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What are raccoons? Anonymous 08/22/2022 (Mon) 16:00:43 No.626
Let's have a thread where we learn about raccoons. I want to know everything that is humanly possible to know about them.
Open file (950.71 KB 1920x2485 grzimek317.jpg)
Open file (967.85 KB 1920x2485 grzimek318.jpg)
Open file (741.75 KB 1920x2485 grzimek319.jpg)
Open file (556.48 KB 1920x2485 grzimek320.jpg)
I have a chapter from Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia on raccoons and their allies.
Open file (852.66 KB 1920x2485 grzimek321.jpg)
Open file (719.86 KB 1920x2485 grzimek322.jpg)
Open file (759.14 KB 1920x2485 grzimek323.jpg)
Open file (896.10 KB 1920x2485 grzimek324.jpg)
Open file (195.66 KB 1920x2485 grzimek325.jpg)
>>627 >>628 Thanks for this
>>627 Red pandas are now considered part of their own family, Ailuridae.
>>633 How do they decide that? Is there some adaptation that everyone in procyonidae shares but red pandas lack?
>>645 Usually it's just decided by genetics, and it seems to be the case with Auliridae too from what I've read.
>>628 > Although historically believed to wash their food before eating, this habit is a myth and simply the result of raccoons often searching for and handling aquatic food with their dexterous forepaws. What? Is this true?
>>649 They definitely do like to put their food in the water, maybe it's not to wash it but just for fun, or because something compels them

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