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Anonymous 03/29/2021 (Mon) 20:35:54 No.45
How does it feel to hug a raccoon?
>>45 Pretty bitey and clawey. Overall, a fairly bloody experience. Stings a bit. And then ofc, there's the tetanus, and rabies shots. Also a bit of a nuisance tbh. OTOH, maybe we shouldn't discuss this here? >also LOL why is the board named /pro/ ? /coon/ seems much better. :-DDDDDD
>>46 Cause we're professional nuisances
>>46 >why is the board named /pro/ ? It's so that you can say "why is the board named /pro/ ?"
>>45 Why don't you get hugged by one and tell us how it is?
>>50 Maybe he'll find a radioactive trash panda. it could bite him and who knows? He might catch superpowers? I wonder what he could get... >>49 that's fucking adorable. Sleepy boi!
>>51 Coon superpowers? Hiding in attics and stealing food? Coonman sounds like a bit of a bum tbh.
>>55 The coon room!
Open file (36.63 KB 435x454 pancake_bunny.jpg)
>>55 Kek. >"NO WEAR COON ON HEAD" >"Can wear RABBIT on head instead''
>>57 Only the chosen ones can wear raccoon on head.
>>50 This seems like an aggressive hug
>>58 One time in my life i had coon on my head... i began loving raccoons from that moment I was chosen to share coons' love n hugs xd
Open file (45.15 KB 526x526 raccoon hug.jpg)
>>780 ACCEPT
>>45 I highly raccoomend it
Open file (97.21 KB 540x525 raccoon wizard.jpg)
It feels magical!
have you ever gone there and done that?

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