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Open file (468.23 KB 1280x900 DSLR Cut A.jpg)
/p/ Meta Thread Photog 05/02/2020 (Sat) 05:01:50 No.2
A place for all things meta regarding our small dark room. Suggestions, banners, board exposure plans, they go here. Be not afraid to comment.
>>2 Maybe to get the word out, we should try posting on other arts-related boards, but some could see that as disrupting the discussion there. Maybe try the /comfy/ board, I feel like photography could be popular there. I just discovered this board, but I saw that there was an older /p/ board, do people know that this new one is up? By the way, I really like the design of this board, it's really dark and peaceful. Keep doing good work BO, I really want this board to grow!
>>5 Yes, i've been wanting to post a notice in the old 8/p/ but first i wanted to talk to their BO, which i found to be pretty good when i posted there. But so far no reply, by this point i might as well just do it. >but I saw that there was an older /p/ board, do people know that this new one is up? Julay's? it only had one poster: A one-time touhou fellow. Gonna delete it anyway now that we have this shack. If you mean 8c's then they probably don't know but there has only been 3 or 4 posts this year. I think there's a small enclave in TVch but i'm wary about stirring waters there >Maybe try the /comfy/ board We could try a sampler of our work to kindly invite them. Instead of the critique board like the halfchan version is i would like this iteration to be kinda didactic, photography is a relatively easy venture and we can learn along the way. Problem is the costs of technology, but in step by step we can pull through. The theme needs a little tinkering, i just noticed the (you) is pretty dark and the captcha is untouched, also thank you for the feedback man.
>>6 >We could try a sampler of our work to kindly invite them. That sounds like a really good idea, I have a bunch of my photos on some SD cards that I think are comfy. If some other anons find this board and have photos they'd like to contribute, that would help a lot too. I've got the "Your Pictures Thread" so if more people find this board, their photos could be used for the sampler, or maybe it could be in a separate thread. >also thank you for the feedback man no worries man, I love photography and I'd love to see this board take off, so I'm willing to help in anyway I can.
also, for banners, what are the guidelines for them?
>>7 >>8 It's a cool thread, it serves as an introduction to anyone visiting which is perfect. >or maybe it could be in a separate thread I had something lingering in my mind but it's way more ambitious, so right now i think the sampler can be made in the same thread there. >for banners, what are the guidelines for them? Any reasonable dimensions but i used a standard of 350x350 or 350x150, with a very optional black or white meme frame of 5px each side. Max size is 500kb, also it seems the limit is 16 banners for some reason, right now there's 13 but i can bump off any of them to make space so no problem.
Open file (1.17 MB 2611x2611 echoes.JPG)
I love photography but there's never anywhere decent to show it to people. I'm happy to see this place. Pic related is one of mine I pulled out.
>>10 >i think the sampler can be made in the same thread there. That sounds good to keep the board from getting a bit too cluttered, How big would you want the sampler? 5 images? >>11 Nice photo, I really like how its framed and its composition. >I'm happy to see this place. Yeah, me too, here's to hoping that this board grows.
>>11 That's pretty cool, i take it was with a cellphone? Throw us some more in the picture thread
Open file (49.59 KB 800x450 DSFARGEG.jpg)
>>5 >Posted notice on 8k/p/ >Gets deleted within 2 days >In a board with a reply every 2 months Even when it's 8k i'm still surprised, it was in spoiler and with name replaced. Our journey continues.
>>21 >Gets deleted within 2 days Goddamn, I guess they're trying as much as possible to keep anons on 8kun, maybe they're just deleting all mentions of any sites on the webring. I'll post some pictures for the sampler later today if anything. It seems like more and more anons are finding their way to this board so that's good.
>>21 >>22 They’re eternally butthurt about boards leaving the pigtopia. Didn’t realise it had got so bad that globals would delete links from board owners.
>>23 Yeah, I didn't realize it was that bad either, but people must be leaving the sites in droves if they're willing to go so far as to delete webring links.
Open file (5.16 MB 4000x3000 P1250302.JPG)
Open file (4.70 MB 4000x3000 P1230884.JPG)
Open file (5.10 MB 4000x3000 P1250017.JPG)
Open file (4.74 MB 4000x3000 P1250036.JPG)
Open file (4.89 MB 4000x3000 P1250037.JPG)
>>10 Here's my contribution to the sampler. You can pick and choose between the pictures. sorry it took me so long to get these to you.
I got a thing coming and won't be actively around until next week, but i'll keep tabs everyday if something weird happens, as it has happened in other parts of the webring. I'm also uploading some stuff for an upcoming thread so hold onto your butts, it's going to get ND1000 dense. >>27 Hey there, no prob and also sorry for the late reply. Thanks for those, also can i modify them a little? i mean framing and color toning, nothing extreme.
Open file (19.55 KB 250x125 Logo A.png)
Open file (15.15 KB 200x100 Logo2.png)
Open file (267.60 KB 700x800 Body Background.png)
Open file (154.79 KB 700x800 Body Background 2.png)
Due to some (((technical issues))) you might know happened recently i will post these as custom CSS resources.
Edited last time by Lensman on 05/13/2020 (Wed) 06:07:29.
Open file (1.16 MB 1200x1200 Echoes Lmr4.jpg)
Open file (1.86 MB 1200x1250 P1230305 PS CROPPED.jpg)
Open file (2.23 MB 1200x1600 P1230300 PSD CROPPED.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1200x1800 IMG_3204 PSD.jpg)
>>28 There we go, i screwed everything i had to do in my student life but at least i'm still alive and well. In a little spare time i had i clowned myself into some photos for our sampler, i had way too much fun with the 4th pic >>27 and tried to think of something with the 5th but still escapes me. Is it okay or do we pick others? Also added some stuff into the CSS and got some books organized and uploaded, so i guess it's time for a crucial thread.
>>28 >also can i modify them a little? i mean framing and color toning, nothing extreme. Of course you can modify them a bit! I'm happy to help in any way I can, sorry to get back to you so late, been busy for the past week, but things should be calmed down by now. >>33 I like the new theme a lot, thanks for contributing it! >>34 Nice pictures man, I really like the lighting.
Rabbit rabbit November 1st, hey there, been kinda busy with studies lately and it's been messing with my lurking and reading due to the bizarre timings due to pandemic reschedules and phantom workplace pressure, hence not so much posting from my part. Also developed a mild imageboard addiction after trying to post more than usual in all boards to keep things alive, and mixed with everything else, all my times and projects went haywire and haven't really posted anything of much value in the last couple months either here or on /film/-/loomis/. Some days ago i fell pretty ill and hallucinated for a bit, got a small existential crisis and decided to stop posting for a while until i get all my shit together, so there's that if you see this place more abandoned than usual. Will return from time to time to the account to see if there's any reports for bad content but other than that i'll see you again in 45-50 days.
Open file (5.21 KB 188x188 Muk.png)
Lots of drama going around but so far all quiet in this front. I will see how to fix this new CSS format and post cool stuff.
I just stopped in to say that I really like the CSS you guys use.

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