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Otters in the Netherlands Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 23:01:49 No. 340
I recently heard in the news that otters are doing great in the Netherlands.

The Dutch population of otters went extinct in 1988. Otters were reintroduced in 2002 and the population size has grown rapidly. The current estimate is about 360 otters in the Netherlands.
That's awesome and excellent. I hear they get run over a lot though.
(266.88 KB 1280x1514 dutch rivers map.jpg)
The Netherlands seem like a good place for otters, lots of water for them to enjoy.
How did they go extinct?
Most likely chemicals in the water. Pesticides like DDT were devastating to otters in the 20th century.
>>356 Roads are the #1 cause of otter deaths in western Europe by far, unfortunately. These deaths occur mostly on bridges that lack a proper crossing for otters to go under the bridge (they don't swim under bridges with flat walls), so they walk over it and onto the street instead. There have been attempts at mitigating this by constructing runways for them to cross under safely, and by warning drivers.

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