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Chinese Raccoons Anonymous 12/06/2021 (Mon) 14:42:42 No.292
These count as raccoons right? I mean they're basically the same thing.
Not /pro/cyonid
>>293 We could make a big board called /a/ - Arctoidae and merge this board into it That combined with /v/ - Viverridae and we'll have a nice selection of boards on this cafe
>>294 And /b/ - Bunnies of couirse
>>293 Well they're at least closer than Tanuki, which are just dogs pretending to be raccoons.
>>296 >>292 Sorry fella, you've simply got the wrong genes. You may look similar, but you're gonna dilute our procyonid DNA if we let you in.
>>294 You could also have a board for allsmall animals. Or just make a general animal board already.

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