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Open file (283.94 KB 1686x2248 Buxolestes.jpg)
Buxolestes Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 02:05:48 No.390
All we have of it are crushed up fossils and some renderings of what it might have looked like.. Now, why should such a sublime creature be forgotten just for being taken from us by the Grande Couture?
Oh, what would I give for just one chance to go back to that time, 45 million years ago, when Buxolestes still lived. To observe it, living, moving, hunting, swimming gracefully the way it truly did.
Just imagining it is making me teary eyed...
He was the otter of his time.
This is another drawing of it.
All the pantolestids were basically just small otters
>>394 It looks super cute but a little more rat-like than otters. Did it really have spots?

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