his own creation.
It'll be a nice containment board for obnoxious retards while we can stay here nice and comfy. May god have mercy on anons thinking that it's going to be anything but a radioactive data mining cesspool.
I just want vg and the archive boards back
So yeah, 8chan as we know it is never coming back, instead we'll have it renamed to fucking 8kun
Who's going to be staying away from it and lean on the webring and the zeronet instead? 'Cause this is just bullshit
Me. 8chan was glowing hard even before the Christchurch drama and it's going to glow even harder when it gets back.
You can just want whatever board back, none of them will be the same. 8ch was essentially completely ruined and taken over by discord and cuckchan autists over just a handful of literal who jewtube e-celebs name dropping the lolcow board. I can only fucking imagine what boards are going to be like after the fucking united states government namedropped it as a bastion of "incel" warriors. I'm going to archive my board as fast as possible before it gets spammed to death by normalfags.
Between the glow in the darks, newfag /pol/ larpers being killjoys, literal trannies and the fucking qboomers, I'm really hesitant to go back.
I'll probably post there occasionally just to see how much sperging I can cause with the least amount of effort.
/tv/ and /b/ used to be great for watching the biggest faggots on the site congregate on a single board and try to conquer it while the regular users egg them on, though I think they're both well and fucking gone now since /b/'s population fucked off to be with the space commies or cuckchan, and only the most dedicated autists stuck with gayhole/tv/ while the rest of them also fucked off to cuckchan.
I made myself sad just thinking about it.
So apparently jim the jew is gonna start fresh with 8kun. However he isnt going to port 8chan over like someone who cares about his website should. Instead BOs will have to contact him or something with their board password inborder for their board to be ported.
On one hand, 90% of all boards had no posts and were dead. On the other hand, dead boards that had really useful information and small communities are going to be wiped and lost forever. All Jim had to do was port over everything and just wipe the useless boards that have never been used.
I'm staying on the webring, I'd rather use semi-dead boards with quality posts than active boards with no quality
Also If anything stupid happens on 8kun we already have a backup to go to, one which we could share to robots who didnt make it the first time around
Breaking news from Cripplekike
>that ratio
No, you're making too much sense and that would mean Jim has to do work(!!). We can't have that. All he needs is the qboomers and /pol/ larpers, he couldn't give less of a shit about the other boards.
Just found out about this place, thank god. Are we planning to go back to 8kun when (if) it comes online? Idk if we should, I kind of like this webring better.
While I'm definitely sticking with the webring I will occasionally use 8kun just to make sure it has some traffic at least until the cripple finally dies.
I want that site to come up and I want to watch him squirm in his twisted shell of a body.
I'd rather stay here. Fuck Jim.
It's not really an active decision anyone is making. 8glow will undoubtedly be DDoSed and raided into oblivion during the first few months. But people whether they like to admit it or not are addicted to high PPH. The only real difference between cuckchan and pigchan is that you don't get banned for random mundane shit on pigchan (typically) and that it allows TOR and VPN's. So people will flock to it en masse like they did back when e-celebs name dropped it a year or so back and when cuckchan went down for like 2 days. I've seen random people in jewtube comments talking about it, people all over the internet murmuring about its return. Make no mistake, 8glow is going to be unbelievably popular and therefore any hope for reasonable good faith conversation will be completely out the window. The glow niggers are literally showing up at cakekikes door making low level references to 8chans culture, so these faggots will be flooding the boards with their most subversive slide threads and shit-posts.

8glow will fail and succeed. It will fail to ever produce the culture that it had just 3-4 years ago, but it will still capture a massive audience of insufferable massive faggots addicted to (You)'s. But "staying here" isn't exactly a choice you can make either, because 5 of the 10 active posters will very likely just forget this board exists the moment 8glow comes back online, and the rest will trickle on out. Imageboards are dead and god died with them.
(53.39 KB 403x344 1568180684349.png)
You're completely right. It's truly over.
(118.22 KB 597x432 that's ass.png)
>mainstream avenue imageboard going to shit means all imageboards have gone to shit
You do not understand how things work I guess.
Something ends, something begins. The only moment it's over is the day we die.
so is this place free of the tranny scourge?
also don't hold your breath for 8glow, as kikewheels keeps trying to get providers to pull hosting. gonna be a while if at all.
Someone should have pushed him down some stairs a long time ago
I didn't say all imageboards were shit though. I said all alternative imageboards are dead, legitimately dead. The entire format is generally dead, and 8glows return will further cement the death of imageboards in general as it's a massive centralized board with a metric fuckton of media attention at the moment.
(26.76 KB 236x236 suspicious.png)
>I didn't say all imageboards were shit though
>8glows return will further cement the death of imageboards in general
Are you fucking retarded? Read the very next sentence before responding you absolute fucking nigger brained faggot.
Corpses when they end up decomposing tend to smell like shit though.
One thing to consider is that Tyrone mentioned in the meta thread when fullchan was up that he was mostly tired of imageboards, and that if 8chan ever went down he'd most likely be done with them entirely. So it's possible he hasn't migrated the board, in which case, staying here becomes a better option.
(64.75 KB 604x453 1570551487477.jpg)
True. But we need to find a way to get all or at least most of 8/r9k/'s users back here first.
Also, is "incel" finally filtered?
>Also, is "incel" finally filtered?
I don't think it should be filtered, it's used as an insult to failed virgin normalfags pretty frequently.
There's no point in putting a bunch of filters on the board, it's a retarded thing for any BO to do.
The current state of affairs isn't looking very good. Robots have been scattered, tyrone is gone, and 8kun is glowing.
We need to start coming up with a game plan. We've been going on too long just kind of hoping everything will work out but I don't think that has done us any favors. We got caught with our pants down when 8ch got taken down but we need to start trying to actually come up with a way to deal with this situation.
I think we need to start trying to get all of the scattered robots to this board but that's easier said than done since simply saying "hey come here" on whatever imageboard they may have migrated to may make this board start to glow as well.
Honestly, I'm not very sure about what we should do when it comes to specifics, but we need to start talking about this before 8glow drops and causes the uproar it inevitably will.
One solution is to make it harder for people to know about this site existence. Say, we acknowledge the board's existence on 08ch zeronet. That will require them to figure out how to have access to zeronet, and on 08ch /r9k/, we will have a post recommending people to come here. Instead of just pasting this site url to 8kun, we make people go the long way. Only the ones giving a fuck about this board will go through this kind of shit.
It's always a mistake to advertise an imageboard. If the growth isn't organic it'll be filled with retards in an instant. Because of the webring this board and others have all the visibility they could ever need, possibly even too much visibility. Honestly robots should take this lull as a nice break from their high PPH addiction and read some books, get some silence in your heads for a few months. Things will ramp back up and be worse than they've ever been, so prepare.
Zeronet i uear isnt very safe through, something about how it connects to users
8kun is online. Havent visited yet. Wad told this is the onion since cpearnet page is predictably getting ddosed
I'll give it a month 'til it gets stable
(65.23 KB 600x503 Qboomer.jpg)
Late 8chan was a shithole filled with CIAniggers, boomers and retards, and 8kun will be the exact same. We should stay here.
Every post on the entire website ends with
>Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.
I hate it.
I'm not sharing an imageboard with fucking boomers.
You can disable it in the options.
It shouldn't be there in the first place. A single disclaimer at the bottom of the page is all that's needed in that regard.
Does anybody know what tyrone is up to these days? What is he planning to do about this whole shit fest? I doubt he's going to make an r9k on 8kun but it'd still be nice to confirm whether or not we're actually going to stay here for good.
I honestly wouldn't mind staying here, but I wonder if we'll ever be able to get all the robots that got scattered back here. It would also be problematic if some random newfaggot makes an r9k on 8glow and some of the robots from 8ch that haven't found this place yet go there instead. We'd probably lose them forever since putting this board's name on the website would be a huge fucking mistake.
(104.73 KB 305x367 1558191966497-0.png)
Yeah, that's what i'm worried about too. We need to find a safe way to get all anons back but i really have no idea.
BO's thoughts?
I just hope for the best.
If you can't find this board by yourself, you don't deserve to be here.
Doesn't work for me.
8kun dot net
Yeah 8kun wasn't working for me. I can get in now but can't post. Many boards seem to be gone for good too which blows.
Boards are still being migrated, but many probably aren't coming back. Smaller, slower boards are better off being on the webring due to the new inactivity deletion policy, as well. It's also being DDOS'd pretty heavily. It'll be a while before it's stable.
>now with less eunuchs
Wait, so what happened to the christfag? Did he an hero? Or is he just apparently not here?
He wasn't here at the moment of creating the board, now he may be here, but he needs to be more obvious.
He was a self-admitted kike who believed in some gnostic shit with a Christian spin. Try to be less disingenuous.
You accusing me of something, bucko?
Yes, I'm accusing you of lying and saying that a self-admitted kike who believed in gnosticism was a christian.
Last I checked, he was a christian. He called himself a christian, and alluded to him being a christian numerous times, but I don't recall him calling himself gnostic or jewish.
Furthermore, don't gnostics hate Yehovah anyway? Since he's just one of the many faces of the Demiurge so both Christianity AND Judaism are big no-nos.
How about instead of being a salty bitch you post an archive link and show me where he says this shit?
Didn't archive the threads that he posted in at the time, but if you weren't an absolute newfag you'd have seen it one of the many times he openly stated being a kike, and openly insulting people with the word 'goy' - and no, not in the 'sup goys' /pol/ type of way. The fact that you aren't aware that eunuch-kike is an actual kike means you should shut the fuck up and lurk more before speaking of things you know nothing about. Any anons who were actually around when he was sperging out, which really wasn't all that long ago, can attest to this.
>b-but he called himself a christian
So did tens of thousands of crypto-kikes throughout history, means nothing when you're a genetic kike.
Lastly, there are many types and forms of gnosticism, including pro-kike and pro-christian ones, so again you run your nigger mouth off about stuff you clearly never bothered to research.

Later today I'll go through archive.org and see if it has any of the threads where he openly called himself "a messianic jew, was born a jew, am now a gnostic christian". If anyone has archive.today links to the threads then cool, but don't have em myself.
(52.91 KB 594x439 newspaper_really_m8.jpg)
There definitely needed to be tweaks to /a/utomeido, but nevertheless, people who unironically write "smh tbh fampai" outside of places like /s4s//s8s/ really do not deserve to have their voices heard.
Also, Tyrone did an awful fucking job. He and the rest of the old BOs were awful little shits who'd rival 4gag's mods in nigger faggotry.
Reminder that the board still went to shit with him in charge, thus owing to a degree of incompetence.
>He called himself a christian, and alluded to him being a christian numerous times
If I call myself a Negro, allude myself to be a Negro every time I post, does that make me a Negro? Even if I truly believed myself to be a Negro, I would objectively not be a Negro . This is a non-argument.
Pantsu was the hero this board needed, but not the one it deserved.
Cut-My-Balls-Off-Man was absolutely jew. He posted constantly about how he was a fucking jew. I called him "the jewnuch" because he's a literal jew.
The reason he repeatedly gave for Why Cut Balls Off was a passage from Da Jesus Book that said "if your arm sins cut it off". His balls sinned so he cut them off. He was posting Jesuses and saying "I'm just doing what the Bible says. Can you show me a Bible verse that says NOT to cut balls off?" No one, apparently, could convince him.
So then he Cuts Balls Off all by himself using a rusty knife and posts pictures the entire time. I didn't look at the pictures because there is nothing I would rather not see than a jew's sliced-up nutsack.
Afterwards Jewnuch continues to post retarded shit for a really long time until he eventually gets banned and leaves for 4chan. Good riddance. I hope he doesn't come here.

To conclude: Jew said Jesus said cut balls off. Niggers. "But he wasn't a Real Christian", said the Real Christian. Shut up
Tyrone did a good job of running the board, you're just a whiny nigger.
>a passage from Da Jesus Book that said "if your arm sins cut it off"
>Matthew 5:29 - If da right eye make you do bad kine stuff lidat, dig um out, an throw um away! No matta you ony get one eye -- mo worse da whole body go Hell!
>Matthew 18:8 - If yoa hand o yoa leg make you do bad kine stuff, cut um off an throw um away! Mo betta you live to da max foeva, no matta you no mo hand o leg. No good you get da hand an da leg, an dey throw you inside da fire dat stay burning foeva.
>Matthew 18:9 - If yoa eye make you do bad kine stuff, pull um out an throw um away! Mo betta you live foeva wit one eye. No good you get two eyes an dey throw you inside Hell wea get plenny fire.
>metaphors don't exist
>Jesus totally didn't teach in metaphors 90% of the time
(269.90 KB 1000x1000 39191295_p0.png)
Hey, I'm not the one who took it literally
(163.72 KB 500x374 1546903931977.gif)
Literally every single thread on the board is getting derailed.
(498.07 KB 1553x747 77464184_p0.jpg)
(510.67 KB 1020x886 some_folks.png)
You're exactly the kind of person I'm talking about. /r9k/ USED to be a fucking haven for robots, before ~2017 and the shitflingers started rolling in. Why can't you just maybe try to consider someone may be telling the truth or might be right about something? It's not fun. This shit is like grade school all over again with the normalfags.
All feelings I had towards Tyrone turned to hatred when some nigger made a bully thread, and started acting like an absolute normalfag, suggesting that the assailants were all subhuman and that the victims were innocent, despite there being no context to the videos. And to prove my point that this sort of emotional response to the detriment of all logic and reason was normalfag-tier, I used a video of some jogger pushing some roastie down who nearly got run over by a truck. All the comments were calling for the jogger's blood, because the video was shocking. But who got their posts deleted? Oh, why, anyone who opposed that faggot OP, of course! Thankfully, it seemed the OP had sperged his last spaghetti and more users started getting uppity towards him, but anyway.
If this is true, if I were you, anon, I'd try to keep to yourself. There's a lot of viral, med-resistant AIDS on this shitty modern Internet and unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it except continue to consume the stuff we do.
(15.88 KB 386x258 honk_question.jpg)
Was >>448 warned because he was angrily shitflinging or something else? I'm curious because his women misery comment could be misconstrued as one thing or the other.
It was a mistake, I tried to pull a gahoole. Never again.
Tyrone deleted almost every failed normalfaggot thread that ever hit the catalog and that was a fucking service to the board, especially nearing the end of 8ch when the board was glowing the most and we were getting hit by one of those everyday.
Maybe tyrone deleted a few too many threads or maybe didn't delete a few that needed to be deleted. However, getting this assblasted about those situations when (most of the time) all he deleted was the occasional discord spam/failed normalfag thread, is retarded. The only reason r9k stopped being a "safe haven" during 2017 is the same reason every other imageboard has been getting fucked since then and thats the US 2016 election.
(86.79 KB 422x237 Pickle_Rick.jpg)
>this is where everyone ended up
I missed you fuckers.
See >>951
You argue like a roastie, with your
>why can't you just consider someone else being right, why can't I be right too
faggotry. Tyrone deleted all the goycord spam, mosts of the normalfag stuff (some people would say he deleted all of it, I'd say he should've deleted a little more than he did, but overall was a good job), banned any roastie who wandered in on sight, I really don't see why you're complaining.
Actually, I think I remember you. Didn't you start shitting up the meta thread after getting your shit deleted from the bullying/fighting thread? If so, good riddance, you were a retard then and are obviously still a retard now.
(580.31 KB 864x771 serveimage (15).png)
We seem to be having an autist on the loose.
The first of many perhaps?
It's not /r9k/ without some autism. Feels more like home already.
>means nothing when you're a genetic kike.
But that's wrong you fucking retard. The whole point of Christianity is that it doesn't give a jolly fuck if your mother was a christian or not, only that you choose to accept Jesus and all that shizz. Otherwise you still wouldn't be allowed to eat non-kosher and words like "forgiveness" and "redemption" wouldn't be thrown around like they are. Just because jews sometimes lie about being christians for there dastardly schemes does not mean that those born into Judaism are as cattle and may not enter J-sus' covenant.
I suppose you also think Jesus was a crypto-kike? And his whole job was making more crypto-kikes? After all, he was a genetic jew and all he did in his spiritual career was try to turn other genetic jews into "christians".
>b-b-b-but m-muh khazaars
Yeah the guys who adopted the beliefs and customs of which people?

Being black exists within the body and therefore cannot be changed solely by the mind. Being christian exists solely within the mind, and therefore can be changed by the mind alone.

>literally everything Jesus ever said was a vague metaphor that can be wildly interpreted to by each individual to confirm their pre-existing beliefs
Jesus was a hugely spiritual man that placed so little value in the mortal body compared to the spirit that he overturned every jewish law regarding sinful food and body modification, and he even claimed that you would defy the laws of physics by believing hard enough. How could that passage possibly be interpreted as meaning anything but what the eunuch did? Yes he was an idiot for jumping straight to "Plan Z" but I fail to see how Jesus could have said that without "Plan Z" is still being in the alphabet. A modern, secular parallel would be like a pedophile castrating himself because he can no longer trust himself to control his urges, or a dread-headed negro cutting off his cancer-infested toe instead of leaving it there to spare God's feelings.

Anyway, I'm seeing heaps of claims but no citations. Surely somebody would have archived such an epic thread. It's not like these claims are all just christfag cope, right?
>Surely somebody would have archived such an epic thread
Thanks, Momiji-san!

And yeah, from a half-arsed look at the thread, I can see that he is indeed a "gnostic jew". Pardon my ignorance. I didn't actually read the entire thread when it was up.
But wouldn't castration be against jewish law anyway? I thought not vandalizing "G-d's" image was a big thing, which is supposedly why they hate tattoos. Any kikeologists ITT?
Jesus was not a genetic jew, insofar as he wasn't of the same race as the jews we know today. The ancient Israelites, and Jesus himself, were White Aryans, whereas the race known as 'jews' today are a mongrelized race composed of many nonwhite tribes as well as an admixture of Judean (originally White) blood. Jesus was racially Aryan, and it's impossible for any kike to be a Christian regardless of what they believe because Christ, who was White, only came for the White race and those nations which were White - which is why nonwhites were not preached to initially, and why none of the apostles or disciples/martyrs even fucking bothered with them
>White Aryans were exiled from Egypt for being kikes because Jews are white
Your religion is unnecessary. Egypt did nothing wrong
Jews are not white. The ancient Israelites were racially identical to modern White Europeans, whereas the descendents of the people who later on became known as jews (primarily after 300BC) are nonwhite. I know the fact that throughout history people move around is a hard concept for niggers like you to grasp, but if you understand that just because modern Egyptians are mongrelized sandniggers doesn't mean the ancient Egyptians were, that just because pajeets are shitskins doesn't mean the ancient Indians were, etc, then why is it suddenly so hard to grasp this concept when discussing the ancient Israelites?
And Egypt did much wrong, such as turning against Akhenaten, but that's not really the discussion.
(526.69 KB 1240x1686 64792109_p0.png)
>but that's not really the discussion.
None of this is the discussion. This is the meta thread
>Egypt did much wrong, such as turning against Akhenaten
"Oh, cool, what'd he do?", said I.
>Certainly, as time drew on, he revised the names of the Aten, and other religious language, to increasingly exclude references to other gods; at some point, also, he embarked on the wide-scale erasure of traditional gods' names, especially those of Amun.
Only "change their religion" what the fuck
The discussion is now Egypt. Fuck your god
(151.16 KB 604x311 1462318800731.png)
>he doesn't praise the sun
this is an aten board and amunfags are NOT welcome
(104.96 KB 529x518 dead_nigger_head.jpg)
(439.61 KB 430x599 niggerlips.png)
Akhenaten was a heretic and a shabbos goy that got what he deserved. Real sunbros praise the OG Horus.
Also, he was a nigger. Or at least a mutt. Look at his skull: That is a nigger skull. Look at the crving: That is the face of a man who will steal not only the power of your gods, but also your bike and your wallet and your television.
Nigger, nigger, nigger!
(154.97 KB 1280x720 FaceApp_1530206379925.jpg)
what the fuck is going on
(540.76 KB 488x672 incredible_anus_expansion.png)
Hot monkey sex.
>on /r9k/
Get out filthy normgroid
Blatant misinformation. Akhenaten was King Tut's dad, and when Tut's DNA was tested it was shown that his closest living relatives are literally Britons. Aten is a White man's Sun Disk. Horus wasn't even that important, he was just the direct overlord of mortals for a while and also got molested by his uncle when he was a kid.
>You will never have autistic arguments in a pictographic language (or whatever its called) and making new bully words simply by drawing how stupid the anon you're arguing with is
(26.77 KB 800x600 you.jpg)

>if I regurgitate nigger 'we wuz kangz' propaganda about how the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were niggers, surely I will fit in to this diverse and inclusive board!
The only nigger here is you. Neck yourself.
(535.92 KB 600x536 laughingwhores.png)
>if niggers claim to be something, that means that the subject immediately becomes off-limits and worthy of mockery
>kikes are capable of maintaining the militarized agrarian society which ancient Israel was
>kikes are capable of maintaining any civilization at all by themselves
>implying I made out your kangz bullshit was off-limits
It's not taboo, you're just an idiot that has allowed his own insecurities to cloud his judgement, even when faced with clear evidence contrary to your cope. Face it: You're a christfag that wants to be an anti-semite but can't justify that with worshiping a jew and honoring millennia of jewish heritage, so you've cooked up a narrative in your head that jews were not actually jews but were white. But please do explain to me how your people have the honor of being the creators of the religion of spite, treachery and genocide, and how a blue-eyed, pale-skinned pureblood briton has distinctively negroid facial features.
>implying culture doesn't change even after 2000 years of exclusively working soft white collar jobs under the protection of a much stronger people
>implying the khazars weren't fierce warriors before they decided to be Yehovah-worshipping inbreds
>implying israelites didn't have slaves and shabbos goyim
>implying Israel didn't get ROFLstomped by actual white people
(183.08 KB 462x533 1568337846466.jpg)
Can Christfag and Paganfag just make their own thread and fuck off from here? Thanks.
A sculpture or depiction of Akhenaten created many, many years after he died isn't proof of him being a nigger, especially considring there are many other depictions of him which don't portray him that way.
Next, there is mountains of evidence that the ancient Israelites were White, but you're so retarded you can't grasp the fact that historical populations move and sometimes change. I would point out that it's hypocritical of you to recognize that just because modern Egyptians are shitskins doesn't mean the ancient ones were, but you appear to have fallen for that niggercentric bullshit as well so I doubt you have the ability to understand something even that simple. Congratulations on conceding historically White cultures to shitskins.
>implying culture doesn't change even after 2000 years of exclusively working soft white collar jobs under the protection of a much stronger people
If it was solely a temporal cultural change than modern-day kikes in Palestine would be able to maintain their own state, yet they can't even grow their own food without sandniggers farming it for them, and can't even win a war against some Lebanese militia.
>implying the khazars weren't fierce warriors before they decided to be Yehovah-worshipping inbreds
Only small numbers of Khazars ever left Khazaria and mixed themselves into being part of jewry. Almost all of the Khazars remained in Khazaria and when it collapsed, they eventually made up the population of various areas such as modern-day Kazakhstan. Also, while the rulers did convert to the religion of the kikes, the population as a whole still was mostly Muslim, with pagans and so-called Christians in there as well. Benjamin Freedman was a jew and people who believe everything he does are idiots.
>implying israelites didn't have slaves and shabbos goyim
Israelites did have slaves sometimes, but so did literally all civilizations at one point, this isn't evidence of anything other than your lack of knowledge. Hurr durr, Germans took captured Roman soldiers as slaves, guess they were kikes now according to your logic.

>Egypt was White but mixed with nonwhites and declined
>India was White but mixed with nonwhites and declined
>Israel was White but mixed with nonwhites and declined
Neck yourself.
It stopped being about christianity a long time ago
(114.49 KB 576x572 EGQedkdUwAA2--l.jpeg)
Also it seems we have captchas now. I didn't apply them but if the global moderation feels it's necessary I'm ok with this. I hope you're ok with this too.
Thank you dolphin autist. Thank you
(718.29 KB 768x1024 typicalchrstian.png)
Holy fuck you are dense.
>A sculpture or depiction of Akhenaten created many, many years after he died
Oh, you mean like his skull?

> it's hypocritical of you to recognize that just because modern Egyptians are shitskins doesn't mean the ancient ones were
>hurrrrr white people can run around all day in the desert sun in nothing but a shendyt and not get melanoma

>niggercentric bullshit
>implying egyptian and nubian royals didn't bump uglies
>implying archaeological evidence is "niggercentric bullshit"

>yet they can't even grow their own food without sandniggers farming it for them
So, what like almost everybody else these days? ;_;

>Israelites did have slaves sometimes, but so did literally all civilizations at one point, this isn't evidence of anything other than your lack of knowledge. Hurr durr, Germans took captured Roman soldiers as slaves, guess they were kikes now according to your logic.
>completely missing the point

I'm sorry, Mokou, but that's not an option. Somebody is wrong on the internet.
>Oh, you mean like his skull?
You didn't post his actual skull, you posted a stone depiction.
>>hurrrrr white people can run around all day in the desert sun in nothing but a shendyt and not get melanoma
Whites have lived in many different environments, including deserts. Furthermore, if you think that all of Egypt or Palestine is a stereotypical desert then you're a fucking retard. Obviously they didn't do it naked, but that was just a strawman you made anyway .
Next, congratulations on regurgitating niggercentric propaganda, and confusing the fact that Nubian admixture occured very late into Egypt's timeline, that therefore the pharaohs of ancient times such as Akhenaten would've therefore been the products of such scenarios. Ancient Egypt was White, no matter how many times niggerloving faggots like you try to say 'dey wuz kangz'.
>So, what like almost everybody else these days? ;_;
Imagine being so illiterate you don't know the difference between the words "can't" and "won't".
>>completely missing the point
I didn't miss the point; you stated that them having slaves was a sign of alleged jewishness, and I refuted that by showing your hypocrisy.
>I'm sorry, Mokou, but that's not an option. Somebody is wrong on the internet.
Neck yourself.
I dont even remember if the whites were Israelis argument ever got far on 8r9k, i believe we settled on not derailing the thread it happened in. I do find it interesting, can the ayranpill bot post some sources/more reading on it? You mentioned that there was sources
Please make a thread about white did shit and niggas dindu nuffin.
(1.68 KB 207x22 there it is.jpg)
If anyone else is retarded like me and is wondering where the navigation buttons (catalog/return/bottom) went, they're in the top right corner.
You know the keyboard has buttons that do that as well.
(103.63 KB 640x775 thinking slut.jpeg)
Any update on 8glows? Just curious.
Its up but no boards have been migrated for a while. Users are having troubles posting, especially images. Any photo of a child automatically results in a ban and if you want to create a board it has to be approved by a global mod.
It may launch in 5 days, kike said that if the site is stable for 5 days he will shut down the /v/ bunker and redirect it to 8kun.
A lot of legacy boards also need contact from their owners to come back, which raises exclamation points on my head since tyrone wasn't really that motivated to continue moderating.
Ron said that the legacy boards will be claimable before getting deleted, so someone else can claim r9k who's hopefully not a retard.
So apparently some news blog or website mentioned julay and /fascist/ is getting raided because of it. Maybe the dolphin autist came from there. They also are using tor to ban evade
>so someone else can claim r9k who's hopefully not a retard.
So in otherwords, we are fucked
Or we could just stay here. That's what I'll do, don't see the point of going to 8kun, fuck that place.
Same here, this place is comfy and isolated, something every one of us here strives for in life. No point returning to a place filled with shit people that will likely collapse again anyways.
>this place is comfy and isolated
that reminds me of how miserably travelling on train is. It's the pinnacle example of mass population and why it's a massive mistake.
I do hope that more 8chan robots find this place, id hate for them to only have a glowy alternative that would be filled with the likes of /v/
what's with the constant /v/|mark bashing everywhere? I tend to believe its just one guy spreading across the webring fomentating bunker wars for his entertainment
You're most likely an extreme newfag if you think that only one person has a problem with the cake kike. Either that or you never posted on /v/.
This. Lurk for more than a week and you'll quickly come to learn why mark is so universally despised.
You're not addresing the question, I know about the ineptitude of the guy, but claiming that he's trying to destroy the webring from within seems streching an inch.
You aren't addressing the question either.
> but claiming that he's trying to destroy the webring from within seems streching an inch.
Can you quote the post claiming that Mark is actively trying to destroy the webring? Or is this just an epic strawman?
epin strawdude probably
Though cakekike has been caught actively shitting up /v/ alternatives (particularly /vg/) in the past, so it wouldn't be very surprising if he did pull some shit like that to be honest. Especially considering he's on yogapig's payroll.
Unfortunately there's not much we can do about it regardless, besides ignore shitters and wait until 8kunt gets established so that faggots lose interest in the webring and leave the rest of us alone.
It's the vibe that I'm getting from all the posts around shitting on mark and claiming he's destroying the webring by being a part of it. I'm not going to start screencapping every single post that have this pattern because you're already convinced of what you believe in.
>Though cakekike has been caught actively shitting up /v/ alternatives (particularly /vg/) in the past,
Where's the evidence of this? I'm not asking for archives, just give an example on how was he shitting up /vg/. It didn't have any issues and both were existing with no conflict against each other
A "vibe" isn't a claim. I don't expect you to screenshot every post you see if your question is "Why do I see an anti-mark sentiment?" But that's not what you said. You said that you specifically saw a post claiming that mark himself was actively trying to "destroy" the webring from "within". You painted a picture of this crazy narrative that no one actually said in order to dismiss the more rational hatred towards Mark and his other actions. You're acting in bad faith. If you have a legitimate interest in why people hate Mark then by all means ask away, but if you're only interest is acting as MIDF then fuck off.
These days he seems indifferent to /vg/ and like he would prefer if people who hated him went there instead. I vaguely recall him doing something when the initial /vg/ splinter happened, but that's not really relevant. Mark is a lot of things but I don't think he particularly cares about a monopoly on video game boards.
I myself never claimed he's trying to destroy the webring (I'm >1237 ). Merely that he's a shitty, scummy kike who doesn't follow his own rules. The post I replied to (yours, I assume) said that you didn't understand the constant mark bashing. I addressed that statement, so I don't see why you're claiming I didn't - he's a complete faggot who literally got paid money to hotpocket, it's laughable that anyone would think only a single person despises him, and thus your post - which implied that only one person despises him, or at least only one person is vocal about despising him - was dumb.
I know but this guy has the same posting manner everywhere. It makes me think he's not acting for the greatest outcome. Mark is a nigger but him getting kicked out of his own board like kikey will turn the board to a massive cesspool with no culture nor unity between anons. It's like communists constantly shitting on the establishment so they can instaurate their culture. Though I keep forgetting this is the webring, so what happens if the board is shutdown (both vch and 8kun)? The only alternative /v/ is a cesspool that looks like a cuckchan/v/ but with 5+ IQ points. Smug /vg/ is the only place that seems safe, if only more people posted there and not just /a/.
It's pretty bad and I have my reasons to not trust much of what is happening
Smug/vg/ would be ideal if the /a/ automeido wasn't used there, which it seems like it is. For the moment I'm not posting on any /v/-type boards, but julay/v/ seems somewhat alright from what I've seen, haven't really lurked too much though.
As far as the guy you're takling about, I donno, I'm only on /animu/, /fascist/, and here lately, so haven't really noticed a pattern in these three places of any particular anon.
For like the first two months it existed he was manually shitting up every thread and constantly whining about how /v/ is so much better.
Nobody does that for that long unless they have a vested interest in dragging people back to another board.
He only stopped when /vg/'s population stabilized and it became apparent the anons who stayed weren't going to cave in to shitpost spam.
He also had pulled the same shit with /svidya/ and some other splinter board I forget the name of (/vvv/?) beforehand when it looked like they were taking off.
Only difference is they both died because the BO of the former turned out to be just as much of an autistic retard as mark, and the other just abandoned the board entirely because /intl/ spammed the shit out of it.
vch redirects to 8kun and Julay seems non existant now.
Julay's downtimes are because of their streaming activities and the fact MongDB crashes when the server reaches capacity. Their auto-reboot script should bring it back shortly.
Regarding vch, it looks like the board indexes redirect to 8kun, but if you still need to access any specific thread, then the catalog links still work. And it looks like Julay already imported all existing vch/tv/ threads to Julay.
Didn't expect mark to get rid of the bunker so suddenly. What the fuck man, now the only alternatives are a place that is constantly infighting with boogiemans and us vs. them and a grandma-paced board.
I hope that with time the waters calm themselves.
What happens with 8kunny's /r9k/? Is anyone from here willing to claim it?
>8k requires javascript
>not even 4chan does
Oh well, RIP in peace 8chan.
>4chan doesn't need javascript to post on it
That's a bannable offense.
What is, mentioning 4chan?
No need to require niggerscript to post if you block every known VPN and tor from being able to post.
No point using VPNs or Tor if javascript is forced.
Being an outright liar
Of course, I agree with your sentiment, but cuckchan allowing niggerscriptless posting is pretty meaningless when they ban tor posting. Still, it's super fucking sketchy that the bunker went down early, julay went down, all right after people started asking about the fact you can't post without JS.
Passless posting requires JS to Google for the CAPTCHA, if that's what you're talking about.
Are you implying that you gave money to gookmoot to post without captcha?
I'm talking about the black screen that appears with noscript turned on saying something along the lines of
>This site requires javascript to work
Which is still there even if you have 4chanX.
Stop lying
Ratwires just went down, too. Which is an odd coincidence.

That's only for the catalogs.
I haven't lurked /v/ and im not sure i want to start now, but i remember there was in incident where mark banned all talk of tf2vintage in favour of tf2classic (the one with furries and jews who wanted to charge money for deathmatch) for some stupid reason.
I expected it as soon as i saw he copied the entirety of /v/ to vch, and then to 8glow. It would be foolish to have 2 boards with the exact same history confusing users and splitting them up. He wanted to make the transition smooth for his users, from the bunker to 8kun.
Speaking of bunkers, what happened to zerochan? The one that was P2P and thus very glowy
FUD happened. That plus your IP being visible if you're dumb, and CP being ingrained in your disk if you didn't subscribe to a blacklist filter.
It has potential but there are many things to polish in it, maybe later down the years.
I'm sure it's probably still up since it's decentralized so there's technically no way for it to go down.
So we're waiting for the board on 8niggers to come back?
Not if I can avoid it, I don't really want to go to 8glow
This place kinda died down after yesterday
Looks like i'm quitting imageboards then.
>he thinks he can leave
You're here forever nigger, if it's not here, it's somewhere else. But you can't ever leave.
Please dont leave. Who will i socialize with? Im too stupid and uninformed to go to any other board
I'm not leaving. But sure as hell i'm not going back to 8glow or whatever.
Like >>1326 said, you can't quit imageboards. I've tried before and you might manage a couple of days, but you'll be back. That instinctual part of you that needs to socialise will force you to come back to imageboards.

I don't think anyone is leaving, and I'm not leaving here. The webring is far comfier than 8kun will ever be. I didn't like 8/r9k/ because it was too overcrowded with normalfilth (or retards like the eunuch) but this is a decent place to post, it doesn't have that much attention on it
There's also the fact that we can't go back because the board still isn't there.
Is anyone here claiming it when the migration reaches stage 2?
The thing that gets me is if 8kun goes down again, the people who populated it will be running around screaming fucking murder again and will scramble to the bunkers. In the webring's case, if a single website goes down, you still have the others. Hell, the concept of a webring has been there for a while. There is also the fact that Mark brought up wanting to sell Gondolas as merch and shit, so fuck 8kun.
(45.23 KB 640x1136 zombie apocalypse 2010.jpg)
You know what would be ideal? Contacting Jim or someone and explicitly ask to NOT have a /r9k/ board on 8glow.
>cuckchan AND phone screencap
If it's not 8chan then this place will already turn to shit with trash like this
You can't. I tried when creating a /r9k/ board, but it says old boards are still being migrated, so /r9k/ is probably getting migrated.
No way I'm going back to that place. The webring is the community's future.
8chan's shutdown proved that centralized imageboards are retarded. That might sound like bone goblin rhetoric but as much as he's an obnoxious retard I must admit a push towards decentralized darknet based imageboards is something that needs to be done. Of course this isn't profitable, so every time it was mentioned Mark would sperg out calling you a torpedo or Fred.
>people literally talking about their wife and children unironically on 8glow
Good lord
I wonder if he will post on 8kun. And I hope all the 2edgy for you normalniggers stay there.
>8kun is up
>It requires javascript
>It requires third party javascript
So, do we have to pretend 8kun isn't glowing brighter than Langley?
No, a lot of people are bitching about it. If Ron doesn't comment on it or fix it within the week everyone should be warned that it's not only being monitored by glow niggers, but that it's actually injecting malicious sniffing code into your browser.
>implying there wasn't a bunch of fags talking about their wife and children back then, when they were constantly shilling that the only thing in life worthwile is spreading the white race by having children
You're just seeing them now.
People shilling to have kids is one thing, people actively blog posting about their children is some next level facebook-tier cancer.
(8.77 KB 250x241 burger.jpg)
Well if you're shilling for one, eventually you'll get the other
Are the mages still here? Or have they decided to make their own tower somewhere?
(76.38 KB 1280x720 serveimage (11).jpeg)
Don't you sometimes feel like you don't feel anything?
>nothing to browse
>nothing to do
>nothing to be
It's the worst feel.
No idea where the rest are, but I'm still here and will remain here. I consider the tower compromised and won't go back there (it's advertised on /dir/ despite it being a delisted board). I can only hope the other mages haven't left us completely, like how Brazilian mecha anon just stopped posting one day...
/tower/ bo set up the board on 8kun? Thats a risky move
At this point, it looks like 8kun will be shit. Robots here are reporting normalfags posting about their spouses or children, it has to be an unsufferable boomer fest. And as soon as people find out that le epic 8chan is up again, it will be flooded by 2edgy4u normalniggers.
If boomers stay on their containment board I don't care. But I prefer to have all the boards under on roof. I noticed some of the smaller boards I stopped visiting because everything was on different sides. Even a shitty home is better than no home at all.
Sorry for the wording, its not been migrated so I don't think he has requested it has been migrated. Although its risky, it would be nice to regroup quickly and get an idea of where we all are.

This home is better than 8kun though. Why would I put up with more of Jim's schemes and debacles when I can stay here, out of sight and comfy? I don't want to be associated with 8kun, /pol/ (or /leftypol/ for that matter), Q shit, or any other inter-board/inter-site discord-tier drama. I'm here to post with fellow virgins in peace, nothing more and nothing less.
There are boards on the webring that work fine and have decent enough PPH. 8kun is fucking radioactive considering it's been weeks and Ron hasn't "fixed" the tor posting not working without JS ""bug"". The more time people spend whinging about a "home" on that normalnigger infested shithole the less you incentivize people to just have quality conversations here.
God damn dolphin you fucking autistic child.
(27.86 KB 419x70 screen05.png)
(4.70 KB 230x154 p_sn85g4v3_a_sm-2.jpg)
(4.08 KB 230x154 p_sg33g5_d_sm.jpg)
How can I change? I just don't know how to. I'm lonely. My RAID storage folder is 751GB/2TB. My total downloads folder which includes Tarrent stuff is 117GB. I have anime, etc. I used to be into retro computing, but I lost my motivation for that when I moved to GNU/Linux. I know more than a modern sysadmin when it comes to older systems, such as obscure software. My dad's university got rid of so many floppy disks, PCs, laptops, etc, but when I was younger, I smashed them; I feel so terrible for doing that, but I still have this weird urge to do so. I have 2 CRTs, but only one is god-tier (Viewsonic G90F+). The other one (a shitty Hitachi) is failing and smells like a blown capacitor. I know how to solder, but my parents are scared of me getting shocked if I make an error while discharging it (I know how to do it; look online). My favourite mini PCs are the Shuttle XPC line, but the capacitors used in them are terrible, like literally to the point where they were in a class action lawsuit. For some reason, they have an open archive of their old 2004 site, so I archived it. I even have pictures of employees (slaves) holding the Shuttles. I have every product (up to late 2019 or when I next update my archive) image.
(149.70 KB 687x500 cute image.gif)
>I smashed them; I feel so terrible for doing that, but I still have this weird urge to do so.
Smash something less important. Break some sticks. Buy a pinata.
(802.84 KB 2288x1712 P1010209.JPG)
>pathetic anime photo
No, because all of the less important stuff are things I need for my terrible projects, such as 37V through a 5V arduino goes bang.
Where did we even pick up dolphin autist? i remember one loli thread and a couple of loli dumps or so, but nothing as glowy as dolphin autist
Here. I came from julay.world from neinchan (didn't know that they were shills at the time).
Just remember that hitler would have patted the lolis
(1.31 MB 460x258 intense violence.gif)
I mean something specifically to beat up when you're mad. Punch a punching bag or something.
Or hurt my parents. I love to verbally abusive them. I just did it right now. It was fun.
(10.87 MB 1280x720 popteamepic.webm)
Never mind you're an asshole. Break yourself.
Woah that's like so cool man. Did you teleport behind them beforehand though?
(5.14 MB 1280x720 out.webm)
They're fine with it since I'm autistic. I don't need shitty advice. I love being isolated. Cancerous video you attached.
(187.01 KB SG33G5.pdf)
Yes, I definitely have powers to do that. It's not like Jews are controlling air.
Can dolphins posts please be deleted and every IP he uses permanently banned? I don't see why he's still allowed to post, seen as he's evading a ban and breaking rules 1, 4, 5, and 9.
I'd be careful about perma's since he's likely tor posting considering he's a straight up pedophile. But I agree his posts should be deleted and banned on sight after his initial retarded radioactive thread.
I think he just wants to get e-fame, be the next eunuch. Cancerous glowing tumor that wasn't even from 8chan
(64.38 KB 294x298 100 autistic.png)
Gonna be archiving the threads of the dolphin in case anons want to see them later.
I wish I archived his first threads and the thread on /v/, never thought it would devolve into this
Edited last time by mugabe on 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:15:50.
/cow/ dealt with snitchchan shill by editing his posts into self-derogatory. Maybe such method could be deployed here.
Other than that, i suggest to not take bait and ignore his posts. If you ignore the bullies, they will go away :^)
>Maybe such method could be deployed here.
There's a difference between shilling a board and being a massive sperg, I don't think that can be edited or filtered.
Not even mark/v/ does like him.
He's on 8kun as well
He also posted a thread on /otter/, trying to derail the board. When people called him out for it, he posted that one picture from 8kun with the caption "Otters would be perfect for crushing with my shoe" or something like that
Did he actually post an animal crushing video?
What the hell is his deal?
No, he didn't (luckly). Btw, the thread is deleted from /otter/.
they called him a veganbaiter from wiz, it couldnt be the eunuch right?
>veganbaiter from wiz
No I was referring to someone in his screenshot.
Pretty slow day.
Eh, we're still the fastest board on this cafe by miles. Slow is comfy too
The mage bunker is back up on this IB for any mages that browse here

That is all


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