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Open file (54.96 KB 720x757 FB_IMG_1623061073500.jpg)
Anonymous 06/07/2021 (Mon) 10:19:02 No.187
"I drink milk, milk I drink"
>>187 That raccoon looks sick, please don't post it again
Open file (54.96 KB 720x757 FB_IMG_1623061073500.jpg)
>>188 Do you mean sick or SICK?
>>190 >Do you mean sick or SICK? I meant sick, just the way I typed it
>>191 Why do you think he looks sick? He has the tummy full of delicious nutritious milk that all raccoons strive for.
Open file (172.43 KB 1080x1426 1622506259329.jpg)
Oh yes milky coons
What kind of milk can raccoons drink? Cow, goat, soy? Will it make their tummy upset?
>>194 They can drink raccoon milk

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