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Open file (112.65 KB 500x370 raccoon2.jpg)
Anonymous 03/25/2021 (Thu) 14:33:37 No.1
Hello and welcome to coons.
Open file (206.79 KB 1800x1191 Raccoon garbage_08RGB.jpg)
Coon board!? Where my trashers at?
Open file (54.04 KB 640x427 1535034007933.jpg)
>>4 Right here coonbro
Welcome to all the coons. Which countries are they native to? Are red pandas related to trash pandas?
>>9 North America Yeah they're musteloids
>>1 Sounds for my chill coonchan fam https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7NOSDKb0HlU Us cunning scavengers gotta stick together.
>>12 Embrace pestery.
>>13 Master pestilence.
Coon is our word.
Why are coons so cute and adorable?
Open file (1.21 MB 1266x1920 she simply is.png)
>>746 It's the mask I think, plus those adorable boop-able noses.
>>777 it is also the ears and overall body shape
Open file (728.10 KB 3000x3000 Grace popcorn 1.png)
Open file (69.88 KB 519x516 gems 04.jpg)
Open file (516.54 KB 1500x1125 gems 01.png)
Open file (72.07 KB 636x917 gems 06.jpg)
/monarchy/ would like to request from /pro/ A jewel to put on our crown jewels. Any coon poster is welcome to present a jewel. w/ a name and a pic (if you want). These imaginary jewels will be compiled into a drawing of our crown jewels. Examples: </hispol/ >Understood. I gift to you, the "Great Lemon" jewel discovered in Baja California, México. Is in the St Edward's Crown. </b/ >On behalf of /b/ we offer for a jewel... >Fire.
>>788 Did you guys ever finish your crown jewels?

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