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Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 21:46:15 No.60
Oh, Poetic Friends, Come join us at https://anon.cafe/icup/ for the Infinity Cup, if you so desire!
Should we use famous poets as players?
I'm not sure if we could or should join, this board really is pathetically tiny (and could probably do without the attention). Wouldn't have any ideas for a team either.
You know that you're the only one who's been destroying all the fun Look what happened when you were dreaming Then punch yourself in the face
>>61 We could do that, especially since we don't really have any memes or anything here. We've already got threads on Saadi, Rumi and Robert Burns and Hitler. What are some other notable poets? Yeats, Goethe, Seuss, Poe? Maybe some classical ones like Homer? >>62 I think it could still be fun to make our own team. And if this place doesn't get attention, then who's gonna post their poetry here?
>>111 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iePPYF2-dI Does he count as a poet? Additionally, you could probably use the characters or beings of famous poems as teammates too, like Beowulf or the Jabberwocky.
>>111 >>112 Oh, and this might make a good goalhorn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XP5RP6OEJI
soul: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk soulless: lol cringe: jajajajajajaja
>>61 No it's boring. Let's use the lines of a poem. Or even better just make up words and phrases to use for a player, that's what we're about after all.
Hey /ita/, an update after some radio silence. With /christian/'s voluntary recusal from the GCUP proper, we have 12 teams set to compete for the GCUP. As for the friendlies, the move by /christian/ gives us at least 10 willing participants, with a few more I'm waiting on for confirmation. I've decided to move entirely to joke/meme friendlies, since there wasn't interest in ones played under ICUP rules. We'll be determining the draw for the tournament before the end of this week. Since we have 12 teams, I've decided to move forward with 4 groups of 3 teams, with the top team in each advancing to the Knockout Bracket. This guarantees each team at least two games, and keeps the main tournament at a brief 16 games. We'll be padding the days out with the friendlies whose gimmicks will be determined at the same time as the GCUP draw. I doubt I'll be streaming it live, but I will at least record and post it on the match archive as soon as it's ready. Stay tuned! I must admit, I like the formatting of your board. It's really quite nice.
>>136 That first line should say /pol/ of course. Not the first time I've made that mistake, sadly.
Help make our players' game tactic become clever whilst thematic. We have a week to finalize, please come and help us strategize. >>>/icup/2223
Team's looking good fellas. Eager to see us play in a dramatic way.
The GCUP Friendlies are set! Teams and gimmicks were drawn at random; you will be playing /lang/ in the sixth friendly of the tournament. Start time can be found here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=2021-02-20T19:30:00 We'll be showing these matches on the 8cup cytube as usual. Tune in!
>>61 We really forgot Erza Pound. Not that I've read any of his works.
We're on in an hour; our time draws near. Come over now and give us a cheer!
/pol/ - /lang/ rivalry when!

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