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/WIG/ --Writer's Improvement general Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 03:31:09 No.78
Here we post about how we wrote today. Daily updates. What you read what you wrote, maybe that you posted in /crit/ (or started a new /crit/ thread.
OP here. I'll go first. Today I wrote two drafts of poems. I still have to do my daily recording, which I post to tik tok everyday. I spent most of the day fucking off, but I still got some writing done, even if I didn't read anything. Gonna record now.
>>79 You record anything yet? I'd love to see your work.
>>106 Yeah. This is the latest. https://www.tiktok.com/@solonoftheeast/video/6854766879534222598 I tend to post poems a bit at a time, as the shorter length seems to boost viewcounts and moreover, seems to help me better highlight which lines are good and which lines suck. Helps me keep a tight "write-perform-revise" loop, which I think is critical for an auditory medium like poetry.
>>108 Recorded today. Spent a shit-ton of time on three lines: Mutatis myopis, mutandis into nonsense. What needs be can't be seen as the world bends in the mindlens of the cable box, the soundstage of the solipsis-fable.
>>109 Couldn't write for shit today. Did a bit of freestyle. Not a goddamn thing more. Chased down the muse for a bit, but when the soul is perverted, the anima becomes oedipal

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