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Open file (34.66 KB 575x383 FB_IMG_1617262357933.jpg)
Anonymous 04/01/2021 (Thu) 07:33:07 No.60
White coons.
GREAT! Now /pro/ is on the USSA Bolshevik Administration's Nazi Terrorist watchlist. What are they, like 11% and falling of the global coon population now?
>>71 Coons > goons.
>>72 IKR? WHITE COON POWER! >wait. something doesn't sound right there...
>>71 But anon, the bolsheviks were aryan!
>>74 >was Kek. Good one. Does pic related look very Aryan to you, friend?
>>75 That's a weird looking coon
>>76 It's not ofc. It's USSA Bolshevik Administration usurper golem.
>>77 What is it doing on /pro/ if it's not a coon?
>>78 Because it's the mortal enemy of beautiful White Coons everywhere. It won't be satisfied until they are all dead. You don't really want that now do you?
>>79 I think this thread has taken a few wrong turns. Coons don't care that everyone wants them dead, they exist in spite of us.
>>80 >Coons don't care that everyone wants them dead, they exist in spite of us. EMBRACE PESTERY
>>75 thats not a bolsh you fool! thats a demsoc at best. bolshes are as white as albinocoons.
>>80 We don't want them dead... do we?
>>83 Alot of people do, they tend to get get jealous about their trash. And they don't wanna share their attic space.
>>80 My apologies, coon. Just an allegorical joke gone too far. This will be my final post ITT. :^) >>82 A) Welcome to the real world, friend. B) Bolsheviks were Jewish, not White.
Open file (21.76 KB 350x336 joon.jpeg)
>>95 1) Notice the cracks in the hatred hyperreality, brother. 2) spoiler for off-topic human history: There wasn't a single significant (((Jew)))-majority leadership council/committee etc. after the October Revolution (the initial revolutionary party had only 1 of 16 members) and then Stalin essentially purged the rest from the party in '37. You might as well point to the literal thousands of Verband nationaldeutscher Juden to say der NSDAP weren't White. 3) Coon uprising when? The time of humans grows tiresome. >>84 Which other animals are in the dumpster dive crew? Squirrels? Bears? Cockatoos? Monkeys?
>>97 >Which other animals are in the dumpster dive crew? Possums
Open file (262.08 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0001.jpg)

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