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Street Photography Photog 08/18/2022 (Thu) 02:53:06 No.397
Open file (159.95 KB 1263x1504 File7955.jpg)
Open file (144.20 KB 1252x699 Taxi.jpg)
>Why is it so comfy? Is it? Having studied it a bit and practiced the modern version for giggles i find it emotionally exhausting, at least for me, because i think it requires very little skill to pull out as it depends mainly on luck and the little aforementioned abilities in knowing about shutter speed results and how to press a button, not even proper exposures because you can hide a bad acquisition by using chiaroscuro compositions or downright applying grain as an artistic decision/excuse because for some reason it is still the norm to convert most compositions into monochrome. It does require skills at times but those are social and depend mainly on disarming tense situations and/or suppressing the shame when flashing people on the street, if you have a slight amount of respect to your fellow denizens this becomes difficult because it is obvious some people dislike being taken a picture of especially in candid situations when they are eating or doing stuff without wanting someone checking on them. Then you also end up going into the moral artistic matter of seeing inconsistent/out-of-your-hands situations being the main gist of the composition/subject/message which you cannot replicate without hiring models in specific situations and places, this is degrading to how you consider your own skills because you depend on something else not yourself to have a good day in terms of acquisitions, and you also end up spraying and praying more than actually composing scenes which ultimately causes mild impostorism if you are used to doing and achieving more traditional stuff. I think it is a genre much more enjoyable to see than to go out and create, and ultimately the usual and even above-average results are not really that endearing particularly if you ended up doing them yourself and comparing them to other work of yours which demanded much more effort. I haven't analyzed in deep introspective the kind of person who enjoys doing this type of photography but preemptively i think they are not very swell to be around with although there might be exceptions of photographers who are actually fascinated with the prospect of being stealthy and able to capture scenes without anyone noticing, like a ghost, and genuinely feel bad when they get caught and called out. Also Tokyo/almost any japanese city is like a cheat code in terms of this kind of activity due to their citizens' common place passivity and politeness along with well-kept and safe environments, i dare those easy going photographers going into Haiti, rural latin america or industrial eastern europe and attempt doing the usual street and see how they fare, high-level street photography with actual fast operating skills with a decent amount of acquired charisma/diplomacy are required there and those who usually pull those out are called photojournalists aka a real job In the video fella's case even the japanese chauffer was getting pissed and did a stare down at him for repeatedly taking shots of the car while he was waiting in the middle of street; to cross someone who's job is to be quiet and patient, in a place like Japan, is a testament on how people see these practitioners and a small window into what it feels like for a photographer to be seen as a pest by either people you share paths with everyday or foreigners pondering when are you leaving, at best because you usually get confronted if you are not using uniform from an agency. Although have to say aside from that part he was very conservative and minded his business, the same cannot be said about the cameraman who went into people's tits and got honked several times for strolling around like a rooster. >Nikon Z9 + 40mm f2 Mad jelly here, that setup does make me feel more puzzled at the photographer, the camera is hard to get but doesn't fit the job at hand in terms of the usual customs. Or am i too negative :^)
>>398 Not OP (zoom zoom guy here) but I think it helps to realize that some of the street photography "greats" actually staged much of their stuff. That said I despise most street.

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