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Open file (179.16 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup poll Anonymous 04/22/2021 (Thu) 17:24:13 No.153
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( https://anon.cafe/icup/ ) We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in https://poal.me/6x3j1u
Open file (596.34 KB 800x447 ClipboardImage.png)
Coon play footie????!?!??!?!??!??????!???!??
This is unofficial spam, but you might be able to get a team in like /otter/ did.
Open file (7.26 MB 720x404 kinkajou.gif)
>>158 Isn't the cup too full already? eh, maybe theyll invite us
Open file (81.60 KB 1187x407 Message to pro.png)
Using this thread to post this: >>>/icup/3299
Open file (1.79 MB 1300x1300 prologo1.png)
Open file (7.32 MB 1958x1952 prologo2.png)
>>495 arlight boys it looks like we need to have a SQUARE logo so which one of these do you prefer?
>>496 first one
Hello /pro/, ICUP 7 is still being worked on, and progress is still steady, but we need your help. If you have a good PC enough to run PES 2017 and to stream it, or if you are willing to commentate, please contact us at anon.cafe/icup/. Currently we have three potential streamers, but the more the merrier. I don't know if you already mentioned this over at /icup/ but your team seems to be missing player cards. Those help define what playing style each one of those will have. If you need more info here's a wiki link: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Player_Cards And if you have more model suggestion for other players, feel free to send them. We still have some time until the cup starts. Finally, if you are capable of doing 3D modelling, creating OC, working on the wiki or just helping in any way possible feel free to reach out as well.
>>514 Forgot my pic.
>>514 Cards, huh okay I will figure it out
>>519 Does this look good? GK Grabby Hands 185cm Offensive Goalkeeper The GK card™ LB Weird looking dog 180cm Defensive Fullback Long Throw Man Marking RB Coati 180cm Defensive Fullback Long Throw Man Marking CB a night out with the boys (silver) 195cm The Instigator Heading Acrobatic Clear Man Marking Fighting Spirit LMF Round raccoon 180cm Box-to-Box Fighting Spirit Man Marking DMF Masked bandit 180cm Anchor Man Malicia Man Marking AMF Rabies superspreader 185cm Dummy Runner Speeding Bullet Fighting Spirit RMF Rocket Raccoon 185cm Hole Player Track Back Weighted Pass CF Constable Raccoon (bronze) 185cm Creative Playmaker Low Lofted Pass Track Back One Touch Pass CF 3 raccoons in a trenchcoat (bronze) 185cm Goal Poacher First Time Shot Acrobatic Finishing Long Range Drive CF Detective Raccoon (gold) 189cm Target Man Mazing Run Trickster Flip Flap Rabona Acrobatic Finishing Knuckle Shot also let's get rid of the false fullbacks tactic
>>520 >CB a night out with the boys (silver) 195cm The Instigator Heading Long Ball Expert please Acrobatic Clear Man Marking Fighting Spirit
Now for the bench players GK Where did my candy go? Defensive Goalkeeper You know what card LB Embrace pestery (Same cards as Weird Looking Dog) LB big sniffer The Instigator Super Sub Man Marking CB James Blackwood The Instigator Acrobatic Clear Long Ball Expert RB ACAB (Same cards as Coati) RB Ringtail The Instigator Super Sub Man Marking LMF Kinkajou Hole player Heel Trick One Touch Pass RMF Cacomistle Box-to-Box Fighting Spirit Pinpoint Crossing DMF Olingo The Destroyer Man Marking Malicia DMF Feral Agent The Destroyer Man Marking Malicia AMF Employee of the month Classic No. 10 Low Lofted Pass Super Sub CF PES control Fox in the Box First Time Shot Acrobatic Finishing
>>520 And, make Masked Bandit a Destroyer instead of an Anchor Man please.
As for subs: >Sub on big sniffer, Ringtail, and Employee of the Month at 70 minutes. >If one of the players is in low condition at the start of the match, don't replace them with these subs if possible.
Open file (16.52 KB 349x450 constable raccoon.jpg)
Open file (146.24 KB 296x260 rocket raccoon.png)
Open file (252.68 KB 1500x1941 detective raccoon.jpg)
Open file (282.11 KB 720x720 rabies superspreader.png)
Player images
Open file (47.43 KB 634x457 masked bandit.jpg)
Open file (71.95 KB 644x476 round raccoon.jpg)
Open file (737.15 KB 600x400 Weird looking dog.png)
Open file (2.18 MB 1024x769 coati.png)
Open file (62.23 KB 590x538 grabby hands.jpg)
Open file (52.90 KB 612x612 embrace pestery.jpg)
Open file (33.55 KB 600x389 James Blackwood.jpg)
Open file (319.47 KB 620x387 where did my candy go.png)
Open file (43.04 KB 186x160 feral agent.png)
Open file (128.44 KB 900x597 olingo.jpg)
Open file (105.02 KB 778x818 cacomistle.jpg)
Open file (576.12 KB 800x1152 kinkajou.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 650x568 big sniffer.png)
Open file (181.50 KB 547x547 pes control.jpg)
>>520 Thanks! This all looks good. Here are the assumed heights: >Where did my candy go? 180 > [other] 175 >PES control 189
>>533 Hang on, you get two 189cms? in that case, give it to 3 raccoons in a trenchcoat instead. Rest looks alright.
>>533 >>534 And then give the 185 to Masked Bandit.
>>535 Done!
Just realized: Creative Playmaker is incompatible with Center Forward (Constable Raccoon)
>>537 why
Open file (12.70 KB 749x89 C.png)
>>538 Just how PES works (but effectively because Creative Playmakers are for LWF/RWF/SS that will supposed to drop back a bit instead of being the center of attack)
>>539 Alright, just make him a SS and we should be good?
>>540 Yep, no problem.
>>541 Fantastic
I'll be adding those images now, let me know what formation you want (otherwise, here's what I quickly came up with to match the player positions) Drawings are best but description is fine too.
Open file (377.11 KB 474x600 a weird 3-4-3.png)
>>543 >>>/icup/3041 will be fine
>>545 Whoops, I didn't see that. Thanks.
Open file (1.10 MB 1726x963 form.png)
Great! I think that's absolutely everything, except Ringtail is missing their image. The right side have player in the incorrect position, that's just to get them all in the picture.
Open file (133.32 KB 1080x645 ringtail.jpg)
>>547 Huh I thought I posted it, alright here's a ringtail Btw what do those numbers next to the names mean?
>>548 It's the player rating, but it's a bit misleading because a player with 77 in all stats will have a different player rating in different positions. I'm guessing it's because some stats only count for certain positions (like a CF not getting their Defensive Prowess counted) but who knows.
>>549 I see, thanks

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