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Open file (189.82 KB 222x333 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 18:25:13 No.229 [Reply]
ATTENTION >>>/meta/15174 The anon.cafe administration has ordered YOU to enjoy raccoons. Do it now.
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>>256 >>257 Thet remind me of dogs or bear cubs with stretched-out noses and raccoon-like tails.

Open file (87.57 KB 512x321 unnamed.jpg)
Anonymous 11/27/2021 (Sat) 11:05:58 No.265 [Reply]
Alright everyone, tails up

Open file (1.96 MB 355x266 1625161067605.gif)
Anonymous 07/01/2021 (Thu) 18:23:33 No.204 [Reply]
coon & the wowter
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>>212 >>217 Do we have a lot of former /otter/ posters here?
>>225 > Do we have a lot of ... posters here? Does not seem to be the case.
>>226 Just assumed there would be a lot of overlap.
>>226 Don't be sad, 'coon posting is a rare art.
Open file (43.53 KB 1087x449 ClipboardImage.png)
>>226 And that's okay!

Open file (14.48 KB 400x281 FB_IMG_1635444797385.jpg)
Anonymous 10/28/2021 (Thu) 18:13:52 No.247 [Reply]
Slide thread
Wish this was animated...
Open file (3.18 MB 480x360 raccoonslide.mp4)
Open file (893.88 KB 220x224 slide.gif)
>>262 avalanche

Open file (60.54 KB 720x960 FB_IMG_1633165224725.jpg)
Anonymous 10/02/2021 (Sat) 09:01:10 No.232 [Reply]
Remember to washed your 'coons
Cleaning the floor with a raccoon? Innovative. Does it move around automatically too, like a roomba?

Open file (172.57 KB 800x600 EvmyT2CXEAMsgAY.jfif)
Raccoon Video Thread Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 18:53:45 No.149 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU7QdZfVjZo Watched this documentary recently. It is not very good, but has lots of footage of raccoons. I don't know much about raccoons but the findings at the end about urban raccoon territories was very surprising! I would have guessed it would be much bigger.

Open file (1.53 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 03/27/2021 (Sat) 11:19:09 No.25 [Reply]
>already top 2 board The fate of anon.cafe.
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>>115 >>118 >>>/x/ is this way
Hello racoons.
>>25 I watched this video recently, it is so cute how they sit and turn their heads upwards while chewing!

Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 07:54:23 No.227 [Reply]
I was at the zoo and saw the raccoons.
That's nice! Maybe I should do the same, but zoos make me depressed...

Anonymous 04/02/2021 (Fri) 22:59:19 No.85 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE0Aa0-3A3c Why are raccoons so stupid all of the time?
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>>122 Yeah they fit into everything, and then don't fit out again.
Open file (45.36 KB 640x618 1624594895457.jpg)
Yeah that's all pretty stupid. Hey why don't we just not do anything?
>>200 >digits That is one fat-assed, lazy looking coon Anon. I bet he collect welfare all day too! :D
Open file (131.07 KB 960x640 f9a19847ca5f2124.jpg)
Just because you don't understand them does not mean they are dumb. Maybe they know better and you are the dumb one.
>>223 No, they're definitely dumb.

Open file (23.59 KB 720x540 1631349455446.jpg)
Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 08:38:44 No.220 [Reply]
New raccoon arrived
Open file (127.41 KB 489x424 i_has_sad.png)
>>220 >ywn order a dozen fresh coon overnight from the Globohomo feels bad /pro/
Where do I order coons? Anyone got the number?

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