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Open file (224.46 KB 941x626 masha_RTX1FHO2_b.jpg)
Anonymous 04/05/2021 (Mon) 10:44:03 No.108
Can i get a pet raccoon to do the dishes for me?
>>108 Coons aren't pets. They're valued and trusted friends
Yeah. Just expect him to do many other things too.
>>110 Like laundry?
>>111 I like the way you think Anon. So tell me, are there any cute anime meido coon grils afoot anywhere do you know?
Leave it to Arai-san!
>>111 >>113 Raccoons are very dependable.
no you coon not do that unless it is an anime coongirl or coonboy or something
>>124 Coons are not swayed by what you have to say
Open file (474.21 KB 965x1481 R. Raccoon.png)
The Raccoon Liberation Front strongly advises you treat raccoons with more respect than that.
>>126 What do raccoons need to be liberated from? Jars stuck on their head?
>>117 Nanoda!
>>117 >>128 This is now a dependable raccoon thread, なのだ.
>>131 Idk man, looks pretty stupid
>>132 No you're looks pretty stupid!!!
Open file (18.09 KB 220x209 8d1f5adf1194.jpeg)

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