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Open file (1.82 MB 1200x1400 8chan_Cup4_Logo.png)
/otter/ for the Infinity Cup 2020! Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 21:44:53 No.339
Hey /otter/ lovers,
We are currently streaming the group phase of the current year's 8chanCup (or as it's more properly known as the Infinity Cup) but due to the exodus and 8ch hiccups we've lost a few teams whose boards never really recovered.
Because of that, we thought it could be great if you guys could join us with a team of your own and participate in the next iteration of the cup, if you feel like it.
All you need to do is create a wiki entry of your own team over at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page (use the layout of other teams as a preset), coming up with members/players that represent your board's culture and in-jokes, create a proper emblem and jersey combo and optionally choose strategies, skills and exportable 3d models using the rules set up at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules and we'll make sure to consider your application for the future pot.

I should mention that we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at https://cytu.be/r/8cup to spectate what the cup's really all about and to propose your own ideas to make it even better.
See you on the field!
Open file (136.01 KB 800x700 1510242482022.jpg)
We will consider it.
Open file (542.70 KB 5308x5297 _fc.svg.png)
How's this for a logo?
it rhymes, nice
Open file (75.98 KB 680x680 ECwuHNJXUAAem3c.jpg)
I'm gonna make a wiki page for us later today.
Who should we have on our team romp? Apart from Nuria I think E. Dikikae is a worthy member. Maybe as a goalie for being yuge.
Also, we're gonna need some models and shit.
Open file (456.57 KB 1041x1544 mijbil cover.jpg)
Mijbil, the most delightful otter in the world, definitely deserves a spot.
Oh and by the way guys, since 3D models are allowed, how about getting different Otter models and ask the host to use them as player heads/characters?
Open file (1.84 KB 98x145 otterkit.png)
Open file (84.46 KB 640x480 3dott.jpg)
Wiki page is here. http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//otter/

I think we should use one for E. Dikikae and maybe Nuria (if someone can make one (a crappy one is fine)).
Also, what do you otters think of this kit? Any suggestions?
Open file (3.03 MB 1280x720 1539983234213.webm)
We'll use our strength in numbers to pester our opponents.
Open file (7.11 KB 300x170 kit.png)
A flowing river landscape for home.
The ottsuit for away.
Don't know about the GK.
Open file (22.35 KB 400x400 fbUneYsY_400x400.jpeg)
Open file (18.19 KB 900x900 kit home.png)
Open file (19.16 KB 900x900 kit away.png)
Open file (195.04 KB 2048x2048 Template.png)
Here's our kits. I hope these will work.
Our current roster:
>E. Dikikae
A massive, huge, giant and terrific extinct otter species from Africa.
Our board-tan, also the captain. Self-explanatory.
A wise prophet who first taught the love of otters to the people many thousands of years ago. Gold player.
>The Taggerung
A mighty otter warrior from Brian Jacques' novels.
The most delightful otter in the world.
>Strength in Numbers
What we use to pester our enemies.

We're gonna go for a 4231 formation, the gold standard of modern divegrass. We still have 17 positions for players open so if you wanna suggest something, go ahead.
Open file (108.10 KB 2048x2048 kithome0.png)
Open file (70.15 KB 2048x2048 kitaway0.png)
I messed up and made them the wrong size. Here, these should be better. Also added our team's and our sponsor's logos.
Let's add Emmet and small-clawed otter from KF
Small-clawed otter is a fucking qt.
>Small-clawed otter
She a cute!
We got a MMD model of her we can use.
IIRC MMD models are fine but ask the host
Open file (95.88 KB 959x640 Bishan Dad.jpg)
If there is an otter deserving of a spot in the team then it is Bishan Dad, the most legendary otter of Singapore. He was nothing short of a great leader who united the Bishan family and led it to victory after victory over its rivals, vastly expanding its territory and growing it in strength. Despite being a fierce warrior, he was soft and merciful to his own kin. It was he who first inspired Singaporean's fascination for otters and provided much scientific value for wildlife researchers.
After Bishan Dad's passing, the Bishan family suffered internal strife and confusion, with many of the otters splitting from the family and going their own way, and others being lost or chased away by infighting. Only an otter with the character, staying power, charisma and brilliance of Bishan Dad could leave such a legacy.
Wiki page updated. 14 slots left.
I've noticed the work that's been done on the wiki. I appreciate the effort.
Current roster:
1 GK - Enhydriodon
2 CB - Tarka
3 CB - Mijbil
4 RB - *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop*
5 LB - Emmet***
6 DMF - Otter von Bismarck
7 DMF - Small-clawed Otter
8 AMF - Bishan Dad**
9 RMF - St. Cuthbert***
10 LMF - Nuria
11 CF - Zarathustra*

12 GK - Siamogale
13 CB - Krusty Krab
14 CB - El Huillín
15 RB - Buxolestes
16 LB - Ahuizotl
17 DMF - Smug Sea Otter
18 DMF - Strength in Numbers
19 AMF -Bishan Mum
21 LMF - Chungungo
22 CF - Otterzilla

*Gold player
**Silver player
***Bronze player

And we've got this guy too. I don't have any PES modding experience so I hope we can get them to work.
hey friends, just here to mention: /icup/ is back in action at https://anon.cafe/icup/ I brought over your stuff, too
Open file (1.32 MB 400x224 otterbumper.webm)
Open file (801.01 KB 786x545 otterfc.png)
Open file (1.99 MB 1600x900 otterstad.jpg)
Just bringing over some OC made for the team that was posted on /icup/. 3rd one is what your stadium looks like in-game.
Open file (4.22 MB 448x266 cupstolen.gif)
Open file (304.26 KB 320x240 dancing icup otter.gif)
>>1098 here's more
Open file (5.93 MB 360x229 1591139291115.gif)
>Otter fans watching the Cup without paying for tickets
>>1138 >that humping one on the left that starts watching instead
Open file (63.74 KB 540x960 otter-bucket.jpg)
Open file (122.05 KB 1024x644 bucket2.jpg)
Open file (95.54 KB 1199x901 bucket.jpg)
I firmly believe at least one player should have a bucket on his head
>>1143 I'm sure it can be done
Open file (341.26 KB 2654x2654 Otter_logo.png)
Congratulations /otter/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows: >July 31 Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below) >August 1st Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage >August 7th, 8th, 9th First, second, and third Day of competition >August 14th, 15th, 16th Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage >August 22nd First day of Knockout Stage >August 23rd Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game. >Alright, I think I can handle that Perfect. The page explaining Team Strategies and how to select them is here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Team_Strategies And the page for Player Cards that does the same is here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards You can send your strategies and player cards to me (SKF@8chan.co or SKF@cock.li) until July 31st, which gives me ample time to actually put them into the game. If you have any trouble with this as well, reach out. I've tried to make those two pages as accessible as possible, but I know there's still going to be issues for those putting it together. >I want to help but not do that Not a problem. Most teams don't have their roster pages filled out, and it's likely yours is one of them. Head to the wiki and fill in your team's roster page with images and brief profiles on your players. It really helps the commentators with their shitposts in-game. (Exemplar roster pages: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ita//Roster http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//loomis//Roster http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//otter//Roster) We're always looking for 3D models of players on teams, so if you happen to know how to use Blender or have access to MMDs or similar 3D models, pass them along and we'll work on getting them into PES. We're also opening up submissions for adboards for this Cup, the field advertisements the scroll through during play. To submit them, simply post in your respective thread on /icup/, the only requirement is that the images be scaleable to 512x64, as that's the dimensions that PES needs for them to work. And as always, there's also room for any OC you guys want to put together for the tournament. t. SKF
>>1173 hey, you got my email, right?
>>1174 With the 3D Models? Yes, and once one of our Blenderfriends puts them in-game, I'll post pics here
Open file (41.19 KB 650x457 1586624512519.jpg)
>>1175 Nice. You're a real otter.
Open file (1.89 MB 260x173 otter rotating.gif)
What about pitch designs? Plain green is boring. I'm sure we could put some nice ottery graphics on there.
>>1179 Patience will pay off.
Open file (800.12 KB 1239x1245 otter fc.png)
I wonder if otters winning the cup will actually help otters.
>>1184 hate the poachas hate the gangs hate the fish luv the ottas luv me board simple as
>>1184 Well we'll certainly make more people know about otters by joining.
Otts dont hate fish though they love it
>icup comes around >not really interested even though board i frequent the most is participating >/otter/ is gonna be in it >suddenly the primal fervor that my euro blood contains for sportsball starts flowing once more I don't even frequent this place. This is my first post here. All i know is i'll be cheering for you lot. Give them hell lads.
>>1189 We will do our best, hot-blooded anon. Also, what board did you come from?
>>1180 Our pitch is definitely not complete without a cute otter on it. But there are so many pics to choose from...
Open file (22.50 KB 190x190 robotics.png)
We're far too small to participate in icup, but like the other lad, I'll be cheering for you, /otter/.
>>1192 No board is too small to participate, /otter/ is tiny too.
Open file (116.77 KB 509x620 kelpotter.jpg)
>>1189 >>1192 looks like even if we don't win the cup, we've already won the hearts. The power of otters.
>>1191 Just make it a kelp or seaweed texture.
Open file (121.61 KB 1200x800 otter-ball.jpg)
We'll try not to disappoint
Open file (31.95 KB 500x333 sad otter 2.jpg)
>>1190 I'd be in for a whole lot of bully if i said from where. Wouldn't even blame you to be honest, there's a bit of a stigma regarding it due to the boards theme and also because of dumb anons not being able to adapt and fit in to where they go and instead shitting up the place because they still want to talk about their "home" board topic even if it doesn't have anything to do with the board they are currently posting in. Besides it wouldn't be very hard to guess. I need to come here more often, i like the place alot so i'll restrain from posting so i don't stand out for now and ruin a very good board. What would be a rivalry matchup for /otter/ ? I'd say /furry/ but i'm just spitballing, don't really know enough about the place to know which boards are anathema to /otter/
>>1197 I doubt there would be any bullying, everyone who loves otters is welcome here. And I don't think we've got any real rivals tbh, we kinda get along with everyone (even furries).
Open file (173.68 KB 958x574 ot.jpg)
>>1196 Otters are heroic fighters who do not let differences of size or strength stand in the way to victory. They belong to the Mustelidae, who are known for their fearlessness against any opponent, and are not accustomed to losing. The one who underestimates otters must depart from his fingers. And even if otters lose a match, then their fur is thick enough to bear it and come back stronger for the next one.
Open file (25.68 KB 334x335 logo.png)
Hey /otter/. I'll be running a test stream this Saturday the 18th at https://cytu.be/r/8cup. The whole thing kicks off at 3 EDT, 2CST, 19:00 UTC. We'll be playing some exhibition games, having a bit of banter, and just shitposting on our merry ways. Tune in!
Open file (51.70 KB 720x405 1594775199869.jpg)
>>1208 We'll be waiting.
>>1208 Actual link not messed up by punctuation: https://cytu.be/r/8cup
>>1189 >>1192 Your posts have made me very happy, thank you.
Guys, maybe we should have our own ball design and maybe definitely it should be a big round delicious sea urchin. Can we do 3d models for balls too or is just texutres? If we can here's a model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/cartoon-sea-urchin-free-3d-model-6bc2f0cfcfb043d8b4465368ece05b67 If not we need another idea.
Stream today 2 CDT 3 EDT 19:00 UTC https://cytu.be/r/8cup
Open file (1.84 MB 310x207 1588369788412.gif)
WE WON OUR FIRST MATCH /otter/ has won 1-0 against /monster/.
Open file (1.08 MB 1920x1080 teaser.jpg)
Open file (29.61 KB 512x64 japan ad.png)
Thank you to all who tuned in to the /test/ stream today. If you missed it, the matches will be up on the archive soon (https://pt.neko.bar/video-channels/icuparchive/video-playlists). We are officially two weeks away from the Group Draw to see who your team will compete against in the first stage of the Cup. If your team does not have their tactics sorted out yet, feel free to chip in by working on Team Strategies (http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Team_Strategies) or Player Cards (http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards). I know this is complicated, so swing by your thread on /icup/ and I can answer any questions you might have. The deadline is July 31st. If you're not tactically inclined, you can still help out by creating adboards specific to your board. Adboards, like /japan/'s here, pic #2 related, are the little signs that cycle through on the sidelines during games. Post a board-related ad as a PNG in the same dimensions as /japan/'s and I'll be able to use it during the Cup. Any other OC for your team or roster you'd like to contribute is always appreciated as well.
>>1219 We've got enough ads, don't we?
Open file (3.33 MB 1920x1078 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1218 The footage of our historic first match (even if it was just a friendly) should be up on the nekobar soon.
Open file (361.59 KB 1052x1871 7114d2b588637ec3.jpg)
>>1223 I hope it will be, I just wanna relive the moment of that glorious first goal. May there be many more to come.
>>1223 >>1225 It's up now.
>>1222 I'm glad we found the original banner
Open file (863.98 KB 963x660 clap.png)
>>1218 Our team wasn't really complete yet though, so I think we'll do even better when the cup comes around.
Open file (497.81 KB 2048x1365 sea otter lego.jpg)
For every goal we concede in the cup, I shall donate £5 to the UK Wild Otter Trust. So if otters lose, they win.
>>1221 They need to be in the dimensions of the /japan/ one above. There's a lot of nice OC you guys have made, but shrinking them to those dimensions would destroy them.
>>1230 I mean we already have a bunch of adboards posted in the /icup/ thread. I'm sure we could make even more though, just fill all the adboards with otters.
>>1231 I see them now! That's a pretty solid amount.
Just a reminder you have less than a week to finish up tactics and player cards. If you are having any difficulties or are worried no one will step up, leave a post here or in your thread on /icup/. I have an anon on standby willing to put something together for teams who need help. If you're a team who has participated in a previous Cup and you have not explicitly let me know you're sticking with your strats from last time, do so ASAP, as it cuts down on the work I'll have to do in the week after the Draw Stream. If you've already done so, kick back, take it easy and wait for the draw stream. Draw Stream is August 1st, 2PM PDT, 4PM CDT, 5PM EDT, 21:00 UTC. Mark that calendar. As well, we're still accepting adboards for use during the tournament, visit the dedicated adboard thread on /icup/ and post them there.
>>1247 Luckily we've already submitted everything.
>>1249 Yeah, I just have to autistically go to each board and make sure this stuff is posted. Just in case I have to tack on any new information, in this case, the Draw Stream start time.
Open file (692.81 KB 2273x1707 otter eats chicken.jpg)
>>1250 If you wanna post here you have to post otter. No exceptions
Open file (337.32 KB 434x890 Untitled.jpg)
This little fella is finally in-game! How many players do you want to have this model?
>>1277 Depends. Can he run on four legs?
>>1277 Just the GK's, I'd say.
>>1277 What a beauty he is.
>>1277 how big is he compared to other players?
>>1281 Close to real size, their head almost touches the ball when dribbling. Very cute. >>1279 Goalkeeper would probably be the most broken position, as goalkeepers play the ball mostly above ground with their hands rather than at their feet. I recommend placing them on the field, maybe Small-Clawed Otter and *schlop*, or perhaps all the four medal players?
>>1283 Does he run/move like a real otter? Let's see, using him for small-clawed otter doesn't work since that model isn't a small clawed otter and we already want to use another model for her. I think using him for Tarka and Mijbil would be good.
>>1283 >>1284 Can we see a video of him dribbling?
Open file (14.22 MB 1280x720 otter1.mp4)
>>1285 (1 of 2) >>1284 Technically speaking, they move like a human's hips, except their legs which move 15% like a human's foot. PES is rather limited. If he is too small or something, let me know.>>1284
Open file (16.09 MB 1280x720 otter2.mp4)
>>1286 (2 of 2)
>>1286 >>1287 Beautiful. I think we can keep it this way.
>>1286 >He kicks the ball with his nose Extremely cute
>>1284 Tarka and Mijbil both are otters so that works. >>1283 Some of the medals are humans though, so having an otter model for Zarathustra and St. Cuthbert wouldn't make sense.
>>1287 >>1286 beautiful
Open file (494.86 KB 635x650 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1277 Is our MMD otter in yet?
Open file (6.78 MB 1280x720 small1.mp4)
Open file (5.20 MB 1280x720 small2.mp4)
>>1292 The answer has changed to "yes". (I can change the tail and any other issues you notice if we have time after adding in all the other requested models)
>>1293 Wonderful
>>1286 >>1293 Anon, it looks like they're on the wrong team.
Just under an hour away, Draw Stream, be there! https://cytu.be/r/8cup
Open file (1.04 MB 1135x639 draw stream png.png)
The Draw Stream is complete, and with only minor technical difficulties! You guys will play in Group E with /a/, /itaa/, and /art/! I'll be by again later with official game times for your board.
>>1297 .. We're gonna make it, right?
Open file (330.84 KB 960x540 Group E 06.jpg)
Took a little longer than I thought to get it finished, but here's the schedule for your Group.
>>1298 Of course, we're otters. >>1299 How exciting!
Open file (1.30 MB 856x1022 splash.png)
>>1298 >>1299 I tested our strategy a few times and we did quite well. Let's see if the RNG will be kind to us.
Open file (1.22 MB 1100x732 1t1d.png)
Playing against /ita/ should be fun. otters are the lupi of the rivers after all.
Open file (215.20 KB 359x240 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1299 >>1300 >>1302 >>1303 This week is HYPE week
can't the weekend come faster?
Hello! The stream starts in an hour and otters are in the second match of the day https://cytu.be/r/8cup
>>1314 GO OTTERS
Well we lost our first ever match. Having an armless goalie really didn't help I think.
>>1316 What do we have to do to finish the group now? Win the other 2 matches?
>>1317 You have to win at least one, if you draw or lose the other remaining match you might make it through, depending on how other teams go (for example if /a/ win all 3 and /otter/, /ita/ and /art/ all win 1 and lose 1, then a large enough win could put you in 2nd place due to goal difference).
Open file (925.86 KB 1100x900 Day One Results.jpg)
Thanks to all who tuned in this weekend. The current Cup standings are as follows. For a slightly more detailed look please see http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6
>>1316 Nah if we hadn't conceded penalty shots we would've at least tied.
Open file (406.88 KB 1600x1105 sad ott.jpg)
>>1319 >dead last
Our next match is Sunday August 16, 19:00 UTC against /art/. >>1320 It was pretty even all things considered. We had far more shots on goal, the final score was basically down to luck. But it was our fate to lose this one, so we don't have to be sad about it.
Quick recap of the scores from today. The full image with an update on Golden Boot will come tomorrow. /kind/ 1-2 /v/ /japan/ 1-2 /librejp/ /wooo/ 1-0 /sw/ /lego/ 0-1 /bane/ /co/ 1-2 /monster/ /late/ & /comfy 1-2 /cuckquean/ /bmn/ 2-1 /2hu/ If you don't see your team listed above, it means you're playing tomorrow. Matches kick off at the usual time (18:00 UTC). For a more detailed breakdown see: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6
Stream today! Matches begin 11:00 AM PDT, 1:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM EDT, 18:00 UTC. You'll be playing /art/ in the third match of the day. We're where we usually are: https://cytu.be/r/8cup
>round 1: tied for biggest loss >round 2: biggest win Congrats on the 4-1 win!
Open file (936.86 KB 1100x900 Day Two Results.jpg)
Matchday 2 of the Cup is now complete. Congratulations to all teams who have thus far punched their ticket to the Knockout Stage. As usual, you can get a more in-depth look at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6 Matchday 3 begins next Saturday, same time, same place.
Hey, if we win the next five games, we'll have won the tournament. If we finish our group, who are we gonna be facing in the knockouts?
>>1338 >If we finish our group, who are we gonna be facing in the knockouts? Ah, looks like runner-up from group E will face winner from group F. So if things go the way they've been going we'll be up against /ausneets/.
>>1338 We can do that right?
Open file (129.98 KB 500x336 mijbil.png)
>commentators don't know about Mijbil How sad. Good match though. >>1340 Of course, we're otters.
>>1303 We're gonna find out this weekend.
Open file (293.25 KB 440x582 Grudgement01.jpg)
Open file (313.73 KB 440x582 Grudgement02.jpg)
Just a quick update: All matches played in the Cup so far are now viewable on NekoBar. The ICUP 6 playlist can be found at: https://pt.neko.bar/videos/watch/playlist/8d9881ff-e2f4-4335-8fa7-897c5219f8ea Additionally, the last set of Group Stage matches are to be held this Saturday and Sunday, usual time, usual place. Group winners and other teams advancing to the Knockout Stage will be determined through these matches, including the pair of rivalry matches in Group B, to be collectively referred to as "Grudgement Day". Be sure to tune in for these games and more this weekend!
Stream today. You guys will be fighting for your tournament lives vs /ita/ in the second match of the day. The stream begins at 11:00 AM PDT, 1:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM EDT, 18:00 UTC. Where it always is: https://cytu.be/r/8cup
That match was boring but it was enough.
>>1351 I never doubted otters
Open file (982.05 KB 1100x900 Day Three Results.jpg)
Open file (854.64 KB 998x1018 knockout.jpg)
The Group Stage of the Cup is now complete! Congratulations to the teams that advanced, the Cup continues with the Round of 16, beginning and ending on Saturday the 29th, and the final day, Sunday August 30th. The champion will be crowned this coming weekend, will you be there?
>>1354 Oh, we're facing /a/ again?
>>1355 I guess they just randomized it.
>>1356 Yeah, at the end of the stream they went to random.org and drew the pairs.
Open file (191.51 KB 1280x720 gondola and otter.jpg)
Good luck against /a/ again! Make sure you bite their heels once more
The Knockout Stage begins tomorrow afternoon. Join us for what could be the only sport running in North America! First match kicks off at the usual time: 11:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM CDT / 2:00 PM EDT / 18:00 UTC
>the commentators called us a "shitpost team" how outrageous.
Open file (670.38 KB 998x1018 knockouts02.jpg)
Today is the day! A new divegrass champion will be crowned! The final matches of the tournament begin at 11:00 AM PDT, 1:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM EDT, 18:00 UTC https://cytu.be/r/8cup BE THERE
Open file (681.72 KB 998x1018 final results 6.jpg)
Infinity Cup 6 is now complete! Congratulations to /fascist/ who join the ranks of champions as they defeated /bane/ 2-1 in the Final! In an unprecedented turn of events, the Golden Boot will be shared by not 2, but 3 players: Alfred Legosen (/lego/), Ammit (/monster/), and Cuckquean-tan (/cuckquean/). Each player scored 6 goals officially through the Cup, fitting, giving it was the 6th edition. Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you for ICUP 7!
Not really bothered by the score, I think the team played very well regardless.
>>1372 The strategy worked well and the team as a whole did exactly what it was meant to. Only some adjustments on the individual player tactics, and I believe we will be much more effective. To be honest, some of the cards were misplaced and we need to put more thought into it next time around.
Bank2bank: No, no-one reads that section. :(
Open file (746.83 KB 790x485 ottervsa.png)
>>1372 No it didn't, it was pretty bad. I think the problem was simply that we lacked the numbers on the offense and didn't press enough on the defense. >>1374 Is there a setting to increase the IQ of players somehow? Those galaxy-brain moments of our attackers not shooting at the goal while they were in the clear, and missing when they do, is probably what cost us the cup.
The Counter Target tactic should be turned off at least for the attacking midfielder, we can't have two players just standing around and doing nothing while the game happens around them.
>>1374 Shortlist of player style changes I'd make, add cards accordingly: CF: Goal Poacher (leave as is) AMF: Classic No. 10 >AMF should look for space for good passing opportunities to the CF, LMF or RMF rather than running to the box himself >must be very good at passing LMF, RMF: Hole Player >Make them cut in the center to let fullbacks come forward >must be good at running DMF: 1 Destroyer, 1 Anchor Man >The double pivot: the heart and soul of the 4-2-3-1, the launchpad of chances and protectors of the backline >must be good at stealing the ball from opponents and good at 1v1 fights LB, RB: Offensive Fullback >Give us extra numbers on the attack. Make these bronze players >must be fast and have good stamina, also should be good at crossing CB: The Instigator >We don't need CBs to join the attack as the wingbacks are already doing that, better to leave them on the defense >should be fast
Open file (508.74 KB 630x398 otter rescue.png)
>>1358 Next time.
Uh, it's... game season again?
>>1594 Summary: Riggers announced a special Winter Cup, which is not the main ICUP webring event, but rather the G-Cup. Official announcement: >>>/icup/1913 The G-Cup (Global Cup) is a smaller tournament for boards that claim to represent a nation. However, it says they will allow non-country boards like us to play one-on-one exhibition matches. >"But what if my board doesn't represent a nation?" Worry not anon, I'm also opening the floor to teams willing to participate in exhibition matches. Select another board the square off with, or leave it up to random chance. These friendlies will serve appetizers on match days before we get to the G-Cup games that "matter".
Open file (99.08 KB 1038x1038 GCupLogo1038.png)
Hello /otter/, I arrive at your humble board to officially announce the GCUP! The GCUP will be an exhibition tournament between boards of the webring that represent nations of the world, and will be contested under usual ICUP rules. In addition, we'll also be hosting friendlies for non-national boards/teams as part of the festivites. Friendlies can be played under normal rules, or, if you choose, under alternate (meme) rulesets that will be decided closer to the Cup's kickoff. If you would like to participate, head on over to the pinned thread at our board on Cafe. The event is set to begin February 13th, 2021. Look forward to having you there!
>>1632 >humble board Um excuse me, this board is great.
>>1632 Hmm, should we really enter just as a meme team? Now that I think about it Scotland is definitely otter country. It might also give us the chance to play more than once.
Hey /otter/, an update after some radio silence. With /christian/'s voluntary recusal from the GCUP proper, we have 12 teams set to compete for the GCUP. As for the friendlies, the move by /christian/ gives us at least 10 willing participants, with a few more I'm waiting on for confirmation. I've decided to move entirely to joke/meme friendlies, since there wasn't interest in ones played under ICUP rules. We'll be determining the draw for the tournament before the end of this week. Since we have 12 teams, I've decided to move forward with 4 groups of 3 teams, with the top team in each advancing to the Knockout Bracket. This guarantees each team at least two games, and keeps the main tournament at a brief 16 games. We'll be padding the days out with the friendlies whose gimmicks will be determined at the same time as the GCUP draw. I doubt I'll be streaming it live, but I will at least record and post it on the match archive as soon as it's ready. Stay tuned!
>>1720 so is that gonna be from group stage straight to semi finals?
>>1721 That would be correct.
Open file (907.15 KB 1280x1024 gcup groups.jpg)
The groups have been drawn and are shown in pic related. You have been drawn into Group A with /inch/ and /ita/. Your matches are as follows: vs. /inch/ - https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=2021-02-13T20:00:00 vs. /ita/ - https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=2021-02-20T20:00:00 We'll be showing these matches on the 8cup cytube as usual. Tune in! >>1721 Yeah, we changed our minds, eight teams make it. Quarterfinals, then Semis and Finals.
Open file (1.19 MB 1020x1320 GCUPFriendlies.jpg)
Forgot the friendlies were announced as well. Your match time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=2021-02-20T19:00:00
Your cup game against /inch/ is starting in one and a half hours! https://cytu.be/r/8cup
FOUR TO ONE VICTORY TO OTTERS >/otter/ 4:1 /inch/
>>1216 /lego/ here, a blenderfag was able to add a 3d model of a lego brick as a ball so I can't see why this wouldn't work.
Please post an image to be used as the ball preview. It does not have to be a preview of the ball; it could be an otter eating an urchin instead. The image will be cropped to a square.
Open file (862.39 KB 612x612 otter-urchin-1x1.png)
>>1737 This'll do
>>1738 Excellent. Do you want a custom ball name? (e.g. 'Delicious Urchin')
>>1739 how about "spikey meatball"
Knockout round is starting TODAY, and /otter/ is playing soon. http://cytube.xyz/r/icup

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