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Open file (96.49 KB 450x268 574.jpg)
Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 21:57:19 No.210
How about some banners for the board, coonbros?
Open file (2.15 MB 360x450 1631071762479.gif)
>infected area ahead
>>218 Infested area ahead
>>210 >banners Do you use the standard imageboard banner size or do you use a custom size?
>>381 Banners are like raccoons they all fit somehow
Open file (26.03 KB 300x100 pro banner.png)
Open file (54.16 KB 300x100 procyon.png)
>>210 >>383 Here's a couple.
>>384 Cool What does the space one mean?
Open file (449.62 KB 1280x889 Winter Triangle.jpg)
>>401 That's the star Procyon, Meaning before (the) Dog, the dog i this case being Sirius. You can see it right now as part of the Winter Triangle. Procyon is at the top left, Sirius is at the bottom, and the big red one at the top right is Betelgeuse.
>>384 That rabies one is great. Also, it took me a few seconds to even get the joke with the star, so yeah...
>>481 Woah, coons are stars

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