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Open file (889.94 KB 1200x900 2280.png)
The European Badger Embassy Anonymous 02/19/2022 (Sat) 22:26:23 No.348
I am glad to welcome our American friends. We have fettuccine, quiches, potato pancakes and hot cocoa. Yes, we borrowed the potato and the cocoa from you. We thought you didn't need it.
Are we about to form the world congress of stripey boys?
>>349 Why not? But first, we'd like to ask if you raccoons have Caesar salad.
In the meantime, I'd like to offer you a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket.
I am the blanket.
Open file (69.27 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
>>359 May I use you for sleep?
>>362 Eat from me when you are hungry Sleep on me when you are sleepy Drink from me when you are thirsty Talk with me when you are sad Play with me when you are happy
>>363 may i drink your blood?
>>366 Don't make it awkward ok
>>367 i haven't drank for many years. i hope you will be a fine glass, my sweet raccoon https://youtu.be/Z-75xOFGJ3E
Open file (78.88 KB 500x567 1645317230045.jpg)
>>370 you should not resist, you will be my beautiful fiance. many friends are waiting for you in the necropolis of my castle
Open file (76.54 KB 500x647 badger11.jpg)
The EBE Security System recorded the presence of an ancient vampire on the territory of the embassy. To ensure personal safety, use garlic, aspen stake, hamon and your imagination. Enjoy Halloween in February.
Open file (173.12 KB 960x540 grounded.jpg)
Open file (996.78 KB 1920x1080 badger_wallpaper2.jpg)
The European Badger Embassy welcomes all listeners of our radio. In Eastern Europe it is already night, but in America the day is just beginning. We remind you that autumn, which is, of course, the most wonderful season, will certainly come soon. You just need to wait. We invite you to listen to the beautiful composition of Jean Philippe Rameau. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h-vJwTYNkQ We wish a nice day to all our dear raccoon friends!
Open file (33.44 KB 736x485 pro.jpg)
Badgerman approves badger thread. I see some of them at night when wandering the countryside in somewhere in Europe.
Open file (207.72 KB 662x715 image.png)
>>837 Who the fuck are you??
Open file (77.83 KB 500x500 bdgr.jpg)
>>838 Hey ! I come in peace.
Open file (14.47 KB 197x134 img.jpg)
>>839 Oh do you?
Open file (103.12 KB 352x267 EWf-F4_VcAAC-L7.png)
invasive species in my coonboard
>>841 Tell me what exactly is /pro/ about this board? Who are you and what is all this shit?
>>842 >Tell me what exactly is /pro/ about this board? So exactly is it? You want to know exactly why this board is /pro/, is that right Anon? Well exactly is so that newfrens will ask the greatest, most-resounding question known to all mankind. Namely: "Tell me what exactly is /pro/ about this board?"
Open file (27.30 KB 147x192 asshole-in-danger.jpg)
Open file (801.52 KB 2560x2560 dicks.jpeg)
>>844 you're right to be afraid
Is this some kind of steganographic communication channel? Or are you really posting pictures of these silly animals?
we may have to move on now
Open file (387.72 KB 2560x1707 rember_the_line_tho.jpg)
>>850 Alternate zeta-two, or one?
attention: the red worm ate the pear. proceed accordingly
>>852 Molasses tomorrow will bring forth cognac.
Activation word: Ronald McDonald
the pizza is in the garbage
>>855 The nomming will soon commence. Repeat. The nomming will soon commence.
>>847 bonis :DDD :D
Open file (510.28 KB 1312x1600 badgered.jpg)
I guess they didn't even notice me. Will just keep pretending I'm a badger and everything should be fine.
>>887 Very crafty Anon. I don't think they'll suspect a thing. Proceed with operation codeword: Integument, repeat Integument. Good luck soldier.
>>888 [code] > Communication 888 verified > Falgicol derivation protocol signed > Integument added to keystore > encypt > ... > done [/code] Badger time begins. I repeat badger time begins. Over

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