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Open file (189.82 KB 222x333 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 18:25:13 No.229
ATTENTION >>>/meta/15174 The anon.cafe administration has ordered YOU to enjoy raccoons. Do it now.
Open file (458.69 KB 960x955 pizza_coon.jpg)
Open file (649.98 KB 750x750 ClipboardImage.png)
Just look how round it is. you know what else is round?
Open file (1.15 MB 3072x2304 1676592176713.jpg)
Open file (476.00 KB 1200x1600 Big.Guys.Pizza-4.JPG)
>>827 >not putting a square peg into a round hole. shiggy :^) Put ur fresh pizzaz in teh garbage
>>828 >Here we watch teh Coon in his natural habitat, carefully stalking his prey... >OI!! He pounces, and teh poor little wogger didn't stand a chance. >As the Sun rises, teh Coon snuggles into his nest, content at yet another full belly.
Open file (178.26 KB 1500x1087 Schleich Wild Life.jpg)
Open file (720.54 KB 680x548 1676429874042.png)
>>832 Do skunks and coons ever make friends with each other?
>>833 The more important question: can the stink glands be removed from babby skunkus? That's cute.
>>834 Umm maybe don't touch the babby skunks in bad places?
>>834 Yes. There are people who keep skunks as pets, and they routinely remove the scent glands.
Open file (89.91 KB 560x560 SC3_zoom.jpg)
Spring has sprung early and has awakened the coons. Bird feeding season has been terminated by a particularly greedy bandit stealing and eating an entire molasses seed block in one single night. Well sir or madam I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for not stealing the bird feeder this time.
Are you moving our cryptic conversations to this thread? :^)
*places seeds into bird feeder
Is is now being revealed through the media that it was you raccoons that instigated the spread of COVID19. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
>>864 The media doesn't even know the difference between raccoons and chinese tanuki. They probably think raccons are a kind of bat too.
>>875 Yeah lots of people don't even know raccoon and tanuki are different. Tanuki are more related to seals than raccoons.
>>876 Not seals. Tanuki are in the dog/fox branch of the caniform carnivorans.
>>877 Sorry, meant raccoons are more related to seals than tanukis.
Open file (6.69 MB 640x534 Endlessraccoon.gif)
>>897 >>878 And there is an example of raccoons trying to be seals.
>>897 >>899 Who do they think they are, anyway? I'm sick of these kinds of characters.
Open file (15.51 MB 728x728 Raccoon Cling GIF.gif)
Every time I see a coon or a nosebear, I think of this board now.
>>904 >stunt coon lol
>>904 How often do you see these boys?
>>907 Not very often, but I meant more generally and not just in real life. My mom did say that she saw a raccoon digging in the garbage recently late at night, but unfortunately she didn't let me know at the time. Not long before that, my sister's family found a baby one that got given to someone else to raise before I could see it. I have seen them on occasion over the years, like when I was at a tourist attraction in a wooded area and there was a coon wandering the property that had to be escorted from the premises. There was one I saw during the daylight in my backyard maybe ten years ago that seemed like it wasn't right in the head. My dad ended up putting it out of its misery. There's also a zoo nearby that usually has a coatimundi area.
OH GOD IS /pro/ OK? Please turn on protections if you have them I don't want it to be slid out of existence.
>>913 Every BO has the same protection mechanisms available to them, Anon: - thread creation rate limit per hour > set to 1 or 2 at most - early 404 > this kills any threads w/o 5+ replies anywhere in the bottom third (that is, in Anoncafe's case: 70 / 3 = 23.3 == last 24 threads) of the board's threads. You can also enforce captchas, but let's face it if we're dealing with state actors here that would be little deterrence.
>>913 Luckily /pro/ didn't get attacked as far as I could tell.
>>916 I'm glad there was no raccoon holocaust.
Open file (94.44 KB 932x567 evil_raccoon.jpg)
>>918 What about raccoons leading a holocaust?
Where there any prehistoric giant raccoons?
Open file (740.76 KB 1462x790 big_racoo.jpg)
Open file (215.39 KB 880x1063 11.jpg)
>>920 I found this, but it looks like they weren't quite ready for primetime: https://prehistoric-fauna.com/Chapalmalania-altaefrontis I guess Mr. God decided to go back to the drawing board and actually get it right.
>>922 >Chapalmalania was a large creature, reaching about 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) in body length, with a short tail. Chapalmalania is estimated to have weighed approximately 150 kilograms (330 lb), comparable in size to an American black bear (Ursus americanus) I want one.
>>922 It was just as perfect as today's raccoons <3
>>922 >I guess Mr. God decided to go back to the drawing board and actually get it right. Everything He does is right. The Earth needs different species alive at one time, and not alive at another time. Now we aren't God, and obviously screw things up (extincting species there as a gift for use during our age, etc). Anyway very cool-looking creature Anon, thanks! :)
>>924 I wouldn't say that. They proportionally looked more like a standard bear than a proper washbear for my taste, apparently. I also don't like the way that reconstruction forgoes the classic bandit mask around its eyes in favor of uniformly colored fur. >>925 Saved.
>>926 I think your shitieshou has autism.
Open file (91.05 KB 295x295 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (332.97 KB 1536x1024 o-RACCOON-.jpg)
There's not nearly enough raccoon posing going on.
Open file (2.00 MB 390x245 Raccoon and dog.gif)
>>945 True.
Anyone have problems posting gifs or mp4s? I keep getting "Connection failed" errors and have changed my IP several times.
Open file (115.66 KB 1471x227 thumbnailer error.jpg)
>>956 It might be related to this >>>/meta/15220 >>>/meta/16274 If it's not then try posting from Tor. A lot of times I can get through with Tor when clear net won't let me upload. Dunno why.
Open file (8.97 MB 338x640 raccoon.mp4)
>>962 Roly-poly tumblin' coon!
I'm still getting the "Connection failed" error in Tor.

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