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I'm worried Anonymous 11/30/2023 (Thu) 03:42:27 No.1004
It's going into the more wintery side of fall and I think my raccoons are in topor... they abruptly stopped showing up 3 days ago. Say a prayer for Ivan, Tag, Alexander, Peter, and the others please.
>>1004 Hopefully they start showing up again when they wake up from it.
>>1004 I'm sure your little coons will be OK. They're tough little critters with layers of fur and fat.
>>1004 OK, did so OP. I'm sure they put on lots of fat feeding at your Coon Restaurant! :) I'm sure they'll be fine Anon. Who knows, maybe there'll be some babby coons next year?
Thank you everyone! As it turns out they returned just last night. Apparently they found some new food source bc they all loom like balloons lol
>>1008 Fuzzy Chonkers! :D
>>1008 I'm glad to see they're doing okay.
How are your coons doing anon?
>>1024 Alright, not very active atm. Tag got hit by a car, I buried him under a tree and made a grave marker with rocks.... poor coon, he was tough. No tail due to mutation (bobtail gene) smashed up paw and chewed on ears and snaggle tooth but he still got on. I'll miss him.
>>1026 Poor little guy.
>>1026 Oh no. I'm really sorry to hear that anon.
Open file (226.50 KB 1024x1024 1706254294416729.jpg)
>>1026 Oh darn. Sorry about the loss of your cooner fren Anon. Remember him well.
Open file (106.58 KB 719x409 Coon_camera_sniff.jpg)
>>1027 >>1028 >>1029 Thank you all.

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