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Open file (1.82 MB 300x168 1537904694722.gif)
/otter/ thread #0 Anonymous 04/07/2020 (Tue) 12:08:10 No.975
So I've noticed that since otters are already a very niche topic, most of the threads on this board are specific to a degree that very few people will participate in them, making /otter/'s activity suffer. There are few threads with more than a handful of replies on here. A solution to this could be to make a general thread, i. e. to throw everything into one b᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎ig conti᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎nuous thread where everything otter-related can be discussed. So let's try that out. Please direct your otterposting into this thread from now on.᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎
Open file (809.95 KB 2760x1553 i.jpg)
Open file (868.93 KB 2547x1707 ii.jpg)
Went for a bit of otter spotting yesterday but I only found some lame dog tracks instead of otter tracks. I guess i need to go farther afield to find anything if there even are otters where I live.
>>975 I think we could keep the specific threads if people wanna talk about them, and this thread for general funposting (kinda like the café on /a/). Still I think this is a good idea and I hope we can pick up the pace here a bit.
>>979 I saw that photo of the orangutan telling the otters a story before. What a good idea. Otters are good for everyone, even orangutans.
>>980 They do seem very interested in each other.
>>979 They live together in the wild too. At least as long as the Indonesian rainforest is still around.
Open file (273.26 KB 490x330 borneo-rainforest.png)
>>982 >At least as long as the Indonesian rainforest is still around. It's looking grim tbh
Open file (38.84 KB 960x640 hairy-nosed_otter.jpg)
>>984 Is hairy-nosed otter gonna be okay?
Open file (428.20 KB 1600x1066 Sasha-02.jpg)
Otters aren't the only mustelids who are good at swimming. The greater grison has partially webbed feet, eats fish and amphibians, and can stay underwater for longer than 30 seconds. However it can also climb trees; truly versatile.
>>986 >extremely scattered disjunct populations >still being hunted for skins in large amounts >habitat loss through agriculture ongoing >only one (1) hairy-nosed otter exists in captivity It'll be fine if you believe hard enough.
more cute gifs please
Open file (2.22 MB 480x270 giants.gif)
Open file (497.70 KB 340x215 otterdance.gif)
>>994 they lookin
I love otters.
Open file (20.04 KB 300x100 1.jpg)
Open file (17.67 KB 300x100 2.jpg)
Open file (35.90 KB 300x100 3.jpg)
Made some banners.
>>975 I don't know if you guys are aware but we're trying to make /comfy/ the top board on anon.cafe. So if I see you guys overtaking us again I'll have no choice but to do nothing like the little bitch I am
>>1001 What could be comfier than otters?
>>1001 we top board now, git gud
Open file (358.11 KB 1600x1114 54336.jpg)
>>999 Banners are full now
Open file (73.43 KB 534x600 ClipboardImage.jpg)
Three otter pups born in Adelaide zoo There are now 3 more otters in the world. https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/adelaide-zoo-announces-birth-of-three-otter-pups/
Open file (82.81 KB 533x960 delicious.jpg)
hey /otter/ who wants a snack?
Open file (367.63 KB 500x401 evil-otter.png)
>>1001 well, we're trying to make /otter/ the top board :^)
Open file (158.46 KB 500x401 ckbrnbep.jpg)
Open file (318.02 KB 3699x2218 3699.jpg)
>>1009 That pic is so off putting, it looks weirdly human like for some reason
Open file (759.92 KB 700x465 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1007 >>1008 >Talking shit and you're not even the top board Lol even /lego/ is beating you now
>>1011 that's nice honey
>>1008 >>1011 /otter/ must be stopped. They're not even pretending to hide their nefarious intentions.
Open file (256.69 KB 919x1280 otter1.jpg)
>>1013 We just want to post otters
>>1011 It's a board list not a competition. Nobody's """" beating""" anyone.
Open file (72.48 KB 720x1280 1564529196756.jpg)
Open file (201.17 KB 1024x576 sleeping-otter-roll.jpg)
>>1017 I would but it's only on when I'm sleeping.
>>1000 I never thought we'd come this far.
>>1018 Cute snoozing ott >>1019 There was a bunch of spam a while back tbf
Open file (114.97 KB 1024x767 2558236308_b5f6725c72_b.jpg)
This is a sea otter's skull. Sea otters have 32 strong and resilient teeth, up to 2.5x stronger than humans.
How can you tell if an otter enclosure at a zoo is good enough? how much space do they need?
>>1022 Depends on the species, if it's a big otter it needs more space. There should always be a warm shelter and water of course.
>>1022 Here's how you keep Eurasian otters happy.
Open file (244.43 KB 938x333 q1.jpg)
>>1028 Yeah, I'd rather be a fish-dog than just a fish.
Are you guys ready for the incoming flood of JulayWorld refugees? I don't think this place will be the same in a few months.
>>1032 Looks like anon.cafe will turn into the next big board, unless people actually make their own.
Can otters contract Corona-Chan? Minks and ferrets are spreaders of it, could otters spread it as well or are they safe?
>>1034 Should be fine, since they don't really come in contact with humans.
>>1034 Otters have other diseases to deal with
>>1036 >Controlled experiments have shown that oiling of otters exacerbates anemia, reduces hemoglobin levels and decreases otter’s aerobic capacity both on land and in the water. >After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, river otters in oiled areas had lower body weights, larger home ranges and less diverse diets than river otters from non-oiled areas. I thought only sea otters were affected by the oiling.
Open file (1.01 MB 1280x720 yawn.webm)
I might make us our own imageboard sooner or later.
>>1038 Do it. Robi has already offered direct help for others with plans to do so. Along with his guide I'm sure that will get you up and going BO.
>>1000 Fun fact, this guy isn't considered the same animal as most of the other otters in this thread. In Japan, river otters = kawauso, while sea otters = rakko. There is no unifying term for all otters as understood by gaijin.
>>1040 Don't they eat otters in Japan?
>>1040 What's otter in different languages? In turkish they're called "su samuru" su = water samur = weasel
>>1042 In Malay -> memerang
>>1040 The English word otter originates from the Proto-Germanic *otraz, from Proto-Indo-European *udros meaning "aquatic". Also the source of Greek hydra/wydra, Latin lutra, Avestan udra, and others.
>>1034 I wonder if otters are enjoying the quarantine, must be nice not to have so many people around.
>>1045 It's only temporary joy, unfortunately.
>>1039 Yeah , I already found some cheap hosting providers that could take us. Since we don't necessarily need a liberal one we have a few more options there. I'm not much of a /tech/ guy so I'll probably mess something up along the way, but we'll see how it goes.
>>1047 >Cheap hosting providers Mind posting a list? I'm looking to create my own too but can't seem to find anywhere that won't rape my wallet.
>>1048 Try looking for hosts in african or other third world countries, they're dirt cheap from what ive seen
>>1040 It's crazy that they're actually the same animal. They look and act so differently.
>>1041 Nah, that's China.
Did you know that otters
Open file (467.60 KB 923x1024 long.jpg)
How blackpilled do we have to be about the otter population decline? Seems like for some species (like hairy nosed otters) extinction seems almost inevitable and there's little we can do to stop it. I just want otters to be safe and happy, dammit.
>>1013 Railing against a board while you're posting on it is pretty weird you know.
>>1054 Some populations have rebound in the last few decades, but they're still suffering from poaching and pollution. That's why we need eco-fascism.
Open file (318.10 KB 1200x900 banana otter.jpg)
>>1057 Banana otter Banana otter
>>975 This thread's going swimmingly.
>>1054 >>1056 That's just because asians can't into conservation, (South)east Asia is where otters are most in danger. Even Japan where most people think all those cute otter vids come from managed to drive their otters to extinction. In comparison they've been rebounding and doing better in Europe and North America, even though there's still work to do here it's lightyears ahead.
>>1059 I remember when this board was all furry porn, we've come a long way.
>>1061 Let's not talk about it.
Open file (2.82 MB 500x500 unnamed.gif)
Open file (54.43 KB 780x520 bdad_otter.jpg)
On this day two years ago, on May the 5th, the magnificent and famous otter Bishan Dad passed away. He was famous not only among Singaporean otter watchers but all over the world. He was more than just an otter; he was a symbol for charisma and successful leadership until the last moment. May he rest in peace
Open file (1.92 MB 316x178 1587929693227.gif)
Open file (1.24 MB 2561x1707 sea otter 1.jpg)
Open file (773.38 KB 2561x1707 sea otter 2.jpg)
Open file (31.36 KB 625x626 p0x0uhws.png)
BENEFITS OF EATING RAW FISH ✯ EMBRACE OTTER LIFESTYLE Limp wristed berry pickers will tell you that eating raw fish is "dangerous" because of "muh tapeworms" but in reality, they just don't want you to tap into the many benefits that taking the OTTERPILL will bring you. >Enhanced brain function >Longer life >Improved sleep >Lesser risk of chronic disease If it's good for otters, it's good for (You).
>>1073 Of course you have to be careful about what you eat; make sure the fish is from a trusted source and has been handled well to reduce the risk of infection. HOWEVER the one who is truly otterpilled does not fear parasites, as otters live with them too so getting one will bring him even closer to otterdom.
Open file (236.02 KB 2048x1364 bishan mum.jpg)
Today is Mother's Day so let's talk about a very special mother: The Bishan otter mum. She has given life to over 30 otters which only made her grow stronger. She is now an old lady but still doing her duties and taking care of her family. Happy Mother's Day!
>>1075 Singapore otters have recently raided a bunch of koi ponds and residents are fuming at them now apparently. https://www.malaymail.com/news/showbiz/2020/05/15/singaporean-actress-jazreel-low-heartbroken-after-wild-otters-feast-on-13-y/1866381
Why do otters love juggling rocks? Science has not come closer to answering the age old question that has accompanied man from the dawn of time. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/624447/fun-fact-otters-love-juggle-scientists-arent-sure-why >It could be an expression of hunger, as the otters tended to juggle more when they hadn’t eaten for two or more hours—the otter version of banging silverware on the table. It’s also possible the otters were playing with the rocks because it mimics the effort of foraging. The Asian small-clawed otter uses dexterity to find shellfish, while the smooth-coated otter eats fish. Both were observed to juggle, however. And after being given food in containers that needed to be tampered with, it didn’t appear that the otters were using the same skills exhibited in the rock-tossing. >It’s possible the otters are driven to juggle instinctively to help develop necessary motor skills early in life and to stave off cognitive decline later in life. (Both younger and older otters were observed to engage in the practice.) >Another explanation: otters get fidgety and bored and want something to do. Further research is needed to tease out why these playful creatures behave the way they do.
Open file (65.01 KB 695x900 otter having fun.jpg)
>>1078 Because it's FUN!
>>1079 /throd. otters r just lrn2code-ing, and juggling is the 1337 h4xzrs sport of choice ofc!
Open file (1.87 MB 179x318 1589159665277.gif)
Open file (42.31 KB 640x480 Japanese_otter.jpg)
Have an otter I saved for some reason.
>>1083 Gorgeous both alive and dead.
>>1083 There's always good reason to save an otter, regardless what stage of its life cycle it may be in
Open file (206.34 KB 360x302 koi.png)
>>1077 otters gonna ott
I love otters so much. They're the best.
Open file (829.50 KB 1636x870 kiss otter.PNG)
Open file (188.09 KB 985x659 otter medicine.PNG)
Open file (178.55 KB 1354x277 house.PNG)
Open file (277.53 KB 1010x891 otter addiction.png)
Open file (583.47 KB 666x955 drinks.png)
I'm gonna repost some stuff from 8/otter/.
Open file (21.22 KB 1748x166 awesome otters.png)
Open file (324.52 KB 1757x355 otter for your soul.png)
Open file (282.38 KB 1052x443 puns.png)
Open file (205.79 KB 708x645 gift from god.png)
Open file (290.80 KB 1152x340 anon is otter.png)
Open file (2.04 MB 1117x3607 plumbers.png)
Open file (243.64 KB 1020x397 van.png)
It was a wonderful place, I hope we can restore our former glory soon.
Open file (4.48 KB 541x82 otter sex.png)
Open file (93.23 KB 434x461 rabid.jpg)
>>1077 >Otters are the pride of singapore, everyone loves them and they're celebrated as ecologic success >As soon as they touch some rich womans sacred fish it's torches and pitchforks Turns out it was just a media show after all.
Open file (187.18 KB 1024x792 1576979486214.jpg)
>>1111 >it's over
>>1104 Karens gonna karen, Anon, even if their actual names are unpronounceable.
>>1121 >karen www.reddit.com
>>1122 >t. karen
Open file (78.18 KB 782x782 lets g.jpg)
Open file (49.81 KB 782x782 et otte.jpg)
Open file (55.00 KB 782x782 r here.jpg)
does anyone know a word that starts with O?
>>1129 Ottoman.
Open file (52.34 KB 570x380 6KpXcBD.jpg)
>that feeling when you wake up and realize you're not an otter
>>1140 I think life as an otter would be pretty stressful.
>>1141 It's got its highs and lows.
Open file (249.71 KB 497x520 controversial otter.png)
Open file (2.08 MB 460x258 1586779855901.webm)
Open file (158.95 KB 453x253 ClipboardImage.png)
Look at this criminal graffiti. Jackbox night is on
I dream about otters every night
Otters are Scotland's favourite animal Otter simply cannot stop winning https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18522106.otter-crowned-scotlands-favourite-animal/
Open file (85.71 KB 1200x630 otterrolfe.JPG)
>>1149 what did they expect?
Eurasian otters have some really sharp claws
Open file (130.57 KB 656x1024 1592585121709.jpg)
>>1152 One often hears people claim that otter feet somehow look ugly or in any way not cute. In fact, otter feet are perfect for what they are designed to do: >swimming in the water >catching fish >pattering around >grabbing stuff >juggling >other fun activities
>>1153 Not to mention that otter feet, like the rest of the otter, are extremely cute.
Open file (137.58 KB 942x1024 1592729572924.jpg)
Have an extremely comfy otter
>>1155 /comfy/iest otter tbh.
Otters are so cool, I wanna meet one again
>>1109 I love the way otters are always interested in everything. They have so much energy!
>>1159 Every time they see something new, they gotta smell it and touch it first before doing anything else.
Lemme post this gem again
Open file (502.85 KB 781x612 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1160 Don't forget playing with it, that's the most important step. which is probably dangerous when it comes to trash left by humans
Open file (36.99 KB 669x669 1592678299743.jpg)
>>979 pongos and otters seem to get along for some reason, I know of several zoos where they live together
>>1001 you guys still trying? good luck tbh.
>>1161 They need to make an anime out of this.
>>1163 Otters will play with literally anything
>>1167 Rule #1 If it exists, otter WILL play with it.
>>1161 Never saw that before, but there should be more Olly comics.
I'm surprised none of us has adopted a otter yet.
>>1171 I'm not Otters aren't pets

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