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Welcome to /p/ Photog 05/02/2020 (Sat) 06:10:18 No.4 [Reply] [Last]
Hello there buddies and welcome to /p/, the board dedicated to all things related to the visual time machine. I want to mention i'm going to try my best to be as off-hands as i can be regarding discussion to exert the max comfiness possible, but we are still bound to follow our hosts' rules plus some comments of mine: 1. Follow the global rules, which are based on the Romani 2012 Criminal Code. They can be found at our Home page but in short they state that we should: a) Avoid posting or requesting information that might harm something or someone, these include social security and/or financial card numbers, registration plates, an asshole's physical direction, comprehensive government structures' layouts, etc. b) Avoid posting sexually suggestive images of individuals from the genus Homo that were under 18 years old, or might appear under said age without ID confirmation, when the images were taken. b.i) In this segment images of "juveniles simulating sexual behavior in a credible manner" are also included, meaning realistic 3D renders are prohibited. Such are the drac laws. - Because of what constitutes "suggestive" is a subjective matter, the "Bas" Dost test can be performed by a judge (in this case the BO or A.C's administration). - It contains 6 questions or factors that constitute if the poster is guilty or not, the number of positives to give such judgement is where the controversy begins but to keep it simply i'm going to state that: If it is suspicious that's a spoiler, if it turns me or a G-Vol on that's a delete, if it is highly arousing to any man then that's a ban - The difference between Grigori Galitsin and Garry Gross is the legal team, you might back that up under U.S. law but this site is based on gypsy land, so we reiterate an urgent appeal to avoid these images. 2. Spoiler gore or NSFW content because Canadians and Australians might bug and harass our host's administration if otherwise. We are currently classified as NSFW but the eternal leaf still doesn't care. 3. Do not spam gore/porn/nude oeuvre made to incit a normal sexual reaction due to the aforementioned reason. - I will consider "spam" the action of posting more than 5 times something tertiary to the topic at hand or from the reply chain. - If the topic IS nudes or something very related (the oeuvre of a specific photographer specialized in that, for example) then this rule does not apply, but Rule 2 still does. 4. Do not post invite links to Discord groups. Just Don't. 5. Meta content should be posted here >>2 to make things faster and cleaner for all of us.

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Open file (468.23 KB 1280x900 DSLR Cut A.jpg)
/p/ Meta Thread Photog 05/02/2020 (Sat) 05:01:50 No.2 [Reply] [Last]
A place for all things meta regarding our small dark room. Suggestions, banners, board exposure plans, they go here. Be not afraid to comment.
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I got a thing coming and won't be actively around until next week, but i'll keep tabs everyday if something weird happens, as it has happened in other parts of the webring. I'm also uploading some stuff for an upcoming thread so hold onto your butts, it's going to get ND1000 dense. >>27 Hey there, no prob and also sorry for the late reply. Thanks for those, also can i modify them a little? i mean framing and color toning, nothing extreme.
Open file (19.55 KB 250x125 Logo A.png)
Open file (15.15 KB 200x100 Logo2.png)
Open file (267.60 KB 700x800 Body Background.png)
Open file (154.79 KB 700x800 Body Background 2.png)
Due to some (((technical issues))) you might know happened recently i will post these as custom CSS resources.
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Open file (1.16 MB 1200x1200 Echoes Lmr4.jpg)
Open file (1.86 MB 1200x1250 P1230305 PS CROPPED.jpg)
Open file (2.23 MB 1200x1600 P1230300 PSD CROPPED.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1200x1800 IMG_3204 PSD.jpg)
>>28 There we go, i screwed everything i had to do in my student life but at least i'm still alive and well. In a little spare time i had i clowned myself into some photos for our sampler, i had way too much fun with the 4th pic >>27 and tried to think of something with the 5th but still escapes me. Is it okay or do we pick others? Also added some stuff into the CSS and got some books organized and uploaded, so i guess it's time for a crucial thread.
>>28 >also can i modify them a little? i mean framing and color toning, nothing extreme. Of course you can modify them a bit! I'm happy to help in any way I can, sorry to get back to you so late, been busy for the past week, but things should be calmed down by now. >>33 I like the new theme a lot, thanks for contributing it! >>34 Nice pictures man, I really like the lighting.
Rabbit rabbit November 1st, hey there, been kinda busy with studies lately and it's been messing with my lurking and reading due to the bizarre timings due to pandemic reschedules and phantom workplace pressure, hence not so much posting from my part. Also developed a mild imageboard addiction after trying to post more than usual in all boards to keep things alive, and mixed with everything else, all my times and projects went haywire and haven't really posted anything of much value in the last couple months either here or on /film/-/loomis/. Some days ago i fell pretty ill and hallucinated for a bit, got a small existential crisis and decided to stop posting for a while until i get all my shit together, so there's that if you see this place more abandoned than usual. Will return from time to time to the account to see if there's any reports for bad content but other than that i'll see you again in 45-50 days.

Open file (337.74 KB 1820x1214 Unknown Photographer.jpg)
Names at the Exhibition Photog 05/03/2020 (Sun) 05:18:16 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
Let's look into some of the famous, and not so famous, photographers' works to get some inspiration, ideas or entertainment by looking at some of their pictures in small dumps. Also serves as a way to force myself into enjoying this hobby without a camera. Anything goes as long as you like it enough to expose it, in my case i will post some of them once in a while in a constant format.
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Open file (4.13 MB 600x580 Flower.webm)
Open file (4.50 MB 600x580 Kyūshū.webm)
His particular style regarding the visual games and tricks with the horizon lines are tasty, at least for me, along with the use he gave to the wide-angle lenses, providing them with a niche to shoot people too unlike what the critics said. His actual influence might be more obvious to me in further ventures into the nippon photography scene, or perhaps i might see some who shaped his eye, but so far he's a favorite due to his very clear cut topics and documentation, projects presented in pairs, blue palettes and obviously his stylistic freedom. Now that i think of it maybe i've seen work of his before but who knows, perhaps one day i'll find his fashion/studio shots and provide some further examples. Meanwhile i guess i will finish the other posts first.
i've archived this thread to get these pics. thanks for the wonderful dump Anon.
Open file (477.43 KB 1599x1103 Aleutians.jpg)
Open file (106.96 KB 800x600 ph_bp.jpg)
Open file (104.40 KB 800x600 bp.jpg)
Open file (114.52 KB 800x600 phbp.jpg)
Check out this guy's stuff. Pretty cool imo. http://www.coreyfishes.com
>>165 Noice, that Nord Norge part is pretty cool. Some meme images here and there but generally it's good.
There's some overused trends nowadays and the last two ones here follow them but in its specific context i think they work very well, this guy's very good. I'll check him further, thanks anon.

Open file (4.81 MB 4000x3000 P1230777.JPG)
Open file (4.92 MB 4000x3000 P1230217.JPG)
Open file (4.99 MB 4000x3000 P1230299.JPG)
Open file (4.87 MB 4000x3000 P1230300.JPG)
Open file (4.86 MB 4000x3000 P1230305.JPG)
Your Pictures Thread Photog 05/02/2020 (Sat) 06:02:51 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
Post pictures that you've taken to share them with other anons. Talk about the things you like to take pics of and what camera you use. I'll start. I use a Lumix FZ48, and I like to take pictures of nature, and I want to get into more Urbex pictures.
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Open file (2.50 MB 1500x2000 SAM_1512LRES-PS-Tpz.jpg)
>>159 >Imageboards seem to be dying. Anons with the specific culture to be around here are disappearing but photography boards have always been low in numbers, 8 had the famous post per month thing going while the older 4 place i never visited, months ago i did to peak what were they like and it's a perpetual food fight with photography skills or methods being the last subject approached, a total shitfest. The old forums in the big websites are also filled with camera war threads and the odd 60yo actually taking photos for once but not "training" to be better, just bragging about going to Hawaii. The "social" websites are to the brim with girls whoring out with softcore shots and wedding photographers promoting their trade, the ones who do take photos as a hobby only take images of trashcan bins in public streets and random pedestrians minding their own business, none are composed particularly well and are just candid potshots. Rarely will there be an interesting or highly skilled photog but they usually drown in irrelevance because people either look at something else. Even if one finds the sweet spot in a kinda big social site, like the chinese scam 500px, it feels like there's not much going on in terms of community: It's a "like" mechanic, a small chat where people only say "nice" and if you do anything other than asking where did you take the shot, the machine will ban you for being mean or promoting ideologies. No conversations or debates like it would happen on an imageboard, and the sad thing is that all of these applies in most hobbies other than video games, anime and porn, and even then in the case of games there's tons of user in-fighting due to controversial figures roaming the communities, and in terms of anime the draconian moderators in most sites. I just wanted to talk about taking pictures.
>>160 >I just wanted to talk about taking pictures. Ironic. You're condemning offhand the one thing that can reign the abuse in, namely moderation. I suppose you consider the slightest moderation in the most basic way 'Draconian'? Pick a side Anon.
>>160 >No conversations or debates like it would happen on an imageboard, and the sad thing is that all of these applies in most hobbies other than video games, anime and porn, and even then in the case of games there's tons of user in-fighting due to controversial figures roaming the communities, and in terms of anime the draconian moderators in most sites. Traditional forums feel neutered compared to imageboards, and even then traditional forums are being killed off by things like Reddit and Discord.
>>161 >You're condemning offhand What, where >you consider the slightest moderation in the most basic way 'Draconian'? Why would you imply that? "I just want about taking pictures" as in i want to talk with some people about a basic topic while in other parts of the board they might want talk about gear, economic conditions of the trade, film vs digital and so on, one does not refute the other. And if anything i'm in favor of moderation in healthy amounts, and by my definition of that is elimination of spam and war bait (heh pills, iron pills, senseless raid requests, etc) and reorganization of probable benevolent actions that might appear as spam (controversial topic which spawns several duplicate threads, gear threads). Moderation doesn't mean prison camp, it means home keeping, by "Draconian" i mean auto-bans for diminutive incorrect grammar faults that don't affect the quality of the message and the de-facto prohibition of discussing anything older than a year or non-illegal "x" things that the mods don't like. Are you implying i should pick a side between eternal free-for-all shit flinging or iron guard punishment sessions? I think we should be reasonable. >>162 Yes, in the big photography web sites the forums became either technical support or brand loyalty reassurance talks, they are alive but ideas don't really flow aside from knowledgeable individuals spanking someone in a purely technical aspect of the camera. They might as well be dead on the water as they are more for official camera discussions rather than hobbyist photography talk. I still think there will be a renaissance of imageboards at some point, but that will come years later because there's a generation right now who have never talked freely about something in a public chat and might be very attracted to this concept, yet they are still very young to explore options. At this point they might be between 8 to 15yo.
Here be a pictar, took it some years ago with a (currently) $40EUR camera honestly thought it would be cheaper nowadays it was winter and i think i was waddling around after eating a plate of beef head in the early morning, there was our brand of rare eerie desert mist in the air and i saw this fellow wholesomely reading his newspaper at a corner he just walked in. I don't know if he lived near or was just a hobo but i liked the scene and just shot it & stored it, after checking it casually recently i thought the mist combined with the haze didn't help that much and started toying with it, trying to see what could i squeeze. Surprisingly i could push it way more than i imagined; love going out when that morning glow happens but here i just took it out. I don't know why i wrote all that, didn't want to be pretentious, just wanted to post these as a friendly reminder we all can make somewhat presentable and contemporary-looking images with cheap cameras, that is if you have the right tools in your computer. They are relatively easy to use these days and free if you know where to look so no big deal.

Photography Digital Resources Photog 05/20/2020 (Wed) 11:48:55 No.36 [Reply] [Last]
For the betterment of our users we shall proclaim a small library of resources like PDFs and videos. This is the place to share personal ways, known names, discovered channels, own documents and particular files that can enhance our abilities in this hobby. But due to concerns regarding the hosting size made clear to me by our admin we should upload them externally via media share sites or, in the case of videos, refer to a site or quick way to get them. Pretty simple activity but i do recommend using trusted filehosts, obscuring names, using passwords and other assorted privacy measures to avoid bots or crawlers from taking content down. I mean we are not sharing anything illegal and we sure are not pirating anything either but it's best to be reserved :^) From my part i just finished organizing and uploading a bunch of stuff you guys might find helpful. I will make a post for each theme and probably recommend one or two documents from that batch, i haven't read much other than the stuff i bought but i will try to make the best bet from what i've gathered in the many previews i did, otherwise you can check the list and see what you fancy as there's probably the high chance i might've missed a golden standard or just very good document. I still have many files left in reserve and will post the topic names if anyone is curious or needs some, honestly those didn't get up because i got tired and rushed to gather essentials.
Edited last time by Lensman on 05/22/2020 (Fri) 03:01:27.
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>>66 Holy crap, thanks so much anon, this thread is fantastic for photographers of any skill level!
>>67 Does that zerobin link work for you? It seems for me zerobin is down
>>68 Down for me too, thanks for pointing that out. These are all the links, if Zero doesn't get up soon i will edit all the posts with new ones. Meanwhile: https://paste.tuxcloud.net/?52d7949cb283f0d3#2magUi1KbRQm9VppztxrV6Pz8o19MSncwS9T6agiZDAx
Oh snap it's been 2 weeks now? Time flies when playing video games So here's an old but gold video i had, it's our boy B-Pete with a compilation of short beginner's tips he did long time ago for home release and i think some short excerpts made it into travel channels and such. Like we previously mentioned, Pete is a bit cutthroat and absolutist in terms of what you should and should not do which is silly to tell you the truth, photography "rules" are actually guidelines or general advises so people don't go crazy or wonder aimlessly for a while. Bryan uses the direct rule format lessons to herd the newcomers, which he probably saw as middle-aged bored dentists with money to blow, as the target audience and decided to make videos in his easy-going but focused persona telling you never to take a picture with the horizon in the middle, even when in his vast curriculum he has done so multiple times with good results. Again, if you see his recommendations as general friendly guidelines instead of stone rules then viewing/reading is much more relaxed and didactic. You can also see he sports the late 80's/90's japanese technique of street photography, dress as wacky as you feel comfortable with and always be attentive and smiling in a friendly non-wacko way, all with a tinge of typical anglo tourist. He actually is more reserved in classes but that's his persona, no doubt you saw him at least once if you viewed or surfed early 00's TV channels around home improvement or traveling. Here's the link, an hour long, 400MB. ZeroBin seems to be working now for all posts so there's that. https://zerobin.net/?d18022b36a01f7a3#p7HFKB0dK3GBG7vwxJ1+j1H1ebHBMypXKNSUBi/UVk8=
Open file (89.27 KB 780x860 Acute Res.png)
Open file (45.90 KB 1000x750 A.jpeg)
Open file (49.17 KB 560x266 B.jpg)
At some point maybe you guys will hear stuff like Microcontrast and 3D Pop when lurking around videos or texts about image and/or a lens quality, most of the time accompanied with the eternal Sharpness discussion. I found this greatly useful text that is definitely worth a check, it explains it cleanly and concise although it also results in the reader realizing once again the root of many problems is confusion of terms/semantics, leading to argument despair and further shitflinging. It's hard to understand what certain things are when the interlocutors in a discussion think they know what something is when one or both simply don't. Basically they aren't on the same channel. >https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2009/06/have-you-seen-my-acutance/ Now another problem is when the lens manufacturer companies themselves confuse terms, but because they are actually the music makers & dreamers of dreams, who do we believe? basically it's a clusterfuck term, much like Cinema's Mise-en-scene And to add a little more knowing a certain term will come out eventually when "microcontrast" enters a discussion, the result of good resolution means good inter-tonal transmission... usually, because the tonal range consequence of inter-tonal rendering might be present but the acutance itself might be not, and when we add the other factors like light and color rendering... Picking a lens is no joke.

Open file (271.36 KB 1280x688 bowling alley.jpg)
Film stock Photog 05/01/2020 (Fri) 15:48:16 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
What's your guys' favorite film stock?
I'm kind of out of the loop nowadays (I've stopped doing photography until a point when I can potentially build my own darkroom and make some prints), but looking at my photography stuff I have a box of Ektar 100 sitting out that's just about empty. I've tried several other types of film but I don't remember whether or not I developed any real preference.

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
/p/ for the Infinity Cup 2020! Photog 05/11/2020 (Mon) 22:11:20 No.29 [Reply] [Last]
As the title suggest, we're building up teams and rosters for the Infinity Cup 2020! We'd like it if you could join us. https://anon.cafe/p/
>>29 Thank you kindly for the invitation It happens that, even when we have a "legacy" name, we are probably mostly users who don't have extensive experience in the IB photography lingo or anything related, aka we are new at this and we are just building our own identity since the start of this month. These 30 posts you see are our first. I'm aware we need a crest, a starting XI with 6 subs and 2 sets of kits, sadly if we submit those it would be rushed and the names wouldn't really be rooted in our own culture. Basically if we go for it we would be a cheap plastic club like ManCity but without the money, so we will have to sadly decline this time. We are probably going to participate next year when are settled so be prepared, we will be the ominous dark horse unless you refball us.
>>30 > Basically if we go for it we would be a cheap plastic club like ManCity but without the money What an aptly made similitude. Aight, I hope to see you flourish as a board all the same.

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